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Black Friday/Cyber Monday – Win 200 Seeds and a Merchandise Bundle in our BIGGEST COMPETITION EVER!

Did you really think we would let the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend go by without offering our customers the chance to win big in a Seedsman Competition?!

Over this weekend, we are offering TWO lucky customers the chance to win 200 Seeds and a HUGE merchandise bundle in our biggest competition ever. This prize is worth almost €1000 so there is plenty to enjoy here!

Whether you are planning on sharing this prize with your friends, family, social club or simply indulge yourself, entering is very simple!


You can enter the competition via two different ways:

  1. SHARE this post on Facebook, or
  2. COMMENT on this blog post!

The closing date for the competition is Tuesday November 28, so make sure you enter in time!

The FULL LIST of PRIZES can be seen below. Be warned, there are an obscene amount of free seeds to be won!



  • 20x Sex Bud Fem from Female Seeds
  • 20x LA Confidential Fem from DNA Genetics
  • 20x Original Bubblegum from TH Seeds
  • 15x Krypto Cookies Fem from Moxie Seeds
  • 15x Grape Ox from Rare Dankness
  • 10x Northern Lights Auto from Royal Queen Seeds
  • 10x Critical Fem from Royal Queen Seeds
  • 10x OG Kush Auto from Dinafem
  • 9x Durban Poison 70’s from Tropical Seeds Co.
  • 5x White Widow Fem from Seedsman
  • 5x Jack Herrer Fem from Seedsman
  • 5x Girl Scout Crack Fem from Seedsman
  • 5x Auto Blue from Seedsman
  • 5x Bloody Skunk Auto from Sweet Seeds
  • 5x White Lavender Fem from G13 Seeds
  • 5x Zensation Fem from Ministry of Cannabis
  • 5x Blueberry Cheesecake Fem From Female Seeds
  • 5x Auto Bubble from Female Seeds
  • 5x Skunk Special Fem from Female Seeds
  • 4x Russian Auto from Exotic Seed
  • 3x Fast Ryder 2 from The Bulldog Seedbank
  • 3x AK48 Fem from Nirvana Seeds
  • 3x Chocolate Mint OG Fem from Humboldt
  • 3x Moscow Blueberry Auto from Kalashnikov Seeds
  • 2x Cheese Auto from Dinafem
  • 2x Dutch Kush Fem from Paradise Seeds
  • 1x Big Bud XXL Fem from Ministry of Cannabis


  • 10x Seedsman King Size Papers
  • 10x Ministry of Cannabis King Size Papers
  • 10x Heavyweight Seed Papers
  • 10x Seedsman Fridge Magnets
  • 10x Seedsman Slaps
  • 10x Female Seeds Slaps
  • 10x KC Brains Slaps
  • 10x Green House Seed Co. Coasters
  • 5x T-Shirt Bundle
  • 5x Kannabia Pot Markers
  • 5x Sensi Seeds Pens
  • 5x Seedsman Magnifying Cards
  • 5x Seedsman Seed Storage Packets
  • 2x Nirvana Grinders
  • 2x Green House Seed Co. Keyrings
  • 2x Seedsman Tote Bags
  • 1x Seedsman Snapback Cap
  • 1x The Bulldog Seedbank Grinder
  • 1x Pure Sativa Storage Case

Good Luck!


With an international team of writers and over a decade of experience in the industry, Seedsman aim to bring you the very latest in Cannabis news from across the globe.

  • Adam Read

    im in guys an amazing present this would be to share between the canna community and people in need. fingers crossed

  • Maxwell Fynn

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  • Pat Kellar

    Yall are awesome thanx for the chance

  • Adam Myers

    What a great giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thankful for opportunities like this and for my fiancé, for without her I wouldn’t know where I’d be suffering with my MS. Have a safe one everybody!

  • Martin Edwards

    Magnificent gesture, fingers crossed.

  • Chris Bernier

    Thank you seedsman for the chance to enter this contest. Also thanks so much for providing a way to this great natural medicine that so many need in this world. Happy Holidays and good luck to all who entered!

  • Tommy

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  • Dale Martin

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    Seedsman is an awesome store. Quick delivery and great product choices. Excelente servicio. A mis patriotas Españoles les Encanto.

  • Dale Martin

    thanks seedsman for the seeds man

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    Seedsman is the only place to buy seeds, going on four years with Seedsman and never had a problem.

