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5 Reasons to Grow your Own Medical Marijuana

Growing your own marijuana can be a great way to cut costs and keep tight control over how your medicine is grown, in locations where the law allows personal cultivation of cannabis. But, there are many other important reasons to try your hand at this particular plant. Here are just a few reasons everyone should grow their own marijuana, at least once.

1. Better judge marijuana quality.

Having to harvest, dry, and cure your own marijuana will show you how many elements can impact the quality and potency of bud. From the kind of water you use, to picking just the right morning to finally harvest—this and so much more will impact flavor, yield, and potency. But, the work doesn’t end there! Controlling the rate of drying and choosing the right containers for curing can turn good bud into great bud by bringing out the natural qualities of the plant after harvest. This is hard to fully understand until you experience it. Growing a marijuana plant, from seed to smoke, is some of the best canna-connoisseur education there is.

2. Marijuana plants will give you a new respect for nature.

Even if you had no interest in its flowers at all, the cannabis plant is still an extraordinary gardening experience, and going through the full lifecycle of this plant will give you a whole new respect for nature. From its photosensitivity, to its vigorous growth phases, to the beautiful color-changing abilities of certain strains, marijuana is far more rewarding to grow than the average basil plant. That’s even before the life changing medicines result from the plant. Its resilience as a weed only makes it more forgiving for beginners.

3. Juice raw marijuana leaves.

If you lollipop your plants–a technique that involves removing most of the fan leaves at specific points in the lifecycle–you can add the leaves to a smoothie as a nutrient-rich bonus. It takes heat to activate the THC in the plant, so feel free to add some raw leaves into a salad, as you would any other green, without worry of significant psychoactive effects. If you’re going to consume the leaves, remember to grow organically.

4. The excitement and anticipation are second to none.

Growing your own weed takes several patient months. Once flowering begins, so begins the process of slowly uncovering the thing you usually think of as marijuana—the end result. You will watch the transformation of tiny nubs and hairs, to nascent green and white flowers, to orange-haired nugs several times larger than seemed possible just a couple weeks before. Each stage brings you closer to the familiar, until finally you get to harvest the sweet flowers of your labors. The wait is exquisite, and in the end, it often feels a bit like Christmas.

5. Save the cannabis plant for future generations.

By bringing a marijuana plant into existence–hopefully with seeds from a safe and reputable source—and by learning how to grow this plant, you help those strains to persist into the future. Plant cultivation is best preserved through its actual practice. Growing your own marijuana, even just once, helps preserve this plant for future generations because you become the link between past and future growers. Through prohibition, this is really how we’ve kept this plant thriving: individuals deciding to put a tiny seed in some earth.

These five big reasons to grown your own marijuana will hopefully inspire the sprouting of a few new seedlings. The end harvest is wonderful, but also remember the other benefits of this journey. It is something everyone should get to experience, at least once.

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by Kristin Cerda


Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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