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COMPETITION – Win 100 Autoflowering Seeds worth over $750

In one of our biggest competitions ever, we are offering one of our customers the chance to win 100 autoflowering seeds to enjoy this summer. This prize is worth over $750!

You can ENTER one of TWO ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

The lucky winner will receive ALL of this:

  • 10x White Widow Auto from Seedsman
  • 10x Kush Auto from Seedsman
  • 10x Lemon Auto from Seedsman
  • 10x Moscow Blueberry Auto from Kalashnikov Seeds
  • 10x Critical+ Auto from Dinafem Seeds
  • 10x Baby Boom Auto from Kannabia Seeds
  • 10x WWxBB Auto from Female Seeds
  • 5x Girl Scout Cookie Auto from FastBuds
  • 5x Gorilla Glue Auto from FastBuds
  • 5x Chronic Ryder Auto from Joint Doctor
  • 5x Maxi Haze Auto from Grass-O-Matic Seeds
  • 5x Pineapple Express Auto from Barney’s Farm
  • 5x Blue Cheese Auto from Barney’s Farm

The winner will be announced on Tuesday June 20. Good Luck!


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  • Damian Gomez

    Wow! What a nice package, I sure could use something like this.

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    it would be so nice to win this

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    Holy macaroni Batman. I would love to win this. Crazy giveaway.

  • Ernest Van Ruymbeke

    Good Luck !

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    This would be amazing. I want to win so bad. Birthday is June 21. Day after contest end. Would be amazing birthday to win.

  • Peter Lang

    Seedsman contests are the best. Hope I can win.

  • Emmanuel Mastache

    Gotta play to win, good luck to all you growers out here!!

  • Steve Speeds

    Just what me and buddy could do with right now :

  • UKpitbull-75

    One of the best competitions Ive ever seen.

  • Kevin Knecht

    Please, please, please!!! This is such a juicy prize, thanks for the chance.

  • Brian Littleton Sr.

    good luck every one and thanks seedsman ๐Ÿ™‚ what a nice prize

  • Joey Thompson

    I’m in
    Let’s do this

  • Lesley Johnston

    Awesome prize. Thanks for the chance!!xx

  • Chris Ray

    Wow you guy’s rock doing this I’m in BIG, THANKS FOR this opportunity

  • Michael Brown

    Everyones a winner with Seedsman, Great prices and quality products

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    Just waiting good luck every one

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    This what heaven looks like?

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  • Abdul Sattar Dallas

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    i need seeds, please….

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    in it to win it :), Thanks Seedsman for the awesome competition, Good luck to all

  • Derek Yearwood

    I think it is time for America to stop this war on it’s own people , and make it legal everywhere

  • Melinda Fullington

    Loved liked and shared

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    I would love to win this

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  • Sandro Giovanni Chinelate

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  • Dave Tenen

    Now legal in Mass…what a selection!
    I’ll grow as many as possible๐Ÿค”

  • Michael Hurst

    This would be great as a prize, Here;s to hoping dreams come true Thanks for a chance t win with Seedsman ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ฤฤƒng Vลฉ

    thanks seedsman.!

  • Ron McMillan

    Very nice variety of auto strains! Thank you for the chance and good luck everyone.

  • Avery Robinson

    hey seedsman. hope I be the lucky winner. this would be a wonderful prize to win. fingers crossed.

  • heather foster

    The closing date on the Facebook post is incorrect. So I’m entering by blog just in case. I love seedsman I’ve gotten a few sets from them. They always come quickly and have never had a dud!

  • Ivana Vrbanec Ex Radicevic-Kar

    One Love <3

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    This is totally amazing thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize xx

  • Lorna Meikle Tytherley

    Thank you to all for this amazing change to win this great prize x

  • Renan Engelberg

    On my birthday … June 23, 33 years old

  • Michael Dickinson

    Massive selection. I have grown over 30 strains in 20 years, many of the seeds in the giveaway I have never seen. What ever happened to the old standbys. MauiWoui, H. Snow, Accupo Gold. Looks like it’s time to broaden my horizons.

  • Jack Schwindt

    All autos!! Fast fast fast!

  • Sandra B

    What an amazing prize!! I would love to win this!!

  • Shawn Newman

    Winning this would work! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck all

  • Bruce Thurston

    Wow so many great strains to choose from, I have white skunk, diesel, critical mass, and mobs dick in the grow room now, have to get more going to fill it back up, this would be awesome to win.


