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5 High THC Strains to Look Out for in 2018

As 2017 wraps itself up, we can all look forward to see what 2018 will bring us in terms of new high THC strains, new flavours, new products and much more.

Below is a list of the top 5 recommended high THC strains for those who are looking for plants that pack a serious punch in 2018.

1. Seedsman – White Widow Fast – Buy Now

23%+ THC

A new twist on a Seedsman classic!

The original White Widow was tested pre-2000 at 24% THC, so this dynamic fast flowering hybrid from Seedsman has taken this high THC strain to the next level, by adding extra vigour, extra aroma and extra flavour to the pre-existing White Widow.

A flowering time of 6-7 weeks makes this a cash croppers dream and one way to ensure multiple crops of high grade classic flowers.

Ideal also for those in European climates who require a fast flowering strain that that is high in THC.

When harvested the aroma of the frosty white buds are woody and earthy with a mild berry, whilst the flavour is more deep and earthy which is complimented by a crystal clear high that can last for hours.

2. Moxie Seeds – Viper Cookies Fem – Buy Now

25% THC

This is Moxie’s cross of the famous Girl Scout Cookies forum cut, which has been documented in the high 20’s for THC%.

Using an in house O.G Kush selection, Viper Cookies was created and this strain certainly lives up to her name. A high THC strain (25%) and a unique terpene profile that is dominant in Beta-Caryophyllene. Basically, this one has a very narcotic edge to it!

Indoors, Viper Kush will take up to 65 days before harvest and will reward growers with a coating of frosty, tight, cookie style buds that possess a spicy earthy flavour with sweet overtones of high yielding flowers.

A beautiful plant to grow, Viper Cookies will display an array of beautiful colours from red to purple.

A highly recommended Kush hybrid, this certainly is a high THC strain they anyone will enjoy.

3. Grand Daddy Purp Genetics – Grand Daddy Purple Fem – Buy Now

23% THC

If want to grow the world famous Grand Daddy Purps, then this is the original and best.

An indica that is well known for its medicinal properties, this wonderful plant turns purple as she flowers in 7-8 weeks, making this high THC strain perfect for short grows and sea of green set ups.

Recently, Grand Daddy Purps has made a serious comeback and with many new breeders in the USA using this indica as a main breeding block, it is no wonder strains such as Purple Punch and Grandoggy Purps are so well respected.

As a back cross of Ken Estes personal clone of GDP, this high THC strain is well known for its therapeutic benefits as well as complex cherry earthy flavours.

A great producer of dark purple buds and a THC level of 23%, this is one for professional smokers who can endure a high THC strain with serious power.

4. Barneys’ Farm – Bad Azz Kush Fem – Buy Now

24% THC

Another Kush strain that is well recommended for 2018 is Bad Azz Kush from Barney’s Farm.

This high THC strain is of pre-98 genetics from Los Angeles, which was a cross of an Afghan x O.G x Urkle.

With a THC content of 24% and a CBD content of 1.2% CBD, this Kush hybrid will certainly deliver in terms of fruity flavours and a potent, immediate high, which will leave smokers couch locked and dreaming.

This short flowering strain is an excellent producer, living up to its name as a bad ass! However, it can grow up to 180cm tall ,so training is highly advised to maintain the excess plant weight later into flowering.

A great high THC strain for those looking for a new power house Kush to add to their collection.

5. Heavyweight Seeds – Green Ninja – Buy Now

22% THC

Green Ninja is a perfect high THC strain that possess a low odour as well as some old school genetics.

Those who have been enjoying cannabis since the 1990’s will appreciate the lineage of Northern Lights x Afghani, producing a low profile, low odour, high THC strain with 1% CBD.

Displaying heavy indica dominant traits, Green Ninja will do a perfect job for low profile growers who do not have much grow space, or those who still want high grade flowers without growing ridiculously large plants.

Outdoors, Green Ninja can produce up to 800g and has excellent resistance to mould, due to the Afghani genetic.

As she flowers, Green Ninja will produce tight indica buds that have a musky earthy scent. Green Ninja is the perfect high THC strain for anyone looking for big yields of super potent, old school flavours.

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