  • dave marshal

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  • Lorna Meikle Tytherley

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    I wait all year long for Seedsman black friday/cyber monday sale. It is the best of all! Thank You

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    🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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  • Alberto Espinoza

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  • UKpitbull

    ‘THE’ #1 Seedbank.’THE’ End!.
    Amazing competition this one.
    Good Luck to all.
    You like my Xmas tree?.

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    cool am needing lots n lots for a project to free seed n grow across the uk ,,,,hopefully sending up thousands in helium balloons to sow where ever ,,,,, free the weed for ‘Free Weed’

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    Thank you for this chance at winning since I have used your seeds my husbands heart has been relieved of his swelling and pain he sleeps throughout the night!

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    #1 seed bank I’ve used and bought from, very happy with your services, not to be rude but I hope I see my name as the winner I never win anything ever have the worst luck ever know to man, goodluck everyone who entered this amazing competition seedsman have done it again the best ever yet giveaway I’ve seen peace people.

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  • Ricky Whitaker

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  • Elizabeth Haus

    Sharing is caring, and there’s so much listed it would HAVE to be passed around! Love it!!!

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  • Issà Làyy


  • Issà Làyy

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  • Димитър Димитров
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    • Matambo Ngobese

      May the winner be happy

  • Marilyn Berglin

    What an exciting assortment of seeds! I hope I win to share with the senior citizens in our community.

    • Matambo Ngobese

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  • Derrick Birch

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    Excellent competition seedsman!! Great work guys 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone and good luck!!! 🎄🎁🎄

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  • Ron Au

    Getting my Black Friday order in once I get my bitcoins. Good luck to everyone.

    • Matambo Ngobese

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      Jolly..I like that word…it canbe a jolly joy adventure with the package

  • Brian Willits

    so hard to get them lucky seeds thease days but i lucked out and got three blue berry an one gorila glue X? so hope they do well hears a pic of a train wreck seed i got a grew last summer out doors would really be cool to have some seed with a pedagree for a change so i could really do some side by side compairisons to find the ones i like the best and have friends do outhers so we would all have a show piece to try !

    • Matambo Ngobese

      It is always so nice and so good to share with friends. Social Living is the best

  • Brian Willits
    • Matambo Ngobese

      Nice one bro…growing your own medicine is the best thing to do. Keep it safe and keep it alive .

  • Ginger L Knight

    ty for the chance to enter , newbie here and so excited to have a chance to enter. thanks

  • Mike De

    Just had a turkey baby born yesterday at 12pm. didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with my other kids haven’t gotten much sleep at all. So this would be another great blessing to win, so please send the package this way it would be another great surprise.

    • Matambo Ngobese

      It might come your way.. wonder what you gonna do with it..if you win it..there is so much in the package

  • Nicolas Langlois

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    Another great contest from Seedsman!

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    • Matambo Ngobese

      Massive give way in my life- Blesssed is the hand that give.

  • Will Brown

    Send that beautiful prize to me in Alaska por favor!!!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Alaska….Im in Swaziland Africa….Seedsman connect the world

  • Billy Sanford

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    • Matambo Ngobese

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  • Philip Edwards

    Love you guys, seed’s I’ve gotten are great just grew my Lemon OG Kush and it’s amazing, to give so many things away shows you care for your clients and customers

    • Matambo Ngobese

      TRUE…Caring is Sharing….and Sharing is Caring…Earth Care, People Care and Fair share

  • Peter Alvarnaz

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      We will always keep up nurturing the plants of life and happiness

  • knowmyhistory

    Seedsman is the best with hookups and freebies this givaway is insane

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Always keeping us happy as customers,friends and supporters of Seedsman

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  • Lisa Summers

    Would love to see how each one grows

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      Always massive trees with seedsman…a healthy soil is a healthy plant

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      Best wishes to you also.

    • redeye


  • Colossus

    Thank you Seedsman seedmen! Amazingly impressed by your website, your selection, and your bit coin “how to” info! And now your CONTEST PAGE!
    I’ll be checking in often and sharing my new knowledge with friends and family.
    With much Gratitude,

    • Matambo Ngobese

      I visit the website everyday of my life ever since I got to know about Seedsman. Every time I visit Seedsman website I get to learn something new. It is a university to me.

  • Oily Mark

    Good luck everyone

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Good luck to you also

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      Totally Awesome…it makes the world go around.

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      I always smile every I get to know and see Seedsman give away.

  • gwcarlson

    Great seeds, great customer service, now a chance to win stuff. What’s not to love?

