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COMPETITION – Win 100 Seeds in our Massive Monthly Giveaway

It’s that time of the month again where here at Seedsman, we are giving one of our customers the chance to win a HUGE 100 Seed Bundle. Autoflowering, Feminised, Regular, you name it, it’s all included in one of our largest giveaways ever!

One lucky winner will receive all of this:

  • 20x Mandarin Kush Seeds from Karma Genetics
  • 10x Guatemala Seeds from Ace Seeds
  • 10x Original Bubblegum Seeds from TH Seeds
  • 10x Grimm Mix Seeds from Brother Grimm
  • 10x Red Leicester Tease Seeds from Dr. Krippling
  • 9x Jenny Kush Seeds from Rare Dankness
  • 9x S.O.D.K Auto Seeds from Mephisto Genetics
  • 5x Big City Lights Seeds from NorStar Genetics
  • 5x Alcatraz OG Seeds from NorStar Genetics
  • 5x Smooth Smoke Seeds from Tropical Seeds Co.
  • 5x Mango Fem Seeds from Kannabia
  • 2x The O.G. #18 Seeds from DNA Genetics

To Enter, simply comment on the blog below with why you should win OR share this on Facebook.

A winner will be select at random and contacted on Tuesday October 10.

Good Luck!


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  • Paul Horgan

    Yeah seedsman ye really know how to spoil us count me in please.

  • Khellian Powers

    Yes please 🙂

  • Bryant Jarrell

    I need this 💯

  • Dwayne Bruning

    This would be awesome 👍👊

  • SK Agee

    why I should win this…cuz the drawing is on my birthday 10/10….and that would be a fantastic bd gift that I could share with my friends….thanks for the chance….and good luck to everyone….

  • darren d supertramp

    I should win this because my collection deserves some new friends

  • Shun

    Please and thank you.

  • Lonny Mcdonald

    I should win cuz it’s harvest time and I don’t have any beans. Thanks

  • John Joray

    Love Seedsman, my favorite seed bank..

  • Ronald Frazier

    #SeedsmanSeedsRock Hello Seedsman I could Really use these Genetics just like anyone else But I would absolutely love to be Chosen for this wonderful Giveaway. It would be a Blessing. Thank You for your Consideration. Good luck Everyone 🍀

  • Isaac Rios-Aguilar

    I would love to win and put this seeds to good use. Regardless, I appreciate you generosity very much.

  • Samuel Shane Winter

    I would love to win As I would grow em all and give it all away As cannabis should be free for all 🙂 Peace

  • JW

    Hi seedman, could really use extra seeds to make high quality oils for giveaways. We all thank you.

  • Cliff Heath

    Oct 10th is my birthday. I’m not only old as dirt, but I’m getting fat and I’m disabled. Take pity on me and make this the best birthday ever. 🙂

  • Eric Reynolds

    I would a chance to grow out all those great seeds and find more to help with the pain.

  • Ata Satta

    keep up the good work seedsman!sharing is caring!

  • Kevin Knecht

    Long-time customer which loves to be loved!

  • Jason Vorheese

    Because I’m a sexy, hockey mask wearing mo-fo looking to throw down like Johnny Appleseed!

  • tentontommy

    Awesome company, best freebies and giveaways. Send some love

  • jay klein

    Please pick me our state went legal earlier this year this would be amazing

  • John T

    Because for some reason my last comment was deleted and here I am doing it again.

  • Jan Busschow

    Awsome, my fridge is running out of seeds so a refill would help alot!

  • Patrick Walker

    got raided even though they knew had a permit been medical for 12 years but ruined everything including my equipment now on disability so have been slowly getting everything replaced all i need now are seeds i am one of the most decorated volunteers in the country and now i could use some help check me out and help out a patient as i have 16 different things i need pot for am suing but that can take years i am a world renown celtic artist and would donate a piece of art for a giveaway if you all want

  • Andriê Marchese


  • Roy Allen Leslie

    Age before Beauty.
    At my age I can help my beauty, she has cronic illnesses that these seeds can and have helped. Recluse grass roots. Appreciate the win.

  • ron blum

    All i can say is good luck people!

  • Teddy Vas

    I think I should win because I wasted what money I had available on lousy genetics and I’d like to have some great seeds.

  • Andy

    I want to win so I can provide my mother with medical needs that our buget can not fofill. And she has multiple illnesses and me myself I have pds and bipolar. It’s all we can do to servie it’s very tough on us. It would be appreciated to win
    Thanks have a blessed day

  • Jacob Harrison

    Wish I had these to stimulate my new found hobby!! Love growing my own meds

  • Jim Taylor

    Because i cant sing!

  • Dave

    Because i have big plans next year outdoor UK! Alot of time, money and effort into prepping and designing offgrid solar fan systems. Seeds were my final purchase still to be made, always been a customer. Always writing in depth blogs on my blog page also 🙂

  • Craig Hartsough

    I am hoping to win because variety is the spice of life!! And I could never afford all these seeds!! Good luck to everyone!! One Love 🙂

  • Adrian Oxide

    because i’d love to have them, grown them, enjoy them!

  • Charles Wixson

    Why I should win….. because I havent tried seeds yet.

  • Rich

    I really could use this in my life. Iwhy should i win. Because i would enjoy growing these. I have no beans. Also i would be greatful

  • Jackin Meoff

    because i would post pictures of my grow so that people can see what all seeds are capable of

  • Brian Hale

    I should win because I would grow, document and review them all and continue to support yall.

  • Tanisha Larson

    Because I love weed and I wanna make my own strain one day but first I need too plant some of my first plants too become successful with making my own strain one day

  • Vitor marques

    I should win because where I live (brazil) weed is PROHIBIDED, so me, my family (yes, mommy n daddy), and the people who love pot suffer with prejudice everyday.
    Also, in my country it’s very difficult to find a good quality weed, so, if you #seedsman give me one chance I’ll prove you with photos that 100 seeds helped not just one single person, but my family too!

  • Joe Reitmeyer

    i just love growing this plant. there’s something for everyone

  • Peter Lang

    My friend needs some more variety and this would be perfect. Another awesome seedsman giveaway. Thank you!

  • Jared Coffman

    Hello y’all and best of luck to everyone. I wish I could win these beans bc honestly I’ve never won any competition ever. I would love a chance at growing some of your strains. I lost all my growing stuff to my wife’s cousins husband beans included. I’m slowly getting things back in order. But I couldn’t afford these outright so I pray to the good Lord above that someone that truly deserves these meticulous bean package. God bless and one love

  • Robert Connors

    I have no seed. Good Luck All.

  • Michael Speis

    My spouse Is (41) and I am (42), we would really like to win. We enjoy cannabis and use it for medicinal purposes. It is not legal where I live and supply and demand makes purchasing very expensive. I have been diagnosed with colon cancer, i also have diabetes, PTSD with severe depression and high blood pressure and Irritable Bowel Syndrom. My amazing and beautiful wife has severe Lupus, sjogren’s, hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s and thyroid tumors. These seeds would be extremely appreciated as they are our life support!