  • Robin Mello

    This is a great prize! I grow strictly autoflowers for my medicine. Fingers crossed! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Jody Jobe
  • Nomvula Green

    Iive love grow. I would love to win. Thank u!

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  • Wouter Malan

    Shared, commented and liked.
    This is one prize worth winning!
    Wishing everyone all the best and to the winner…
    A massive congratz (should I not win)
    Seedsman has done it again with an awesome give away

  • Gary Pruitt

    Hell yeah, throw my name in the hat!

  • Derek Tolle

    awesome prize packs I’d love to win this.

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    Wow, you guys are awesome to give away seeds like this. I really would love to try these autos. This would be a great father’s day gift. Thanks for being there for those of us wanting to grow!

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    Auto’s have helped save my life with stage 4 cancer. I can make my own medicine without having to be a professional!

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  • ฮคฮฑฯƒฮฟฯ‚

    My seeds

  • Rosita GF

    Incredible draw. For me it would be an honor and privilege to win these seeds to cultivate them this summer that the heat tightens, and I have to see in my field the beauty of them. Thank you for this great opportunity. I participate and I share, thank you very much

  • ronnie

    thanks 4 chance 2 win

  • Nick Garner


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    This prize will make me the master of the universe if I win for sure…
    And cure all my pains for several months if not years to come…
    Love this plant…It’s surely an amazing gift that nature has given us…
    And now you guys are giving at away for free!!!
    Yeah hey ho let goooo….!!!

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    Very generous competition
    Seedsman! You guys are the best.

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    pick me!!!

  • I”d love to win.
    I travel frequently to the South and East of Romania where hemp, no longer cultivated, grows wild everywhere.
    I would plant these wonderful modern seeds so that they could cross pollinate and hybridize.. ..

  • john

    High Times for some lucky dude ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Marc

    Awesome prize I’d love the chance to hone my horticultural skills. Thanks for the chance

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    Outstanding opportunity! I would love to win to start are room all over from scratch…we had 2 rooms go down and lost everything…great opportunity and thank you for the amazing chance to win

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    Splitting the prize for more people to enjoy would increase the hype, at least I would think. Too much for one person. I’d be happy with just one item off of that list!

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  • Edmund Kalin

    As a Pharmacist(Retired), I have been growing and using cannabis since the 60’s. A Purdue grad, my major prof, Dr Ramsted, head of the Pharmacognosy Dept(Plant drugs), told me, even back then, he thought Cannabis had a most [promising future. You can thank Purdue for Oxycontin, they discovered an marketed it. Florida has recently legalized cannabis and I have apply for my medical use card. I have been using cannabis(illegal for many years), growing my own medical strains and giving them away pro-bono to those in need. I have helped countless people with everything from cancer to migraine headaches. I flat-out don’t have the $ to continue. Winning this contest, or any part thereof would enable me to carry out my mission in life, to help other, who would otherwise be without this plants help.

  • Mikey Cullen

    This is a lot for one person breaking it down into 10 different pools might have been a better idea regardless i’m in

  • Moody Massey

    man I sure would love to win this. Ive ordered from Seedsman several times. always great.

  • Kitty Lakeside

    I wonder if any of the seeds offered are medicinal. I hope they announce the winner. Would be interesting to hear the reaction. Good luck all.

  • Vinรญcius Carrasco

    Looking forward to win all this seeds. I think it will grow great in Brazil. Cheers

  • Christopher Swain

    growing seedsman now nice looking plants will buy again but would love to win that pile of gold

  • Naira Palizza

    I am satisfied with Seedsman. The process was not problematic. My seedlings are growing nicely. I only shop at Seedsman. I hope to win your prize! Spread the love! Thank you Seedsman!

  • Armando van Niekerk

    I have met your requirements. Now may Mary Jane have mercy.

  • Bazz

    Would love to win! The mister and I would love the opportunity to use these strains! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have been very happy with our Seedsman purchases so far!

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    the best seeds ever!!!

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  • Galen Marek

    I love Fast buds 100 seeds That’s a growers dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  • forest

    Why would anyone buy from anywhere else? Youtube instructional videos. Support forums. Quick customer service. The best prices on the planet for the highest quality seeds. Help with legal and medical issues. Background reports on breeders. And in-depth history and success with thousands of strains. AWESOME!! I need a win..

