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California Bans Marijuana App

Everybody wants a piece of the big fat cannabis pie. The greener it is, the more business opportunities seem to rise from it. For instance, one obvious idea is that people who consume cannabis in one way or another don’t really feel like doing anything while they’re stoned so somebody has to do it for them. In fact, some stoners even dislike purchasing weed before they even get stoned so it’s not a matter of laziness but more a matter of convenience. Used to this extraordinary comfort level, the market has to respond with something. So, how do we eliminate the laziness and convenience factor that comes with purchasing marijuana? Well, of course, we build a mobile app.

L.A Still Weird About Weed

Now, Los Angeles isn’t known for rules and regulations. We all know that implementing cannabis regulations is one of the worst legislative attempts in the history of not just California but the world. Numerous raids, shutdowns, busts and incarcerations would have rendered any other city powerless in the face of marijuana, except Los Angeles. That particular city seems to be thriving a semi-regulated medical marijuana market that recreational users exploit to the fullest extent.

However, realistically speaking, if you want to test out a medical marijuana delivery mobile app, there is no better place to do it than in L.A. If you want to make a business out of it, again – do it in California. But believe it or not, there is ban that stops businesses from delivering medical marijuana in L.A. So, the prosecutors decided to sue the company that developed and distributes the app. This is the first time that the authorities have taken action against an app developer. Although that may seem ridiculous, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office made it very clear that this will not be their last attempt at stopping the wrongdoers in their sneaky software developments.

California Bans Apps!

The name of the application is Nestdrop, which is pretty cute. It is very easy to use; just order your strain of choice via a touchscreen and you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep if you are located within city limits. It’s really simple, you should use a medical marijuana card and hopefully, it works best with patients who are suffering from debilitating conditions, who don’t have the luxury of going to the dispensary and picking up their prescription marijuana.

It’s somewhat ironic that nothing goes smoothly in California as far as marijuana is concerned. In 2010, an effort was made to legalize recreational marijuana but it failed miserably. Now that Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana, the latter more efficient than the former, it is safe to say that California might have a chance at legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016. Supposedly, a proposition has been made that is modeled on Colorado’s and if all goes well, we might have marijuana delivery services spread all over California. In the meantime, lets just hope nobody presses criminal charges against Nestdrop.

by M.B.

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