  • Craig Hallsworth

    Would love to get these genetics. 1St class

  • Rob Laffoon

    Help to a seed collector in a red state.

  • Danny Vernot

    Fantastic contest,best of times at Seedsman!

  • Aaron Dahl

    These genetics would change my life forever, I have degenerative disc and can’t take opioids medicine so I’m in pain 24 hours a day. The good stuff isn’t available where I’m from so this would be a life changer for me. Thanks for having these give always it gives me a little hope every once in a while.

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Fingers crossed

  • Darrell Kilgore

    Becauze I needs them!

  • Chuck Sanders

    Because I’m awesome

  • Gopesh Dasa

    hopefully one day… thank you seedsman!!!

  • Lisa

    Sweeeeeet ♡♡♡

  • Bee De

    Me please

  • Melishia Pillay

    I should win because my country has just been taking steps to legalize farming…. The cost of seed is quiet high and I want to cultivate in order to help my fellow people who use the herb for medicinal purposes I am an avid and motivated grower who has put my grow on hold due to the lack of quality suppliers charging large amounts for unknown genetics. To win this prize from seedsman would be heaven sent. Quality genetics and a company to stand by. I promise to nuture and flourish every single seed in this hamper. P.s I do not consume or use the herb as an individual I am sincerely interested in its healing properties.

  • Tom Emmert

    Set me up for 2018, I’ve been a medical grower for years now the recreational will be legal in California!

  • Aida Nagy

    wow ! this would be my dream come true ! sigh,,,, best of luck to all !

  • sergio

    My better half and I would really enjoy this growing is half the fun you get from this amazing plant.

  • Lorna Meikle Tytherley

    Total amazing prize thank you for the chance to win these xc

  • Phil Tiger Eames

    I’d love to win these, would help keep my partner in supply instead of going back to her chemo and I’d happily help others in need with a bigger supply for medical purposes

  • Cheri Pearson

    New grower and dang it is so hard getting some folks to give up a few seeds, oh please Johnny seedman won’t you part with a few?

  • Justin McAleer

    That is a life changing amount…thats incredible thanks for the chance

  • Chris Bennett

    I would so love to win this to be able to make my own wax, oils, resin and edibles, this is the only way I am allowed to have Medical medicine, and after looking at the cost to buy what I need all I can say is WOW, $20.00 or more for each edible and $40.00 or more for waxes and oils, I would love to win so I can grow my own medicine and then learn how to make everything I can have, with only a $542.00 ssdi I can’t afford to buy anything to help with my COPD, so I pray you pick me to win so I can get myself better, I belong to another site for COPD so I now know cannabis can and will help me, thank you and God Bless you and please find it in your heart to help me stay living, I have alot to live for 3 grandbaby will be here October 19th, grandbaby number 3, I want to be able to play with them and hold and love them.

  • Cameron Whittaker

    What an awesome prize to win. I want to supply oil and edibles to people who need it and bring more exposure to the positive benifits of marijuana.Good luck to all.

  • Jacki h

    Shared…. good luck everyone 🙂

  • Vicki Stewart

    This amazing give away would be a great start to a gardeners paradise. What a great way to help others 😊

  • Lee Palmer

    Know a person with seizures an this would help him out alot for medical . thanks

  • Jane Marquez

    I have had Fibromyalgia n poly cystic kidneys since 1990 and there is nothing i can take for this awful pain all over my poor body..i need cannabis to just help me get thru my day my night my life.

  • Johna Cochran

    this would be a great benefit for me. i have CRPS better know as the suicide disease.

  • James Jackson

    If I was to win something so magnificent, I would be totally at loss for words,!! All jokes aside I would give my 10 percent to some guys I know in need and get my gear fired up!!!

  • Ronald Courtney

    I would love this for making oil for my kid she has adhd and cbd help alittle the works better for and she love to grown her 🍅 she would love growning it her self and knowing how it help her but thanks for even offing it for free and good bless y’all one love

  • bradofcanada

    I am Just a nice guy 🙂

  • Gus Ferguson

    would love to add these super genetics to my stable. Danks for the chance!

  • Tina Williams

    I should win because I would have a blast recording the progress of all the different seeds that you have listed.

  • Chris Gilhaus

    Im tired of growing bag seeds!

  • johnny7570

    Lord knows if I won this massive bundle I would certainly share the love I’ve never won a SEEDSMAN CONTESTS BUT I KEEP ON TRYING LOVE SEEDSMAN GENETICS AND ALL THEY CARRY ONE LOVE!

  • Gary Montz

    I got a Lot of friends to share this with. Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Christopher Chandler I would love to win this awesome selection of quality beans so that I may continue to make my life saving tincture (my own life) and I know so many individuals that i could gift some of these to as well. I strive every day to “Be the Buzz” as well should we all. Much love and good luck to all participants. Happy and safe Halloween wishes to everybody.

    • Damian Gomez

      Yes! I love participating in your seed contests. Thanks again for giving us a chance to win your seed bundle. Hope this is the one!!!

  • Ronald Mosely

    1. I love collecting seeds 2. Im just all out in love with this plant in all its beautiful forms 3. There is something special about watching Marijuana plants grow from seed makes you love this plant even more. 4. The Giveaway ends on the 10th and my Birthday is on the 14th this equals the perfect birthday gift while bringing more selection to my current seed collection.

  • Albert Richer

    I’m a chronic illness patient. Im diagnosed with chronic pelvic nerve inflammation of the ganglion impar nerve. Which has me in daily debilitating pain which also causes severe anxiety and leads to depression. I’m currently disabled and unable to work due to my illness which has me struggling financially. I’m a medical marijuana patient and I’m going to be starting my first grow to grow my own medication. So a win like this would be a huge help with getting my grow started in the right direction.
    Thank you for this amazing chance to win a prize package like this.
    Blessings and positive vibes.

  • Nelson Pratt

    I’m in rural Nevada and have to grow my own meds. Different strains would be really nice!

  • Tim

    Holy smoke (pun intended) another fantastic giveaway by Seedsman. This and everything else Seedsman does is why they are so amazing. Why shop anywhere else, the best is right here.

  • Ryan Baker

    awesome way to go swag packs your the best Seedsman give u big thumbs up good luck everyone fingers cross

  • Đăng Vũ

    i love this giveaway, thanks seedsman

  • Matt Richmond

    I wanna win to grow amazingnstuff

  • Michael Dracul

    I have Multiple Physical Injuries as I was hit by a car some Years ago, a mixture like this I am sure would help Me out with My Pain and other problems. I have never Planted Cannabis and have always dreamed of growing My Own Medicine! This for Me would be a Life’s Dream Come True! Bless You For All The Good Works That You Do For Patients In Need!

