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COMPETITION DAY 2 – €420 for 4/20 – Win Over 100 Feminised Seeds

It’s DAY 2 of our €420 for 4/20 competitions! Today, we will be running a competition to give our loyal customers the chance to win a huge bundle of seeds.

On Day 2, we are offering one lucky person the chance to win a 102 feminised seed bundle worth well over €420!

We will also select 5 runners up who will win 5 feminised seeds.

You can ENTER one of TWO ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

The lucky winner will receive ALL of this:

  • 30x Somango Fem Seeds from Seedsman
  • 12x Kali China Fem from Ace Seeds
  • 10x Alice Fem from Delicatessen Seedbank
  • 9x Grape Kush Fem from Moxie Seeds
  • 9x Lemon OG Fem from Moxiw Seeds
  • 8x The O.G. 18 Fem from DNA Genetics
  • 6x Liberty Haze Fem from Barney’s Farm
  • 5x Gigabud Fem from G13 Labs
  • 3x Blueberry Cheesecake Fem from Female Seeds
  • 3x Panama Fem from Cannabiogen
  • 3x Original Bubblegum from TH Seeds
  • 1x Gipsy Haze Fem from Eva Seeds
  • 1x Big Bud XXL Fem from Ministry of Cannabis
  • 1x K.O. Kush Fem from Heavyweight Seeds
  • 1x Smile Fem from Kannabia Seeds

The 5 runners up will receive:

  • 5x Somango Fem from Seedsman

The lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook Page and our Competitions Page on Friday, April 21…Good Luck!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds or want to find out more about the prizes on offer in this competition, simply head to and discover a library of over 3000 strains to purchase.


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  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    First comment here happy 420 to everyone

  • Douglas McGary.

    Seedsman, you are amazing with your giveaways.
    Thanks for the opportunity. Happy 420!

  • Johna Cochran

    you have really good customer support

  • Rob Hopkins

    Happy 420 to all!

  • Unity Olivier

    Thank you for your generosity. The person who walks
    Away with is price is awefully lucky. May you be blessed. I wish I am the lucky one.

  • Chris Bernier

    Just got my 2nd seedsman order last week. 4 business days to get here, No one does it better than seedsman! Would love to win this, good luck to all who enter!

  • Umberto Tammaro

    i migliori

  • Stoney Maloney

    Toss me in the 420 mix. Good luck all

  • Soso59

    Thanks for this contest!
    Good luck!

  • Jose J. Quintana

    I love it!!!
    Thanks for the chance and good luck all!!!

  • Ivana Vrbanec Ex Radicevic-Kar

    One Love <3

  • Will Miller

    Seedsman is #1

  • Arno Lbzh

    merci pour le concours et bonne chances a tous !! (y) (y)

  • Ty Wat

    ça c’est vraiment un joli lot, merci

  • Dizzy TheShark

    Help me help the world…Im a winner

  • flyindevil

    Good luck, everyone, and happy 4/20!

  • Gus Ferguson

    very cool! good luck!

  • Nigel Howard

    awesome happy 4/20 good luck all

  • Peter Lang

    Thanks seedsman. Happy 4/20

  • ronnie

    happy 420

  • Rob Greyfox

    Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy 420 everyone And May everyone Be A Winner

  • John Wertz

    Happy 420 all,thanks again seeddman

  • Bonzo710

    A nice collection! 🙂

  • Nicole Craft

    Good luck everyone!

  • Kris Brown

    Happy 420! Love sharing the love of cannabis!

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    Happy 420 day Good luck everyone , Thanks for the chance Seedsman

  • Thomas LaConte


  • Ryan

    Good luck everyone. And thanks for the chance #Seedsman 🙂

  • Boom Bastic

    Sounds good!!!!! Seedsman is the best!!!

  • Andre

    And a good day to you sirs! What a beautiful 420 indeed.

  • alex karas

    good luck to everyone

  • Крадимир Пєткѳв

    Happy 420 !
    Thank you seedsman for being OUR preferred choice of seeds supplier. Your prices,promotions and support are excellent !
    Best wishes !

