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Brazilian Man Arrested Despite Providing Alternative to Cannabis Black Market

Sergio Delvair da Costa, a Brazilian cannabis cultivator with thousands of followers on YouTube has been arrested after police discovered 100 plants at his home.

The 52-year-old was an ardent promoter of self-cultivation and dedicated much of his time to informing people how to grow cannabis safely in their own home rather than buying untested, potentially ineffectual produce.

Following the motto “Planting in Order Not to Buy” da Costa’s videos had over 4 million views combined, in which he empowered his viewers to cultivate their own plants, in turn reducing the drug traffic in Brazil and removing contact between buyer and dealer.

Sérgio, who is a cannabis user himself, would record his daily routine on his channel, proving that it is possible to use cannabis and still being a reputable, cultured, well-informed member of adult society. He would frequently act as a mentor to his audience, approaching subjects such as telling family members of cannabis use or promoting the plants medicinal benefits.

Sergio also created an online platform where cannabis users over the age of 18 could register, pay a small one-off fee and receive seeds in return. He would then use the profit made from this fee to make cannabis oil capsules, which were then donated to terminally ill patients

According to Law No. 11,343 in the Regulation of Brazilian Legal Affairs, Sergio would be considered a drug trafficker. Cultivating and/or possession of an unspecified “large” amount of cannabis is a criminal act and is punishable by 5 to 15 years in prison and a significant fine.

Due to a significant change to drug laws in Brazil in 2006, minor drug users and sellers were not punished with prison time but rather small fines and warnings. However, drug trafficking laws remained the same, leading law enforcement to pursue any drug crime as a trafficking case. In fact between 2007 and 2009, imprisonments for drug trafficking in Brazil rose by an incredible 123%.

Despite providing an ideal alternative to the illegal drug trade and warning many away from the black market, Sergio has been accused of being such an individual.

We ask those that are able and equipped to help and donate to Sérgio’s campaign, the money raised from this will be utilised to cover his legal expenses. You can donate by clicking here.

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