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420 London Pro Cannabis Rally 2014 – VIDEO

420 London Pro Cannabis Rally 2014 – VIDEO

Seedsman went along to the 420 London Pro Cannabis Rally 2014. It may have been raining, but that didn't dampen anyone's spirits in Hyde Park. We were giving away free seeds and asking people why they thought cannabis should be legalised. Check out...

420 London Pro Cannabis Rally 2014

420 London Pro Cannabis Rally

Seedsman braved the weather and headed down to the 420 London Pro Cannabis Rally to hand out some free seeds and ask the public why they thought cannabis should be legalised. Check out our photo gallery from the rather wet day in Hyde Park.

Loud Seeds Promotion

Free Cannabis Seeds from Loud Seeds

Seedsman are very happy to announce a new promotion featuring Loud Seeds. Based in Northern California, Loud Seeds has won multiple awards for its genetics and thanks to their great success have now opened up a European seedbank. Read more to find...

Interview with the Joint Doctor

Interview with the Joint Doctor

The Joint Doctor, the man behind Lowryder Seeds took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Seedsman. From the very early stages of cultivation to the current success of his strains, the Joint Doctor opens up about everything. He also gives us...

CBD Cannabinoid

CBD Power!

CBD, or Cannabiodol is one of at least 60 cannabinoids found in cannabis. However, it is known to have a powerful medicinal effect when compared with other cannabinoids. Seedsman takes a look at the science behind CBD and whether its medical...

CBD super medicine

CBD – A super medicine for the future?

With new research indicating that CBD can be used as an effective treatment for illnesses such as cancer, type two diabetes and epilepsy, Seedsman looks at some of the success stories that validate the research into CBD and its positive medicinal...

Lowryder - Joint Doctor

The Origins of Lowryder Cannabis Strain

Created by a man only known as the Joint Doctor, the Lowryder strain may be small but is still extremely powerful. In this article, Seedsman looks deeper into the history of the Lowryder strain and how it came to be a much loved plant for cannabis...

G13 Cannabis Strain

The Origins of G13 Cannabis Strain

The mysticism of a plant like the G13 only adds to its reputation as a legendary strain. Here, Seedsman takes a closer look at this intriguing strain and how so many urban myths have sprouted from a strain that some don't even believe ever existed.

Blueberry Cannabis Strain

Blueberry Cannabis Strain: A History

Seedsman looks into the history of one of the most beloved cannabis strains in the world today, the Blueberry. When DJ Short began experimenting with landrace sativas from the most exotic corners of the globe, little did he know that he would create...