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Happy 420 CannaFam
    I pray to the Weed God’s to sprinkle their Lucky Magic Kief on me to win me this ultimate Prize Thanks so much Seedsman for the opportunity 👍

  • John Waldron

    Happy 420 Thanks for the opportunity Seedsman

  • Daddyparker

    Happy 420 everybody and good luck too.

  • Crystal Chaplin

    What a smorgasboard of great genetics rolled up there. That would be a dream come true to win something as great as this. Thank you Seedsman for a marvelous opportunity for a really lucky soul. Special Good Luck on this merriest of 4/20’s.

  • Justin Gray

    Happy 420!!! May your season be merry and green!

  • Greg Kolskeggr Byers

    Happy 420
    What a great selection of genetics.

  • Casey O’Brien


  • Derek Yearwood

    Needs to legal, to end this war on the people

  • Wez Ford

    Thanks for another chance of winning some beans and happy 420~keep on blazin 🙂

  • MichiGreen

    Day 2 – happy 4/20 everyone 😉
    Please count me in.

  • Tom Campbell

    Happy 420! Always excited to enter your contests! I just wish everyone could win, but I’ll settle for anything! Thanks Seedsman!

  • Raymond Norcross

    happy 420 love your prices save about 20% compare to some other seed banks

  • 池瑞浩


  • Mike McCullough

    Sending good vibes to everyone on 420 ……Love this place

  • Julie Wolfe

    Happy 420 from 97420

  • Ron Guerrero

    Happy 420! Love Seedsman; great seeds , great prices! Love the freebies too!!!

  • randy mcvey

    seedman seeds are the best enter me good luck everyone

  • John Panzino


  • John Panzino


  • Đăng Vũ

    happy 420!

  • Sheen Sb


    Your’s sincerely

    Sheen S B

  • Achie

    nice once again… next step is to win=)))

  • Alan Colburn

    That would be fantastic being retired on a fixed income that would be great

  • Ty Carpediem Thompson

    Am I too early? Checking for winners.!! Good lucks, cheers, pick me !

  • Quốc Anh Nguyễn

    Awesomee !!

  • Justinas Vertelis

    Thank You And Good Luck Everyone! 🙂

  • GarricksI

    Nice one!

  • Cindy Fisher

    Good luck everyone. Love to win me some of that green 😂

  • Dunja

    I’m In.

  • svejedno

    Hope I’m not too late. C’mon..let me win just once 🙂

  • D.G.V.

    happy 420

  • John Hodgson

    Brilliant prize . Fingers crossed. Just in time for summer . Loving it . Good luck 🍀 you all .

  • Gopesh Dasa

    Happy 420 and thanks god you exist seedsman 🙂

  • Anthony Ung

    me too please. Thank you

  • 1 jr

    Happy 420 to every one, hop i win those beautiful beans.

  • Ras Zahir

    Hope its not over yet. Give thanks

  • leon

    let it rain seeds

  • sergi1976

    It’s perfect for me,no doubt..

  • Patrick John O’Doherty

    Sending love from Africa.

  • Karmagic

    I wish you all the best.
    Viva Seedsman !

  • Shaun Galvez

    These seed look amazing! Fingers crossed!!

  • ג’ורג קוסטנזה

    happy 420

  • marjuanina weed

    i want to win and get some free barney’s farm seeds in breeder case.Seedsman is a good seed bank .My parcel with shealth delivey
    guaranteed was lost on delivey on the ways to China But Their staff was finally promised to reship my order .I hope my seeds Will come soon with no accidents.They really responsible for Their extra guaranteed delivery.Nice! I hope Will use something like fedex or ups directly delivery service so to both guarantee the speed and fewer changes of parcel loose due switching to post office.

  • marjuanina weed

    Happy seedsman .420, 710 ,barney farm,

  • marjuanina weed

    happy 420

  • marjuanina weed

    havent tried 420 seeds yet Just want to win some free seeds and look.will post fees required?

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