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Breeder Profile: Why Buy Dinafem?

With their primary motive being to constantly achieve the highest quality possible, it is no wonder Dinafem Seeds is the largest cannabis seed bank in Spain. Dinafem Seeds began in 2002, but not before acquiring years of cannabis growing experience. You can say it all started with a desire to obtain the knowledge to truly understand the seeds in all aspects. The founders were your typical, unknown growers in the hills who eventually branched out into growing indoors. That later led to them becoming retail sellers in their own shops. By 2009, Dinafem Seeds was internationally recognised as a provider of high quality seeds.

It might be all the tender love and care given to their seeds or it may be their passion for cannabis culture, whatever it is, Dinafem Seeds go through a meticulous process to achieve outstanding results. After studying the genetic makeup of several plants, Dinafem Seeds were able to produce their own cannabis seeds. All seeds are not only manually cleaned, but mechanically as well and only the best of the absolute best move on—so small, broken or immature seeds do not stand a chance. Careful attention is given to the preservation of their seeds making sure that customers only receive the seeds in their finest state.

Dinafem Seeds specialize in feminized cannabis seeds, or cannabis seeds that only produce female cannabis plants. They have a remarkable catalogue of 43 types of seeds, which feature 15 autoflowering cannabis variations.

A few of their strains include: White Siberian, an intertwining of two clones of White Widow and AK47, is considered as one of the top cannabis strains produced and has gained wide recognition for its medical uses. If you are looking for something sweet and fruity with a hint of acid taste, then Sweet Deep Grapefruit is the answer, which is an indica strain and was developed to enhance the fragrance that gives it its defining taste. However, Dinafem Seeds most popular strain made history is 2010 when it received wide recognition and featured as “Girl of the Year 2010” by Soft Secrets’ readers: Moby Dick, is a potent sativa in which was created by crossing a sativa mother plant with an indica one. For more information on their other seeds and its characteristics, Dinafem Seeds provides a detailed catalogue that can be downloaded from their site.

Dinafem Seeds strives to serve the public with their high quality seeds and to reign as an excellent leader seed bank in regards to autoflowering and feminized seeds. They are currently stationed in all European countries where seeds are sold and are progressively available around the rest of the world. As long as Dinafem Seeds continues to love what they do and, at the same time, acquire the knowledge to provide only the best seeds for their customers, they will continue to evolve to new levels of success.

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by Mitchelle Willliams

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