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COMPETITION – Win 80 Feminised Seeds in Our Largest Giveaway Ever!

With just two weeks to go until 4/20, we thought we would start April with a bang and offer our largest cannabis seed competition EVER! Two people will win 80 Feminised Seeds from legendary breeders Barney’s Farm, Nirvana, Ace Seeds and many more, plus a Seedsman Merchandise Bundle! The prizes in this contest are worth well

You can ENTER one of TWO ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

The TWO lucky winners will receive ALL of this…

The lucky winners will be announced on our Facebook on Tuesday, April 11…Good Luck!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds or want to find out more about the prizes on offer in this competition, simply head to and discover a library of over 3000 strains to purchase.



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  • Matthew Koch

    Pick me! Pick me!.. awesome giveaway. You guys rock

  • Evrim Alpargun

    Yes. I’m here 🙂

  • Chris Bernier

    Such an awesome giveaway! Just in time for 4/20, Count me in!!! Hope I win, could really use the beans.

  • Stoney Maloney

    Toss me in the mix. Just made my 3rd purchase from Seedsman this morning. With all their promotions and giveaways you can’t beat ’em. 😉

  • Kevan Aiken

    Outstanding!!! What a amazing prize! I would go crazy if I won!

  • Kurt Williams

    Would be a great way to make 4/20 extra special this year!

  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    This the best way to celebrate 4/20 day thanks seedsman and good luck everyone

  • tami

    wow what an awesome way to celebrate the day..cancer patient really needing those seeds

  • Camille Drewry

    Super awesome! What a great 420 contest! Thank you!

  • Ken Lewis

    LOVE IT! You’re always upping your game, which is why is the only place you should get your seeds.

  • josh

    Count me in!

  • Gopesh Dasa

    yessss pleaseeee seedsman…thank you for making me a dreamer 🙂

  • Burak

    love you seedsman

  • Thiago Maia

    se eu ganhar, vai ser só alegria!.

  • Jose J. Quintana

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  • Jason Sullivan

    Nice looking stash

  • Tim Crosier

    Can’t beat that.

  • James Fletcher

    Oh my! It would be pure seedy heaven to win this amazing collection! I sure hope I get lucky this time with my entry so I can proclaim to the world how much I love Seedsman! My previous mail orders have all arrived flawlessly! Thank you!

  • Karl Israel

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Andy Scclcc

    Great give away good luck all

  • Anthony Morris

    Yes please 😉

  • James Peavy

    Sweet please pick me

  • Alan Dean Stout

    come on let me be winner n let there be happy days lol

  • Lesley Johnston

    Awesome prize!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Carol Cropp


  • Salomé Delgado

    Nice giveaway ! Crossing my fingers since my bday is actually 4/20 =D

  • Aaron Shoaf

    Ill give it a shot. I’m normally not that lucky tho lol

  • Timothy Scott Mellen

    Would love to win this for a friend of mine. He goes to school for botany.

  • Johan

    This sounds like a dream! Slap me, I must be dreaming

  • tiago flores

    I need these seeds they sound fantastic.

  • Tamas Gyori

    They have just legalized to be allowed growing and consumption on private property in South Africa so i would love these seeds thanks.

  • Jennifer Keevill

    Would love to win some seeds

  • Wayne Nesbitt

    Have always wanted to try these genetics. Who knows, I might just get healed lol

  • John Smith

    another comp they’re just giving stuff away all the time god bless them lol

  • Michelle De Klerk

    Wow what an opportunity! Pick me, pick me!!! 😆

  • Svarupa Singh

    They have just legalized cannabis
    to be allowed growing and consumption on private property in South Africa, so it would be lovely if I could grow some new and different strains for once 🙂

  • Ron the Mon

    Well , another great bundle. Thanx for the opportunity SEEDSMAN!!

  • zu-chan

    Is this true!? OMG Pick Me!

  • Ricky Starling

    Thank you for another awesome opportunity!

  • Soso59

    Thank you very much for this contest!
    Good Luck!

  • Dizzy TheShark

    The “bible belt” needs this. Help me help them

  • Brett Brunett

    What a great give away

  • Morph Eis

    What a WONDERFUL giveaway.
    And congrats to whomever wins.

    But I hope is MEEEEE

  • Warren Cason

    Om nom nom nom nom

  • Ростислав Русев Роско

    want a try a mangoo

  • Anthony Ung

    sign me in. Thank you seedsman.

