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The Bestsellers: 5 Quick Questions About Hammershark from Resin Seeds

We spoke to our friends at Resin Seeds, who gave us the lowdown on one of their most popular strains, Hammershark. Here is what they had to say…

1. Explain the origins of Hammershark, how and why did you create this strain?

Initially, we were looking for a plant with similar characteristics to our CBD Queen, Cannatonic, but with an added touch of Diesel.

From here came Dieseltonic, another CBD champion in its own right. With the same CBD potential as Cannatonic, the extra sativa touch allowed the plant to explore higher reaches and prove even lusher vigorous growth.  This strain came 3rd in the High Times Cannabis Cup sativa categordy, no small feat for a CBD rich plant in a THC filled competition.

Then, realising the need to expand our catalogue, we reached out to our good friend and CBD Crew colleague Shantibaba. After conversation with him, we decided our next path, it was to be called Hammershark.

Shantibaba’s own very select cut from his Shark Shock was to be the candidate. And so it was; Hammershark, a combination of Dieseltonic x Shark Shock.

2. What are the unique features that you believe make Hammershark a bestseller?

No other strain in our catalogue comes close in ability to put on resin and weight. You have never seen vigour until you try Hammershark.

The pungent aromas and flavors are unique; a diesel widow taste to delight the sense.

Plus, Hammershark has the added benefit of being high in CBD, making for a truly medicinal plant. This is a great strain if the user wants a strong narcotic stone without too much of a head high.

3. What reactions have you had from customers and the media about Hammershark?

Well, its easy to say we have had great feedback from users, because we have! The media has slept on this strain, which is a bit surprising to us, considering this being one of the hottest stars in our arsenal. Truly not a reach to say any grower who has put this to the test would do everything to ensure it was kept securely in their vault!

4. Are there any strains you can compare Hammershark to and what kind of user would enjoy this strain?

Hammershark can be compared to Cannatonic and Dieseltonic in some ways, especially with terpenes and chemotypes – but this plant is truly unique.

Large buds, massive amounts of resin and terpene filled as well as being a CBD rich cannabis strain? These things are not very common.

Our Bubblicious or Critical Haze may give huge resinous buds, but no CBD. Cannatonic and Dieseltonic are both massive yielders and full of resin and terpenes, but honestly, they still wont compare to Hammershark. So although some similarities may be found among some of our other strains, we like to think Hammershark is a very unique plant.

5. Can you tell Seedsman customers why they should buy this strain, in just one sentence?


Medicinal users love it, growers love it, recreational users love it; a clear stone from a beautiful bud!

You can buy Hammershark directly from Seedsman now!

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