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10 Quick Questions with La Plata Labs

It would take an arduous journey into Colorado’s remote La Plata Mountains to come across La Plata Labs. However, it is the perfect place to cultivate new and exciting cannabis strains, with exposure to sunshine almost all year round and clean air some 7,000ft above sea level. 

We sat down with La Plata Labs to ask them our 10 Quick Questions.

1. How was La Plata Labs born?

We were inspired by a good friend of ours, Shazamm from Colorado who started us down this path. Born in the La Plata Mountains of Colorado, the city of Durango is where we originated.

2. Why was La Plata Labs Created?

To bring connoisseur grade seeds and share our pallet with the masses. We wanted to represent and show how proud we are of where we are from with our top shelf products.

3. What makes your seeds different?

We have quite a high standard for our projects. All of our strains have been worked, meaning we have stabilized our lines to our liking for years. Most of our strains are all back-crossed (up to four times) and/or F5+ status (ex. Alien Blues BX1 F5 is the current stock of beans the consumer receives).

4. What is your most popular strain?

We have quite a few popular choices. But currently the “Durango OG” is our most popular strain. It was on the “High Times Top Ten Strains of 2014”. Many American growers have been showing a lot of positive feedback and breeders using it on future projects themselves.

5. What unique strain would you recommend people try from your collection?

Alien Blues BX1 F5 – (Super Skunk x Alien Bubba)x(Blueberry x Alien Bubba). She is a great all around strain. Super resilient, easy to grow, INSANELY potent, heavy berry aromas, finishes with many colors and produces well!

6. If you could say why people should by from La Plata Labs in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Let our genetics speak for themselves!!!!

7. Any special/secret cultivation tips you can let our readers know about?

The main thing we encourage is airflow to the ROOTZONE! Oxygen/airflow to the roots = BIG YIELDING and happy plants!!!

8. Do you have any brand new strains soon to be released?

We have just released a new strain called “Colorado Clementines”. Aromas that are off the charts in strength! It’s hard to eliminate the aromas even with an active air scrubber. Another must have! However, only a limited supply will be available from this batch.

9. What does the future hold for La Plata Labs?

Too much to list. But as for now, we are expanding all around the world. Setting up locations for people to get La Plata Labs personally grown flowers and produced concentrates in dispensaries and clubs.

10. How can people find out more about La Plata Labs?

We are on all the usual social media avenues, our website is and you can find us @LaPlataLabs on Instagram/MassRoots/Facebook

You can buy La Plata Labs seeds directly from Seedsman now!

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