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Top 5 Strains to Help with a Good Night’s Sleep

Having trouble getting to sleep? Do you wake in the morning and struggle to get out of bed? Well, fear no more. Rather than counting sheep, head down to and count your cents to grab some of the best strains we have available to ensure you finally get a good nights sleep.

Money Maker5. Money Maker Feminised by Strain Hunters

This old school classic from the incredible breeders at Strain Hunters is a real underrated strain, that has been designed specifically to give the user a relaxed, sleepy sensation.

Money Maker is a blend of some true classic cannabis varieties. It inherits the potency of Master Kush with the sweet flavors of Skunk #1. Combined, Money Maker is a warm, sumptuous strain which feels being coated in a warm blanket.

Most who use this strain recommend use at the end of the day, as the effects are that potent, you will be heading straight to sleep, and wake up feeling completely rested.

At just €14 for 3 seeds, you would be wise to get your hands on this strain that has 5 star reviews on both Seedsman and Leafly.

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Bubba Kush4. Bubba Kush CBD from Dinafem

Bred from a cross of a Pre-’98 Bubba Kush, one of the strongest indica strains ever created, and one of Dinafem’s high-CBD strains, Bubba Kush CBD is a perfect blend of powerful cerebral effect and medicinally therapeutic.

This compact plant is a great strain to grow if you are in a colder environment, as it thrives in cool temperatures. Its beautiful purple colouration only enhances this strains reputation as a true underdog of the medical strain collection.

The combination of THC: CBD is perfect in that it will keep you “stoned” for a considerable amount of time, while also relaxing you totally, allowing you to have a rested nights sleep.

You can grab a pack of 5 Bubba Kush CBD for just €43 on

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The Dawgfather3. The Dawgfather from Alphakronik Genes

Once again, the genetics of a strain have helped shape its notoriety as a fantatsic strain for helping you sleep.

By combining the mind-numbing cerebral effect from Chemdawg D with the pain killing effects of Sin City Kush, Alphakronik produced The Dawgfather, a superb strain capable of sending its user to sleep in a matter of minutes.

The Dawgfather is capable of massive plant production and a healthier-than-average yield. With potency floating above 20%, this strain contends well with chronic pain as well as insomnia.

Most of all, this strain offers a strong buzz that is so worth trying if you are wanting a good night of sleep.

10 Dawgfather seeds will cost you just €66.49 from

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shark shock2. Shark Shock CBD from Dinafem

Shark Shock CBD by Dinafem is a medicinal strain specifically recommended for people suffering from insomnia.

Shark Shock is a rather small Indica-leaning strain with a dense structure. It allows growers of all levels to obtain abundant harvests with large, compact, resin-covered buds.

Its aroma and flavour are deep, with citrus, sandalwood and spicy notes. Its effect is potent and relaxing, without being too heavy, and long-lasting. Thats why Shark Shock is the perfect strain for anyone wanting a full night of sleep, without feeling tired or drowsy in the morning.

3 Shark Shock seeds will cost you just €25 from

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Girl Scout Cookie1.Girl Scout Cookie from Burning Bush

One of the worlds most popular strains is also one of the best strains at enabling the user to have a perfect night sleep, which is why Girl Scout Cookie takes top spot on our list.

The genetics of the Burning Bush Nurseries strain of GSC is a three-way cross between Durban Poison x OG Kush x Cherry Kush, giving it a great flavor to match it’s intensity.

This is the perfect strain to end your day with as it offers the perfect relaxing sensation to send even the most severe insomniac to sleep.

Novices will need to be careful as this is a very potent strain and will hit with a potent punch. However, this is the very best strain to try if you want to hit the sheets and drift into slumber as quickly as possible.

5 Girl Scout Cookie seeds will cost you just €46.45 from

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