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A Guide to Kush Cannabis: What is it and which are the best strains? 

If you’ve taken a look at the strains and seeds we have on offer at Seedsman, you may well have seen names like Kush, Purple and Haze bouncing about. To any novice, they can appear a little confusing. While you might understand the difference between Indica and Sativa strains, other terms are more cultural than morphological. 

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Take Kush, for example. When you see this connected to a seed strain it can mean several things, mostly to do with flavor, smell, even the effects of the cannabis or its place of origin. Many will have a strong genetic component that connects them all together and will include these characteristics. 

So, to help you out, we’ll take a look at this one particular term and what it means for your cannabis as well as the most popular strains to try out.  

What is Kush? 

On our site, you may see seeds such as Afghan Kush or Skywalker Kush. It’s a definitive variety of cannabis that was discovered back in the 70s and originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains, a region that is bordered by both Pakistan and Afghanistan. It grows naturally in this region and was bought back to the US by people travelling there. Afghan Kush is something of a legend and most cannabis connoisseurs will have tried it at some point.  

Any strain that has the genetics of the Kush plant will share some common characteristics. Over the last few decades, it has become a popular variety for cannabis connoisseurs. Here’s what you usually get: 

  • It’s quite a colorful and distinctive plant. You’ll find leaves that have more than a hint of purple in them and the colas are a striking green.  
  • When you look a little closer at the fine hairs or pistils of the plant you’ll notice that they can turn to a bronze or rusty color. The plants themselves are quite squat and thick with buds that are dense and knotty.  
  • As your Kush plant begins to grow and flower, you’ll notice some very distinct aromas too and they can fill your home if you are cultivating indoors. It can be floral, pungent, spicy, there’s even a hint of citrus. Once you’ve dried and cured your crop, you’ll find that earthy scent transferring into the flavor quite readily.  
  • But what about the effect of Kush? Well, this is a cerebral cannabis that often makes it good for meditation and contemplation. You’ll often find sedative effects and euphoria, in fact, everything you need to make the world just right.  
  • Many people choose Kush varieties because they can grow reasonably well in harsher climates. They’re not a plant that grows high so can be well maintained indoors and outdoors and you generally achieve a pretty good yield.  

While Kush does mean that certain attributes will be there because of the genetics of the plant, there will be variations between different strains. That means Afghan Kush is slightly different from Skywalker Kush which is different from Master Kush. These slight variations are what connoisseurs generally look for when choosing a new seed strain. 

Now that we’ve found out what Kush is all about, let’s take a closer look at the different seed varieties we have on sale at Seedsman.  

  1. Afghan Kush

If you’re looking for something traditional, pure Indica and long-lasting that will transport you back to the 70s in style, this strain is perfect. It is one of the most popular varieties in the US and delivers a strong high that is great for both recreational and medicinal use. It’s often used for helping to control pain, insomnia, and stress relief but if you want to just kick back and relax it’s perfect.  

This is a plant that is easy to grow from seed and doesn’t take much looking after. It’s got a pretty good tolerance to over watering and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with mold. All in all, it’s a seed that will grow in most conditions. 

  1. Skywalker Kush

This is a high THC seed combines OG Kush and Skywalker genetics and is a photoperiod, feminized plant that is again easy to grow and cultivate almost anywhere. If you’re looking for higher yields while still maintaining quality, this is going to be a great choice, especially for first-time growers.  

You can expect a reasonably quick flowering time within 63 days and THC levels up to 20% that deliver a pretty good relaxing high. It does grow a little taller than most Kush varieties so will require some sort of SCRoG set up. This is not as difficult as it sounds and will ensure that you keep your yield as high as possible. 

  1. Misty Kush

This strain shows how complicated the genetics can get with cannabis seeds. It combines the well-respected Master Kush with Medusa (itself a combination of Misty, White Widow, and Skunk#1). It’s a plant that will grow both indoor and outdoors and should deliver a crop up to 600 gr/m² that is high in quality buds.  

Taste and flavor-wise, don’t be surprised if you catch some citrus and lemon overtones with more than a hint of sweetness. This is a strain that is popular for medicinal use, helping with cramps, depression, and chronic pain relief. It provides a long-lasting and powerful high that is tempered by a medium level quantity of CBD in the strain.  

  1. Kush Bomb

If you are looking for higher levels of THC, perhaps up to 25%, then this Southern Cali Kush and Big Bomb combination might just fit the bill. This is a relaxing cannabis with lemon and diesel overtones which combine to make a great stress buster for all occasions. It’s an Indica/Sativa mix which delivers spectacularly good yields up to 700 gr/m² indoors.  

If you’re lucky, you can start getting flowers coming through as early as seven weeks. It’s a strain that makes you relaxed and mellow and it’s one product in our catalogue that is becoming increasingly popular. 

  1. Critical Kush

This is another popular choice on the Seedsman site and crosses OG Kush with Critical Mass. It’s a pure Indica strain and delivers high yields and good potency. You’ll need to carry out some maintenance during the flowering phase as the buds can get pretty heavy and drag the plant down a little. But if you don’t mind that this is a great choice for growers with a little bit of experience.  

This strain will more than deliver on expectations with a strong, relaxing effect that makes it one of the favorites for cannabis connoisseurs. Expect first flowering to start in about 50 days. This is a suitable strain for growing in varied climates, both indoors and outdoors and never seems to disappoint.  

  1. OG Kush

Ocean Grown Kush is a classic by any standards and it’s no surprise there is such a demand for this seed strain. Its origins are slightly shrouded in mystery but that doesn’t stop it from being one of our biggest bestsellers. This is an Indica/Sativa feminized strain that is ideal for growing indoors and outdoors.  

You’ll recognize that distinctive Kush diesel and lemon flavor immediately and you won’t be disappointed by the relaxing and uplifting high you get. This is an award-winning seed strain that everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime. Expect flowering to take place at around 8 weeks and a healthy yield of about 500 gr/m². 

  1. Kong’s CBD Kush

If you’re looking for a more focused medical cannabis strain, this combination of Blue Afghan and Sumo’s OG Kush should fit the bill nicely. It’s a mainly Indica strain that delivers a sweet and earthy flavor with a relatively high level of THC and a medium one of CBD, both playing off each other. This plant produces a higher yield outdoors than indoors but can be grown in both locations.  

Because of the CBD content, it delivers a high without being overly psychoactive and has been used for pain relief and by those who want to cope with stress better.  

  1. Gordo Master Kush

This is another popular choice on the Seedsman site and combines Kush and Bubba Kush for an intense, long-lasting high that will keep you on the couch for a good while. It’s a mostly Indica strain that delivers medium yields but will develop buds that really pack a punch. THC content should be over 20% while the CBD is less than 1%.  

You can grow the Gordo Master Kush indoors and outdoors and you should expect flowering to take place shortly after the 50-day mark. If you are looking to relax after a long, hard day at work and really chill out, this is a great option.  

There is a lot of choice when it comes to Kush varieties and you can always be sure that you are getting a quality strain that delivers certain key characteristics. Everyone has their favorite, so why not browse our catalogue on Seedsman today 


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