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COMPETITION – Win an Autoflowering Seed Bundle and a Seedsman Merchandise Collection

Summer may be over but here at Seedsman, our generosity will always continue! This week, one lucky person can win a fantastic bundle of some of our most popular Autoflowering seeds plus a collection of Seedsman branded merchandise.

Included in this amazing prize is:

  • 9x Auto Blueberry from Dutch Passion
  • 3x Auto Mazar from Dutch Passion
  • 3x Northern Light x Big Bud Auto from World of Seeds
  • 2x Amnesia Auto from World of Seeds
  • 10x Seedsman stickers
  • 5x Seedsman magnets
  • 3x Seedsman storage bags
  • 1x Seedsman cap
  • 1x Seedsman tote bag

To Enter, simply comment below letting us know what your favourite strain ever is. (please leave a correct email address)

A winner will be selected at random and contacted on Tuesday 12th September.

Good Luck


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  • Predrag Sušak


  • Allan Archas

    I’ve tried some strains. But my favorites are the CBD diesel, and any Cheese.

  • ron blum


  • Jeromy Gahagan

    Sweet Deal!

  • Stephen Allenby

    Got to be old school Columbian Gold….or anything from Ace Seeds

  • Gopesh Dasa

    Yes for og kush as favourite

  • Extinguished Flames

    Gorilla Glue #4

  • Τασος

    Kalamata red ,and super silver haze

  • John Mo

    They always do some great offers to help folk that don’t have a lot of money thanks seedmans 2 amnesia seeds by world of seeds

  • Aidan Acosta

    Og kush = thia x afghan x hashplant

  • Jarkko Salo

    Mazar.. or really any variation of that..

  • Patrick Panter

    Northern lights & Super Lemon haze

  • John Mo

    Would be happy with one seed no need to be greedy .Auto blueberry by Dutch passion would be nice

  • Dustin Campbell

    My favorite now is the white widow

  • Roberto Roos

    blueberry and strawberry diesel are my favorites. i have a mood disorder and they help me to socialize with people. so to have chance at winning some auto flowering ones is great for my outdoor grow. good luck to all who enter here.

  • John Mo

    My favourite strain is any cheese strains.

  • Steven Childers

    So far it’s Mephisto Auto Sour Hound, looking forward to trying out others in near future

  • Mark Topolewski

    My favorite strain is northern lights

  • Jeff Chatterton


  • Jeff Sproule

    my favorite strain is ,i havent got 1 ,i like them all ,but i am partial to northern lights,

  • Shawn Newman

    Old school – Thai Stick

    Modern – Blue Dream

  • Bryant Jarrell

    Pre 98 bubba Kush

  • tsmith8246

    White widow for sure

  • Rory Hanna

    TANGIE! Tastes like Grapefruit, so good.

  • Steve


  • Justin Gray

    Time TO be a winner!! Hello Seedsman!! My Favorite strain ever is Strawberry Cough, the flavor & lift it has is just great!!

  • John Neill

    Train wreck, great taste great high

  • Chris Brackley

    My favourite now is ice cool! Absolutely lovely, but I got to say orange bud always makes my mouth water!

  • Ray Martinez

    Blue cheesecake

  • Justin van Geel

    White Widow ( dutch passion )

  • Derek Tolle

    hey seedsman this is a great prize package, my favorite strain is LSD. and you said leave a correct email address and that is

  • aaron

    great prize seedsman n anything with gorilla or glue in the name 🙂

  • Kno Won

    Pineapple chunk

  • Odirlei Luís München

    Olá Seedsman. Qualidade insuperável!
    Minha strain favorita é Northern Ligt.
    Meu e-mail:

  • Jason Edwards

    Tangerine Dream is my favorite.

  • Jacob Harrison

    Bleu Cheese

  • aaron

    want to try gorilla glue oneday. great comp seedsman 🙂

  • Noah Ross

    Absolute favorite strain is Auto Blueberry from Dutch Passion!! The flavor is always amazing!!

  • Ken Lewis

    Another great competition! Gracias Papi!

  • Dale Martin

    I have tried many many strains, for potency lately has to be the dawg strains, chemdawg, purple cookie dawg etc.. But for taste, west coast shoreline!

  • Johnny Rebel

    Girl scout cookies!!!