  • kittycatsammy

    I’m disabled and live on a very small income. I can only afford to purchase a few seeds a year and yours are the best! Here in Oregon the government has decided that all chronic pain medications will be stopped or drastically reduced. The only light at the end of the tunnel is going to be marijuana for pain. Thank God we are a legal state, winning these seeds would be a blessing and awesome. With your generous prize package there would be enough to share with a lot of people! Thanks seedsman for the chance to win.

  • Mitch Thomas

    I would love to win and pheno hunt some of these great strains. I deal with quite a few people that are low income and would share with them cause” sharing is caring” and with the remainder I’d use them for next year’s outdoor run. Thx seedsman

  • Tyler Stiasny

    Wow!! What an awseome contest!! I have had 2 staple strains in my garden since I started for a few years now. Afghani and Blueberry Seedsman . Everything I’ve learned from then till now with these two. I grow to help family and friends have good quality meds to save them from spending on nature’s best medicine! Thanks for the oppurtunity! Best of luck

  • Florent Abad

    Fais moi gagner suis de Draguignan

  • Igor Ember

    Would love to win, it would be great in treating my Neuralgia…..

  • Lillie Beth

    I need them for my mum suffering from stage 4 cancer. And i dont mind breaking the law…

    • Tim

      If you needed seeds so badly for your mum you’d have already bought the seeds and not put her fate into the luck of the draw and your small chance of winning a competition, but by all means play the sympathy card, it seems to be working by the look of them 3 upvotes. I don’t think upvotes play into the luck of the draw though, but good luck, with or without playing that shameless guilt/sympathy card.

      • Lillie Beth

        Being factual and honest is not playing by sympathy card, and to assume that i put her life on lucky draw is just presumptuous. Just chill and goodluck to you too.

        • ComeOn

          Wow. Thanks for the unasked for opinion about a post that’s none of your business. Some people are such jerks!!

      • J Teske

        I am with you on this one.

  • Tony

    Nice Giveaway I would love to win this. I have never won any competition and it would be brilliant if this was my first. Grate brand and 100 seeds what more can I say but WOW !!! Thanks for this chance Seedsman

  • Arno Lbzh

    merci pour cette chances , et bonnes chances a tous !!

  • Justin Gray

    Hellloooooo Seedsman!!! I love your seeds! I can’t wait to be a winner! Good luck to everyone else!

    I should win because both my thumbs are green!

  • Remon van der Linde

    My Lord😱Just InsANE giveaway. Yes! I love participating in your seed contests. Thanks again for giving us a chance to win your seed bundle. Hope this is the one!

  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    Thanks for this chance and good luck everyone

  • Steven Campbell

    Fuggit, time to rejoin the revolution. Send me some Seedsman seeds, please.

  • Scotty Smith

    hi there i really need these seeds as i have seven kids ageing from 3-25…5 live at home and could use the stress relief cheers scotty

  • Adam Chapman

    hi there my soulmate is fighting cancer and now in a wheelchair down to treatment chemicals are killing her we would love to set them free and make my soulmate a little more comfortable and give her some life back and help her sleep and eat one love stay safe peace love and happiness

  • Guy Richardson

    Would love to try these strains!!!

  • Klemen Čadež

    Cuz imma grow them good all, and share.

  • Psy Mephisto

    Thanks for the Chance to win .where is the last giveaway winner?

  • Vedran Marjanovic

    Thanks seedsman. I need them to give them to members of our Social Cannabis Club so they can grow their medicine 🙂 Bless to one and all!

  • Brian Littleton Sr.

    awesome of you guys if i won i would grow some and share some with others in need 🙂

  • Mrgrow Forya

    I need them to help others and grow out a few my self

  • Mark Paul Churchill

    I make medicine for several people and do not charge them so some free seeds would be really helpful thanks for the chance to win these they will really help

  • IDavid AC

    I need it, this year police fucked my plants

  • Kadeem Moore

    I am entering so I can have my medication for gastrointestinal esophageal, and osteoarthritis through my intire body. I feel this would be a nice starter pack for my next project if I were to win. All mix appreciated for the chance too. Much love

  • Derrick Birch

    i love to win as i am new to growing

  • Kacper Knop

    I need them for myself. In my dimension C-137 in country named Poland weed is illegal. Dillers are selling this for high prices.I WNAT MY OWN WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Sherry Owens

    I struggle with constant pain, and subpar flowers where I live. Would love to grow my own medicine. Thanks for this chance to do so.

  • Patrick Chalifox

    If I was to win this awesome prize package I would share the wealth with people that are in need like myself. Thanks Seedsman for sponsoring such a great contest. Good luck everyone!!

  • Derek Dumler

    I need them for world peace

  • Bryce Kreutzer

    I want them to grow my own

  • Bill Conibeer

    I just love autos and would love a chance to win and thank you .

  • Jimmy Lagan

    for the sweet smell and taste

  • Dave Huggett

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity, good luck everyone!!

  • Mike

    Will use them to help the patients!!!

  • Chris Stephen

    would be ideal for my mum, ostio arthritis amongst others and rubbish from the doctors aint helping

  • Steve Bowler

    I need then to help my patients who I have cuming to me for the help wot the cannabis do for them

  • Facing another hip replacement and the long, pain ridden recovery. First one took over 2 years for full recovery. I need to fill up my grow house w/ the safest and best medicine I have ever found. God is good!

  • Karl Nennig

    Been very pleased with timely delivery and product qualities. Will certainly do business with Seedsman and will refer others to your company.

  • Kevin Gulley

    this would be a welcome addition to my collection

  • Logan Demboske

    Thanks for the chance

  • bob the sponge

    Thankful for opportunity

  • mikeO73

    This would be great for my ptsd

  • Keith Benton

    Thanks for the opportunity! My seed stash is down to about 6. Perfect timing Seedsman!

  • Ralf

    I really want to let my garden be the ultimate garden. With those seeds I can grow really good qaulity bud. Thanx in advance.

  • Troy Durkee
    Would appreciate the heck out of those seeds.

  • Lynn

    Would love the opportunity to win. My husband has severe ptsd. Buying got expensive so I decided to start growing so he doesn’t have to go months at a time without it. Due financial issues. Special just having a baby.

  • Gerald Moran

    Would love some good beans..

  • T.s. Ranger

    absolutely send em here ..we do it texas happy to share the

    results too

  • Gerald

    Thank you seedsman for my opportunity of winning this competition I really could use the seeds I just got my medical marijuana card and I’m trying to start up my first grow could really use these seeds thank you again good luck everybody

  • Justin Timoney

    I would love to win these and give them to beginner growers to help teach them basics and assist them in their self medication.

  • Charlie Gallacher

    I would love to win these this could really help out my family. My fiance and I currently still have to use the dispensary as gifting in mass is a bit iffy still and their clones have doubled in price since it went recreational and finding reliable beans is not the easiest thing

  • what a great idea, this competition! Everybody would like to win, I am sure! why not split it up into say, 5 or 10 winners? There are more than enough on offer. Why would I like some? To grow for the constant pain I endure in my leg due to a botched operation

  • Bam Bam Baddadan

    It would help in soo many different areas,,for medical and finances mostly

  • Tom

    I need them because in trying to save money for my wedding and can’t afford to try different strains or breeders.