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Love is Lovely….Seedsman is about Pure and clean love to you…let love cover the earth as the water cover the for everyone with Seedsman

  • Nick Marrs

    I’m in 🙂 Thank You !!!

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      Forever in….no going outside..keep me in always

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Full in….heart. body, mind and soul inside Seedsman

      • Nick Marrs

        Thank you 🙂

  • william herring

    cant wait to win these.

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Hope and blessings to you….even you cant win but being part of Seedsman family makes you a winner.

  • Kayode Ayodeji

    Wow! This giveaway is insane! What an amazing assortment of seed selection!!!

  • Adam Tetlow

    great giveaway ,hope i win.

    • Matambo Ngobese

      bIggest ever

  • Jackin Meoff

    oh my yes please

    • Matambo Ngobese

      My eyes cant believe what I see, my ears cant believe what I hear, and my tongue cannot believe what a taste from Seedsman.

  • Josh Hough


    • Matambo Ngobese

      Please Please Please…may the good times roll…keep on rolling and never loose might be might me be and it will be someone else..who ever gets ..we all celebrate…One Family, One Seed Bank and One Oneness with Seedman

  • Angelique Lanier

    Seedsman, you guys have the best competition I’ve ever seen.. thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift with 1 lucky person!!
    I hope it’s me! lol Hippy Highlidays!!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      I like when you say Hippy Highlidays….it made me laugh…thank you for keep us smiling on a nice sunday highliday. JAH Bless

  • Matambo Ngobese

    Seedsman our great green hope…the best seedbank that keeps us alive and keep our green fingers more green and keep our mind free as the african proverb says “A free mind is free, it only takes your green fingers to make it extra free.

  • Matambo Ngobese

    Happy Christmas tree to you all Seedsman family…trees ate the lungs of the earth, there share with us oxyen as we share with them carbon dioxide. Grow seedsman trees to fight climate change and bring happiness to yourself and others. Pure life requires pure tree to give you pure thoughts and pure meditation. Boost your creativity,enhance your happiness and embrace life with the smelly Buds from Seedsman

  • Haze Phase420

    Thx for the opportunity!!!

    Good luck to everyone and of course to me 🙂

    Happy growing everyone.
    Just about to place an order!!

  • Vlad the Inhaler

    Great Seed Bank, Amazing customer service and incredible giveaways! Seedsman is the best!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      First of its kind in the history of the world to have a Seed Bank like Seedsman…Seedsman Rock…keep on rolling

  • Daniel A

    Have purchased over $400 worth of seeds over two orders. One order was destroyed by customs but the company replaced them due to the optional purchasing of shipping I used. Thank you so much for the seeds and great customer service support. Look forward to buying and growing more!

  • kimj1129

    WOW!! Awesome prize package—would love to win this one for my birthday next week 🙂 Good luck everyone!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Happy Birthday from Seedsman fans… enjoy your birthday with a nice bud…good luck to you also

  • Mick Jansen

    good luck too everyone

  • Everest Graham

    Just one of a billion reasons to love Seedsman

    • Matambo Ngobese

      More than a billion reasons

  • Ronald Frazier

    Thank You for your Consideration #SeedsmanSeedsRock! I would absolutely love to be Chosen for this wonderful Giveaway. Good luck Everyone 😎🌱🌱🌱👈Seedsman👍

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Good luck and best wishes to you…happy christmas bud

  • Ginger L Knight

    Thank you so much for the chance to win. newbie here trying to establish some seeds. gl everyone. have a great day. 🙂

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Seeds is life….everyone was once seed. May the seeds of life and happiness grow. It keeps me humble all the time

  • Josh Melton

    Dang! would be nice!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Super nice

  • angel lira

    First time purchasing so I’m very excited to get my package!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Once you start to buy from Seedsman you will see and notice the difference about other retailers, and also you will see the produce…Seedsman will keep you happy in all sectors, service, customer care, prices, and produce. Stay with Seedsman and be happy

  • bob the sponge

    firs+ up k/board packed up. 2nd seeds i ordered did’n+ germ
    3rd, seedsman replaced seeds ( much love ), 4+h, was bus+ed bi po-po
    5+h, order from seedsman si++ing in mailbox when po-po did search ($350)
    6+h, po-po cleaned ou+ ev/+hing, 7+h, have cour+ da+e charged 4 cul+iva+ion of 42 seedlings (all from seedsman) 8+h, bes+ blessing 2 come ou+ of +his is suppor+ from fellow medical canna users as am figh+ing cancer
    empa+hee and unders+anding has humbled me forever. hoping 2 show gov can+ come be+ween a na+ural man and his na+ural medicine
    sos 4 long ran+ ppl bu+ we have 2 uni+e as one

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Unity is strength….we still call apon the global legalization of our medicine. Free and discriminalize the marijuana plant.The healing of the nation.

