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Cannabis and Tourette’s Syndrome – 5 Things to Know

Cannabis and Tourette’s – While there has been a significant evolution in prominent media coverage of cannabis and its many medicinal properties, seldom has Tourette’s syndrome been the subject of interest in the field.

However, significant scientific research combined with overwhelmingly positive patient testimonials have indicated that cannabis and cannabis extracts could play a significant role in the treatment of Tourette’s.

Here at Seedsman, we take a look at 5 key pieces of information that everyone should know regarding cannabis and its potential involvement with the treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome.

1. Cannabis May Reduce Aggressiveness in Tourette’s Patients

Aggression is one of a number of symptoms that often emerges in Tourette’s patients. ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder is found in over 25% of Tourette’s patients. ODD behaviours include very serious moments of aggression.

A 2016 study from Maastricht University in the Netherlands revealed that cannabis may cause a reduction in these hostile tendencies. 20 test subjects orally ingested cannabis and were put through a series of tests measured against pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol. The patients responded the least aggressively to the tests when under the influence of cannabis.

2. THC May Help With Insomnia in Tourette’s Patients

One of the most understudied but perhaps most damaging symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome is increased sleep latency, or the delayed onset of sleep.

There are a number of scientific studies which reveal that cannabis can in fact, have the opposite effect on a patient, decreasing sleep latency.

A 1973 study revealed that THC reduced the time it took a dozen test patients to fall asleep by 60 minutes on average. Meanwhile, a 2013 study revealed that THC decreased the time it took for healthy subjects to fall asleep in a controlled environment.

3. Cannabis May Reduce or Increase OCD-like Symptoms of Tourette’s

Both Tourette’s Syndrome and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) are model neuropsychiatric disorders that have been the subject of medical interest for years. The latter is perhaps one of the most recognisable symptoms present in patients of the former.

Two studies from Hanover University in Germany were conducted in 2001;

In the first study, ingesting cannabis reduced the obsessive compulsive symptoms in Tourette’s patients.

In the second study, ingesting THC was found to increase the same behaviours in the same patient group.

4. Cannabis May Reduce Frequency of Tics in Tourette’s Patients

The most recognised symptom of Tourette’s Syndrome is the uncontrollable vocal and physical tics that debilitate patients.

These tics have also been the most frequently studied symptoms in relation to medicinal cannabis. A Muller-Vahl study in 1998 recognised that out of 64 local Tourette’s Patients, 30% used cannabis to control their vocal tics, with 70% finding a partial or total relief of tics after use.

5. Cannabis May Increase and Decrease Anxiety in Tourette’s Patients

Many Tourette’s patients suffer with crippling anxiety, especially in social scenarios when they fear that their uncontrollable tics garner unwanted attention.

The scientific studies that have focused on cannabis and anxiety in Tourette’s have all been concluded very differently. Hanover University’s comprehensive study on cannabis and Tourette’s revealed that test patients became more anxious after ingesting THC.

However, numerous anecdotal reports would suggest the opposite. As would patients using Idrasil, a ‘cannabis pill’ available in medically legal states of America that can help reduce anxiety related with Tourette’s Sydrome.

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