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Autoflower Seeds Review 2021

The premise behind autoflowering strains is a very simple one: as time moves forward, they will ‘automatically’ flower, rather than flower according to a fixed or timed light cycle. Put another way, the cannabis plants flower automatically on their own after a fairly short vegetative period – no more than 2 to 4 weeks.

However, this unique process cannot ensue without folding in genetics from the Cannabis ruderalis plant, which has actually existed for several thousand years. This cannabis subspecies is very well known for its short stature and autoflowering characteristics.

A brief history

When you cross the autoflowering ruderalis subspecies within a sativa or indica variety, you get a plant that does not need photoperiods to flower. Instead, it grows and flowers on its own. When mixed with either variety, autoflowering cannabis strains have the ability to produce superb vigour and potency. Automatic cannabis strains are ideal for growers who are short on time, energy and especially space. In fact in this regard, feminised autoflowering strains are an excellent choice.

The last few years have seen some excellent autoflower strains released to the market.

When it comes time for Autos, Seedsman knows them well, in fact we were the world’s first seed bank to sell autoflowering strains. 

Below is an autoflower seeds review few of our favourites to hit the Seedsman shelves across the last year.

Strawberry Cheesecake

All 3 I ordered popped. They are growing so beautifully, and the smell is amazing! This was my first time and I used these as my first. Have to say they grew a lot larger and sooo much frostier then I thought they would! just a few more weeks to harvest!

Lin – Strawberry Cheesecake autoflower seeds review

Seedsman’s Strawberry Cheesecake Auto results from a cross of Strawberry Banana Auto and Cheese Auto. This indica-dominant wonder grows into medium-sized, robust plants producing delicious harvests of dense and resinous buds with good THC levels.

Whether Strawberry Cheesecake Auto plants are grown indoors under lights or outdoors in the sun, they are reasonably squat. Reaching about 140 cm. indoors and 175 cm. when grown outdoors. These are multi-branched plants providing a high number of bud sites. Although some stripping of the lowest and smallest branches will help to focus growth in the bigger flowers. From seed through to harvest should only take a period of 12 – 13 weeks or so. Making this strain a perfectly feasible one to grow outdoors in the cooler summers of northern Europe. In lower latitudes, two crops per season are possible.

It should be pointed out that due to the density of both the buds and the plants’ structure high levels of humidity are to be avoided. this can quickly lead to mould attacks, something which can devastate harvests in very short order. Dry air using extractors and dehumidifiers is best for indoor grow rooms while the very best results outdoors will be obtained in warm, dry climates such as that of the Mediterranean.

The flavour produced by the dried buds is quite heavy on the Skunk with some pronounced sweet, fruity/lemon notes. THC production is around 15%, while CBD is rated at below 1%. Its effect is initially quite physically relaxing although providing mental stimulation at the same time. In fact, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto is perfect for daytime smoking/vaping; whether you are relaxing at home or working, it will allow you to complete daily tasks with no impediment while giving a very nice feeling of relaxation contentment.

Larry Lemon OG

It smokes smooth and tastes like it smells with a sweet sugar taste initially and a sour mouth-watering orangy aftertaste.

Dave – Larry Lemon OG autoflower seeds review

Larry Lemon OG Auto is the auto-flowering version of this elite US Ocean Grown (OG) strain. It was created by crossing Lemon Larry (OG Kush x SVF OG) with an OG Auto, somewhat paradoxically in Orange County, California, given its name. This prestige auto strain is suitable for cultivation indoors and outdoors.

With a slight indica-dominance, Larry Lemon OG Auto produces high yields of elongated buds, not incredibly dense but tight enough, from plants that are remarkably similar to the standard feminised version Lemon Larry.

It exudes a clear lemon citrus scent during flowering.

The taste of Larry Lemon OG Auto is rather acidic, similar to that of New York City Diesel, with powerful lemon and earthy notes. THC production is high, and the effect is potent, relaxing and euphoric without becoming too physical or debilitating.

Therapeutically Larry Lemon OG Auto may help with symptoms of painanxiety and depression.

Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1

Either way i really really like it because stress and anxiety just melts away but i can still function and get things done around the house which i wouldn’t be able to do with a standard strain

Nomadiscosoul34 – Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1 autoflower seeds review

Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1 Auto is the auto-flowering version of Dr Seedsman CBD 30:1. Boasting high levels of CBD with less than 1% THC. Resulting in healing and soothing effects without any psychoactivity at all.

Dr Seedsman CBD 30:1 Auto is bred from an Eletta Campana Selezionata crossed with Speed Bud Auto to provide the auto-flowering genetics. Its life cycle from seed to harvest is finished within 90 days. This allows for multiple successive crops in warmer climate regions. CBD content is approximately 11 – 13%, while THC is extremely low at less than 0.2%. Climate, conditions and the exact point in the plants’ life-cycle at which they are harvested all influence these quantities.

This is a tremendous strain to grow outdoors and, where legal, large scale planting at a density of 3,000 to 5,000 plants is recommended without any detriment to the final product. In this environment, plants will grow to between 140 – 160 cm. tall whilst yielding around 400 gr/m2

Indoor plants will be a bit shorter, finishing at about 100 – 120 cm.

This plant displays some variation in scent and flavour. The most prevalent terpenes are Myrcene and Limonene, which impart herbal and citrus notes, respectively. Bisabolol offers further earthy hints. With a CBD: THC ratio above approximately 30:1. The effect is very deeply relaxing to the body with no cerebral effects whatsoever. Making it pleasurable for all-day consumption for those who need their medicine.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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