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COMPETITION – Win Over 50 Auto Seeds and a Clothing Bundle

Its that’s time again! Today, we are offering one lucky person the chance to win 56 Autoflowering seeds, plus a phenomenal clothing bundle featuring T-Shirts, Bags, Caps and more. This bundle is worth well over €400!

You can ENTER one of TWO ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

The lucky winner will receive ALL of this:

  • 15x Auto Blueberry from Dutch Passion
  • 10x Auto Mazar from Dutch Passion
  • 10x Auto Blue from Seedsman
  • 10x Amnesia Auto from World of Seeds
  • 8x King’s Kush Auto from Green House Seeds
  • 3x Auto MK Ultra from TH Seeds
  • 10x T-Shirts from Various Seedbanks
  • 1x Tote Bag and Goodies from Heavyweight Seeds
  • 1x Seedsman Merchandise Bundle
  • 3x Caps from Various Seedbanks

The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 23. Good Luck!


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  • danvail

    Thanks for the opportunity – shared FB post as well

  • Stoney Maloney

    You guys are awesome. My number one seed bank.

  • James Lavin

    me me me me me please! 😉

  • Matt Gore

    daddy needs new swag, hook s brother up

  • Stephen Allenby

    I paid by cash last time which was a bit difficult, but customer service was great so thanks for the extras!

  • Michael Hurst

    Thanks for a chance, I liked and shared the contest post 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  • Alicia Gordon

    Sooo, comment here and the web page and share the pinned post? Sweet deal.

  • Kitt McCoy

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kevin Gulley

    would love a chance to add to my collection

  • Craig Hallsworth

    So need these auto s

  • Carrie Searfoss

    I would kill for this. Lol

  • Chris Bernier

    Thank you seedsman for the opportunity! You guys are hands down the best seedbank in the world!

  • Lesley Johnston

    Awesome prize. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Domingo MB

    Good luck everyone.. and massive thanks Seedsman you Rules!!!

  • Benjamin Booz

    Hoping for the best. My partner just killed over 50 plants because of ignorance, spite, and drunkenness. Now im out on my own but got nothing to grow. This would be just need to get ahead instead of always being caught a step behind

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Awesome count me in please

  • Igor Ember

    Never won anything cool as this 🙂

  • duden43

    Im here! Please Mr Luck choose me….!!!!

  • M James

    What does it take…….

  • Justin Gray

    Hello again Seedsman!!! Thank you for another wonderful opportunity to win top quality seeds and gear!!! I <3 You!!!

  • Jay Stonerr

    Pick. Me.

  • Scott Cook

    seedsman your my hero!!

  • Gary Stenzel

    Really nice giveaway you’ve got here! Thanks!

  • John Panzino

    God what an amazing opportunity I would totally flip if I won!! Thank you SEEDSMAN! !!

  • Paul Horgan

    Some serious comp you’re running would only love the chance to grow some of them strains thanks very much seedsman.🌱🌱

  • Shawn Newman

    This would perfectly make up for the current issue I’m having with you guys 🙂

    Tell Ruth I appreciate her time and effort to try and work out everything!

  • Matt Fish

    OMG…… Would be a blessing

  • John Coulthard

    this would be so so sweet. Liked and shared on Fb of course. 🙂

  • Alex Dykes

    Id put good use to gens helping 1 aunt with cancer and another with hiv… Thanks… Prayers… Namaste

  • Mai Hoa Nam

    Nice giveaway from seedsman. Bless

  • Robert Lamarre

    Awesome giveaway just in time for Summer Sunshine and big fat nugs by the middle of August ? Are you kidding me ? I’m in like Flynn ;)=~ <3 One Love <3

  • Kevin Knecht

    Oh yea, I love AUTOS !!!! <3

  • Dizzy TheShark

    Come on man of seeds. Gimme a shot.

  • Mohamed Elaissaoui

    I’m very happy for this chance to win this amazing gifts… Good luck at all and I’m crossing my fingers..

  • bradofcanada

    Good luck to all.:)

  • Saucy 1

    I know the odds are long but I’ll throw out the Hail Mary…

  • Tiago Matos

    This bundle is to much for me (one person) best to re offer with more people, bless to everyone 🙂 peace.

  • Dale

    WOW bloody awsum prize cobba, id love to win so much 😊😊😊😊

  • Aaron Grant

    Please by all that is holy. I’d love to try autos. And this would an amazing win.

  • Wez Ford

    ok, thanks again for another chance to win seedsman.

  • Peter Lang

    Thanks seedsman! Good luck everyone!

  • Alan Wiggins

    If I don’t win this competition, I’m going to skweem and skweem until I am sick! 🤣 Another generous comp from Seedsman

  • Rosita GF

    The draw is magnificent.Thank you for the drawings and the opportunity you give us all.Regards and luck to all

  • Chris IamNoize Pheiffer

    I need these seeds!