  • Sérgio Bruno Ferreira Gomes

    Now this would make a good christmas present for me….

    • Matambo Ngobese

      That can be a best christmas present ever in my life also

  • Harold Stoots

    This is great i see way u guys r #1 in everyone books great service and everything else that follows

    • Matambo Ngobese

      The Marijuana growing bible is a powerful book to have if you plan to grow your own medicine. Grow your own medicine and heal yourself. Be the master of your own health

  • Chris Skinner

    Great prize be great to win

    • Matambo Ngobese

      totally a massive prize to win…how I wish also I can win…blessed is the one who will win…he or she will get to experiment the power, strength and love of Seedsman

  • Dave Craig

    I just placed my first order last night, Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is amazing! Don’t miss out!

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Everything is amazing with Seedsman…more than 2000 strains available for you to experiment, taste and be adventerous. Enjoy it bro…Seedsman will never disappoint you in anything, quality seeds, quality service and quality products also

  • Jared

    Wow first time ordering from seedsman .. pretty pumped .. our Canadian seedbanks don’t carry near as much stock as SEEDSMAN

    • Matambo Ngobese

      Seedsman have everything for you..from old to new strains….stay with seeds man and recommend it to your friend. Seedsman will never disappoint you, our great green tree hope.

  • Mac

    Seedsman is so legit I am grateful that such care and attention goes into every detail of your operations! thank you so much for all you do and happy holidaze! — Mac

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    thanks seedsman <3

  • KRTN.W.

    Wow, what a great competition! Love Seedsman!

  • read_icculus

    An incredible contest by an incredible company. I wish all shared your vision of a prohibition free world, no one should fear being locked in a cage over this, the most super, of super plants. Long live the cannabis!
    Thank you Seedsman!

  • PRETHER Official

    I come from a country where using mariguana even for medicinal purpose is frowned upon.
    Since I have lived my entire life in a country where this was legal but had to come back to my country where weed is frowned upon, I didn’t have any solution but to grow my own medicine.
    Getting seeds was the most difficult part and at one point I was about to give up .But when I came across Seedsman, they were kind enough to send the shipment in Stealth mode and I received my seeds which I have used for growing my own medicine.
    Uptil now the results are amazing , since I was a beginner I had no idea how to grow weed, but the forum and blogs posted on Seedsman really helped me pull through.

    Due to seedsman help I have been able to grow various kinds of Strains which has helped me and people like me who are in dire need of weed.
    In short they have relieved many souls in this part of the world from pain and agony.

    Now i’m a relieved person since I don’t have to involve any one to get my medicine.

    I can’t thank you guys enough
    Seedsman is a true super hero.

    Thank you for saving my life and making it better .

    Best of luck for your future endeavours.


  • Anna Lomasney

    Amazing generous giveaway! Here’s hoping for beginner’s luck!

  • Jennifer M. Oliver Lmt

    Love the generosity! Beautiful way to start the Holidays!!! Blessings!

  • Oliver B Teslak

    What a Nice give away, 🤘🏼😎love your seeds there is some for all types of growers but i like indica Best but Would love to try grow all thoes strians my self one Day

  • Daniel Jones

    Please let me win this, i would be so so grateful and i will praise your website for the rest of my life, i will treat every seed with care and love 🙂

  • Felixa Herbslife

    If we win, we’ll raffle some & showcase the rest on our page to continue to support #SEEDSMAN.


  • joe

    I want to win! Fingers crossed to the best seedbank around!

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    I’m new around here but I love it. Great seeds, great info, just placed my first order and cant wait.

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  • joe

    fingers crossed since I never win anything. 🙁

  • joe

    I want to win.

  • Penny Cornell

    You guys are the best! Thank you 🙂

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    That’s how we started at the beginning … and for the ages of ages..Amen..That God helped us .. Thanks seedsman …

  • Stacey Robinson

    Would love to win this amazing price. #seedsman

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    This would be amazing

  • Matt

    Wooooohoooo love a good random draw!!! Canada needs more of your genetics!!

