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COMPETITION – Win 44 High-CBD Seeds and Hemp Oil

Its Friday and its competition time! Today, we are offering one lucky person the chance to win 44 High-CBD seeds, plus a phenomenal Hemp Pure Oil from Cannawell. This bundle is worth well over €200!

You can ENTER one of TWO ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

The lucky winner will receive ALL of this:

  • 1x Cannawell Hemp Pure Oil (click here for more info)
  • 20x CBD Critical Mass from Seedsman
  • 20x Supreme CBD Durban from Nirvana
  • 4x Candida from Medical Marijuana Genetics

The winner will be announced on Monday May 15. Good Luck!


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  • Harold Jenkins

    I’ve ordered seeds from Attitude for years, but that is about to change-Attitude has nothing good going on like these competitions. My hat is off to Seedsman!!!!!!

    • Joseph Dwayne Hewitt

      Looking good seedsman thank you for everything that you have going on.

  • Chris Olphert
  • Andy Dawson

    Brilliant, I’m in, just discovered cbd a few months ago and it’s amazing.

  • Would love some for my anxiety

  • Robert Connors

    CBD and me…..

  • Miika

    Need them

  • Valtteri Dyring

    Hopefully those help with my anxiety.. :/.. 🙂

  • Paz

    Nice one, fingers crossed.

  • Wouter Malan

    I’d be happy with just one of those line items

  • Shel B Muddy Norton

    Fingers crossed – I love seedsman products.

  • Dizzy TheShark

    Maybe one day…

  • Caleb Bastuscheck

    Lets hope this is the one

  • Kris Brown

    Thanks for sharing the love of this life-changing medicine!

  • Elizabeth Knight

    Holding space for the seeds to come my way!!

  • David Schnurr

    Seedsman rocks!

  • Jaycob Davis

    Best Company I have found!! You guys Rock it!

  • Mirko Varano

    The best site where i bought all my beans,thank you 💯

  • Soso59

    Thank you very much for this contest!
    Liked and shared!
    I participate off course!
    Good Luck!

  • iwana ko te pita

    I’m so happy for this competition. I 31year old, and I have osteoporosis and thank God with the help of marijuana functioning normally, but the problem is that I do not have enough money for oil, and for seeds,always missing more…Sometimes I have sometimes do not have, which is very painful ..I hope to win this competition, but I want happiness and other participants .. Liked and Shared,and participate..Cheers!!! 😀

  • lalahartma

    Yes! I love CBD!

  • Dabrowski maxime

    I love seedsman and CBD , I need this seeds !!! Don’t works with this one I use ?!?! ⁉️

  • Andrew Webster

    Entering! These seeds are not for the birds 🙂

  • Rob Hopkins

    I want to win!

  • ronnie

    thank you

  • disqus_QOR2xfeFO6

    I would really really appreciate it if I were to win…The entire world would know about it :-}

  • Willie Nel

    thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Kelly Ryan

    Love cbd oil got me off of 13 different medications all from the decrease of internal swelling from use of cbd oil. I would be very grateful to win.!

  • Бојан Копље Јеремија Јовановић

    Great seeds!
    Can I be a Winner this time.

  • Stephen Lloyd

    wonderful way to start a summer.

  • Rosita GF

    I am passionate about CBD seeds, like and share, Thank you very much for this opportunity Seedsman, Nirvana and Marijuana Medicinal Genetics

  • Tugdual Nicolas

    Need cbd strain *^*

  • Sarutobi Michaels

    Keep it pure. Keep it cheap. Share the love

  • flyindevil

    I would really like to try some new CBD gear!

  • New to the industry wish for g

    New to the field hoping great products

  • Rune Nielsen

    My sisters in-law has arthritis in her back, which keeps her constant pain. Could help her good with this 🙃

  • John Embree

    I need some cbd !

  • Stefan Stefanov

    I have problem with my psychic and i will be very happy to win something helpful.Thanks again

  • Odirile Mokuwa

    Pick me , pick me….I’d die for some cbd seeds

  • David Alberts

    Hey guys! I’ve been having more and more seizures lately. Last week in NYC for her birthday, I collapsed on my girlfriend after her ridiculously $$$ birthday dinner and now she’s pissed. Plus now I’ve got no loot to buy seeds. I’ve never needed CBD more than ever before and it’s sowing season.

