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Can Industrial Hemp Heal the World?

Over the last decade or so, industrial hemp has slowly regained attention on an international basis and is continually receiving praise for its seemingly infinite range of uses, including utilizing it as a production option for farmers on a small and large scale, an array of options for the foodstuffs market, and as an improved endeavour for businesses in general.

But one of the most valuable characteristics that industrial hemp has to offer all of mankind may perhaps be the least attractive from a commerce standpoint and therefore often overlooked, and that’s its ability to harmonize with the environment.

Seeing as how we all rely on the oceans remaining clean to hydrate ourselves, our farmlands to remain ‘farmable’ to nourish us, and the oxygen supply that’s produced on this giant ball of molten material hurling through space to continue to stay breathable, you’d think we would be applying more emphasis on the fact that industrial hemp is a sustainable plant genus that not only presents a plethora of commercial and medicinal uses, but has the capability to heal our ailing planet.

As toxins continually pollute our air, waterways and soil, there’s a grave need to bring in a symbolic broom in order to make some type of an attempt to sweep up our environmental mess and right the colossal wrong that we’ve allowed to go on for way too long. And industrial hemp could quite plausibly be that proverbial broom.

It seems that we humans truly love to drain the orbiting rock we collectively call home just short of all its natural resources, as if there’s some magical reset button that can be hit once they’ve been completely used up.

It’s regrettably gotten to the point that the powers that be have decided that in order to deal with the populace’s immense reliability on fuels derived from crude oil, that we need to continue to destroy our environment by employing horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) techniques which makes it possible to reach natural gas reserves that underlie the earth’s surface.

Said fracking practices have been found to be harmful to the environment that surround the well pad sites due to the fact that the operation requires millions of gallons of fresh water, acres of land per well pad, and the use of an undisclosed list of dangerous chemicals.

Industrial hemp to the rescue?!?

Well, it is highly conceivable, especially when you take into consideration the fact that not only can the by-product from processed industrial hemp be used to make bio-fuels to power our beloved modes of transportation, but merely cultivating crops of this remarkable plant genus on land that has been contaminated with toxins that are potentially harmful to all walks of life, will eventually rid it of its pollutants.

It’s a process referred to as phytoremediation, which means to use plants to clean the soil.

What a novel idea, to use a renewable resource that could easily be grown in abundance to provide a sustainable source of energy, a healthy, balanced form of sustenance and an assortment of commercial and medicinal uses all while cleaning up the noxious clutter we’ve been sweeping under the proverbial rug for the past several decades.

Might the cultivation of industrial hemp on an international basis be the solution to helping the human race coexist with the very surroundings that sustain life on this planet?

At the rate we’re going, it sure couldn’t hurt to try.

By Erik G

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