  • Steven Johannes Friedauer

    My fav strain is bubblegum and has been ever since I grew my first bubblegum plant

  • Stephen Mcinarlin

    Strawberry Blue by World of Seeds


  • Amy

    I am new to growing and would love to win this in order to learn growing medicine.

  • Brenna Tidwell

    Blueberry, coincidentally 😁

  • Chris Bernier

    My favorite is the White widow X Big Bud. Such huge buds! email is

  • Semaj Chir

    skunk no1

  • Rebecca Stratford-torres

    I am loving atomic thunder atm….
    Chills me out and helps with my serious aches and pains. Early stage grower hubby to trying to help me with pain relief good luck everyone x

  • Paul Horgan

    Purple haze is my favourite because of the amazing head high and her natural resistance to diseases and bugs.

  • Jhonathan Endrigo

    Og Kush –
    Seedsman the best !

  • Kellie Sue Bray

    Blue Cheese is my all time favorite. Would love this seed pack. I haven’t grown from seed yet, just clones.

  • Joe Savoy

    My favorite of all time has to be grape stomper

  • Gerald

    Well my favorite strand I’ve ever smoked at have to say is Northern Lights I have lots of favorites LOL could sure could use these seeds. just got my medical marijuana card and going to be starting up my first grow thank you seedman for my chance of winning in this competition good luck everybody

  • Able_Danger

    Any Blueberry strain is wonderful. Recently, the Auto Ultimate from DP was fantastic. Blue Amnesia was a great sativa high in a auto plant. Don’t I just love them all. All the varieties of cheese are yummy too, then the Kushs. There is no stopping to this list. Oh ya Critical +2.0 was a awesome head buzz………….

  • John Smith


  • Andrés Cinco-mil

    Jack Herer!! 🌟🌟


  • Aaron Dahl

    Gg#4 or gelato thanks Seedsman you guys rock!

  • Mark Boese

    Northern Lights worked for me, but I’d love to try the Auto Mazar!!

  • Mohammad Maaz Sultan

    Girl Scout Cookies for sure., i simply love seedsman service and promotions!

  • Patrick Chalifox

    Chiquita Banana is pure fire!

  • martinez

    Original northern lights,first “real”weed I had and it was trippy this was in 2004,even tried growing a plant with them bagseeds
    Thanx for the chance and goodluck to all,puffpuffpass!j

  • Lorna Meikle Tytherley

    Gummy bear, I just tryed it it is my new favourite the now xxxx😁

  • Alberto Yerba Wena

    For me the best strain ever is northern lights a lovely indica for all your days. Good luck and thanks seedsman .

  • Chris IamNoize Pheiffer


  • Jesse de Jong

    Wanne win this

  • Kevin Knecht

    You are very, very sexy competition! I want you lots…

  • David Whitehurst
  • Jesse de Jong

    Didn’t have luck this Yearwith me autoflowes so can use some for next year

  • Michael S Bingham

    The best so far that i like is Malawi it has a very uplifting and sweet smoke.

  • Michael Hurst

    I like white widow and Sour Diesel and a chance to win!!! 🙂

  • Nick Bell

    Red poison my fav so far

  • John Lindquist

    Blueberry is my passion!! I know I’m a winner!!!!

  • Penny Cornell

    Seedman Auto White Widow is so far my favourite strain, its a real old skool buzz, it brings back so many memories 😍 excellent work Seedman!! Big Thumbs Up 👍Great competition, good luck everyone 🙂

  • Peter Lang

    Afghan or blueberry. Thanks seedsman.

  • Gary Jarvis

    SOMANGO! Without a doubt!

  • Jim Taylor
  • Jean Talon

    GWS. Anytime.
    Supply tested over 4%CBD and 18%thc
    Over .115 terpenes level.

  • Mel Lee

    White Berry is my favorite but I like all 😊

  • vikkid Co.

    dr grinspoon and somango

  • danvail
  • Jon Destruccion

    Mazar is muy favourite strain.
    Thanks and good luck evereyone

  • Darryl Bullay

    Purple Diesel…GDP x Sour Diesel.

  • Jason Hamilton

    Lemon skunk. Kermitslima@yahoo

  • Justin Odom

    Northern lights.

