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Cheese Vs. Purps

Cheese is a strain that has grown on me in the last few years. As a new smoker the sour and fruity scents always attracted me. Lemons, Grapefruits, Oranges – any citrus sativa scent had the ability to make me stop and spend. Cheese is a musky and heavy smell. Pungent, heavy and damp. Cheese is a modern day “Thai Skunk”. The stinky weed.

One of my friends who is younger than me and has been using cannabis longer than me is Jason. Jason always goes for this type of weed. “What do you have that smells awful, downright awful, like old garbage or baby diarrhea.” The first time I saw Jason order weed like that at the store I did a double take. So did the bud tender. “In LA it’s super common to just go into a store, say what you want, and they give it to you – boom. Done.” Jason explained. I showed him the budtender’s reaction to his words baby diarrhea and he giggled. “I have to be specific” he says.

The bud tender never uses words like “garbage” or “diarrhea” to describe the bud they are selling. They use language like mine, heavy, damp, musky. Just remember that all of the different strains out there have different effects and tastes. If you are smoking cannabis for effect and taste, pick your flower by flavor and scent.

My favorite attributes in cannabis are color, and size. I know, I know, purple weed can often times be less potent than other varieties. I know, I know purple genetics in weed can often times be faked through cold shocking. Regardless, I still love the purple stuff. Napa Cabbage, Grape Ape, Grape Lui, Purple Urkle, Purple Cotton, Purple Alien, Granddaddy Purple, OG Purps, Dark Dreams, Blackberry, Black Ice. All of those strains get me excited at the store. The way the color of the buds offsets the trichomes on the leaves. The grape fruity candy tastes. The heavy couch-lock high. These are all of the aspects about smoking that I love most.

So why can they be faked?

They can be faked because purple is the color of a plant in shock from temperature change as well as the color of strong indica genetics. Shocking a plant is as simple as bending this that way or pouring cold water on this part. This is a cheap way to fake it to make it. Shocked weed, in my experience, is oftentimes significantly darker than the purple on something genetically purple.

Whenever Jason and I argue about pot, he points this out to me. “You can’t fake stink.” What this means is that Jason knows he is far less likely to encounter faux skunk-cheese-stinky weed that I will encounter cold-shocked purple weed. Sadly for me, this is a very good point. When I shop for the types of cannabis I love most I have to be a little bit more savvy than Jason does, because it is easier to fake a color than a smell.

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