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Best Selling Seed Review: Special Kush #1 from Royal Queen Seeds

With an average customer rating of 4 1/2 stars and an incredibly low value, it is no surprise the Special Kush #1 from Royal Queen Seeds is one of the best selling strains currently available on

Special Kush is the lowest-price seed in the entire Royal Queen Seeds range, at just €3.50 per seed. However, the value of this fantastic strain does not represent its all-round quality.

Growing as if wild in the mountains of Afghanistan, Special Kush progresses well indoors if taken care of but truly flourishes outdoors, where it can grow to over 3 metres tall. However, please note that if you are planning on growing this strain outdoors, you must be in a warm climate, as it needs plenty on natural sunlight. Special Kush can also yield about 450 grams per square meter indoors, and 400 grams outside.

A review of this strain by a Seedsman user named Darkness emphasized just how large this strain can get:

Great Product! Grew quick and easily with no problems. She indeed likes to grow wild! But maintain her and she will produce beautiful flowers!

This feminised strain has indica genetics and takes between 7-8 weeks to germinate in Late September.

Royal Queen Seeds have also confirmed that their Special Kush has a 15% THC Content and a relatively high CBD content of 1-5%.

RQS - Special Kush #1

You can buy Special Kush #1 seeds directly from Seedsman now. If you are interested in any other Royal Queen Seeds, you can browse through their entire seed library here.

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