  • Stephen Moore
  • James Jackson

    White widow by far

  • kimj1129

    White Widow or Northern Lights,depending on my mood, but I have been dying to try a blueberry! Thanks for another great competition, seedsman!

  • Carl Wallace

    Gorilla Glue #4, Candyland, OG Kush

  • Zach Williams

    Blue Baboon is my favorite strain! Very hard to find cross between Grape Ape and White Rhino. Awesome heavy Indica!

  • John Fox

    Lemon haze

  • Tom Haag

    That’s tough between Wonder Woman and Girl-scout cookies. I guess I’d have to pick Wonder Woman. Also

  • Justin McAleer

    Northen many amazing strains have come from the NL5 cross. Plus its always good to grow a stable landship of a strain…sometimes the “supercrossed” hybrids are really picking…..

  • Derrick Birch

    Northern Light or White Widow ,depending on my mood.Thanks for another great competition,GOOD LUCK ALL.

  • Adam Robb

    I like most cannabis strains

  • Adam Robb

    Best strain Iv smoked is probably blue shakira or blue shark

  • James Adams
  • Cameron Whittaker

    I always enjoyed Rooi baard but will mention OG Kush as well.

  • Ricky Jardstrom

    I would say og kush is my fae so tasty and good yummmmmmm

  • Brandon F

    Dark Helmet and Bubblegum but I always like to try new strains.

  • Tom Chesnut

    Loving desfran strain by Dutch passion!
    Thanks for the Chance at these fire strains!

  • Jeremiah Holland

    Outer Space is currently my favorite strain. It’s got a nice calming yet uplifting feeling with a level but not super strong head buzz. Makes me feel happy and focused. Great for listening to music, meditating, or watching funny movies.

    On the medical side, this helps me through migraines. Great for depression and anxiety which I suffer from.

    Overall very nice strain.

  • Ronald Frazier

    Hello Seedsman my Favorite Strains are Seedsman WHITE WIDOW And Paradise Seeds DUTCH KUSH These Strains will never let you down. Everyone knows about White Widow , if Grown right it’s a Fan Favorite from the Coffee shops of Amsterdam to the streets of Los Angeles. Tasty and Stoney it is Great. Also Futch Kush by Paradise Seeds sweet Kush Kolas Batman! You can’t go wrong with Either and I have tried them both through Seedsman. Thank You for your Consideration Seedsman. I could Really use some Autos for Winter time. Good luck Everyone 🍀🌱🌱😎

  • Kevin Gulley

    Still looking for the perfect strain for me but as of now my favorite is Thors Hammer

  • Randy Eichner

    I love any well made skunk strain. Lemon Skunk is at the top though.

  • Matambo Ngobese

    Unity is strength. Thank you Seedsman for connecting the wirld through us. Together now we are one Seedsman family.Peace,Love,Joy and happiness to you all. My favourite strain is Blueberry.It keeps me calm. Peace

    • Matambo Ngobese

      My blueberry is the best strain in the world…all those who gave tasted Blueberry like it do much.

  • sergio

    Pineapple kush!

  • Mehul Munwani

    Classic amnesia haze!! Soo goood.. Would love to win something too haha!! Goodluck to me!

  • Augustus Sullivan

    Alaskan Thunderfuck

  • Tony Lamont Johnson Jr.

    My favorite strain would have to be Granddaddy purple and Orange kush both of those was two of the best strains to get here in Sacramento CA back in the day well to me it was lol

  • Don Dawson

    Blue Dream all time fav.

  • Jason Koster
  • Александър Моника
  • Laeticia Ottavo

    Skunk & Jack Flash#5

  • Joe Reitmeyer

    my favorite strain is blue dream.

  • Raymond Norcross

    love my kush

  • Matt

    Just grew my ultra power plant and love it.

  • eastern coast

    Blueberry is my single fave strain .

  • Jeremy Callens

    I love amnesia
    I would to try those bleuberry dutch passion :d i have something in comment with it lol im dutch to xd im from belgium 🙂


  • Tuan

    Jack herer all day!

  • Dan Mercer

    Gotta love Ken’s GDP! Sooooo good!

  • Remon van der Linde

    Love 🌱Kush💚, 🌱Bleuberry💚, and 🌱Moonrock💚

  • Fran Mendoza

    Muy favorite strain is Mazar the Dutch Pasion Old school … Thanks for the chance #Seedsman #OneDream #Peace

  • Stephanie

    I freaking love Blue Dream, but Northern Lights comes in at a close second.