  • Luis Arellano


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    THANKS 4 GIVING us all a chance to win

  • Roger C

    Alway The Best Contest…Seedsman’s the Man!!

    Good luck to all, you know,
    but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that only a couple people will win, and I want this, so I hope one is me.

  • Lee Palmer

    Seedsman rocks. Would love to win an turn all these into good mwds an pay it forward. Thank for a chance. Namasta . much love an respect. Onelove

  • Jesse MacDonald

    Love and good vibes to everyone and please send them back. I had my life torn away from me after becoming a cliche… I was hit by a truck .. and no I wasn’t in a car. Cannabis saves my life every day! I love the community too. Stay strong fam! Keep up the good work! Love Seedsman too. Thanks for all you do. Bess.

  • budiswiser

    best seed bank in the world. Best prices, Awesome products and the fastest delivery! your the best seedsman!

  • Matambo Ngobese

    Only few hours left, good luck to the winners otherwise I hope we can continue to share our good news, growing experience, knowledge and skills way beyond the competition. I think it will be nice for us to stay united as a global Seedsman family. Unity is strength…each one teach one…together we get wiser. Bless

  • disqus_Ixh5qshAKZ

    Heck of a competition! Gimme some of them freebies!

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    Seedsman always a surprise with the awesome and generous giveaways. I’m in, hope to be the lucky winner! Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!

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    What an amazing comp, well done SEEDSMAN on putting together some amazing prizes for it.
    Good luck all
    Merry Xmas

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  • Leon

    Good luck everyone. Seedsman you are a beast never faultered
    Long time customer first time commenter

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    Merry christmas!!! Good luck everyone

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    That would be a sweet birthday gift..

  • Lee Palmer

    A little Christmas song:

    Oh, Cannabis Tree, Oh Cannabis Tree,
    Thy buds are so enlightening
    You get me high when summer’s here,
    But also when ’tis cold and drear,
    Oh, Cannabis Tree, Oh Cannabis Tree,
    Thy buds are so enlightening.

    Oh, Cannabis Tree, Oh Cannabis Tree,
    Much pleasure thou dost give me,
    How often has the Cannabis Tree
    Brought, just for me, the highest glee?
    Oh, Cannabis Tree, Oh Cannabis Tree,
    Much pleasure thou dost give me

    Oh, Cannabis Tree, Oh Cannabis Tree,
    Thy crystals shine with THC,
    From seed to cola, so brave and free
    There’s only joy for you and me,
    Oh, Cannabis Tree, Oh Cannabis Tree
    Thy crystals shine with THC

    Hempy Holidays Everyone!

  • John Coulthard

    sure could use it. thanks so much for the chance of course 🙂

  • Michael Fluharty

    Love this awesome to have won this package thanks so much

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    @michael_fluharty:disqus congrats!! thats a nice win.

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    thank you for such generous competition

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    Good luck people

  • PRETHER Official

    who won the competition ?

  • JustO Carnavale

    🙁 id be happy to get a starting in Mass like this

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    I would be thrilled and amazed if I won this bundle!

  • Anastasia Beaverhousin

    Awesome new strains …… tried this summer… BB bubblegum… big bud….. and as always white widow rocked…

  • Peter Lemmo

    This would be great for people like me for my medical problems!!
    Thank you seedsman for the chance to win. You are a class act!!!
    Be well

  • A pale horse!

    Those seeds belong in the ground… In my garden…

  • porkiepig

    Great competition. I would be one very happy bunny if I won as without a doubt those prizes would be the best xmas present ever!

  • Comments Liu

    seedsman is a bitch .They sent me the competiton link late.It was over.

  • Comments Liu

    All competition are lies.Such lots huge free seeds would result a loss in money for their company.It Just tries to get more attention and make free advertising by sharing on Facebook buy you such idiots who wanna win ….Put some event for redemption of royalty point by every sharing Will be more trustworthy.Seedsman is a bitch that Will send YOUR shopping information to police if you gave her some nagative comments on trustpilot.Their seeds Can grow well ,half young plants Will die after germination.Other seedsbank showed better.

  • Jeffrey J. Verry Sr.

    Amazing Competition I sure could use those seeds!!! Good luck to all.

  • Russ Powers

    I was so excited about my Black Friday order that I completely missed out on THE BIGGEST COMPETITION EVER!!! Bummer 🙁

    Can’t wait until my seeds come in though! lol

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