  • Karen Simon

    I would love to have the seeds to make medicine for my daughter with Intractable Epilepsy.

  • Patricia Kingsley

    Join the discussion and celebrate July 4th in the US by throwing/planting hemp seeds! Here’s to the Founders–May they rest in peace!

  • Pedro

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  • Dennis Harp Jr.

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    As usual good luck to everyone, and thanks to seedsman for the competition. Would love to grow your green babes.

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    Good Luck all!

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    Thank you, I’ve ordered from you before and am very happy with the outcome

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    Hey I’ve tried Purple Ryder Strain and was incredibly awesome!! i would love to win this seeds to start my own grown room. Self growing it’s by far the best way to get medicated

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    OMG I would love to win this! Good luck everyone!

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    Please enter me in the contest ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I would love to win. Autoflowering strains are my favorite! Good luck everyone!

  • Pamela Kay

    This is the most RIGHTEOUS COMPETITION I’ve been privy too!! I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to enter this contest seedsman! I’ll be talking about this long after its over even if I’m not the winner! Most appreciated and impressed!

  • Jason Osella

    Sick prize. Would love to win.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Holy shit, someone is winning an awesome prize! Hopefully me!

  • matt wharton

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  • Jeff BattleProof Mensah
  • Jake Jaiforen Olmstead

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  • sergi1976

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  • Joshua McGuire

    Thanks for the opportunity
    to win!

  • FahQ 48507

    i would LOVE to win this! was just about to order some lights!

  • Jeremy Parker

    Class act comp from a world-class seed bank. Love these guys

  • Kit

    100 free seeds would be awesome!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Jay

    Only have ordered once. Customer service was awesome package came on time very stealthy and everything sprouted. Thanks for giving me a chance to enter contest.

  • Bolisan

    Cool prize.

  • Buck Wild

    Great prize! Crossing my fingers.

  • Dennis Ruschin

    gimme ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Oso

    This would be an amazing win! I smoke marijuana as a way to help with my mental health issues, to help my insomnia, as a way to help my muscle spasms, as well as to help my seizures. This would be an amazing way to help save money, and to help stay under my medicine! Thanks for the oppunity guys!

  • Ashley Holdaway

    Great seeds awesome selection

  • Gypsy Contradiction

    Ok this would be the perfect anniversary present for my fiance and i. Good luck everyone.

  • Travis Hunt

    This would be amazing.

  • Jedidiah Watters

    Hoping to win some wonderful strains

  • David Gerald-Warren Foss

    I have a few seeds from buds and would love to try growing just one plant and these auto flower seeds would be a huge help. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Steven Ranger

    Thanks for this chance !

  • Karinne Providence

    Great giveaway!!! Your team is Awesome and you products the same. The creativity is wonderful in your designs for packaging. I am hoping to use the seeds I have already purchased to grow some great medicine in the near future, at the moment I am perfecting my growing technique with some reg seeds. I would differently put these giveaway seeds to good use to make products for other veterans like myself who are in need of good quality products. Regardless, much love and great vibes sent to SEEDSMAN!!!!!!

  • Ulla Bisgaard

    Wow this is awesome. Hope I win.

  • Mike McMahon

    Great company, can’t beat the customer service or value. Quality seeds!

  • Lucas Lilio

    Brand new to the growing game, and loving it! Seedsman will be the only place I purchase my seeds. Great prices and shipping is actually pretty fast. Looking forward in growing many different strains ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  • Andrew Evans

    Oooh please let me win this!!!! Need some good seeds!โ™กโ™ก

  • Rick

    Seedsman is the best please let me win!

  • Gary Williams

    So many to choose from! You’re giving them ALL away? Super!!

  • Shawn Burke

    Awesome competition! Seedsman is the greatest.

  • lisa fregoso

    Thank you for the chance at winning such an excellent prize pack!!

  • Ronald Mosely

    You gotta be kidding me all those opportunities to grow fantastic buds!!!! Count me in!!!

  • James Hockenberry

    I was very impressed by their service. Love to win this prize

  • DonS

    How can you go wrong, with a name like this Seedsman and a prize give away, WOW SEEDS MAN!!!

