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COMPETITION – Win 70 Feminized Seeds and 5 T-Shirts

Following the success of our last four competitions, this week we are offering three lucky customers the chance to win a HUGE bundle including 70 fantastic feminized seeds, 5 T-Shirts and a number of accessories from

You can ENTER one of two ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post.

Each lucky winner will receive ALL of this…


  • 10x Cindy Haze from Brothers Grimm
  • 7x SoMango from Seedsman
  • 5x Strawberry Blue from World of Seeds
  • 6x Naranchup from Philosopher Seeds
  • 4x Liberty Haze from Barney’s Farm
  • 4x Wreckage from TH Seeds
  • 3x Midnight Mass from Heavyweight Seeds
  • 3x Jack El Futero from Philosopher Seeds
  • 3x Gypsy Haze from Eva Seeds
  • 3x AK-77 from Victory Seeds
  • 2x Pineappe Express #2 from G13 Labs
  • 1x Big Bud XXL from Ministry of Cannabis
  • 1x Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds
  • 1x White Castle from Nirvana


  • 5x T-Shirts from our collection
  • 2x Snapback Hats from Dutch Passion


  • 3x Green House Seeds Grinders
  • 2x Packs of Seedsman King Size Rolling Papers
  • 1x Seedsman Tote Bag

The lucky winner will be announced on our Facebook on Monday, March 20…Good Luck!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds or want to find out more about the prizes on offer in this competition, simply head to and discover a library of over 3000 strains to purchase.


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  • Bo Allen

    This is amazing. I’d love to be the winner of this one!!!!!!

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    I’d love to be the winner of this one!!!!!!

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    Good luck everyone ✌ 💨 🍀

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    Who ever wins this will be truly blessed!

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    I would love to win and test your products!
    Good luck to everyone!

  • Saucy 1

    Wow, I could help a lot of medical patients with that gear. Fingers crossed.

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  • Tharindu Devinda

    worth trying

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    Thank you Seedsman for another fun giveaway-Good luck to everyone!!! My fingers are crossed ;o)

  • Derek Yearwood

    need some that really grow

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  • Noe Noelico Miñano Turpin

    Thank seedsman for oportunity.
    good luck all

  • Antony

    Énorme la se serait juste énorme de gagner autant de graines et surtout plein de diversité

  • Moxie Hitokiri

    Oh my gosh I would LOVE to win this!!<3

  • Ken Lewis

    Sending good vibes from Colorado! These seeds WILL get planted and loved if I win. Thank you Seedsman!

  • Ian Notyourlegalfictionanymore

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    Winning this would be Fandabydozy.

  • Doodlesnodlees

    Really want to win xD

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  • Fazilet Güleç

    Süper bir çekiliş. adamlar düşünmüş bizi. 🙂

  • Will Miller

    Great company and customer service is superb

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    Sign me up for this one! Seedsman is the daddy.

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    Oh yes please pick me pretty please with surgar and icing on top and sprinkles all around I’d really love to win this epic prize 😁😘

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  • Matthew Wilcox

    AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!! I get every email and Facebook post but this is y’alls best contest I know about yet!!💚💚💚
    Sharing and Caring for PTSD!!!!!💚💚💚🌱🌱

  • mpergket

    Hope be the lucky one…aloha!!

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    one love one grow! Thanks for the chance!

  • James Puddy

    Wow seedsman you guys rock wicked give aways keep up the good work

  • Et Waller

    Yes please, and thank you for the chance at some amazing gifts!

  • Able_Danger

    Seedman is my go to source for a wide world of cannabis. Seedman has some great strains and prices on their own line of great cannabis strains as well as all the top shelf breeders. Seedman is reputable, communicates well and has not let me down. My first source!

  • flyindevil

    Wow, 70 seeds! Can’t pass up free genetics!