  • MallyC

    what great houseplants these seeds will parent.

  • Tejay Morrell

    This would be the best thing that could happen to anyone of us you guys are the best. Fingers crossed

  • Vance Grossie

    this would be an awesome addition to my effort to make the county green with a good infusion of genetics to help our elderly population up in the mountains..

  • Nicolej Larsen

    I dont know if i should win. All i know is, i only buy from you guys and you guys live up to every standart there is.
    For that thanks.
    Peace out!
    “Let the people grow”

  • Cody

    Because Iam just starting out and need some great beans to get started. I use cannabis for medical problems related to a black mold exposure with my partner a few years back. It would be a blessing.

  • Eric Sandoval

    Who doesn’t love seeds and growing?? It is legal here and prices are way too expensive! Would love to win some!!!

  • Andy Dietrich

    because …. i love Seedsman 🙂 Greetings from Germany

  • Adam Manning

    New To growing, I have been experimenting with many diff breeders but not have tried anything from you guys, would love to give your seeds a go with my new 2 1000 hps setup. Would give ya guys updates n shout outs if it turns out well!

  • Jesse Enloe

    Omg I need these for many reasons. 1 I have been wanting to give you guys a try. 2 would be great to try new things for my medical needs. 3 I’d be willing to review. 4 would help save me $ till my next order with you. 5 would just be great way to try new strains and could help other patients I know as well.

  • Jonas

    Hoooreeyyyy!!!! Im in thanks seedsman for this awesome Giveaway ever! .. goodluck to all . I wish am Win . Because i want to start a new LIFE with that prize 😙😁😁😁

  • Ân Vương

    an open minded may need it in his country to change a part of this social 🙂 Peace out from Saigon, VietNam

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    I think i should have a really Great chance of Winning these seeds on this seedsman Post as ive bought a lot of SEEDS from yous for years now. Plus when i try and germinate I’ve lost a lot of seeds as i am not good at germinating seeds? So for years Now, Ive been given someone a seed if they can germinate one for me, Then i take cuttings from them until i want to Buy more seeds and get help from someone, at first i thought the company were puttin an exctra coating on them, so i tried hydrogen Peroxide 3% and gave them a Rub some times it worked as i put it in a glass of water overnight right after the peroxide.
    Even if i do win Im going to keep Buying from seedsman.
    I’ve Never had a problem with the prices or their Delivery.
    so no matter who wins i need to get more seeds(and practice germing)lol.

  • Sugarbrain

    Because I’m always trying to build a bridge out of weed

  • Eloy Posada

    I’m a new customer to seedsman, but I’m extremely happy with customer service and support. Plus Great Inventory!!!

  • cracker

    hello and good luck all..

  • Jimmy Shane Bates

    I grow for PTSD & Pain Management. I also believe in recreational smoking all in one lol if THATS allowed but mostly medical for me thanx for the chance.!!!!

  • Simon Naylor

    I need something outdoor and for crohns so would love to win for that reason and I’m getting better each year I grow so your seeds will keep me going for a good while at 8 plants a year

  • karmann

    Winning is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck all

  • Dan Thorbecke

    I need them, so I’ll have a great genetic seed bank. And also I want them more than everyone else.

  • Gene Stokes

    Would love to win these seeds always looking for new pants

  • Ron

    growing your own is best

  • Gary Lloyd

    I am currently growing to help a few people who suffer with arthiritis ect.. And this is a process I have just began.. I have a few seedsman beans on the go already but anything else I can throw in the tent with them would be great! and as I don’t make anything from this seed donations go along way. Good luck in this great competition everyone

  • Piotr Fala Falkowski

    supply for life 😉 just joking 😀
    Good Luck for All

  • angelina fierro

    I need the seeds so i could learn about the stains and how a plant grows im looking forward to be making my own dispensery to help others that are sick and need medicine to help one day and i just need a little push and this would work great!! I dont come from a wealthy family and i struggled and im trying to make a diffence and help my family out. So i would be appreciative if you get back intouch with me.

  • Kris Kunz

    I’m tinkering with trying to help anyone who needs this. Against pharmaceutical companies.

  • Daryl Shoup

    I just started growing got some clones from a friend was unknown so would love to have some seeds to know what I have what I am growing. Saving money to by some next summer.

  • Gerald Bergen

    I would have a great sleep aid for a long time!

  • Matt Cook

    Yall have a great seedbank and i love your giveaways!!

  • Jon h

    I’m a recovering opiate addict and a ton of texting has been done that using THC and CBD has had great results over coming withdrawals, I have texted this myself and am now 1 year clean, so looking to start helping others with withdrawals opiate addict is taking over and the answer can’t be more farma meds. So with that please pick me, Portland OR thanks for your time

  • Migringa

    I need them, please, to help me replace the 22 pills I take for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, as a well as other problems. I make tincture for the worst of the pain, but it’s very expensive. I’m a vet. I’m disabled. My income is limited. It would be great to get ahead with some seeds.

  • Rosita GF

    I like to participate in the draws are awesome and as I love to win 100 seeds, an honor and privilege for me. Thanks for the draw is magnificent.participe and I share.

  • Scott Rogge

    I would like some new genetics.

  • Jim Slaten

    Seeds have gone through the roof. Count me in I grow my own medicine and my back hasn’t bothered me for quite awhile. I like the hybrids and some Indica strains and my girlfriend likes the Indica strain Kryptonite. She says she sleeps like a baby. We are in our late 60’s.

  • Sadie Kennedy

    Hi Seedsman 🙋🏻 I’m a Medical Marijuana Patient and Legal Grower in Washington state, US. I’m a Loyal Customer and Supporter of Seedsman Autos!! I suffer from Liver Cirrhosis, but it does not prevent me from being a huge cannabis activist in the community:). Thank you for considering me! humbly, Mercedes Mae 💚Here’s my Page if you would like to check me out 🌱

  • Phillip

    Wow, would be excellent timing to win

  • Carleton Ingerson

    Want to grow my is legal here in Maine.

  • ThayneT

    I would love to win some new genetics, especially since at this crucial moment we in Washington State on the precipice of legalizing recreational pot growing. Though they legalized medical marijuana- it doesn’t apply to me as a schizophrenic, though I do feel like it improves my quality of life and keeps me from shooting myself and/or others everyday. Among other qualities of marijuana besides the sunny disposition that helps, is having the munchies- its hard to have a complete repressed appetite and not feel like eating all the time because life sucks so bad- is also the couch lock effect. Hard to get up and shoot someone or make a bomb if all you can do is get up off the couch to get another cookie!! Or brownie. And I recently learned that cannibutter is actually a form of ghee which is better for you than regular butter. Anyway, I’ve always maintained that weed helped me though my doctors typically have blamed it, and with that many seeds I might have to make new friends who also are in need of quality genetics! In my neck of the woods these things are hard to come by.