  • Michael Elliot

    That is a great giveaway package

  • Mark Clayton

    Thank you for the chance to win such a great prize. I have only made 1 purchase from you & the service & delivery was excellent. Your products will allow me to have a life as I suffer with chronic back pain due to injuries obtained with my service in the Fire Brigade & it cost me my career. The last 23 years have been a living nightmare with pain & restrictions on movement. Winning this top prize will be a way to kiss goodbye to the Schedule 8 drugs that I take (that don’t work real good either) & have some pain free time with the ability to share some special moments with my wife who has stood by me in the bad times & has kept me from ending it all to get a final relief. Thanks again & I hope you pick me.

  • Saul Carrillo

    seedsman seedsman, i need some seeds man!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    That would be like Christmas in June .

  • Tabitha Rose

    Would love to win thank you for the chance!

  • Monica Maxine Huntoon

    WOWWWWWWW!!!! I could give you 100 reasons why This IS AWESOME!!! and 100 more why I need this LOL but I wont .. Thank you soooo Much for an amazing chance to grow such awesomness… Medicine at its finest!!!

  • ramoncramon

    I had my ordered seeds in California within ten days. 100% germination. I am very satisfied with Seedsman.

  • Stephen Lloyd

    another win by Seesdman.

  • BigK

    what an Amazing give away! PLEASE PICK ME!!

  • Redwan Haris

    Nice. Pick me. Pick me! ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™Œ

  • Marc-Anthony Prescott

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  • TXGreenThumb89

    Seedsman has always been my go to bank! Would love the opportunity to win these awesome beans! Let’s spread the love, and green of course!

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    I’ve heard so many good things tho so it sucks cus I’d like to try more but can’t risk it

  • Mo

    It would honour me to be chosen to grow all those beautiful plants-just-waiting-to-be-alive. Well done Seedsman. Truly a class above the rest. =D

  • Mo

    It would honour me to be chosen to grow all those beautiful plants-just-waiting-to-be-alive. =D

  • Casinovl Jenkins

    It will be amazing to win all these great packages of seeds

  • Cheech Reece

    Groovy Package Deal!! Best of Luck and Thanks!! One Love!!

  • ื’’ื•ืจื’ ืงื•ืกื˜ื ื–ื”

    seedsman is the best

  • Ron Guerrero

    Seedsman is the best! Currently enjoying some Karibena Mango. Smooth, tasty tropical flavor, packing an intense, lasting body high!

  • Don Rowlett

    I would share this with neighbors.

  • Jon Moa Clark

    Hi seedsman it’s great you’ve chosen to part with your beautiful strain of seeds As of January 2017 for the most part I’ve been trying to source seeds Not just for myself also for the people of New Zealand Theirs a shortage of cannabis in New Zealand especially Auckland and i haven’t been able to source any I’d like to be given the chance to grow these seeds So I can help those in need as myself family and friends can’t obtain anymore due to shortage etc I have another agenda which I shall keep to myself But without seeds I cannot do this without seeds seedsman This is where you can help by selecting me as the preciepant So I can flood New Zealand with the healing Herb cannabis Once again Which will keep your strains alive and healing our nation for years to come
    Happy Regards killajayes

  • David Armstrong

    Still here trying to win my birthday present.

  • Andre Myrtil

    This would be a blessing beyond blessing as a new grower that wants to get into more intermediate and advanced strains . Id love this

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    I would Love to win this Excellent Giveaway, competition .

  • darkvader

    The best, thank you seedsman for the great service and awesome promos!!!

  • Chuck Chamberlin

    It would be fun to win. I would keep the WW and Pineapple and give the rest to away. How cool to spread the love

  • J. W.

    I’m an American soldier and Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran, wounded in action. Suffering from chronic pain I became an opiate addict. I’m two years clean now, thanks to companies such as SEEDSMAN! Sure would be nice to win all of this free medicine! So whaddaya’ say?!? Throw a brotha’ a bone here!๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lulu Beans

    Please count me in.

  • Joe Smith

    Damn what a prize collection!!!

  • เน„เธงเธ—เธ™เธฐเธชเธฑเธ‡เธ‚เนŒ เธญเธฒเธˆเธกเธตเน„เธกเนˆเธกเธต

    I hope

  • Crelian Archer

    i would absolutely love to start a greenhouse someday with all these seeds. i would never run out of my personal smoke stash!

  • Valdo Gutierrez Arriaga

    Now that’s alot of seeds, pick me Seedsman

  • Andrew Wallace

    Winning this would help out so much!!! Pick me ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • Soso59

    Thank you very much for this contest!
    Liked and shared!
    I participate with pleasure!
    Good Luck!

