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COMPETITION – Win 30 Outdoor Seeds from the Seedsman Collection

With the winter slowly disappearing for us in the Northern Hemisphere, many cultivators will be starting to think about their outdoor grows for the upcoming season.

If you are looking for some highly-rated, legendary outdoor strains, then look no further, as here at Seedsman, we are offering three lucky customers the chance to win 30 seeds from our own collection that are perfect for outdoor cultivation.

How to Enter

You can enter one of two ways:

  1. Simply COMMENT on this Blog or –
  2. SHARE this post on Facebook

Closing Date is Monday 19th February – Good Luck!

The Prizes

Three of our customers will be walking away with 30 outdoor seeds from five our most popular strains.

1.Mama Mia Feminised

Mama Mia is a sister strain to our much-loved Mazari. Mama Mia finishes sooner than Mazari though thanks to the influence of the earlier-flowering Skunk that was used in the breeding programme to create it. Although there are marked similarities with both strains Mama Mia is slightly more indica in growth pattern and structure it being shorter, broader and with darker leaves than Mazari.

Mama Mia’s yields are good and the effect is not only smooth but long-lasting too. Recommended for all environments and grow-media Mama Mia is ready to harvest with just 8 weeks of flowering and should be ready by the end of September or early October at the very latest when grown outdoors in the northern hemisphere.

2. Early Skunk Feminised

Early Skunk is an indica-dominant marijuana strain which is a cross between Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. Developed in Holland where it grows well indoors and outdoors, Early Skunk will be ready during September in northern latitudes.

It is a very straightforward strain to grow, even for beginners who can expect large harvests of floral-tasting buds with a very focused effect and a tendency for appetite stimulation.

It is a very stable strain with no risk of male pollination in a room of female plants. Early Skunk even has medicinal properties as it is reputed to be useful in combating depression.

3. Big Nugs FAST Feminised

Big Nugs Fast is a pretty self-explanatory name as it does exactly what it says on the tin! Big Nugs Fast is Critical Mass / Big Bud (Afghani x Skunk) crossed with an exceptionally fast-maturing male plant. It grows big colas in double-quick time.

Big Nugs Fast develops heavy buds, so much so that the branches will definitely need some sort of support to avert the possibility of them snapping under the weight. Not only are these indica-dominant plants quick to mature, taking 6 – 7 weeks of flowering, but they also produce very good yields of 450 – 550 gr/m2 indoors under lights. This strain will also prosper outdoors as well as in a greenhouse where it will be ready to harvest in September. Plants are of medium size growing to approximately 80 – 120 cm. tall and produce buds with lots of resin, a fruity taste and high levels of THC. CBD content is as yet unknown.

Critical Mass (Big Bud) has been a go-to strain for commercial growers for many years now and this new Fast version will make it even more popular. Why wait when you can grow Big Nugs Fast?

4. Jack Herer FAST Feminised

Jack Herer Fast does the seemingly impossible, it actually improves on the original, famous Jack Herer strain by making it a faster maturing marijuana strain. Already a winner of multiple awards this fast version is sure to make it even more popular.

Jack Herer Fast maintains the flavour and high-potency of the Sensi Seeds‘ strain that was named to honour the cannabis activist and polemicist Jack Herer who authored the break-through pro-cannabis book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Now this new version will produce enticingly aromatic buds that are greasy with high-THC resin-bearing trichomes in shorter flowering times.

Plants will grow to a height of 80 – 120 cm. and yield about 400 gr/m2 indoors under lights in 6 – 7 weeks. It will also do well outdoors and in greenhouses being ready to harvest in September before the inclement weather arrives. Jack Herer Fast wants for nothing in comparison with its longer-maturing sister.

5. Mazari Feminised 

Mazari boasts great genetics that were bound to produce a winner and this is quite clearly the case. Many seed banks produce their own versions, under an assortment of names, due to its sheer quality. Afghani indicas have a great reputation for producing vast amounts of resin and when wedded to Skunk #1 we experience greatly enhanced yields and great flavour.

Mazari stays quite short and grows with a Christmas-tree profile which means plenty of yield-improving side-branching. Alternatively when grown in a Sea of Green set-up it delivers high quantities of fat central colas. The resin-encrusted buds are very smooth-tasting and remind one of good Afghani hashish. It can be grown outdoors and in a green house although with 9 weeks flowering outdoor cultivation is best restricted to warmer regions as harvest can be in late October/early November when frosts and rains at higher latitudes will preclude a successful outcome.

6. Power Africa FAST Feminised

Power Africa Fast version reduces the flowering and maturation of the original Power Africa by more than a week. Already a quick strain this Durban Poison-based plant has been crossed with a fast-maturing male to deliver your prized buds even faster.

Power Africa (Durban Poison) plants were already well-regarded for their ability to produce large yields of predominantly sativa buds in a short period of time but this fast version is even quicker while detracting not one iota from its prodigious yields. Plants grow to between 100 – 140 cm. tall and will yield 450 – 550 gr/m2 of high THC (up to 20%) in just 6 – 7 weeks of flowering. Power Africa fast is even better suited to cultivation outdoors or in a greenhouse being ready during September which is, hopefully, before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

The flavour of this marijuana strain is somewhat acrid with a taste of pine and notes of aniseed. the effect is nicely uplifting and happy without a let-down after a couple of hours. Very smooth and comfortable.


With an international team of writers and over a decade of experience in the industry, Seedsman aim to bring you the very latest in Cannabis news from across the globe.

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    • Ruby Charping

      Good luck to you Eric, glad your were able to get off the pills. I too have medical problems due to the fact of being over prescribed medicines, At one point doctors had me on 17 different meds per day. 5 years later, i find out most of my symptoms are a side effect of one of the first meds prescribed. I’m much better now that i have gotten off the pills, and started smoking a little green. unfortunately, my stomach lining was eating away from too many bad drugs. Marijuana is the only thing that helps with eating/digestion problems i have. Natural is the only way to go.

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