  • berberandberber

    The only reason I should win is by a completely random choice…fingers crossed

  • berberandberber

    The only reason I should win is by a completely random choice…fingers crossed

  • Jf

    Because why not!??!



  • jack

    I need this in my life! Please let me win!!

  • Cathy Chavers


  • Jason Smith

    There’s no reason I could give as to why I should win over others but I’d like to win as getting seeds for me is extremely difficult&I’d be extremely greatful if I was to be chosen as the lucky 1 so thankyou Seedsman for opportunity

  • Jessé

    Eu deveria ganhar para não fumar esse prensado com barata e crack dos traficantes e de presente de aniversario que foi dia 01/10!

  • mackinzie comer

    I would love to even just get a fraction of these great strains.. I dream of growing for ever and ever getting many different strains for all types of purposes. making anything and everything i can with hemp and my beautiful buds. From clothes or paper to houses, even fuel hopefully! Also I want to be able to grow CBD buds or make lotions/oils/concentrates. I want to be able to cook anything with all the different strains as well.. Food is great for the soul. I want the purest strains with the biggest names. I want to be able to have a solution for anyone’s problem just by opening my medicine cabinet and pulling out some bud. Winning this would be just a baby step into the direction of my dream.


    It would be nice to win and be a caregiver and grow them for patients who need it 😁
    Thanks for the chance stay lifted . ✌

  • John Smith

    givus debeano coz i iz d sikest garderna, yunderstan

  • AutoFlower Farmer

    Thank you for the opportunity. Winning 100 seeds would be thrilling. I am a new grower, about 1 yr. and my third grow Will start soon. I’m learning to grow organically. If I win I will treat your seeds with the utmost care and love.

  • Jacqueline

    I would love to win this because it is so hard to get seeds where I live and am trying to grow good genetics to help those in need for medical illnesses and for my MS as well as my dogs who are aging and have arthritis and other problems that come with age

  • Skylar Malone

    I’d love to win this to grow for my wife to help with getting her off of her pain meds, help with her anxiety and insomnia. She only 26 years old has chronic back pain from deteriorating and bulging discs and also has sciatica which causes massive pain from her back down to her foot. So being as young as she is she would like other stuff than perscription pills. Thank you for the chance to win

  • Tom Campbell

    I just need them….thanks for the opportunity…

  • Jennifer Miranda

    Would love to add some new strains to my crops plus its time to order seeds so would be perfect timing, lol.

  • Kamogelo

    I need the seeds for my new weed farm, it would be nice to grow some of that good dank

  • Daniel Arthur Benavidez Jr.

    I need them in my grow medium as I have been waiting for some reel seeds

  • Patrick Chalifox

    First of all I’d like to thank Seedsman for the awesome contest. If I won I would give some away to people that are treating illnesses and addiction with cannabis. I suffer chronic back pain and use cannabis to treat my pain with when I can find it, so if I can’t find any then I have to turn to big pharma to help with the pain but now that I tried to treat my chronic back pain the legal way I am now physically addicted to big pharma (Oxycodone) and am now ready to get my life back and a haul of beans like this I wouldn’t have to worry about my supply drying up before I get all the way through big pharma’s withdrawals.. Yes Kratom is illegal here too. So this could help out at least 4 people I know of right now without thinking about it.

  • Ozzie Harvey

    I want to add these to my vault 100%.
    I would keep you guys updated on progress.

  • Matt Wharton

    i need em to smoke, taste the dankbow

  • ComeOn

    Hi! I should win because I love cannabis! It helps me to control my PTSD and makes me happy. I would grow each little seed into the delicious adult it deserves to be.

  • Pierre-luc Bedard

    need a badasss genetique for overgrow all the planet!!

  • Iris Iglehart

    I don’t know if I should win them, but I know I need to win them. I need to start growing, for others as well as my own medicine needs. Winning these seeds would go far in helping to further that endeavour. Thank You for this opportunity, and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !

  • Anderson Vitorio

    Disseminar a cultura no sertão brasileiro

  • Sérgio Bruno Ferreira Gomes

    This would make quite a Nice sampler pack for me, all new to me…

  • Dave Huggett

    Such an amazing opportunity, good luck everyone!! I know i got my fingers crossed, this win woulc keep me going on meds for years!

  • paul anderson

    because it is hard and costly to find strains for anxiety, depression, and pain. and variety is great.

  • paul anderson

    because it is difficult and costly to find strains that help with anxiety, depression, and pain. and variety is great.

  • I would like to win because not only am I a Constant seedsman customer (I spend around 100$ ) month average, but im also a new seedsman customer!!!! i just found seedsman a few months ago, before that i was ordering from breeder websites. it is perfectly legal where i am to do so. I have the room to grow many strains at once!!! which is also legal where i am, And therefore i have the ability to share the seedsman bounty put upon me with other medical marijuana lovers. its more than winning a competition, it is a responsibility to be able to create a bountiful harvest with these free seeds, and therefore be able to share “freebie meds” with my patients! They all love getting free stuff from their medical grower!! I advertise seedsman everywhere i go and constantly make seedsman posts to share the great seedsman service with other growers


  • Michael Krobes

    i would be so blessed to win. although I live in a legal state, I still have to pay for my medical card because I am prescribed medications for numerous reasons, all of which cannabis helps with. this would be fantastic, I would never be able to afford purchasing these in my situation. thank you..

  • Richard Kerns

    Pick me <3

  • David Harvey

    I would share with others to make your gift to me go as wide as possible

  • Stan Diamond

    Just starting an indoor grow operation for my wife and I – both medical card holders in Mass. This would be great to get me started

  • Jay McKerrihan

    It would be nice to know what genetics I’m growing. Right now stuck with random bag seed that isn’t that potent. I’m a medical patient diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD. All I know is I have sativa which doesn’t help with the insomnia

  • John Flanigan

    Winning this giveaway would recoup the losses due to natural weather misfortunes… And then some. Also would gift some seeds to close friends who are not able to get great genetics.

  • Solaris Elemental


  • Solaris Elemental

    Thank you Seedman for all the peoples you are helping out there! Thats the reason why i want to tell you that! ☆ If i would be a seed i would want to be from Seedman because Seedman is the Man! ☆▪▪▪▪Good Luck to Everybody!

  • Marie Welch

    I was just diagnosed with Familial Early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 30. Research has shown how THC specifically helps reduce inflammation and the build up of amyloid plaques on the brain. It’s now my mission to get my own organic medicine and to try and extend the time I have with my 3 little boys. I would love love love to win this so I won’t have to worry about ordering seeds anymore. I will be eternally grateful as well as my family.

  • Kynan OftheFamily Krogel

    Organic Probiotic KNF-style Farmer here. I could put those seeds to great use.