  • Lorena Cottenham

    would love to win

  • Thomas Borgersen

    good luck to all of you, all regards from NORGE…-))

  • Pablo Davila

    I need those seeds.

  • Martin Wilson

    What a great prize bundle, nice one Seedsman!

  • Jessy Postlewait

    Definitely nice price bundle thanks guys

  • Mike Reynolds

    Mmmm. I love Blueberry!

  • Thomas Kevin Bryan

    Great products!!!! I am thankful for your company!!!!

  • P Devince

    Would love to win anything from you guys. You’re the best!

  • Neil Crockwell Aye a wee present would be cool, bring it on. That’s a great wee page …LCC

  • Mr brunch

    The seedbank that keeps on giving!
    Go seedsman!

  • Marshall Pentak

    Best seedbank, love the products and so good to all of us the consumers, rock on

  • Jeff Goddard

    You folks are hands down the best! Great contests, Great deals. Great service. Oops! Do I sound like Donald Trump? 🙂 Thanks, Seedsman!

  • Ashley Clayton

    lovin my purchases and still going strong. seedman for president

  • Eenai

    I am always more and more impressed with this company the longer I am connected with you. Best seeds, best seedbank. Hands down.

  • Clint Tyler

    This is awesome!
    I just found out about Seedsman!
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Toya Sanon

    Seedsman is amazing I hope I win

  • randy mcvey

    another great contest. from the best seed bank good luck everyone

  • Pedro Vitali Kern

    Eu preciso!!!!!!!!!👍🏻

  • Chris Ray

    You guys ROCK this is a amazing prize my fingers are crossed thanks for this opportunity…

  • Andres Sandoval

    Hope I can win this

  • Lulu Beans

    Amazing giveaway guys..Seedsman + Canada = Awesome!!!

  • Lap Cen

    Thank!! Seedman

  • Rune Nielsen

    This would really fill up my new Greenhouse 😀🦄 goood luck everyone!

  • Knight

    Ordered a few times from Seedsman, always been happy with the service and seeds, great promotions and their own seeds have some nice picks

  • Nebulas Michael

    Great contest….count me in

  • Soso59

    Thank you very much for this contest!
    Good Luck!

  • fraser powell

    yes please seedsman DONE

  • Raywin Rose

    Most thankful for the chance. This is truly an amazing prize. One Love to Seedsman and good luck all

  • D.G.V.

    Thank You ( even tho I never win anything I’m keep on trying )
    c’mon seedsman.make my day lol,but in good way .lol

  • Debra Niles Severance

    Awesome, love to win.. never do though..

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    Thanks Seedsman for a chance at another one of your amazing giveaways , good luck everyone

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    Thanks for the chance of winning one of your Competition’s,
    Excellent Giveaways.
    Good Luck People,

  • Cody Cordova


  • Jeff Klacko

    Best bank around I must say

  • Jeffrey Lee

    Would love to win. Thank you seedsman!

  • Ryan Knight

    This is a awesome contest best of luck to everyone 😎

  • Jhon Pablo M. Velazquez

    Never try them but sure I’ll in my next grow.

  • Johnny Gielen

    Good luck friends

    May 23rd the day of my birthday :-p

  • Trend setter

    Seedsman helps me help you!!!##!!! $

  • Dabrowski maxime


  • Amy Case King

    I love the clothing gear and the seeds are the bonus. Thanks seedsman 😉

  • Danny Dean Mulholland

    Thank you for the chance to win guys i love collecting your seeds ;D

  • K August

    Yes that a super prize deal .and cant wait to show some prize trophies if i win.share the love life is short..k

  • Reuben

    Bless you seedsman thank you for such great offer

  • Vance Grossie

    this looks like a great give-a-way..i am growing my first Auto’s right now and i am definitely hooked..

  • Robert Connors

    I Love the auto……..all good luck

  • Johnp410

    Man I’d love to win this. Good luck to all.

  • MichiGreen

    I’m on board for some Seedsman duds 🙂
    The Auto flavors look great, too!

  • Rosie Mckerlie

    Sweet, thanks seedsman, im a ladies size xxl in shirt 🙂

  • Alan Colburn

    that would be fantastic I’m just starting my second grow

  • Casey

    Just received my first order from you, 6 days to the Midwest USA, Awesome prices, very stealthy, and fast shipping thanks seedsman!

  • Lindsay Alexander

    Wow, what a great prize! I’ve placed two orders with Seedsman so far and I’ve been very impressed! My collection is growing nicely! Sadly there are no more pennies for seeds until at least November so I’d really love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  • Gopesh Dasa

    dreams come true!!! Thank you Seedsman 🙂

  • Kellie Self

    Glory to God a chance to win medicine, seedman you rock….