  • jay klein

    My all-time favorite by far is super skunk and I absolutely love your selection of seeds. Fingers crossed good luck everybody.

  • Ian

    Blueberry for me.

  • Frank Freytag

    Auto Mazar is in the top three. For. Sure. Would love to win the competition. Cheers from New Zealand. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Dewald Barkhuizen

    Girl Scout Cookies and Northern lights for more clear creative mindset…

  • Bruce Vaughan

    California Orange Bud. Best pot for going out hiking or fishing ever! Smoke all you want, get high as hell and get shit done!

  • rex napier

    always wanted to try some of those.

  • Brian McQuaid

    Girl scout cookies!

  • Brian Hale

    Ive had so many favorites over the years. Right now it is a toss up between Girl Scout Cookies, and Blue Dream. 25 years ago though…we knew a grower that was working with hydbridizing indica’s and sativas and had one he called hash plant. A couple drags off a joint and you were mentally impaired.

  • Tastic7

    I really like all kinds of strains. The latest one I’ve tried is Death Star.

  • Rob Hopkins

    Grandaddy Purp.

  • Jan Busschow

    My most favourite strain ever for smoke is S.A.G.E, its an old clasic that wins everytime..

  • Scott Shorty Grantham

    My fav strain is either northern lights or white widow.

  • Jason Hayes

    Blue cheese is my new favorite. Thanks

  • cbdesmedicina

    My favourite strain is Cinderella 99 by Brothers Grimm

  • OzzFan Starke

    All time favorite is Skunk #1. And anything breed from

  • Manuel Romero

    agent orange

  • Pat De

    Anything Kush!

  • Mitch Thomas

    Super silver haze was the strongest for me.

  • Craig Hallsworth

    Super silver haze is my fav.

  • Lucas Lilio

    Blueberry! This was the one that popped my cherry….my very first grow. lucaslilio43@gmail

    Plus I never win anything like this!!!!
    Please pop my cherry Seedsman. Lol

  • Alexander Grand

    I Love the Taste of Lemon OG Haze

  • Ryan Beck

    Just finished up a pair of green crack autos from fast buds, via Seedsman. Super happy with them. Would love to try some blueberry!

  • Mark Clayton

    Bubba Kush is like a fine aged whiskey, perfection.

  • Patrick Stafford

    So far Nirvana Aurora Indica.

  • Adrian Oxide

    Royal Purple Kush by emerald triangle seeds

  • Steven

    The church green house seed bank 😵🤢

  • Frank

    I like the “NORTHERN LIGHT” to shine upon me.

  • It’s Stan Lee, Not Stanley

    Blue Dream by Humbolt County Seeds

  • Ang

    I am not familiar with many, but I suppose OG Kush is my favorite.

  • Gerald Bergen

    I love OG Kush!

  • johnny7570


  • johnny7570
  • Economics9

    Blue Cheese

  • Omar Mercado

    Yo! This giveaway is really quite something.
    My all time favourite is seedsman own white widow but I’ve been dying to try some northern lights.
    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Alexander Morales

    My favorite strain is our local landrace cause thats all that we get here. Hahaha

  • Billy Sanford

    Nice looks like a great bundle

  • Billy Sanford

    Blueberry is the best

  • flyindevil

    Ganesh by Mandala Seeds

  • Trevor

    Fav strain is White Widow..taste is amazing.

  • Mike Honcho

    We really like Northern Lights, easy to grow indoors and a great high.

  • Tony Roberts

    Gorilla Glue! The Goo! Strawberry Cough! Grand Daddy Purp! Fruity Pebbles and that Chronic.

  • Jonathan Scott

    I enjoy smoking Ak-47..

  • Frank


  • Draydon Eder

    Mango by KC Brains. Not only is it my favourite fruit but it’s also my favourite variety, Indica. And by the way, good job on my order (I used a different name).

    Please contact me at:, thanks for the offer!

  • Samantha Jones

    Girl Scout Cookies!
    For starters, the colours! They are absolutely beautiful, flavour is amazing with it tasting literally like cookies. Outstanding strain and by far my favourite.

  • Bradac Velky

    Good luck everyone 🙂 old school white widow is my favourite strain 😉

  • Yoann Planchot

    White whidow est une très bonne souche et assez fiable.