  • Alexander Dowding

    Love the sound of those Blueberry Cheesecake and the White Castle! 🌲

  • Achie

    good luck to all!!cheers peace=))

  • Logan Demboske

    sweet compition gus thanks agian

  • T S

    It is my DREAM to make growing
    cannabis into my real career. I have invested so much of my savings and time into this because I believe cannabis is truly a medicine- being so young, I do not always have all the funds to support my ambitions. I have traveled to Denver in hopes to find internships at grow houses there, winning this would CHANGE my life. I shared this on Facebook and commented here, please consider me, I do live in MI and it is medically legalized here,
    My ambitions are stronger than ever and I have dedicated my life to this, people think I’ve made poor decisions, let me prove them wrong.

  • Roberto Roos

    with this many seeds the winners will be set for years to come. good luck everybody.

  • Albert Toutafond

    Thank you this is cool good luck has all

  • Gemma Bradshaw

    Great prizes good luck x

  • Dale Coert

    Would Love to grow my own beloved Mary Jane, now that we are being fast tracked to legalisation in South Africa what a kick start this would be. Blessings.

  • bradofcanada

    Good Luck to all 🙂

  • flyindevil

    Always looking for new genetics!

  • Pieter Kaoss Fourie

    Hi… I am a cancer fighter and cannabis user for 28 years now… but alas the quality is never great and i depend on the best to stay alive. It is my 45th birthday in May so this would be a great birthday gift. I live in South Africa. Thank you for a great blog!

  • 0.o

    Good luck all!

  • Chanel Ruby

    My mum has cancer and my father has parkinsonism and dagga has just been given the green light for use at home in SA. So would be great to grow some for them 🙂

  • Blake Cooper

    So many good strains from some great seed companies. Winning these beans could mean getting a better hold on strain variety for my future commercial grow! 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  • Niko Iko

    You people are amazing, someone’s gonna be very happy with this and many will enjoy a lot! :3

  • Miles Takabayashi

    great contest. growing a Dinafem Industrial Auto that i got from Seedsman. this package would make a great addition.

  • jeremy jehanno

    salut à tous!!!encore une superbe compétition seedman ne s”arrete pas et on va pas sans pleindre surtout avec des aussi gros lots je n’est qu’une envie celle de gagner!!bonne compétition à tous et que le meilleur gagne!!!

  • Alan Vintner

    Seedsman. The first seeds I ever got were Joint Dr’s Lowryder when it first hit your shelves, which I grew under the sun with no nutrients. I’m currently growing Blueberry and Original Skunk #1 indoors which have just flipped to 12/12. The free skins with my last order burnt a treat.

  • Lisa

    Fab comp guys👍🌟💖👄💨💨💨💨Good luck fellow friends😉✌

  • Fabio Bueno Tanaka

    Seedsman is one of the best seeds sellers.

    Strongly recommended <3

  • Reuben

    Thank you seedsman
    For such great opportunity
    Since your companies inception
    Have nothing but praise for your company who excelled in quality and service.
    Hope to win love these beauties going strong in the sun.

  • Lulu Beans

    Thank you for the super cool giveaway!

  • Bryan Fox

    Heck yeah count me in thanks.

  • Idlerush!

    Thanks for all the care you put into the community Seeds! Happy 4/20 everyone! <3

  • Heather Kaye Rath

    Thanks for everything!!

  • Jake Franklin

    I just want milk that tastes like real milk. And some free seeds

  • Dustin Lane

    I need to win.. I love Seedsman

  • Radar T FourTwenty

    If you choose me, I am both gardener and caregiver who will put the plants to good use – and document their growth from germination to harvest.

  • Jose Sequeira

    Our country is finally in the process of legalizing cultivation & smoking of Cannabis for personal private use at home. Man would I love to plant these seeds 😉 1OVE

  • Esteban Crespo

    Great giveaway, hope I get lucky this time!

  • Phillip Engelbrecht

    Great comp guys! Especially for growers like myself

  • Andy Trelfer

    Big giveaway. Good luck everyone

  • Matthew Monaghan

    let me get in on this LOL!

  • Tabitha Suzanne

    I would give up one corn chip to win this prize

  • Levi Whaley

    I want to win seeds… I love seeds

  • Johan Bezuidenhout

    Amazing competition!!
    Seriously nice genetics that would be incredible down here in South Africa

  • Nick Reitz

    bubble bubble

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Yes please thanks for the chance 👍

  • Muhammad Daniels

    We need these strains in South Africa!!! Nothing but indica strains here most of the time

  • Benji Graham

    Pick Meeeeeeee

  • Alessio Bravopie Agip

    Hola hola hola! me encantan estas semillas!

