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COMPETITION DAY 1 – €420 for 4/20 – Win Over 80 Autoflowering Seeds

It’s that time of year again, and Seedsman have gone BIG. For the next three days we will be running three competitions to give our loyal customers the chance to win a huge bundle of seeds.

On Day 1 of our €420 for 4/20 competitions, we are offering one lucky person the chance to win an 87 auto-flowering seed bundle worth €420!

We will also select 5 runners up who will win 10 auto seeds.

You can ENTER one of TWO ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

The lucky winner will receive ALL of this:

  • 20x Auto Mix from Kalashnikov Seeds
  • 10x Auto Blueberry from Dutch Passion
  • 10x Auto AK from Grass-O-Matic
  • 10x King’s Kush Auto from Green House Seeds
  • 10x Auto Mazar from Dutch Passion
  • 9x White Dwarf Auto from Buddha Seeds
  • 5x Amnesia Auto from World of Seeds
  • 5x Cheese Auto from Big Buddha Seeds
  • 4x Auto MK-Ultra from TH Seeds
  • 3x Pineapple Express Auto from Barneys Farm
  • 1x Northern Lights Auto from Royal Queen Seeds

The 5 runners up will receive:

  • 10x Auto Blue from Seedsman

The lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook Page and our Competitions Page on Thursday, April 20…Good Luck!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds or want to find out more about the prizes on offer in this competition, simply head to and discover a library of over 3000 strains to purchase.


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  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    Thanks seedsman for this I want win. Crossed fingers

  • John Smith

    happy 420 2017! bats in the air

  • Idlerush!

    Happy 420 everyone! Be smart, safe, and happy!

  • inmymind

    for sure wishing everybody a happy & safe 4:20 – be smart and grow 😀 <3

  • Jeff Štrancar

    gl everyone 🙂

  • Alicia Gordon

    I love what you guys do!! It’s that time of year.. Alaskans love auto flowers!!

  • Dean Stevenson

    Hope Im the winner! Thanks for doing these contests!

  • Wouter Malan

    In it to win it.

  • Richard Mckenzie

    Sweet deal shared on post

  • Martyn Andrew

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the chance fingers crossed

  • Simon Kroese

    Would be great!!

  • Cole Brightwell

    Ready for seedsman world famous genetics.

  • Colin Drury

    What an awesome giveaway good luck to all who enter

  • Rob Hopkins

    I need to win!

  • Rivo Varjund
  • Robert Davenport

    Those seeds would go a long way to helping my medicinal needs, thanks for the chance to win!

  • 池瑞浩


  • Warren Cason

    I’d love some for 420

  • Warren Cason

    Gimme seeds, man!

  • Mark Sola

    Wait for this so long!!! Gotcha!

  • Panitan Jongpanyalert


  • Michael Hurst

    Thanks for for a chance! 🙂 Would love this as a prize

  • Diego Calaveras

    Increíble, a participar

  • Domingo MB

    Ufff super giveaway good luck everyone and massive thanks Seedsman

  • Heather Kaye Rath

    Happy 420 everyone and good luck

  • Daeviet Wolfszoon

    Thx for the chance to discover new strains.. most of them i read about… 👌👌👍👍

  • Isaiah D. Wordsmith

    Thanks for the seeds!! Hahaa

  • Lulu Beans

    Great chance here……….gl to everyone.

  • Stephen Allenby

    New season, need new seeds….Pic is from my balcony in a warmer place, shark shock from Mr. Nice…a lucky dip freebie from Seedsman last year. Many thanks!

  • Gopesh Dasa

    just today received your package…quite disappointed with all the missing items…. maybe you want to make it up to a good ending this time, seedsman??

  • Lori Hynes

    I think that you guys are just great!! Thanks for the opportunity to win such killer seeds!! Good luck to us all!! Happy 4/20 tomorrow

  • Erotic?

    You are great guys!!!

  • Ray Martinez

    Thanks for the great opportunity… Someone would be greatly blessed..

  • Dabrowski maxime

    Je participe avec plaisir

  • Martin Mikymauz Pichovec

    Good luck to all 🙂

  • Bee Grant

    Thanks for the chance Seedsman would love to win this

  • Robert ulmer

    Thanks hope I win

  • Brian Littleton Sr.

    good luck every one 🙂

  • Archer

    Good luck

  • Tabitha Suzanne

    Commented and shared, thanks for the opportunity Seedsman. I really hope I win! Good luck everybody

  • Ahmet Can Şahin

    Happy 420

  • Alan Colburn

    that would be real sweet to be able to win those seeds, I wish everyone luck

  • Lee Holcroft

    Seedsman again !!!! More comps ha ha ??? Keep um coming lol!!