    With the autoflowers, I’d do an in-ground outdoor run planting in late May, use the flowers for personal smoke.

    any regular seeds, I’d pop about 20 or so at a time and if I find
    anything interesting (early flowering, good branching, vigor, smelly
    males, etc.) I’ll take clones of it, flower the mom and test the smoke.
    Whatever’s worth keeping will become a new mom and supply my local
    community with clones. (mostly backyard and homegrowers, few med
    patients i know from working at a couple dispensaries) Obviously if I
    find any interesting males I’m going to just put ’em back into veg until
    I can set up a sealed room to start collecting pollen. Might get a
    buddy to hold onto one if he’s down, he already has a Mextisa male and a
    Meltdown male he keeps.

    Similarly, with the feminised seeds I’ll
    cut mad clones and sell them super cheap, like $2 a pop this spring to
    all the new growers up here in Canada. We’re legalizing weed in 2018 so I
    bet there will be a HUGE demand for clones. I just wanna make sure my
    neighbours, friends, family, etc. all get quality genetics for a good
    price (will just be giving away half the clone stock with the least
    vigor anyways. i only sell the good ones, and I take my time to make
    sure they’re well rooted and established. My clones leave in 4×4 inch
    pots in a mix of promix HP (70%), mushroom compost (10%), and worm
    castings (20%), with a small amount of neem cake mixed in, all
    innoculated with IMOs and LABs. Oh, also I have one Hortilux FS+UV 54w
    T5 bulb in my 8-bulb fixture, so the clones I give out have already
    begun hardening off by being exposed to UVa and UVb. And I only spray
    with rosemary oil for preventative measures. No pests.

    But yeah,
    if I won those beans I’d propagate the genetics and share them as much
    as possible. I’d also like to chuck some pollen and send out some seed
    packs as thank-yous to a lot of the good guys over at and, the Probiotic Farmer’s Alliance on FB, as well as a few
    other guys who helped me get started. If I find a juicy enough male, I
    might just stick him in a room with three or four nice girls (from
    REGULAR seeds, not fem) and let him have the time of his life. Would be
    great to have a few thousand seeds to give out haha.

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! Next order is gonna be from Seedsman for sure!

  • jeremy conti

    i would love to have these seeds to have some nice strains to prosper and share with my fellow bud lovers

  • Alexxx

    Cuz I’m a huge fan and also loyal to the Seedsman. I never thought about another comp. 4 seeds… Btw, I will treat them like a MoviestArR ! And surely I ll make every-one-plant know that Seedsman is their lovely grandpa 😉 Peace…

  • Julian Hepburn

    : These would be a banger to my collection. I promise to Grow them like they should be grown in the African Sun 🍀 And to share the yield to all Tokers and smokers #ForTheLoveOfTheHerb

    • Abdul Sattar Dallas

      Sharing is caringg ehehehe

  • Abdul Sattar Dallas

    Top geneticssss i would do top dwc hydroponic top journals and smoke all eheheheh stoner cityyy whatsup group..


  • Michael S Bingham

    Iv ordered hundreds of seeds from many different vendors and seedsman always impresses. one of the best out there. I need these cuz im outa money.

  • G Free

    Because I’m so tired of growing bag seed and wondering what will pop up. Thanks for the contest !!

  • Annette Downey

    Would love the chance to try some new strains!

  • Charles Williams

    I have been diagnosed with asbestosis and was told when it turns into mesothelioma I will b e in pain for 6-8 months before my coffin would be nice to have pain relief available, current meds for r.a. does nothing for pain, have had morphine with no relief.

  • Tyrell69

    I use cannabis for my ptsd!!

  • Jonathan Applewhite

    Would be great to have as grow strains and different levels of thc at that quality should have some great outcomes when breeded I should win so I can share my cross strains with everyone in need

  • Soso59

    Hi, thank you very much for this awesome contest!
    I participate because the cannabis has beneficial effects for me who have a super rare disease.
    I could not live serenely without this plant.

  • DaybyDay17

    Medical patient who has not been able to buy because we have no place other than on the streets illegally. Have studied and learned to grow the medicine for the chance to grow and be self sufficient. Positively and patiently waiting for the day I do not need to worry about worsening health because I will have medicine to use. Also to put to work all that I have learned from supportive friends and family as well as those that share their medicinal growing (youtubers) with patients like myself. Thank you!

  • Canna Logs

    Thanks for a chance seedman! I should win because i share with others it would not be only me that wins. Share the wealth

  • Ben Nelson

    I need this so I can go do some 🦍 planting and start a “souvenir” collection…. Also have you fecking seen them flavours? Who doesn’t need all them in their life #terptaster #flavourchaser #winnerwinnerfirefordinner

  • Koos Visagie Hi Mr Seedsman… I’m from South Africa and in desperate needs for some steller genetics to kick-start my new grow initiative. If I am selected to receive this awesome prize I’ll make sure that I pay it forward and share with my local community in Cape Town, SA….

  • Foggy

    I wud like the to win, because my back is a mess, have five slipped discs in lower back and degenerative disc disease in the rest of back. Also have a disc pressing against my spinal cord between c4-c5 and I’m looking to replace my other meds(morfin and gabapebtin) with some green and help others in the same situation as me

  • H Man Rauk

    Thanks for the opportunity i use cannabis to get high after a hard days work

  • Lu Hemsley

    I would like to win these seeds so can share it with a very impoverished community and hopefully they will learn a thing or two by growing different strains to their usual and who knows… maybe they can even make a buck or two.

  • Wow Manufacturing

    I would like to win in order to expand my knowledge of growing the different strain and then sharing the knowledge base. I started a year ago with a crop of Super Silver Haze one of the more touchy strains to grow. A tone of reading and a ton of mistakes and battling pests, nutrient woes. Gave me a decent crop from my 5 plants of 3 lbs which I gave most away, and converted some into THC tincture for my wife’s chronic pain. I would love to win these seed and then share the crop not profit from it

  • Mary Mack

    Seedsman is a great client-facing company and I think your loyalty and reward programs are great! My son is an avid Seedsman client and this would be a great way to help him expand 🙂

  • Flrzcrx89

    I would love to win it for my lower back pain medicine and also for not ever winning any contest before. Thanks and good luck everyone.

  • Antonio

    I would love to win first because I have never won anything, but secondly I would like to start growing and learning more about how to grow. I am just patiently waiting for it to become legal in my state, because I would like to start my own grow business once it does become legal. So if I were to win then once it becomes legal I will have seeds and a good seed company to work with on supplying my future business with seeds and this would give me a chance at learning my trade.

    • Antonio


  • Bee James

    I want the best & they got them

  • Scott Tatem


  • Paul Grobler

    Recently started my experimental grows with no-name bag seeds. I should be ready for good genetics when this prize is drawn.

  • Jim Sr

    I am so excited to join a group for the 1st time and my 1st order being sent as You were referred to me from a friend. It started as a hobby so I could help some of my family suffering from anxiety and pain. Thanks again for such a great selection.

