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Argentina Approves Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis

In an historic occasion for the country, Argentina’s senate has approved a bill which will legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Approved by senators last week, the bill in question would set up a framework for the nation to prescribe and distribute cannabis to patients in desperate need.

The new bill will also allow for the creation of a medical marijuana research program which must guarantee free access to cannabis oil to patients who join he program.

Argentina will begin to grow cannabis for these purposes as soon as possible. However, while the program is being created, the country will be able to import cannabis derivatives until local production is underway.

Speaking to the national media, Valeria Salech, the president of Mama Cultiva Argentina stated, “In history, the big things always come in small steps,”.

Many countries in South America are in discussions regarding updating their cannabis laws. While Uruguay legalised cannabis recreationally in 2015, Brazil recently permitted Alzheimers patients to be treated with cannabis oil and Colombia are in the process of creating a framework for legalizing medical marijuana.


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