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5 Unique High-THC Strains You Must Try in November

2017 may be nearly at an end but there are still two months to go before the new year, which gives you plenty of time to try something new. High-THC strains anyone?!

While many of you may have already decided your favourite cannabis strains and will never look elsewhere, there are perhaps some more unique, unheard of plants that deserve some attention.

So, before you return to your favourite Amnesia Haze or LSD, take a look at these 5 potent plants and consider adding to them to your next Seedsman order this November. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in these High-THC beauties!

All of these strains are available to buy from Seedsman now. Links to their pages on the website can be found in the descriptions below.

1.Blueberry Gum from G13 Labs

THC Content: 20%+

Blueberry Gum is an indica dominant strain which was created by crossing Hash Plant with Blueberry.

It is one of the unique plants which can be cultivated in lower temperatures such as mountainous regions and still obtain satisfying harvests (500g/ m²). This quick flowering (around 55 days) hybrid has a very powerful effect with a fruity chewing gum aroma.

In colder conditions, this plant will reveal beautiful purple colours. Blueberry Gum produces big and compact flowers fully covered with resin and her effect is long-lasting to say the least.

One Seedsman customer named Yam, admitted that Blueberry Gum “Gives a lot of output!” in their review.

Blueberry Gum is available to buy from Seedsman now.

2.Ayahuasca Purple from Barney’s Farm

THC Content: 21%

Ayahuasca Purple was the result of crossing some special Red River Delta genetics gifted by a US Army veteran living in Alaska. Visiting the Barney’s Farm breeding location 4 years ago he brought some seeds along as a gift. Grown out they produced some beautiful, special ruby red/purple plants that were subsequently crossed with original Master Kush.

It is a 100% indica cannabis strain intended for indoor cultivation except for those living in very warm climates. Plants reach a height of between 100 – 150 cm. tall in a flowering period of just 50 days. Buds get so dense and heavy that some structural support will be needed towards the end of this period if branches are to be prevented from snapping.

The perfume of Ayahuasca Purple is redolent of hazelnut and papaya (paw-paw). Its super-dense buds will definitely need some kind of support in the last couple of weeks of flowering. THC production is 21% with 0.9% CBD. When smoked Ayahuasca Purple gives an incredibly powerful, psychedelic, yet ultimately relaxing, effect.

Ayahuasca Purple is available to buy from Seedsman now.

3.Killer Kush FAST from Sweet Seeds

THC Content: 18-25%

Feminized and non-autoflowering version of one of the most famous strains from the West Coast of USA; the Ocean Grow Kush, better known as OG Kush. With the addition of an ultra fast flowering parent, Sweet Seeds Killer Kush was born, and what a plant she is. The result is a very potent plant with a very fast flowering time.

This strain produces large and aromatic buds, all covered by a thick layer of resin. The aroma is sweet, citric and acidic with exotic tones reminiscent of aromas from the Diesel family.

Killer Kush FAST is available to buy from Seedsman now.

4.Orange Hill Special from Dutch Passion

THC Content: 21%

Orange Hill Special is an adaptation of an Orange Skunk strain which is the result of a breeding programme utilising Orange Bud and Californian Orange. Selection took place over 6 generations before the final choice was made to produce high-THC buds with the right taste and high yields.

Orange Hill Special is the heaviest-yielding of all the Orange strains. It grows to about 1 meter tall, has a very bushy structure and plenty of side-branching with a plethora of budding sites. It is intended for indoor and greenhouse cultivation, except for those growers in warmer climates such as the Mediterranean. Indoors flowering takes between 8 and 9 weeks. Outdoors plants will be ready for harvest during October (northern hemisphere) or April (southern). Orange Hill Special is a prodigious yielder with 450 gr/plant easily possible with care.

THC levels are very high at 21% and the orange buds have a delicious citrus flavour. Expect the familiar Skunk high with clarity and euphoria before settling down into a nice relaxed feeling.

Orange Hill Special is available to buy from Seedsman now.

5.High-THC Collection from Seedsman

THC Content: Very High!

Okay, okay, so we know this one isn’t necessarily a unique strain but we just had to include it in the list! Here at Seedsman, we have combined our three most potent feminised strains and made them available in one incredible collection!

The three fem strains on offer in this collection are:

  • Our famous White Widow, which contains around 20% THC
  • California Orange, which retains a classic early 80’s flavour and aroma, followed by a wonderfully potent yet relaxing high
  • Blueberry, containing around 15-20% THC content, this is a cannabis smokers dream, with a very, very potent but happy effect!

Seedsman’s High-THC Collection is available to buy from our website. Now, with a 20% discount!

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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