  • Achie

    White widow!!!!!!!!!!and auto widow from seedsman of course!!!cheers to all!!and peace!!=))

  • eddy M

    Og kush for its fine flavor, really anything with that og taste. Goodluck to everyone! And thank you seedsman for the opportunity 🙏

  • RasTeakay

    Seedsman WHITE WIDOW is the best I’ve ever tried.

  • Eva M Lietz

    Well I am sorry to say I am a newbie so I can not give an answer here. I made a purchase a few months ago and am just now starting them. They have peeked up out of the dirt so they are on their way to a full growth.

  • Cory Martin

    True Matanuska Thunderf*ck has to be mine. Several strains are my fav`s but that one stands out. Living up here on the Copper river in rural interior Alaska and being almost 50 I have seen some very top notch strains in my time but MTF from my old school hippie and native friends is hard to beat. Thank you for the chance.

  • Joe P.

    Dark devil is pretty good.

  • Marvin Haller


  • ashwin

    Amnesia Auto

  • Steven Joerke

    My favorite are fast buds autoflower girl scout cookies and LA WOMAN from RESERVA PRAVADA and Kosher kush from DNA GENETICS

  • Natalie Bridges

    old school here…sensomelia was my favorite..thai stick was good also…send me something different to try..I need to win!

  • darren d supertramp

    Another great competition. Thanks seedsman. I love the AK47. Great all round hybrid.

  • Sean Brooks Sr.

    Awesome!! Thank you very much!! I surely will pass this along too being I know so many patients who could really use these!! I have so many favs but would have to say Skunk #1 is probably one of my all time favs but do love that Blueberry listed in the giveaway too! That is a strain that we acquired as a gift and grew this season and we just love it! Best of Luck Everyone!!

  • AdisaMO

    My all time favorite is Sensi Star by Paradise because I was hallucinating/tripping off it for many weeks. Nine ounces of it at my personal disposal was a spiritual experience for me. I’ve not had that type of high since. I grew it myself from clone
    cdecalsuk @ gmail . com

  • Lisa

    Straw Berry kusha

  • Jimmy Lagan

    def,,white widow

  • Jimmy Lagan

    def..white widow….

  • Mo Bergson

    gorilla glue n og kush..i see a lot of different strains..ive never got the pleasure to smoke,i wanted to grow some,but cant even afford 1 seed..ugh

  • Adam Myers

    Girl scout cookies is by far my favorite!

  • jim oravetz

    I love your auto strains especially the dark devil and black cream that I bought.

  • Nelson Pratt

    Got some kona bud when l was much younger, it was by far the tastiest smoke ever!

  • Steve Bowler

    I would have to say it would be super skunk

  • The Joe

    Northern Lights, an oldie but a goodie!

  • Angela McGeachie-Hendry

    I’m still an old school Northern Lights gal 😉

  • mikarooni

    I’m in Love with Northern Lights…🌱🔥💨💣💥✌💜

  • Nick Davies

    My favorite is sour diesel ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • Olivera

    Blue dream , Humboldt Seeds 🙂

  • Logan Demboske

    M.O.A.B. thanks for the chance.

  • Serafin Soto

    My favorite strain is Dinafem Critical 2.0, beautiful.

  • Robert Shreve

    Northern lights

  • Ben Doige

    Girl Scout cookies will always be the top of the pack for me. Killer pain relief, amazing taste, and even better for relaxing after a long day in the office.

  • biokemisten

    Auto whiteberry

  • shane Thomas

    2 Fast and 2 vast heavyweight seeds great for a night time

  • Timur Barabashkin

    Red Dragon from Barney’s, it’s really dragonic searing plant)

  • BackTrackBug

    Bubba Kush!

  • I am new to the use of cannibis for health, having decided to incorporate it into my holistic regimen after being diagnosed with possible arthritis in several joints as well as pre-menopause. I like Girl Scout Cookies as well as any high-CBD strain for pain relief.

  • avobian

    I like Cinderella 99. Maybe a little blue dream.

  • Nelson Gonzalez Jr.

    To this date it will have to be blue dream. Great flavor with long and intellectual effects

  • John Montgomery

    Do-Lato by in house genetics

  • Charlie Main

    Girl Scout Cookie is fantastic.

