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The Best Tips to Avoid Insects in your Grow

Since the commencement of cultivation, gardeners all through history have struggled against the continuous predatory facet of nature trying to enjoy the fruits of their labors before they have a chance to do so.

What’s bugging your garden?

Regrettably, pests are a regular risk to any grower be it a vegetable garden, farm crops, or growing cannabis. And although most folks associate having pest problems with outdoor gardens, as most of us in-the-know are fully aware, indoor cannabis gardens can be threatened by those wretched garden-wreckers as well.

Parasitic insects have continually evolved for millions of years in order to plague, consume, and demolish plant matter to ensure their own flourishing survival. And they’ve managed to survive quite nicely. As some of you may have had the misfortune of experiencing first-hand in your own indoor gardens.

Keeping it clean!

There’s an old adage that warns how an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, which in regards to growing cannabis, couldn’t be more appropriate. In terms of keeping cannabis plant devouring pests at bay, the saying should probably be “an ounce of pest prevention is worth a pound of cured good-good.” But I digress. The mere act of keeping your garden room(s) clean can go a long way in terms of preventing plant-loving pests from invading your grow space, but one of the easiest ways to introduce those invaluable vermin into your plot of pot is through your plant medium.

What’s living in your mix?

If you’re cultivating your crops using a soil-less mix or potting soil, it’s quite possible that you’re bringing bugs into your garden room with your medium supply. Most manufacturers of plant mediums combine the ingredients for their products outdoors on huge concrete slabs, which exposes them to unwanted mildew and pests. In order to eliminate the chance of larvae, eggs and fungus residing in store-bought potting soils and soil-less mixes, it’s up to the product’s manufacturer to heat the mix to a temperature of 140F/60C to successfully exterminate said residuals.

But even if the medium’s manufacturer takes all the necessary steps to ensure that their product is bug and fungus-free, we cannabis cultivators are still reliant on our garden supply retailers to properly store the material until we have an opportunity to purchase it. Which in some cases, depending on your supplier, can be quite undependable.

I’ve personally witnessed hydroponic supply businesses that store pallets of medium outdoors in a fenced area exposed to the elements, which makes any efforts the manufacturer made to make certain the risks of their product containing mildew or pests was eradicated null and void.

Storing these types of products outdoors not only increases the consumers risk of purchasing medium infested with pest eggs and larvae, but the fluctuation of temperature and moisture conditions invites the possibility of mildew infectivity.

Tips to avoid being bugged!

One of the most valuable and easiest tips to follow in order to ensure your dirt isn’t dirty with pesky critters is to know your supplier. It may sound simple, but having a good rapport with your store clerk can prove to be quite rewarding in more ways than one. Via maintaining a solid relationship with your garden supply retailer you’re not only more apt to receive top notch customer service every time you patronize their store, but it makes it easier to request vital information, such as how they go about storing their plant mediums, to letting them know you prefer to purchase the freshest materials they have available in order to avoid buying mediums contaminated with irritating garden insects.

Buying your mediums from a reliable manufacturer is just as important as making any other purchase in life. Know who makes it and go with a pro.

In addition, avoid buying bags or bales of medium that have been accidentally torn open due to mishandling and repaired using tape, or that are noticeably aged. If they can’t meet your requests, then come back when they can. If you’re what they consider a loyal customer, they’ll make sure you’re satisfied.

Keep it clean to keep it green!

By Erik G

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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