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Cannabis: A Treatment for Heroin Addicts?

A Treatment for Heroin?

A consultant for one of Colorado’s most prevalent medical marijuana companies believes that cannabis could become a viable treatment to those with serious heroin addictions.

In an interview with local press, Carrie Roberts, who works for Medicine Man Technologies, quoted a 2014 study by the Journal of American Medical Association, which suggests that ‘states with relaxed medical cannabis laws have significantly fewer deaths from opioid overdoses. The study presented statistics which suggested that states with regulated medical cannabis laws have 25% fewer overdose related deaths, a significant number which warrants more investigation.

Roberts argues; “There is a lot of anecdotal evidence regarding being able to use cannabis as a treatment, either for people coming off of opioid pain medication to help them through the withdrawal phase of it, or just to keep people from having to use it in the first place,”.

There is a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence which seems to validate the aforementioned study. In 2014, Tony O’Neil wrote an article in which he attributed cannabis as the sole cause of overcoming his heroin addiction.

“In my early days of recovery, using marijuana was a vital way to stave off my cravings for heroin, short-circuiting the urge and giving me the chance of quiet self-reflection instead. My fears would subside and this allowed me to regroup. Having used methadone for years, I found that using marijuana instead had an amazingly positive effect on me.”

While there has been no scientific data to validate these claims, cannabis as a viable treatment for opioid addiction is fast becoming a recognised practice. This treatment needs to be further explored, especially in the United States where a burgeoning black market dealing in opiates is growing significantly. Deaths from opioid overdose are at an all time high, with an estimated 46 people dying per day from causes directly related to opiates such as natural overdoes and the drugs impurity as street dealers attempt to make the drug distribute further.

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