  • David Armstrong

    Gm seeds man. Its 12:21 am here in California. Im still up posting cause i need to win theses seeds for my 50th Birthday on the 23 of June. I been look at the beautiful selection of seeds you have to offer. I have been on all kinds of different web site’s trying to win me sum seeds for about a year now. I still have not won yet. I hope this to be my first one on my ๐ŸŽ‚ birthday. This really means a lot to me. Spending alot of hours Sharing, Liking, and Posting. Im looking forward to Hearing from you soon and doing business in the future. I been doing alot of sharing like you been telling me to do. Thank you again seeds man.

  • Sean Mulqueen

    This could be handy

  • Tony Roberts

    All I want to know is who got the nugs to relax my mind state I’m looking for some buds. That danky pot, the real stanky stuff, the word on the streets is that Seedsman does. Just need write a text and Post it up on the blog.

  • AlHunt

    Wow. What a phenomenal giveaway! Interesting times we live in with, no?

  • Paul

    Hi pretty new to seedsman but very happy with what they do and how they do it letting us enter great competitons and a beautiful
    Selection of mind blowing out of this world products
    God bless Howard marks and shantibabba who have done the hard work and lay the foundation’s so we can have some very happy times a big thanks from us all

  • David Armstrong

    Checking back in after alittle nap. Love to share and like and post.


    Nice work!

  • andre kennedy

    I really would like to win and then I could share all the joy of winning

  • clay layton

    Awesome company and enjoy the way they try to push the cannabis industry

  • Matt Gray

    Awesome competition some real goodies count me in seedman ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Justin Heath

    This would be really awesome to win. Been having a bad weather year so far has decimated my crops. Hook a poor OG farmer up. Plz & ty! I ๐Ÿ’“ Seedsman!

  • Kris Boggs

    How amazing!

  • LuxuryxXx Fashion-Cool

    Ottimo,bel concorso..speriamo bene..good seedsman!!!โ™ก

  • Sebastian Urrejola

    For the winner-in-all to share in the terrible aftermath!!

  • Sam Preston

    Yes, an excellent selection, pass them to the left โœŒ

  • Kelsi McClutchie


  • Blake Cooper

    Thank you Seedsman for holding this contest! I hope this entry will win that amazing prize!

  • Mike McCullough

    Seedsman is where it’s at ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ….no need to ever shop anywhere elseโ€‹

  • Brandyn B Kelso

    Oh awesome!! This giveaway would help immensely, especially for one who is working their way into the medical cannabis industry!! Almost there! Few more months of work for funding!! Though these seeds would definitely speed up the process! #onelove #peace

  • Jeff Downes

    I am a big fan of the auto flowering varieties and have tried a number of them through Seedsman. Loving the Auto Mazaar, Bubba Kush, Swiss Cheese, White widow and Big Bang auto varieties to name a few. I find autos are good to get in the ground early when the last frosts are well behind us and are almost ready to harvest when the longest day of the year hits when the photoperiod varieties will only be ready to begin budding. Perfect if you are into guerrilla gardening so you can harvest before the rip offs or the police are on look out for your plants. You don’t get as much from most autos as you will from photoperiods but feel getting less is better than none at all if they get ripped off. With my last harvest the Swiss Cheese, Bubba Kush and Auto Mazaars were pretty decent sized and managed to get 2 or 3 oz. off each plant. Highly recommend autos to all. By the way, would love to love the auto competition so I can grow more top strains and spread the love. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • David Armstrong

    Wow. Hey everyone keep a eye on your Grow. I went to the movies last night with my girlfriend. And when i got home I come to find out that someone broke into my grow room in my backyard and took all my fucking plants. This fucking sucks. Good way to start off my Birthday weekend. Dont nothing ever go right for me. Well good luck to the rest of the growers out there hope you have a nice harvest and hope the bud theft dont cross your path.

  • Wayne Starz

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to win!

  • Tom Haag

    Awesome company. Customer service and product could not be better. I am a customer for life.

  • Lena Rogakou

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great gift!!!!!!

  • Stephen Rall

    Have used Seedsman exclusively- always the best

  • oscar.vangucht

    I’d love to start a plantation with some friends with your supply! You’re awesome!

  • El Salvatore

    I’m in it man, I’d love me some seeds, like, really love.