  • Jessie

    My brother in law has been diagnosed with recurring and remitting multiple sclerosis. We would use these seeds to help him have a solid supply medicine that actually works for him without screwing up his body more.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Justin dolan

    I shouldn’t win, with @ 250 comments here, plus fb- I’d say my odds are fairly low. There must be a winner tho, therefore my entry… thanks

  • Lovro Franić

    and why not me

  • Tony Roberts

    Why I think I should win. Hmmmmm. Why? Idk. I’m no better than anybody else, honestly. I just hope somebody with the right intentions hits the jackpot. If It’s me. Kudos! If not, Touche! Good match. Overall, I’m just glad I looked at my notifications today, and noticed that this Lil Shin Ding was underway. Just in time. Good Luck To All Of You Fellow Green Thumbs. NOW……….LET’S….GET…. READY…TOO………… RUMBLE____!!!……..

  • AdisaMO

    I know a stack of growers farming more or less the same mediocre strains. I’d ensure clones got out to the right people by introducing them to something new and exciting, free of charge and purely for the love of sweet Mary Jane.

  • Lonny Mcdonald

    That’s a buttload of goodies

  • Yeppers

    Seedsman offers a good site for the beginner and the experienced grower. There are many opinions( hee hee) on growing cannabis and Seedsman offers a great wealth of knowledge on growing that is straight up farmer Ted. The collection of genetics they offer is balanced and covers all types of medicinal and recreational needs. Thank you Seedsman and keep the blog going.

  • Jackin Meoff

    i just want them

  • Zach Thompson

    I just want the seeds to add to my collection. Those would be some fine additions.

  • Mick Hein

    Ongoing Seedsman customer, growing in a legal state. Winning the jackpot would keep me going for some time.

  • J Teske

    Because I will take over the world with this bundle!

  • Grow Johnny Grow Grow Grow

    No sob story i’m afraid, what a haul that would be though…

  • Patrick Chalifox

    I would use these magic beans to help myself and others who suffer any condition that can be treated with cannabis by sharing the magic.

  • flyindevil

    I could experience and breed new strains

  • Brandon Jones

    I’d love to win this to be able to have a variety of new strains to try out!

  • Rune Nielsen

    Serveral people in my family suffer from arthritis. A few og my friends suffer from depression and i suffer from social anxiety and migraines. These seeds would make it possible to produce oils, cakes and other goodies to aid with those ailments. And sometimes i really just like getting high with the missus 😉

  • Shawnn A. Kehr

    I use my free seeds from seedsman to help my friends who are new to growing their own. This would allow me to get a few who need it going. Cannabis seeds, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mark Lefevre

    It would be nice to win as this would give me the opportunity to grow my own meds and help others that are in need also.

  • leftofyou

    I suffer from nerve damage and chronic pain. I’m a grower in a medical only state and it makes getting things I need, seeds especially, difficult. Thanks for the chance to change that.

  • Ginger L Knight

    Fantastic giveaway. 🙂 I am a newbie trying to obtain seeds so this is great to be entered into. thanks 🙂

  • PatientX

    I have been dealing with chronic pain, anxiety and depression for years. Cannibis has given me my life back after pharmaceutical companies almost ended it. Even buying my cannibis script every month leaves me with very little money left to do much else. Would love to win some seeds so I can start growing my own.

  • ShanellPearl

    Just started learning about cannabis cultivation. I’m blown away with the fact that I was in school for 15 years and could never find anything that excites my brain with way learning how to grow the medicine I need to function and be a good mommy to my daughter.

  • Wagner Sally

    i’m a newbie but trying to grow my own meds i may not have the experience but i sure do have the determination to get this right an grow my own meds thank you

  • Davis Christopher Wachira


  • Arno Lbzh

    bonne chances a tous !!

  • Ramon Peeman

    Nice info & seeds.
    Because it is possible.

  • Bill Robinson

    I love to have seeds on hand

  • John Eldon Diment

    I will give those little seeds all of the loving they could want 🙂

  • Melissa Freeman

    Nothing helps my allergies like cannabis… and I mean nothing I have tried. It is almost instant relief! Who ever thought smoke could help you breathe better. What a great medicine. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  • John Rossi

    I am a small grower for my self I am a liver transplant recipiant and disabled Vietnam Vet on a limited budget and could use a few seeds. I have been getting my seeds from AMS have not had 1 problem so I gladly try your place and thank you in advance. Aloha. PS I do not need 100 seeds so please if you pick me I like to share it just maybe 2 from each will be fine for me as I am also not greedy.

  • Linda Coreen Thompson Weathers

    I am recovering from uterine cancer and this would help me in my recovery. I also make different edibles to help others with cancer. This would really be able to help me expand my growing ability. I am grateful to have found you seedsman. Namaste!

  • Jon Blake

    This great guys…what a great gift….congrats to whoever wins

  • Mark Bennett

    I’m a newbie and first time grower. The right seeds would be perfect to set me up for my first harvest

  • Mark Paul Churchill

    I grow for several family members for various ailments and this would really help them

  • do they only contact the winner? or will they post the winner publicly?

  • jrbollen7

    Hey Guys! What an amazing giveaway! This is a perfect example of why from my first to my last grow, I will always be a Seedsman customer. I ensure I recommend Seedsman to any and all!

  • Chris Bernier

    These would make for an awesome grow

  • Moritz Paffrath


  • Justin Mosley

    I love growing cannabis it’s my hobby my passion I love it and seedsman is always super fast and very good on pricing. I would really just love it because of the variety and my dad would too, plus I’m not a pot farmer I’m small time I grow for myself and a few others (ex-military friends) whom have never been charged. I believe it is a medicine placed on earth by God and no man should be denied his right to all natural medication over big pharma. Not saying I need it the most I don’t I can always but seeds but I’d really love to win them lol.

  • Alan Barclay

    Been buying seedsman seeds since day one back near the start meleniumn never had a compliant and give me some dank green weed. At a most agreeable price. Great ideas and genetics at great prices. Seems a win win !-

  • Charline Pitre

    I am a new grower, just put my first seeds to sprout and I love the cultivation section of the website. Very informative and well presented. Thanks for having that for us newbs!

  • Mike McCullough

    Can’t get over how this company always stays true to supplying top notch service, quality and products!!.No need to shop anywhere else ever… Love this place 👍 👍

  • Gopesh Dasa

    Thank you seedsman, another deliver has arrived, great collection and great surprises as always!!!

  • carmelo alvarez

    Me encantaría ganar estas cepas, porque ahí hay las mejores genéticas de del momento. Gracias por el sorteo #Seedsman.

  • Nikoli

    I am amazing.

  • Lisa Townsend

    Shared it on facebook.. enter me please

  • Surage

    I should win so i can use the seeds to GIVEAWAY love, peace, and medicine to all my brothers and sisters of the world I come across.(GET FOR FREE GIVE FOR FREE)

  • Jon Pavlus

    I’ve had diabetes for 53 years now and have to grow my own since I live in an outlaw state. This would help with me continuing to be an outlaw 🙂

  • The Fish Family

    Absolute BEST place o EARTH for My Cannabis Seeds-Man! HEHE. Thanks for the Relief!

  • Traugott Herschlich

    I love growing weed and you would see me lucky, cause I can’t afford buying much.