  • Kris Brown

    Thank you for sharing the love!

  • Xirimiri Berdea

    Good Lucky and more weed!!!!

  • Tamis Sarmias

    Best comps ever. Good luck everyone!!!

  • flyindevil

    Sure, why not?

  • Donovan Banyard

    Best comp ever! Fuck yeah 420!!!!

  • John Waldron

    Oh yea awesome count me in

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Count me in that a a sweet prize

  • Ty Carpediem Thompson

    Dear seed-gods,

    Please find favor upon me!

  • Logan Demboske

    would love to try some autos out

  • Quốc Anh Nguyễn

    Seed-gods pleaseee pick me

  • Tom Dahl

    lets do it ! i feel lucky tonight tomorrow is 420

  • randy mcvey

    could be my lucky day count me in

  • Bruce Viaene

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

  • Igor Ember

    Love it ❤

  • hed1


  • Richard Cammell

    From anywhere in the world?

  • Peter Lang

    Thanks seedsman for the chance to win!

  • John Bell

    Happy 4/20

  • Ryan Baker

    awesome way to go good luck everyone time ready blaze it up 4 life 420 way to go

  • Бојан Копље Јеремија Јовановић

    Excellent auto selection. Can I be a winner? 😉

  • Adam Robb

    That would make my 420 birthday
    Save a lot of money

  • Lara De Jager

    Which Santa do I need to do favours for in order to be chosen as the lucky winner! 😉

  • ronnie

    ty count me in

  • Mark Topolewski

    I like to grow marijuana I care for world wide peace n love I won thanks again seedsman the contest is real

  • Jason Shorty Short

    Well that’s a fomp

  • Stoney Maloney

    I’m in baby 😻 Love me some autos

  • Rosita GF

    Fantastic draw and more now that is the time to cultivate, participate and share and thank thousands for drawings so

  • Franco Basler

    Im in

  • Đăng Vũ

    love it!!!

  • Daddyparker

    I love seeds man. I also love Seedsman.

  • MichiGreen

    I’m ready for some new seeds ! 🙂
    Send ’em on over…

  • Robbie Bergh

    I am down for this

  • Melissa Hughes

    Be Humble!! Happy 420!

  • Soso59

    Thank you very much for this contest!
    Good Luck!

  • Douglas McGary.

    Too late to enter?

  • Kelly Edward Hatfield

    Fantastic, only place to buy seeds period!

  • Nigel Howard

    WTG Happy 4:20 and good luck all

  • John Wertz

    Çount me in too love seedsman

  • andrew cattell

    I don’t mind if I do 😀

  • Ron Guerrero

    Happy 420!!!

  • kittycatsammy

    I love Seedsman, happy 420 everyone!

  • Achie

    lets go for this one….cheers to all=)))

  • Ty Carpediem Thompson

    Did I win? They haven’t posted it yet!? Just do it guys! Choose me

  • Bill Downs

    We’eed Haaaaa send me seeds 😎

  • 1 jr

    gotta have them Autos, BCN Diesel is the boooooooomb. I want in.

  • Lessanchez

    It will be 420 all year long for me if I win these seeds. Make my dreams come true seedsman.

  • Phạm Trường


  • Lessanchez buddy won seedsman competition last year they have the best prizes
    Hope I win this year
    So I can rub it in his face like he did me when he won

  • Lessanchez

    I need to win these seeds so I can rub it in my friends face like he did to me when he won last year, seedsman seeds are the best always has been always will be!

  • Lessanchez

    No other seed bank can compare to seedsman seeds very satisfied with product and very fast responding, reliable, supportive staff team.

  • Lessanchez

    I’m gonna keep posting until I get a congratulations from seedsman

  • Les S.

    Thanks in advance to all these great seed-banks:

    •Greenhouse seeds
    •Kalashnikov seeds
    •Royal queen seeds
    •Dutch passion
    •Barney’s Farm

    You all have the best seeds and it would be an honor to win even 1 seed from any of these seed banks.
    I love seedman seeds 🌱🌿🌱

    • Leonard “leo” Chingkwake

      You said it man

    • lexii420


    • W33DMAN

      Seedsman is #1 🥇


    Cool free beans! Thanks Seedsman

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