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    Thanks for the chance , Good luck to all

  • Vegania Kim

    Hola hola hola! necesito ganar estas semillas para crear mi green paraiso! besitos

  • Ian Notyourlegalfictionanymore

    Good luck everybody

  • Donna Livingston

    Oh yes yes yes; can’t wait to grow!

  • Michael Clinch

    You guys are Great helping growers with free seeds! Love it

  • george melton

    thanks for the comp guys👍

  • Scott Towsley

    Holy cow that would be great

  • Hyatt Michael

    Give me a stack of white Castle top with those blueberry cheesecake



  • Hyatt Michael

    I’m a strain hunter and love collecting strains from all over the world and grow the best Medical cannabis for all those people needing to heal with clean organic cannabis peace out my cannabis connoisseurs. Stay medicated and happy 420.

  • Clam Cdz Klones Bake

    I needs seeds!!

  • Cyndi Phillips

    What a yummy competition! Thanks so much for putting this on.

  • Pedro Cifuentes Lopez

    Incredible!! Great competition!!, Yo quiero participar de la promoción, pues las semillas son excelentes y una gran variedad para llenar todo un bosque completo :D, saludos y gracias Seedsman, los mejores con diferencia!!

  • Crystal Chaplin

    This is an awesome jackpot Seedsman and hats off to all the seed companies that donated those fabulous prizes. I would love to add these to my “Cancer Killer” garden. Thank you so very much for a chance to win. Have a Mary Jane Day and Good Luck to All . 🙂 .

  • Wouter Malan

    Awesome gesture, Can put me down for some of that lovin’

  • Anthony Ung

    sign me up please. thank you

  • Sean Mcgovern

    I would love this prize xxx

  • moniquinin


  • Russ Efron

    WOW, now this is the type of competition that i like. What a selection.

  • Arno Lbzh

    merci pour le concours , et bonne chance a tous !!

  • MichiGreen

    Show me the candy! Those strains look delicious!
    Count me in please…

  • Ron Dunn

    This would be awesome !!!!

  • 池瑞浩


  • Leif Westrheim

    Thanks seedsman for this awesome opportunity I would love to try some of these products!

  • Oliver Žveglič

    Big shout out to seeds man for perpetually bringing the bangers. <3 good luck to everyone

  • Sarah Louise dial westrheim

    Thanks seedsman you guys rock and I would love to win this amazing comp, thank you for the opportunity you guys really are the best!!!🙏🍀👌

  • Zack Webb

    Yes plzz would help soo much🙏🏻

  • Quốc Anh Nguyễn

    Im feeling lucky.
    Pick meee pls :X:X

  • jim meadows

    It’d be AWSOME to be fortunate enough to win this! I’ve never won anything in my life.

  • 808

    12 x orient Express and my dreamy weed stash would be filled for the next few years 🙂

  • Kyle Dowler

    This would be so cool to win! Also shared the facebook post like you asked!

  • Bob Smoker Sacheli

    i need some seeds for this seasons grow

  • Don Calori

    time for summer grow , may 15 i go in the ground.i can not wait, all legal in Calli this year.

  • Levi Skillings

    Killer giveaway I’d love to win!!!

  • Jason Gryszowka

    I would love to win maybe i will have luck i just became a dad for the 1st time !!!

  • Ville P

    Great competition! Good luck everybody 🙂

  • Buck Wild

    Awesome prize!

  • sophie marsollier

    oooooooooooo yum!

  • Mark Sola

    Nice competition! Cannabis is nice.

  • Benjamin Doepel-Stevens

    Omg, this is amazing. Best seed site, hands down.

  • Jacob Baker

    in love hope my dreams come true

  • Arno Lbzh

    le reve ce lot !!!

  • Caleb Bastuscheck

    best seeds place

  • Kris Brown

    So awesome to continue to share the love of Cannabis!

  • Rich Switzer

    Ship to usa

  • Brendan Burns

    tastes great…less filling!

  • D.G.V.

    yes please mr. Seedsman / a.k.a candyman / lol

  • svejedno

    hell yes. I’ll do it if nothing else than just for so mango and Orient Express , liberty haze….hell, they are all faaaan tastic . please count me in / i’ll send you photos of those babies /

  • Sven Goran

    hola. suert@ todos . Love seedsman competitions but I would Love Them Even More If I Could WIN just once. Pretty Please ???
    amazing collection of strains who ever wins will enjoy growing them and i hope it will be fellow MJ patient coz majority of those beauties are real good cure . wish me luck fellow patients & growers .

