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Woman Treats Breast Cancer with Cannabis…2000 Years Ago

Archaeologists working on a site in China have discovered a burial site containing cannabis, which could date back nearly 3,000 years.

Hongen Jiang, the lead archaeologist at the site explained that his team came across the burial of an adult man, laid on a wooden bed with thirteen cannabis plants, each up to three feet long placed across his chest.

Jiang explained how this discovery reveals a lot about how Asian cultures used the plants for medicinal and ritualistic purposes.

This discovery is the latest in a string of cannabis-related findings in the area, one of which has especially intrigued experts. Cannabis seeds and plants were discovered at a burial site in southern Siberia, next to a woman who, through further examination, may have died of breast cancer. Archaeologists suspect this women may have been using cannabis in part to ease her symptoms.

Discoveries like this have validated many pro-medicinal cannabis campaigners suggestions that cannabis has been used to treat ailments since the beginning of man.

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