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10 Quick Questions with Tropical Seeds

A relatively new Seed bank, Tropical Seeds have already established themselves as passionate breeders. With a relatively small collection of mainly sativa strains, Tropical Seeds still pack a potent punch and are adding to their collection all the time.

We sat down with Tropical Seeds to ask them our 10 Quick Questions.

1. How was Tropical Seeds born?

Tropical Seeds was born thanks to Maxi – HdB’s idea of creating a project in which a good number of landraces (sativas were majority) would be grown, studied and bred.

This hard work was done in some large facilities under something very close to a Tropical climate. Some big green houses in the Canary Islands were packed with incredible genetics from very different parts of the Globe, containing pure and psychedelic rich cannabis lines.

The first years were intense trying to eliminate some undesirable traits like lack of vigour or potency, hermaphroditism in some cases, etc. That was the first step trying to make the dream a real project.

2. Why was Tropical Seeds Created/the aim of the company?

Our first thought was to gather, study, understand and work some unique pure lines, to continue breeding with them and trying to create new things that will introduce something fresh to the scene; a new gene pool that would bring exotic, rare flavours and aromas, more intense and cleaner sativa highs and new experiences when growing and smoking.

At the beginning, with Maxi in the lead, landrace seeds were collected from different sources. Then some more colleagues joined with the same idea and philosophy. The project wouldn’t have been possible without Charles, who joined a bit later, and his huge efforts as to give an excellent image and a visible platform for all what Tropical Seeds was gathering and bringing to the growers.

3. What makes your seeds different?

Our philosophy and thoughts into what should be offered and what the cannabis scene and the growers need to have available is clear: We try to enter new options, more vigour, strength and details that will make the grow and smoke a pleasant and inspiring experience.

We feel there is an increasing belief shared by many growers who are a bit tired of the famous worldwide known commercial strains and their slight changes and mixes, to always introduce something “new”.

4. What is your most popular strain?

We have to go for two names here : Smooth Smoke feminized and Ciskei Reg.

5. What unique strain would you recommend people try from your collection?

I would go for Bisho Purple feminized and Old Congo Regular.

6. If you could say why people should buy from Tropical Seeds in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Searching for something new, exotic and exciting that will constantly surprise you? Go for Tropical Seeds!

7. Any special/secret cultivation tips you can let our readers know about?

Our strains basically prefer an airy substrate and low to mid feeding schedules.. We tend to re-pot when growing sativas rather than adding nitrogen fertilizers.

Don’t panic with sativas. Just let them be free, give some space in between watering, bend ( in flower time ) or top ( growing ) if they look like they will stretch too much for your place of cultivation.

8. Do you have any brand new strains soon to be released?

We are about to release (September ’15) our Smooth Smoke in the regular format. It is on its F4 step right now.

9. What does the future hold for Tropical Seeds?

We have decided to reduce our catalogue for 2016 in order for it to be possible to continue and progress with our strains in a more detailed way.

Our commitment for the future is to work on some more pure lines. We are hoping to release some pure Durban before the end of the year.

We are going to try and document our work, so keep an eye on our website, blog and forum!

10. How can people find out more about Tropical Seeds? (website, Social Media etc)

Don’t miss our contest, give away prizes and more content on our Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can buy Tropical Seeds from Seedsman today!

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