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Cheesy Auto From Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds breeding team has used the same cannabis genetics since the late 90’s. The strains found in this bank are very special and have helped to develop the official lines in the catalogue. In this article, we will talk about the Cheesy Auto. This is an auto-flowering variety that has been stabilised using cuttings of the legendary Skunk No. 1 from Sensi Seeds, known as “Exodus Cheese”, from the London underground collective with the same name. This strain is known worldwide for its strong fragrance and pungent aroma, reminiscent of blue cheese. Philosopher seeds has worked on the selection and breeding of several generations until a stable automatic strain of the UK Exodus Cheese has been obtained.

This auto grows compact and robust. Its subtle fragrance is noticeable since the earliest days of the crop, while the dark green colour of the leaves is a very typical trait of this variety. The breeding goal was to maintain the aroma and qualities of its female parent, Exodus Cheese, while increasing its yield and shortening its flowering period. This strain can easily reach 1 meter in height (over 3 feet). Its compact growth will provide support to its buds during the flowering stage. It is important to stake up the main branches for better support. The flowering period for this variety ends in just 60-65 days.

To create stable auto-flowering hybrids with the desired qualities of taste and aroma from their parents, at least six generations are needed, always aiming to keep those identifying features, generation after generation. This is hard work and requires some space for the different specimens that may appear during the breeding process. The botanical traits that have been passed to later generations can be noticed easily. The branched structure of the original Cheese is still present, as well as the dark green colour of its leaves.

The effect and power of auto-flowering seeds have always been questioned; many growers argue that their effect is light and very short, and they do not contain valuable organoleptic qualities. This was true in their early years, due to their own genetic heritage from Eastern Europe, where auto-flowering seeds adapted to few hours of light and lost the ability to produce THC. The Philosopher Seeds team has done some work on the selection of non auto-flowering varieties. This method has been used to increase the percentage of cannabinoids, reaching up to 20% of THC in many specimens.

We would also like to remind you that auto-flowering strains contain other cannabinoids, in particular CBD, which have valuable medicinal properties and may be present in up to 3% contents. Cheesy Auto marijuana has THC levels of around 18% and may contain more than 2% CBD. This variety is suitable for many therapeutic treatments. Cheesy Auto marijuana, a top quality auto-flowering hybrid, is now ready to hit the market within the Auto Line marijuana seeds from Philosopher Seeds.

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