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Cannabis Through the Ages: 2000’s – G13

During the new millennial generation, some folks had been hard at work growing and breeding. While I doubt its validity, the story about its origins is a great stoner story nonetheless.

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The story goes that the government (I’m sure it changes from country to country) had secretly funded cannabis grow in the 1950’s to determine the maximum potency of cannabis. Scientists and hydroponic gizmos from the unseen future and armed guards – very similar to the setting in the first scenes of Pineapple Express (the film definitely paid homage to the myth with their opening setting) surround a secret underground grow. The most potent “and way dankest” (as the dred-locked kid that told me this story near a skate park in West Michigan) was snatched from the grow by a scientist who “totally blazed” and it was brought into the presumably deviant underworld world of cannabis. The strain name was supposedly shortened from the “plant row: G , phenotype: no. 13” tag that was still attached to it.

Cannabis folklore aside, this strain really gained a lot of popularity in the early 2000’s. It seemed that by the time I was able to get a medical card in 2010, every ne hybrid had been crossed with G13. That’s not a bad thing because a lot of new and explorative strains were bred and crossed with this iconic indica. This strain is a Howitzer. A true “one hit quit” strain. Take a fully “whitewalled” or “milk shot” of a large bong with this strain before noon, and I bet you’ll be snoozing by 4:20pm.

This strain has great medical capacities, very fast onset, as well as a remarkable sedating aspect to it. Perfect for before-bed use. Perfect for anxiety or stress. Not a morning smoke unless you’re trying to go back to bed.

This strain is going to love a lot of space and it can handle outdoor growth, but it was bread indoors for indoors. I would recommend growing this in a fully running grow to get the best yield from these high-testing genetics.

G!3 has a fresh lemony and almost hoppy flavor to it. Crystally sugar-coated appearance, bright white with little flecks of lime. This strain looks like a “Cindy 99” or a White Widow” mixed with a traditional OG. It’s some really great stuff with a clean spring flavor to it. I have come to believe that some of the really high testing strains taste hashy and earthy, (which I personally like) but this is another example of flavoring and potency blending together to create one perfect strain capable of incapacitating even the most seasoned of smokers.

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