  • Ryan

    This is amazing. This would help many many people

  • John Flanigan

    Good luck to all… Whoever wins will be set for a while!

  • K August

    Its the small thing’s in life that give us the largest rewards in life

  • Achie

    Dutch passion im in!!!!!!cheers and peace to all=)))

  • Nicolej Larsen

    Lovely price.
    Medicin for the people!

  • forest

    It is hard to believe you guys can give out all these free seeds with each order. I just ordered my second set of feminized (10 seeds) and you co0mped me another 10!!!
    WOW! I would love to win…………..

  • Shaw Daniel

    I’ve been a very very long time. I have Crohn’s disease and ended up with a colostomy bag on top of it. I also have a very bad back which had led me to become addicted to opiates. I have wean myself down lot thanks to rediscovering the benefits of marijuana. I was so happy to find this site that can help me fill my needs all in one place. And there’s no need to mention the great prices that they have here. Am I am new to this site however it is fast becoming one of my favorite places on the web! Being that I am disabled and have been waiting for over 5 years to receive a disability check it would be wonderful if I could win this contest! I could really use a win at this point in my life!

  • James Adams

    Do you delivery to the united states. And what is the highest thc strain auto is there

  • FallOut Jamie

    Can’t hurt to try 🙂

  • Diego Calaveras

    A participar por este espectacular premio,ya que el premio anterior aún no llega

  • scratch dogg

    cool Beans


    This is an AWESOME & very generous giveaway! Hoping that I get lucky!

  • Ernest Herbert

    i just made an order and am looking forward to getting my seeds, plus i got some free seeds too. i will buy again!

  • Federico

    Top Notch seeds source!

  • Michael S Bingham

    SEEDSMAN ROCKS!! need me some more autos

  • You are the best !

  • Gaetano Porcelli

    Wow I hope to win

  • Howard Appel

    I sure would love to win those free seeds

  • Frank Freytag

    Just placed my first order w Seedsman. Can’t wait for arrival. You guys rock.

  • paul anderson

    thank you !

  • Douglas Santos


  • Doris Doss

    You are awesome! Thank you..

  • Louie Gu

    Thanks Seedman. One 💚

  • dick

    Thank you. Guys so much for your generosity . This would be s life changer for me .

  • Tom Haag

    I am going to share this with everyone !!!!!!!

  • Ashley Sutton

    Let me bring this love to the cape of good dope south africa

  • Ashley Sutton

    I shall pay it for ward as you guys are clearly doing. Big ups

  • Ashley Sutton

    Seed’s man be thee brand. Ain’t no others I would place in my mediums or sand and that I swear will a Bible and my two hands. 😉

  • Nick Reitz

    Big up seedsman

  • Ben Jammin

    seedsman rocks!

  • Tim

    Another awsome competition? Hope I didn’t miss out on entering this one.

  • tcpdb2

    this is awesome but I’m probably too late

  • jgreen

    Was the first place i bought seeds from and i don’t need anywhere els! Top of the pack!

  • Anthony Ung

    sign me up please.

  • Johnp410

    Can’t wait to see who won. Thanks again for the opportunity

  • Dizzy TheShark

    Is it too late?

  • Steve Whitman

    I Can use some seeds!!!

  • Brian Hale

    I agree with Amy. Totally diggin the free t-shirts…I done some questionable things for free t-shirts

  • Brian Hale

    And I’m just a little late

  • Pablo Barros

    Seedsman will keep me warm and safe with clothing + seeds!!!

  • JP

    Found this late also – good luck winners – would look good my new grow geo domes

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    Tuesday 23rd of May, The Prize was over 50 autof seed’s and Chlothing and Goodies?
    SO WHO WON ??????????
    Could you please let us know?

  • Yusuf

    Equals quality and service SEEDSMAN

  • Allainyaha Char Matthews

    Just heard about the contest hope it not to later to in enter.

    Love the Joint Dr. story under seedman history of canibias section.

  • Mistah_jamez

    Looks like some great gear!

  • Tom Haag

    so glad to have found you guys!!!!

  • Joey Thompson

    Am I too late

  • Tek MAÇ


  • dr glassman

    sounds good…

  • DD616

    Why would you buy anywhere else when the quality of seeds A+++

  • sherri

    I could sure use this as a starting point for my personal growth for my terminal mitochondrial disease and find a treatment for my 21yo son who is now trying figure all this out.

  • Clara

    Sure could use a little luck on this, pick me!

  • Kevin burggren

    I have been a customer 4 2 years and bought thousands of dollars of seeds. I would love this gift. Kevin

  • Sibusiso Skosana

    This competition is everything!!!! 💟

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