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Cannabis Through The Ages: 1960’s – Acapulco Gold

If you challenged me to come up with one strain per decade, meaning that I had to find a strain that best represents that ten-year span of breeding, genetics, and passion – I think I could get pretty creative with my answers.

I’d start with the 1960’s and I’d pull Acapulco Gold from Barney’s Farm. Sure I could go back to the jazz-era to “when it all started”, but the 1960’s were when the counter-cultural movement started sticking flowers down rifle barrels and burning draft cards.

Regardless of where you were and what you were doing in the 1960’s, if you like smoking cannabis, you’ll love Acapulco Gold. In college I remember a professor telling me that “the shortest amount of time that an article can exist before it is considered to be ‘historically insightful’ is 50yrs”. In 2010, Acapulco Gold won the Sativa Cup. This zippy high and mild tasting sativa from the sunny parts of Mexico’s Pacific Coast was first being spoken about in the 60’s, and some fifty years later it’s still being recognized for its superior sativa high.

If you’re looking for a “tried and true” sativa, this 50yr old winner should absolutely be in your next grow.

Another huge plus with Acapulco Gold is its growing versatility. This strain wasn’t the byproduct of two lovable hybrids that had been perfected in an indoor hydroponic setup – this is a true-to-bones landrace sativa. You can absolutely plant this outdoors and watch it ‘do its thing’ – my only note is that if you do, give these a lot of room. A landrace sativa (especially one with the older genetics that hasn’t mingled with any indica genetics) is going to love lots of light, air, and room. Give these plants space because they will want to grow up as well as out. Longer and lankier plants will be extra appreciative of supporting structures like wooden stakes with fishing line tie-downs or a screen stretched above the second or third node of the plants. Anything you can do to help your plant grow ‘big and strong’ without it having to worry about falling over is going to increase your yield and the survivability of your crop.

Somewhere on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, half a century ago, an outdoor farmer with a cannabis crop picked “these plants rather than those plants” and decided to “keep this phenotype and destroy that one”. Sure that farmer didn’t use the scholarly language we use to describe ‘terpene profiles’ and ‘cannabinoid content’ today, but he laid the groundwork for the industry you’re buying seeds from right now. One farmer with the no-how to say “this one is better, keep it” is why we are still talking about a mind-meltingly potent sativa today.

This strain has a citrus aftertaste and a larger fluffy in-the-hand feel. Definitely not a dense or hard-packed bud, but the potency is there. Clocking in at 23% THC and flowering in as little as 70 days, this cut of classic cannabis genetics is going to be a new favorite for any grower.

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