  • Anthony Ung

    me please. good luck everyone.

  • Tina Toma Tahan

    Please tell me I’m not late. /had a problem with diquse service you’re using for this ,thy asked me to verify even i did it months ago /

  • Tina Toma Tahan

    G 13 Labs GigaBUd is something I’m wanting to try for some time now. Same goes for Orient Express ,and So Mango by Seedsman was always something i want to buy but then I’m not sure should I spend money and time on strain I never had ,and even I have faith in seedsman my dilema is always there because of space.I need to grow for 5 patients and if I miss only one strain some of them will not have medicine good enough for him. That’s why I’d like to win this and finally see if so mango will be good for depression ,anxiety and PTSD , and if seedsmans so mango is highly resinos for making oil of it. Fingers crossed we will have a chance to try it without risking ,coz one thing patients can’t alowe to themselves,and that is risking .

  • Dunja

    just yesterday we were talking about Orient Express and how good all those China Yunnan crosses are o so good .
    btw. Lady Luck , I have a feeling You forgot about me , or maybe thinking i lost that fight? No. I havent. Still here and now is Your turn . We had an agreement .I’m here,that means You should help me out now . 😉

  • Dunja

    not sure if disqus is working.

  • Jonathan Newman

    Enter me please

  • Arno Lbzh

    bonne chances a tous ^^

  • Shane McCloud

    Can someone please help? I am in U.S and need to know how can I order seeds? All I have is American Express but they don’t accept it. Cash takes to long and is too risky.

  • Shane McCloud

    I need to win them. Might be only way to get some.

  • Mr brunch

    Sign me up for this one, seedsman kicks ass !

  • P Devince

    Awesome prize, please sign me up!

  • Lulu Beans

    Wow fantastic…..lots of love from Canada..count me in!

  • Kathy Collins

    please!!!GOODIES!!! Gramma needs some new girlies in her grow!!!

  • John Waldron


  • Merril Gilchrist Moolman

    Awesome prize, holding thumbs

  • Tina Toma Tahan

    Count me inPlease count me in 🙂

  • Aki Pilković

    Woow…nice idea..

  • Barney Green

    That’s a great giveaway! And great seeds!

  • Arno Lbzh

    bonne chance pour moi ^^

  • Steven Swisley

    have y’all done the random drawings yet, am i too late to put in my entry? please and thank you1 – love from CALi xoxo 🙂 -SJS

    • Steven Swisley

      mango, strawberry and ak-77 wow thats amazing genes just right there!!! ;p

  • Mr_Hemp

    Is the participation still possible?

  • MichiGreen

    Pick me! I love tasty, fruity strains!
    Isn’t this Tuesday 4/11? I didn’t find the results on the facebook page…

  • David Mittens

    Nice selection! I’d love to see this in my mailbox!

  • Frank J

    That is an incredible collection! Thanks for the opportunity to win it all.

  • Quốc Anh Nguyễn

    4/20 is my birthday bruhhh

  • Buck Wild

    Seedsman is the bomb. Love you guys too muchy.

  • Rick Sizemore

    enter me please i love seedsman seeds,

  • Michael Dickinson

    Your selection of products continues to expand. I would love to see more strains of Lowryder plants

  • Denise Hamilton

    I would like to enter please

  • Hayley Johnson

    Go Seedsman. You’re rocking the competitions! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tiago Almeida


  • BHL

    Sign me up

  • C Murphy

    Great gift as Happy Birthday to Tim!!

  • Kevin Takamure

    sign me up please, Seedman rule the best place to shop fast delivery ever

  • david hunter

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Good luck to all wed lovers participating.🙏

  • inmymind

    I cannot find the announcement on you facebook page ! WHO WON ???? SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME !!!! or on your twitter … nope :-/ @SeedsmanSeeds

  • Michael Scott Peterson

    I wouldn’t mind having these.

  • Jeremy Ross

    Always wanted to grow out Liberty Haze from Barneys! Love you guys!

  • MichiGreen

    I love new flavors to grow and would even share with friends 🙂

  • Buck Wild

    What a good mix of seeds! Good luck…

  • Buck Wild

    Send em..

  • Billy

    I could really use this. Please!

  • Danny Keogh

    Just send them to me!D

  • Jusfin

    420 beans

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