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Cannabis Through the Ages: 2010’s – The Next 5 Legendary Strains

As a cannabis writer in the middle of a decade, I have five big contestants that I think you’ve seen, and will see more of. Expect to see great hybridizations of these strains in the next five to ten years.

1. Gorilla Glue #4

Seedism on Seedsman has a strain called “Super Glue “ which is very similar to the first one I’ve listed.

Gorilla Glue is a very sedating and stubby little indica. The strain makes impeccable hash. Bright white or “blonde” and full of flavor or some of the best live resin and shatter you’ll ever get to dab. Definitely a real sit you down high. I’ve heard of people sweating from the forehead after dabbing this strain and I know in a joint with some kief it’s a thing that meant to be shared.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

The Cali Connection on Seedsman really knocked off some socks with this strain. This is truly designer cannabis at its best right now. It’s been mentioned in hip-hop in the last few years, topped sales, and been sold out. A minty little hybrid with a knack for going straight up. If you help this strain with some topping it’ll spread out quickly, but if you just let it do it’s thing, don’t get excited about your yield. Give this strain some TLC and it’ll pay off. Lets snap back to minty. Yes, minty. The flavor on this is absolutely mind-melting and unique.

3. Super Lemon Haze

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Super Lemon Haze may have originated outside of the parameters of this decade and article but there is no denying it has had a huge comeback in the last five years. Super Lemon Haze was one of the most sold strains in my town medically three years ago, and well, 2012 is definitely within our parameters. This strain has, in my opinion recently been added to the list of classics. Sour Diesel, White Widow, Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream. I wish there was a committee for classic strains because this would be a recent addition.

4. Blackberry Kush from Dutch Passion

This strain has already started to get hybridized and I’m loving it. Crossing this with Girl Scout Cookies provides a mithy and fruity flavor with little flecks of purple. Anything that you top with Blackberry is going to taste sweet like muffins and jam. Not a high tester, but that’s not what it was bred for. Savor this. Vape it, dab it. Really taste the flavor profiles on this before its hard to find because everyone has crossed it with others.

5. Grapefruit from Female Seeds.

If my mother smoked, she’d love this. She doesn’t, but if she did, this is what I’d grow her. The flavour is divine. Cracking a nug and enjoying the aromatics off of this strain is a high in and of itself in my opinion. It’s truly sour and citrus all the way to the core.

Expect to see all of these in popping up in hybrids and tents in the next few years

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