  • roberto

    Extra seed banks that every collector and grower want to have.participo and I share. The draw is awesome

  • roberto

    Extra seed banks that every collector and grower want to have.participe and I share. The draw is awesome

  • Benji

    hooooo nice . Big thx

  • Matthew Davidson

    wakka wakka!

  • Daniel

    Hey I’ve tried Purple Ryder Strain and was incredibly awesome!! i would love to win this seeds to start my own grown room. Self growing it’s by far the best way to get medicated

  • Sam N Donnie Jones

    Yall are awesome ! Thats one hell of a deal and great seeds

  • Jennifer Burns

    I know a lot of ppl in pain that can use these

  • Bubbas Gift

    So how do we enter? Just type gimmie?lol ok gimmie! thanks

  • Fred Taylor

    I would love to see what I could do with all those delicious strains! This is a great giveaway! I hope I win but good luck to everyone else and congratulations to whoever does win!! You will surely enjoy this. I know I would! Thanks for doing this competition seedsman!!

  • Sylvia Turner

    I would love to win this and try out all these beautiful strains! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • David R Goode


  • Ronald Frazier

    Thank You for your Consideration Seedsman France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท My Beautiful Wife is Disabled and I’m her legal Caregiver. I take care of her medical needs from Home and take her back and forth to her Doctors appointments. She prefers to medicate with Cannabis rather then hard pain medicine that dulls her senses and appetite. These Auto Seeds would be a Blessing from the #Seedsman. Thank You so Very much for your Consideration in this Giveaway. Good luck Everyone and One Love โค๏ธ ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ

  • D.G.V.

    c’mon. hit me just once.
    not asking for much after years of trying :/

  • Sven Goran

    Good Luck To All.
    Suerte A Tod@s .

  • Rusty Wallace

    Superb prize package. Fingers crossed.

  • tcpdb2

    I wouldn’t know where to start with so many great seeds.

  • Jason Brauze

    Pick me please. I love autoflowers

  • Atlas Greyfox

    Seedsman is the best

  • Sick Mo

    Great gift! Speriamo di vincere โ™ฅ
    Siete i migliori, ho avuto l’esperienza di fare molti ordini da voi e non posso lamentarmi di nulla, semi arrivati sempre in tempo, sempre giusti e germinati al 100%!
    Grandi! โ˜บ

  • Jesse de Jong

    I wanne win!!

  • John Costa

    This package would be amazing. I’d share it with all my patients if I won. Thanks again for the opportunity

  • Kyung Naver Chung

    Pick me!!!! Please~~

  • Brandon

    Just received my second order from the Seedsman. Great prompt service once again! The new ladies are doing great! Good luck to all those entering the contest!!

  • Paul Deb Doebener

    I would love to win!!!

  • Valorie Snyder

    Would love to win these, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Calvin Twindacious Hill


  • Ronald Frazier

    #Seedsman_AutoSeeds Rock! The Best SeedBank for your Hard Earned Money is the Seedsman! Win or Loose this Giveaway I’m a Lifetime Customer. Thank You for your Consideration ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

  • dicannamas

    i would love to win those seeds as it would be so much of a help for our smoking community

  • forest

    S eedsman
    E ducates
    E mpowers
    D isciplned
    M arijuana
    A ces and
    N ewbies!!!

    I would love to win this! Your team is awesome…

  • Timea Barcza

    Once upon a time, after disappointed grows, as a last Chance to get some reserve I sow some freebees seeds from seedsman. I had really no big hope of it. It was some blueberry and white widow. All conditions were not optimal, but the plants after a heroic battle against calc and overfooding brought enough to survive.

  • Andrew Meyer

    Pick meh!! I grow to help people for medicinal reasons.. like my mother who suffers from Severe Arthiritis in the spine.

    Pick me!

  • Justin Levor

    Id do anything for the green, i mean my mother and grandmother both have cancer and they need the beautiful plant to keep going. Took me a while to get them on it. But now they are using it daily and it helps them grandly. Please help me out Seedsman. I love you guys.

  • Rhoda Coffin

    Wow sweet would love to have this sweet deal!

  • ื‘ืจืง ืจืฆื•ืŸ

    Pls choose me you are the best!!! ๐Ÿ’—

  • Stew de Vere-Hunt

    Wow great prizes!!! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

  • Stew de Vere-Hunt

    Wow nice prize ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

  • C Cr

    Sign me up! Gotta love Seedsman

  • Marcelo Henrique Brandรฃo

    Thats great, Seedsman! Good work!