  • John Bannister

    Yes please! Wish me luck 😉

  • Sign me up please 🙂

  • Rosita GF

    The draw is spectacular. I have been competing a lot of time with you and this is the most extraordinary draw that you have done. I hope that ever win Spain. For me it would be an honor and privilege to win this prize.participate and share.and thanks thousands for the draw, I keep on facebook in all your posts.

  • Heidi Newell

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    Throw my name into the hat. Good luck to all.

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    Thank you Seedsman for this Mega contest. 70 seeds and gear I could use them all with Spring here and Summer coming. My new organic garden would over runneth with awesome genetics. Ole Hippie Momma says to Have A Maryjane Day 🙂

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    Would love to win and put the winnings on our youtube chsnnel!!! Check it out RedSlinky Grow 420

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    Wishing this is the one i win, third one’s a charm!
    Love & blessings to everyone @ seedsman ❤


    Seedsman rule. Always great shipping out their seeds. Have bought lots from them, now with all my plan in place I just need to win this competition then victory will be mine !! Mwah ha ha ha

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    The best seedbanks I’ve found yet!! You guys are awesome spreading seeds for the people keep up the good work!! Thanks again

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    what other seeds? theres not 70 on the list

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    All won seeds will be turned into high quality meds! Seedsman rocks!!

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    Hey how’s it going? I would do some much with 70 seeds. I hope someone uses them well. Plants those babies and has a great time with their new loves.

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    Amazing! Love the site and blog. Very informative.

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    Excellent contest and marketing idea! Best of luck to everyone!

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    I´m a Seedman follower and buyer! Thanks for the contest

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    What a great promotion.
    Thank you Seedsman for the promo, and thank you for the great seeds you provide. I liked them so much I bought some for my brother as a birthday gift.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Put my name in this crazzzy thing!!!

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    From my order, 18 seeds planted and every one sprouted. They are 6 weeks old and thriving. Thank You Seedsman.

  • Vickie Mattison

    Would love to win. Great collection. Grow for myself so don’t get to try all the different kinds.

  • Matt Juergens

    I’ve ordered from a lot of seed banks and people in the past but deadman is at the top of my list! The seeds get to my door in a very short amount of time and the seeds are fairly priced. Also the majority of the seeds germinate. Thanks a lot for doing what you do and offering this great chance to win awesome prizes!

  • Prime Browne

    Wow! What a prize bundle… A total dream! Best of luck everyone and feel free to send me one of the Tshirts 😉
    I’m a rock guitarist so i promise to wear it for every remaining tour of 2017!
    Seedsman, you rock!

  • Dave Mayers

    Thank you for medicinal products.

  • Falynn

    Hey seedsman, competitions are fun, maybe soon we can do one with a bundle of high CBD seeds? Thanks!

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    Thanks for the dank seeds Seedsman! I will be putting them to work shortly and i knw the results are going to be spectacular!

  • Achie

    lets go…..i just order but i want these too……=))cheers to all of you!peace

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    Count me in, I know many patients who would love the medication these strains can produce 🙂

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    Thanks Seedman!! You guys are Great!!

  • Melvin Keeton

    This is really nice deal.i would love to win something at least once n my life..not sure if this where I need to comment.but love to sight.and me being a beginner grower ur web sight has helped me out so much.its been two yrs now.and yet learning new things..

  • Josh Pop

    If I win I promise to give away half of all that is produced to those most in need. Except the hats. I would rock those bad Larrys all day, every day.

  • Karen

    Wow…this would really start me off nicely! Best of luck to all who’ve entered!

  • Joe Boulton

    Happy 420

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    It would be an honor to win this contest! My first time ordered from seedsman, very happy with the results, got just what I wanted.
    Sign me up

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    Nice, now I know why I use seedsman!

    Good luck to all. Thanks, Seedsman. Good Karma doing this.

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    Would love to win some of your great seeds. Growing Marijuana is my favorite hobby and these seeds would really get things growing. Good luck all.

  • Richard Alves

    Just received my first order. Delivery time was excellent. Will definitely do business with you again and will recommend you to my friends. Please enter me into the contest. Thanks.

