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5 Benefits of Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

Behind the confusing jargon that often accompanies digital currency is a wealth of serious advantages that can make buying items online swift and secure. In fact buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin on is incredibly simple. Here, we discuss the advantages of buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin and why everyone should give it a go when processing their next order with us.

Fantastic Freebies!

We always reward our customers who decide to buy from us using Bitcoin. Depending on the amount you spend, you could receive up to 27 free seeds, plus an overall discount on your order. You can read more about our Bitcoin rewards and promotions on our dedicated Bitcoin page.

Absolutely Anonymous!

To ease any doubts, all Bitcoin transactions will remain completely anonymous and untraceable. As an open-source, decentralised currency system, only you will have access to your Bitcoin transaction history.

Easy to Order

There is no extra boxes to tick or forms to fill during the checkout process when ordering from Seedsman with Bitcoin. It is as simple to complete as any other payment option.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees when paying with Bitcoin. The network will only charge an insignificant transaction free and the Bitcoins will appear in your wallet in seconds. This also applies to international transactions, which can often become drenched in expensive transaction fees when using more established payment methods.

The Future

As the first decentralised digital currency, Bitcoin is fast becoming a popular way to transfer and spend funds online. With major online companies now accepting Bitcoin as payment and financial forecasts indicating substantial growth, it is the perfect time to set yourself up with the future of online transactions.

What are you waiting for?! Head to now and make the most of all the advantages of ordering from Seedsman with Bitcoin.

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