  • Gordon Whitmore

    would love to pop some beans

  • Jeremy Green

    I could really use these for all of the veterans my company sponsors!!!

  • Kelly Edward Hatfield

    Excellent, Seedsman is the only place to get seeds!!

  • Jorge Garcia

    Seedsman let’s goooooooooo!!!!

  • Marie Andree Durand

    Seedsman ๐Ÿ’ฏThe BEST๐Ÿ’ฏ โค๏ธ

  • Wendy Dawn Beatty


  • Jeff Goddard

    Thought for sure I’ entered this amazing giveaway a few days ago. Can’t find my entry. Hope this isn’t a second entry. Thanks, Seedsman!

  • Snjezana Kovacevic


  • Esa Jane


  • Tรณmas รžรณrarinsson

    i would buy a lot of white widow! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jacob Hanna

    Great prize like always!

  • John Costa

    This would be so great for all my patients to share with..fingers crossed..and thank you for the chance to win

  • Count me in, awesome prize! Good luck everybody…

  • Andriรช Marchese


  • P’tit Voizin

    Thank you for the price ! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • P’tit Voizin

      too late lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Stephanie Agnelli

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck everybody! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clint Allen

    Thank you seedsman!!!

  • jim meadows

    You all keep setting the bar higher! (Pun intended)

  • Caleb Bastuscheck

    hope i win

  • Chris Bennett

    June 20th was the drawing, who won?

  • Bizness Neufseptquatre


  • Heather Mathes Briggs

    This iS SO Awesome, you guys! We JUST started our “garden” recently, so these would be welcomed editions. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡ I always look forward to your emails, so I’ve decided to share too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace & Good Luck To All!

  • nicecoolbud

    Best giveaway ever!

  • ronnie

    love to win this awesome contest

  • Mistah_jamez

    Wow! super collection, I would love to give autos a try! This would keep me going for a long time!

  • Corey Rocha

    Such a good prize
    I’ve been been wanting to try autos forever fingers crossed โค๏ธ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿฟ (p.s springs only 2 months away๐Ÿ˜)

  • Trent Hunt

    Plz Great god Ganja let me win I love me my autos. If I win I will SoG one of each, roll then all together to fourm a super blunt and will post the video here for all of the staff to watch

  • Le Tudor

    “If I would win, then I wouldn’t lose๐Ÿง.” Abraham Lincoln.

  • Asil Sivad

    First time and this would be a big help in starting out in growing. <3

  • Richard Niven

    fantastic quality thank you

  • boB Petersen

    what a concept! This is my first order with Seedsman but from reviews I’m hoping this will work better than BCBud depot! Seedsman seems to be a reliable source of genetics and judging by the various forums’ feedback I get the sense that making a profit is not job one with this crew, having happy members is. And I think that’s an important distinction, I don’t feel like a customer, I feel like i’m part of a special club! Promoting good genetics and maintaining healthy standards is important, as important for cannabis as it is for celery or cashews. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they make a profit and they are welcome to it! It’s those companies like BCBud-who used to be good-that just take your money, send you crap if they send you anything and refuse to stand behind their products. I look forward to being a member of the Seedsman community for years to come, purchasing products perfectly legal in my situation! Maybe even one day soon becoming a seed supplier?

  • Sean McMahon

    Awesome contest good luck

  • Tyler

    Awesume! I hope I win

  • Iain Fredin

    Yes please I’m begging you please I’m currently waiting for my latest order from Seedsman over 100 $ spent again ๐Ÿธ

  • Jifton Pooter

    Who won, britz ?

  • David Starner

    How do we enter?

    • David Starner

      I want entered if still possible, thanks!

  • Wayno Correa

    Let me win!!

  • Charles Gress

    I would love to be the winner of this awesome prize. Please look my way.

  • Ad

    A rooftop garden with autos…sounds great!
    It would be fantastic to win!
    Good luck everybody!

  • Joe Baladez

    Holy Smokes! This is a great chance at a great give-away!! Love you guys!

  • reginald danforth

    Love the choose and shipping is great. Love the free seeds. I am going to continue to use

  • Reuben

    Dear Seedsman
    Thank you for such opportunity
    To make my garden my
    Medicine grove.

  • DrJones123

    Seedsman seeds are incredible!

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