  • BNL

    This is why seedsman is the best!

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    Wha Wha Wha What!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 🌿

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    This would be nice to win and add to the garden this summer.

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    Psyched about seedsman super contest..high quality products!🤗

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    I would just love the seeds hard to come by here in the states or at least good high grade ones! Sign me up! Stay lifted 😎💨💨💨

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    Love the promos you guys offer and this one is amazing! I would love to get my hands on all this merchandise!

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    Sign me up, winner, winner, munchies dinner;))

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  • Gypsy Contradiction

    My husband would absolutely love this. He is completely enthralled with receiving the order I surprised him with.

    Good luck to all.

  • Cbeck1098

    My wife would be extatic if I won the contest because our anniversary is the 21st. She has the Green Thumb of the family. Would be the best gift/ surprise ever. Good luck to me!

  • Alex Augustson

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  • Frederic Tifft

    Sign me up. Btw, thanks for the autobiography!

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  • Joyce Johnson

    This sounds great! Sign me up! Bought seeds from Seedsman for the first time about a month ago. Everyone of them sprouted! I was pleasantly surprised because the last 2 companies I purchased seeds from only had a few sprout and then when I complained they wanted the seeds back to examine. Really?

  • Bryan

    Sounds like a great contest! I could really use the additional seeds….

  • nickshook81

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  • Charles

    Wow, this is Beautiful. I can really use the gear & winning the seeds would B like Christmas. Tnx seedsman .

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    Thanks. I pretty much need those seeds and seedsman have been great to me. Thanks seedsman for 18 seeds of g13 x widow. And some freebies

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  • Shannon L. Barlow

    This will be such an awesome prize pkg for all 3 of the lucky winners. I am soooo hoping I’m one of those lucky winners. lol. My husband would absolutely LOVE these seeds. He loves to grow and he’s so good at it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN SUCH AN AWESOME PRIZE PKG. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO’S ENTERING!!!! #420 #stonerforever

  • Daddyparker

    Seedsman is the daddy! What a great competition. Superb seeds from the best breeders about.

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    Sign me up! The last thing I won, aside from bar quizzes, was a sonic the hedgehog video game package. Those were the good old days…

  • TheDule1111

    Sign me please,regards from Serbia 🙂

  • Anon Amos

    I don’t do facebook so if I win, I hope I’ll be notified some other way. You have my email address due to my previous purchases. Currently awaiting delivery of my high CBD Cancer’s Nightmare seeds and the free Blueberry seeds that will come with them.

  • Nicholas Muscat

    Hi to all SEEDSMAN RULE !!! Never heard these nice give away could happen count me in

  • p mc

    Thank you Seedsman! The Durban poison you sent are vegging nice and the free blueberry is beautiful! I’d love to try those liberty haze,
    Good luck all!
    Ps. Pick me! 🙂

  • Diego Mustaine

    looking forward to get those seeds!

  • Sam Copeland

    Excellent service, order arrived in record time, 98% germination rate, healthy, vigorous and happy and happy plants. Remarkable, I would highly recommend your company.

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    Consider my straw drawn. Thank you Seedsman for this opportunity.

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    In my years of experience with various seed companies I have never recieved the level of customer service I have from Seedsman

  • Bryan Wall

    I’d love to win these great seed strains, and the t-shirts and other swag would be a great bonus. Seedsman is the only place I shop! They are the best!!!

  • Rachael Escott

    This is a top blog hoping I win ; ). Good luck to all

  • Nathan Stelmach

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  • Tiago Almeida

    Send the seeds to Brasil 🙂

  • Glen Mccutchen

    Only count 52 seeds listed above but nevertheless it would still be dope af to win….all puns intended lol

  • A. Lopez

    thank you seedsman. best of luck to all.

  • Jay Dossey

    This prize would come in handy right now and be greatly appreciated!🌲

  • scott roughley

    NASA seems to have it right with their 70 day trial. Hope I win. Best regards Scott the Smoke!!!