  • Rebekah Alley

    marajuanna has helped me in so many ways depression anxiety chronic pain early onset deteriorating disk disease carpal tunnel and lower back early stage arthritis… I’m only 27… 🙁 . I am looking to start up my own business as a care giver moving later on to much larger aspects of the business and this could really help me out, to help people who need it. starting from.nothing is hard but this is my passion. to help others.

  • Mrz S A Conner

    Being new to the site and giving it a whirl to enter the contest…
    I am a newby grower and i am enjoying the cultivations of my latest endeavor…
    The reason i started growing is because of health related issues and FDA drugs just dont make the grade,,,they fall extremely short of the mark…
    With that said i am trying the Critical, Neville, African and my latest will be the Ruderalis Indica…
    To grow and pass the oils, etc on to those in nedd would be a job well done…
    So, there ya have it
    I am using it on my animals as well for pain and cancer management.

  • wispa1a

    Old-time fan and reviewed many strains from seedsman and love to do more.

    Nemesis week 7

  • Major Tom

    [puff] Me and @seedsman are like that. [puff] (crosses fingers) [pass]

  • Casey

    I love seedsman I try to send people your way, I am just gonna be honest and say I want to win because it would be awesome to have all those different genetics in my collection. Thank you for everything you guys do!

  • Kevin Gadsden

    i want win

  • Steve Hill

    Love to win all these great seeds.Twelve years on disability with oxycodone.Quit 4/6/17 and started medical marijuana,great help!Still researching strains,having a ball at 58yrs. old!!ps it’s legal here in MASS USA which makes that much more fun.

  • Terry Ivey

    Seedsman has THE best selection, quality and customer service you come to expect from a reputable seed company.

  • Jae Garrett

    Chronic Pain and because my Doctor decided to take me off my pain medicine for no apparent reason.

  • grae martin

    Because I haven’t won anything for free in a really long time.

  • Gary Woods

    Seedsman is the best hands down. Let me have the the chance to own this great collection!

  • Scott Tatem

    Holy crap I would love to win this!

  • Treasure

    I would love to win the seeds because I have two daughters with chronic illnesses and I can not work because I have to stay home with them. I would like to be able to grow my own so that I will not have to pay out so much money.

  • IDavid AC

    I should win, because this year the police found my 9 plants for self-consumption with the help of a drone. This year I had very bad luck.

  • Tom Haag

    I’m a 100% disabled veteran living in Florida, and the recent hurricane us powerless for a week. Both my grows were killed. (soil was killed by heat stress, and bubbleponics killed by heat and subsequent root rot). These seeds would help me get back on my feet. Thanks

  • Teetje Belitz

    nice awesome price

  • Robert Blair

    Big love to Seedsman for making this opportunity available.
    20 years suffering from chronic lyme disease, home grown organic cannabis has brought be back from brink of dispair and given me most of my life back. Only trouble is I have many other friends who suffer and never been able to help them as much as I would like, this prize would definetely solve that problem and inspire many others to become keen growers. XxX

  • Bujar

    Because where i come from you still get 2 years prison for cultivating 5 plants no matter the size.. with those seeds i Would grow them And give the harvest away for Free to those that still need their medicin but to afraid to buy or grow by them self..

  • Bujar

    Because where i come from you still get 2 years prison for cultivating 5 plants no matter the size.. with those seeds i Would grow them And give the harvest away for Free to those that still need their medicin but to afraid to buy or grow by them self..

  • Eric Reynolds

    Love your site and all the choices !!

  • Juan

    Seedsman is the best seed company in the business! I don’t do Facebook etc… so am glad I can still enter by replying on here! Good Luck to all!

  • Jp kuby

    I believe I should win some seeds because I have been ordering from a different company for years and would love to try your seeds against theirs to see if they would be worth switching over to seedsman. I’m very loyal customer and stay with who I know and have worked with. A simple giveaway would make a huge difference on ware I order depending on how your seeds are and what they do. I love your selection I just don’t like switching companies on anything unless I feel the company has great customer service and quality product. I would be honered to try your seeds and become a seedsman believer and would definitely do my business with your company in the future if I see that outreach from your company. Thank you



  • PRETHER Official

    The reason why I think I should win this competition is because in Pakistan there are hardly any strains available because the number of people growing their own medicine is not a popular concept and it is not available commercially

    Through seedsman I have been able to provide my friends and colleagues with new information about strains and growing process which we share among each other.
    I’m proud to announce that it has had a multiplies effect and people ask us from where do we get our seeds and we tell them Seedsman is the only seedbank which can be trusted .

    If I were to win this competition it will mean that I will have more strains to discuss with my friends and we can spread the knowledge in Pakistan about growing your own medicine

    I hope seedsman will be kind of to understand and feel that I’m worthy of winning this competition
    Even If i don’t win it does not matter as seedsman has already provided me with enough strains to spread the knowledge but the more the merrier.

    Best of luck to Seedsman.


  • Robert Davenport

    I’m not going to give a long song and dance about how I deserve it more then the next person, as bad as things are for me I know there are folks out there going through worse. So good luck everyone, I hope someone who NEEDS it wins…

  • Mark Paul Churchill

    I would love to win this to help my mum and mother in law who both have disabilitating pain in one form or another and if there is anything left for my ulcerative colitis so they would be going to a food cause

  • Tony E

    I would like to win because i am a caregiver for my wife who has chronic pain i also share my harvests with anyone that i know of that can benefit from it i have ordered seeds from you and anytime there is a issue you take care of it no questions asked. In a day of corporations ruling us and greed being the standard of the day it does my heart good to be able to find a company that truely cares and wants us to be able to be happy and pain free without be shady again i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart
    Thank you

  • Sue Dussault-Eddins

    We should win because we are 100% loyal customers. Love your site, you have the best product. We spread the word to everyone we know and in return you’ve gained numerous customers on our recommendation. Keep doing what you do!

  • Sam Weaver

    I love growing weed! would love some new strains:)

  • danschu

    because I’m the schu-monster !

  • Brodie Hodson

    I believe I have shit luck in life, winning this competition would turn my views around on that topic, I hope to be a long term customer with you.

  • georgi vulchev


  • Cut Ball

    Seedman has the best seeds in the game and the prices can’t be beat great genetics just all around super seedmans the cream of the crop

  • Kathleen Katjes

    so long so good, i should win it because i want to try these wonderful strains 🙂

  • David E Smith

    When i was young i smoked with my friends for fun . When i grew older and had to raise a family and it was so illegal I could not take the chance. Now that i am retired i have found out many of the medical advantages that i could of had all those years. One being that my crones disease that i fought for years with taking 21 very harmful pills with costly side effects could have been treated better if i keep smoking before they took my colon out because the cure was worse than the disease by that point. Crones disease is hereditary and being a smoker again i would like to plant some seeds to help stop the wrong the medical society has put on marijuana .

  • Alicia Chalmers

    Wish I had known about these competitions earlier!! Awesome prizes!

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