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10 Quick Questions with Ace Seeds

Based in Spain, Ace Seeds are dedicated to conservation. By cultivating unique and pure genetics, Ace attempt to counter the depression that some strains suffer.

Ace Seeds list elimination of natural habitats, war, disappearing ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalisation and laws prohibiting research as factors for the disappearance of pure strains. By using their extensive global ‘library’ of Sativa strains, Ace Seeds aims to preserve the highest quality of genetics possible.

We sat down with the seed bank and asked them our 10 Quick Questions.

1. How was Ace Seeds born?

ACE Seeds was born as a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of landrace strains from all around the world. We started with this project in 2002, although we started to distribute seeds as an established seed company in 2004-2005. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary.

2. Why was Ace Seeds Created/what is the aim of the company?

At ACE Seeds we want to improve the lack of genetic diversity and stop the endogamic depression that cannabis strains are suffering for decades, by offering different and innovative genetics based on landrace preservation projects and on the development of new hybrids coming from these preservation studies with landraces.

3. What makes your seeds different?

We are specialized in sativa strains. In the past decade we have offered sativa genetics from Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Angola, Malawi, Senegal, Congo, Lesotho, Reunion Island, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, just to name a few …. but we have also worked with landrace indicas from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China.

Our classic strains have been bred from the base: the landraces. First, we start preservation projects with original and high quality landraces, reproducing all the landrace strains we can in pure form for the future. Then we study and refine these unique landrace types, improving their best traits through selections of the best parental plants. Finally, we make different hybridation projects with these landraces, to combine the best traits from different landraces into more vigorous, powerful and adaptable hybrids. Most of these hybrids are also stabilized using wide and healthy populations over several generations.

Nowadays there’s a big lack of genetic diversity in cannabis genepool, most of the seed companies offer indica and indica dominant hybrids with the same genetic background (skunk, kush, widow, diesel, lowryder, etc …), while our catalogue contains mainly sativas and sativa dominant strains, and they are bred from pure landraces, we seldom use the dutch and american indoor indica hybrids in our breeding.

4. What is your most popular strain?

Lately Malawi, Zamaldelica, Kali China, Violeta and our new Haze hybrids are our most popular strains. But growers don’t forget about our older classic strains like Bangi Haze, Congo, Nepal Jam, Golden Tiger, Orient Express, Panama, etc …

5. What unique strain would you recommend people try from your collection?

Kali China and Zamaldelica are lately my favourite strains, but our catalogue is interesting because it is not only different, but also wide and diverse. It’s impossible to choose only one strain, it depends a lot on the person and the moment. It’s very important to appreciate the diversity of effects, aromas and experiences that cannabis has to offer.

6. If you could say why people should buy from Ace Seeds in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

If you like high quality sativas and landraces, ACE is the place.

7. Any special/secret cultivation tips you can let our readers know about?

Instead of giving a single growing tip, i would like to state the importance of developing observation, dedication, intuition and caring towards your plants, the rest comes later.

8. Do you have any brand new strains soon to be released?

This year we have included permanently Purple Haze x Malawi and Panama Haze in our catalogue, 2 amazing pure sativa haze hybrids. We also have produced feminized versions of Bangi Haze, Nepal Jam and Tropical Mix. We have released new limited editions like Malawi x PCK, Back to the Congo, Haze x Kali China, Zamal Hash, …. and finally we have released Breeders Packs where we offer our best different lines coming from our best parental plants, so all the growers and breeders who are interested can access the best and widest genetic diversity of our strains for breeding.

9. What does the future hold for Ace Seeds?

After more than 10 years of refinement and stabilization of our classic strains, they have reached a very high quality standard. We keep many elite parental plants from each line, and the strains are already enough stable to start new F1 hybridation projects between them that will bring our classic strains even to a higher level.

We also continue with our studies and preservation projects with new landraces. Right now, we are working with new sativas from Honduras, Ethiopia, Mauritius Island, Mexican Oaxaca, and in the close future with landraces from New Caledonia, Japan and Mongolia.

10. How can people find out more about Ace Seeds?

Our website has all the updated information about our company and available strains.

For any doubt, growers can always contact us directly through email.

We also post frequently on our official Facebook site and on other online forums about cannabis growing.

We would like to thank all the growers that have supported us through out all these years, and also thanks to Seedsman for this interview and for their great job distributing our seeds worldwide.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


Not only do we have one of the most comprehensive libraries of cannabis seeds in the world, we now offer a diverse range of cannabis related goods for you to enjoy including storage products, clothing and books.