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Cannabis Could Be Legal in All 50 States by 2021, according to Report

Cannabis market analysts GreenWave Advisors believe that all 50 states could well have legalized cannabis in some form by 2021.

Today, over half of all states in America have passed medical cannabis laws, with eight also passing recreational laws. This figure significantly increased last November, when in one day, eight states across the country legalised medical marijuana for their citizens.

Two Californians celebrate as their state voted to pass Prop 64, legalizing recreational use of cannabis.

Now, according to the report from GreenWave, more states will follow suit when elections come around in 2018 and 2020.

Further information from the report stated that this year, the cannabis market will increase by 18%, to around $7.7 billion as new medical markets begin to open.

There is also discussion in the report of a medical marijuana market “metamorphosis”. This could happen when all states have legalised cannabis in some form and realise it doesn’t make sense for each to hold their own laws on the plant. Therefore, a nationwide, central-regulated market would come into fruition, for the entire nation.

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