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10 Quick Questions with Sensi Seeds

There is no other seed bank in the world that has been coveted with more awards than Sensi Seeds. From the Highlife Cup to the Cannabis Cup, Sensi have achieved unrivalled legendary status in the seed bank world. Seedsman sat down with the coveted seedbank to ask them our 10 Quick Questions.

1. How was Sensi Seeds born?

In the early 1970’s, Ben opened a clothes shop in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where he sold homemade clothing. A few years earlier, at the age of seventeen, he smoked his first joint. But it wasn’t until he began making regular trips to Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan to purchase textiles that he became aware of the plant’s versatility. He learned about hemp fibre’s suitability as, among other things, a textile and he also bought or was given cannabis and cannabis seeds by local farmers. Ben discovered that the cannabis plant had so much to offer in spite of it being prohibited and vilified in all corners of the world.

It became one of his passions to collect cannabis seeds from Central and South East Asia and the Asian subcontinent. Back home in the Netherlands, he started to cultivate these seeds in order to learn more about the growth process of this very special plant.

At the start of the 1980’s, the first examples of innovative, stabilised hybrids, such as Haze and Skunk, arrived in Europe from the United States. Ben was one of a mere three Dutch cultivators who were granted access to these hybrids, which are considered an important blueprint for the development of European hybrids.

At the end of the seventies, Ben found out that cannabis seeds did not fall under the cannabis prohibition; it was only the plant that was prohibited and not the seeds. As it was not illegal to sell seeds, Ben reasoned that the production process should not be illegal either. He started his seed company after a lawyer confirmed this insight and in 1985 the Sensi Seed Club, also known as the Sensi Connoisseurs’ Club, came into being. Ben took over a company called the Seed Bank in 1991 and the gene libraries were merged to create the Sensi Seed Bank as we know it today.

2. Why was Sensi Seeds Created?

Throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, genetics were gathered throughout the world and shared among the few who truly understood the value they had. Ben Dronkers was lucky enough to be one of these people and this is what allowed him, together with the help of his friends, to initiate what would lead to the most comprehensive cannabis genetic library available today: the Sensi Seeds Bank.

Not only did he understand the value of developing new exciting strains, he also understood the importance of preserving these genetics for future generations. It is to this end that Sensi Seeds has put such incredible effort in preserving these genetics over more than 30 years.

3. What makes your seeds different?

What it comes down to is that we’ve remained true to our roots. Our search for cannabis genetics has never ceased in the last 30 years. Our dedication towards genetic preservation has also never diminished. We are to this day true to our roots and continually amazed by the versatility on this incredible plant, Cannabis Sativa L. We are now, more than ever, aware that the future of cannabis genetic research lies in its past, in the genetics that started it all.

So our genetics offer not only the high yield and range of effects people search for, they actually represent a part of Cannabis’ history.

4. What is your most popular strain?

That’s a hard question to answer. On paper, our Skunk#1® and Super Skunk® are the ones people tend to go for given the low price barrier but when it comes to popularity, it is hard for any of these strains to compete with the Jack Herer®.

5. What unique strain would you recommend people try from your collection?

Tough call! Northern Lights#5 x Haze is my personal favourite. The haze high, combined with an indica-like yield, relatively easy to grow… What more could you ask for? For the rest, Silver Haze® and Mother’s Finest® definitely make my top 3… And let’s not forget the Jack Herer® of course!

6. If you could say why people should by from Sensi Seeds in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

Sensi Seeds is the company that set the standard for the rest of the industry for the last 30 years. Our genetics can be traced back to most of the strains you find today. To get the best, try the original!

7. Any special/secret cultivation tips you can let our readers know about?

The key to any successful grow is the passion you put into it. When you love what you do, the rest will follow. For the rest we offer a platform for people to discuss their experiences and exchange tips via our forum.

8. Do you have any brand new strains soon to be released?

The latest strains we released were a feminized and autoflowering version of our popular Sensi Skunk, a favourite for beginners and expert growers alike.

9. What does the future hold for Sensi Seeds?

We’re always busy developing new strains but it takes time to achieve the level of quality we require before launching them. We have several projects running which should yield interesting results in the near future… But you’ll have to wait and see!

10. How can people find out more about Sensi Seeds?

You can find a lot more information about our products on our website and track the latest news in our blog which is updated daily in 5 languages to keep you up to date about legal, medicinal, industrial and all other developments linked to the cannabis plant.

You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter to share your experiences with us and get live updates on cannabis news, special discounts and contests. Also, do not forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter to get access to exclusive news and discounts!

You can buy Sensi Seeds directly from Seedsman today!

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