  • abagis

    This old stoner needs new seeds and clothes,I’m homeless living in my year round greenhouse naked and alone,,,,maybe winner this stash will help!!

    • abagis

      winning this stash lololol

  • Emmanuel Mastache

    Good luck to all. cheers, and may the weed keep you high in the heavens.

  • gonja cave

    Always looking for more gear to run. Thanks seedsman for this great opportunity.

  • Gustavo Gonçalves

    I will win all this little treasure and make my friends happy!

  • Ken

    Nice promotion just spent $300.00 with you yesterday but I would use the products to track and post the outcome. Seedsman does well by me.

  • Willie Nel


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    Sign me up! Thanks for the hook
    up. Will not be forgettenough!

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    Too sweet to pass up. I’m in!! Good luck to all. Stay frosty, amigos

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  • Morvis

    Seedsman rocks!

  • Matt Enmark

    Seedman rocks!

  • Gregg Moser Jr.

    Sign me up for this amazing prize.. With spring just around the corner this would make the most awesome looking garden…Thanks seedsman for top quality genetics at great prices..

  • LaQuita Fox

    please please pick me…while I wait for my 1st order to get here…it would be amazing!!!

  • Sign me up!

  • Terry Benton

    tks for the contest love what u do for us good job to u

  • Jan Stubbe

    Can’t read those comments
    Stoned af

  • Josie Marie Gray

    Please enter me!! Thank you!!

  • K Holmes

    Please, I have to suffer Trump. I will need these to survive. Please. Thanks to all of you fabulous breeders, growers, planters, pickers, trimmers, floor sweepers, retailers, smokers, pro-weeders, and progressives.

  • Albert Wozniak

    Throw me in the hat!

  • Erin Thatcher

    Sign me up! Thanks Seedsman 😉

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    Yay seedsman thanks for being the best!

  • Thomas Gray

    How awesome is that,beautiful bounty of seed and cloth,I could definitely make that work,seedsman ,you are amazing!

  • Josey Wales

    Thank You Seedsman , we here in Sunny Florida think our overseas FRIENDS are truly the BEST!

  • wakeuppeople

    wow what a contest, sharing is caring. Good Luck everyone. Peace, one love

  • Ned Booth

    thank you seedsman for your company’s support for all of us home growers. the information and products you provide makes it possible for beginners and pros to have successful results.

  • Sequoiabears

    Please enter me in the contest! Gotta keep the seeds in circulation. 🙂

  • Antlion Cicada

    Hello Seedsman, I would love to be entered in this giveaway! I am a newbie and if I were to win, having so many seeds to choose from would take some of the pressure off of being new to growing. I could then enjoy myself while I perfect my skills and then I can come back and buy more strains, this time with more confidence.
    Thank you for offering this promotion.

  • Tracey Turner

    What a fabulous com, please enter me

  • Mike Bridgewater

    This would be real nice to win.

  • TruBluRose

    Omg what a fun prize ! I gotta win this one since we just this year legalized recreational use ! My garden will flourish with bounty ! Thank you for this competition Seedsman. Love your site.

  • Bob

    Hope luck is with me.

  • khaoohs

    Gotta be in it to win it. Thanks for posting.

  • Ryan G Mailey

    Thank you Seedsman for another awesome opportunity. I hope I win. I’m just dying to try out some of these unreal genetics. Fingers crossed. Have a great day. And good luck everyone!!!

  • Andy McLaughlin

    I will grow the biggest girls in the whole world!

  • Cliff

    Awesome way to keep your customers happy. Thanks seedsman all the way from N.Z

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    I have never tried autoflowers so looking forward to a summer of fun with this new bag of magic beans that have just been delivered.
    Thanks for the birthday loyalty points too..This last order was in fact my birthday present to myself.
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    Peace and love

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    Hi from Colorado. If I were to get lucky. Let it be now.

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