    Ok now I’m gonna go spend what I CAN afford on your site. I’m picking up what did so well last year. Amnesia Lemon, WWxBB, Blueberry, Durban Poison. So I could really use the CBD hookup.

    Peep what I’ve done with your seeds on Instagram @davidepochalypse.

    Peace, Love, Respect. Dave.

  • Harley Swartz

    Lucky number 7. Good luck

  • Johnp410

    Exactly what I said I’d buy in the last competition. Count me in.

  • Nicky Tervit

    Id be the best wife ever!! 😉

  • tcpdb2

    can’t wait to try some cmd grows

  • Wez Ford

    thanks for another chance to win! just what i need to go with my feco for my hodgkins lymphoma~1ove 😉

  • Plutonium Vuong

    I would love to win mainly to help my best friend who is in pain, we don’t have a lot in our pockets .. this will be the best thing ever.

  • Ronald Frazier

    Thank You for your Consideration #SeedsmanSeedsRock!

  • Jeru

    This is a very generous offer for a contest! Good heavens! This would be a great way for me to start out. I have no experience at all with this. Thank you, Seedsman, for helping out.

  • Alec Bigg


  • biggi 4 real

    Sounds cool… 🙂

  • Mavis Pickleheimer

    Thanks for the entry #youguysrock!

  • Kenneth Coulter

    #seedsmanfam!! I hope I can grab this one I never win but I’m still hopeful.hey all my growers #trimming suck but it shore is fun

  • Gus Ferguson

    one love all

  • Art Naranjo

    Just let me have it and save yourself the time.

  • Sandro Giovanni Chinelate

    Nao posso esperar!

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Me please

  • Brendan

    Sounds like a dream, thank you for the great quality you provide is with!

  • Brent Booysen

    Medicate me please 😀

  • Achie

    im here too…cheers to all!!

  • Casey Howard

    I love these events, even if I don’t win

  • Reuben

    Thank you seedsman for this wonderful opportunity we in nicaragua are just crossing out fingers and toes we win these beauties

  • Lulu Beans

    Thank you….count me in please

  • alan

    You LEGENDS!!!!! I’m in

  • cannabis raphael

    quero muito ganhar essas seeds

  • bryna inman

    Love love love you guys 🙂

  • Long Board B

    would be cool

  • Long Board B

    yes pls.

  • Tom Haag

    Love you guys ! Thanks for this contest/competition

  • Craig Hallsworth

    Yes please

  • Jason

    WOW! How super stoked is the winner going to be 😀 Good luck all and thank you seedsman, much respect 🙂

  • forest

    Seedsman people
    You are great!
    I just got my medical marijuana card and am now growing my own. I could use these CBDs. – It will get me off opiods… PUH-LEEEASE

  • Mary Cay

    Wow, that would be awesome. We are creating a new spiritual center on our land in TX. We also have farmland to grow on. This would be such a wonderful way to get started💜💜💜

  • Sven Goran

    Am I too late for this one?
    I’ll never win “frustrated

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    Thanks for the chance of winning some Amazing products.
    Good Luck, ONE LOVE.

  • Tom Haag

    you are awesome !!!!! thanks for the competition

  • Becky Watson

    Thanks for the chance guys. Liked and showing the love by sharing in groups to get your name and giveaway out there. Good luck everyone.🍀🤞🏼💚xxxx

  • iwana ko te pita

    Who is the winner??

  • Yusuf

    Those who do good work always win… tanka SEEDSMAN

  • David Pitter

    OneArmDave,If i win, I’ll split 50/50 with 2nd place also.Dave

  • Tom Haag

    hope to win but happy anyway

  • DD616

    Thanks for all the quality seeds…never had a bad crop

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    I’d love to be able to win a prize like this, WOW EXCELLENT.

  • Jane Bradford

    My Arthritus would hate me to win this lol x

  • Rhonda

    Would realy love to win that would be awsome

  • Karmagic

    Happy seeding ^^

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