  • Randy Hill

    Anything that’s berry just love the smell and taste

  • Carol

    Holy Grail by DNA is by far my favorite. Smell, taste, and pain relief.

  • Barret Ferrell

    I LOVE Great White Shark

  • Kevin Neal

    TBH I don’t know the strain of the last one I had, but I have some Guayaka from Reggae Seads which I hope will help with my ME.

  • Debra Reynolds

    Love my bubblegum og

  • Joe Robinson

    I’d have to say Skunk #1 but LA Chocolat by DNA genetics is really close I the running along with Laughing Buddha.

  • grae martin

    Pot of gold.

  • Terry Long

    Seedsman White Widow Auto

  • James Fletcher


  • E rossi

    My favorite is your Amnesia Haze, the autoflower verity is doing fantastic in my rDWC system!

  • Strawberry Cough

  • Tiffany
  • wesley

    I love any thing you can eat with what ever strain, but i like indica when i smoke. Any thing to cure a headache.

  • Curtis Baldwin Jr.
  • Chris Watts

    Skunk #1 x Northern Lights#1 aka….SKiNL…

  • RyRy

    Sour Diesel is my favorite!

  • Alberto Orta

    Pineapple Kush!!!

  • Caitlin B

    Northern lights

  • Ryan James

    Original Skunk

  • Vernon Anderson

    Gotta. Say chemdawg good luck everyone

  • Kevin C.

    Green Crack 😎

    • Pamela Rodriguez

      I have some green crack coming 🙂 Can’t wait to get it started!

      • Kevin C.

        Nice I’m jealous lmao been a while for me 😭

  • Ozan Kocabaş
  • Andrew Watson


  • Zombizz Buzz

    Bubblegum holds fond memories for me

  • Pamela Rodriguez

    Northern Lights and Durban Poison are my all-time fav!! !!!!

    • Trend setter

      Urrr forgot about Durban that is a great strain used to always be a fixture in my room. Need to do that again..

      • Pamela Rodriguez

        Its awesome isn’t it Trend. Love love love it.

  • amdew2

    my favorite is always my next batch of plants i’ve never grown. it’s a journey and each plant acts different to the light, the feedings, and just the care i provide when grooming my next batch….


  • Gaetano Porcelli
  • mcubed476

    Green poison has been my favorite, but I’m growing some red poison auto that I purchased through seedsman, and I firmly believe this will be the new favorite. You guys rock!

  • Howard Appel

    Gorilla Glue –

  • Simon

    My favourite strain ever is Candy Cream. And being my birthday on 12th Sept this would be amazing to win.

  • David Massella

    Have to say Blue Dream. Thanks for being a reliable source. Good luck everybody!

  • Robert Oestreicher

    I love white widow ,

  • RandAce Muse

    I love sour alien, also Cindy white.

  • James Walker

    Gorilla glue

  • Adam Smith

    Never had a favorite, every strain is good and special in its own way.

  • Irvin Omar Perez Lacen

    Auto UK Cheese from seedsmans seeds

  • Nenad Mladenovic

    Tutankhamun (King Tut) is the best!

  • Zingy Knave

    Seedsman Auto White Widow. Never had a bad seed or plant out of 30 crops. My Avatar is a close up of Seedsman Purple Ryder .

  • Asa Raul Heffer

    Has to be northern lights 🙊

  • Samantha Inscore

    NY Sour Diesel! Great website and selection.

  • Jay

    It’s got to be Amnesia Haze!

  • Akiba Howard

    My fave strain is Gorrila Glue #4… goodness the flavor!!!!!

    Woo hoo!!!

  • Trend setter

    Girl scout cookies—-loud&proud #Berner. Thanks for everything good and reliable. GOOD LUCK PEEPS

  • Rachael Escott

    I would have to say it’s got to be blueberry cheese. 😊 rachael_escott88@hotmail.Co.UK

  • Rob Greyfox

    I’m in. I can’t wait to see if I can win again. I won blue autos last time. Pick me peace. Have a Grateful day

  • Miriam Garcia

    Hi, I love critical. My email is

  • Tony

    The original White Widow strain was the best ever…It’s been in hiding though, I haven’t seen it again since high school…

  • Shawn Viveiros

    I’m a fan of the Ayahuasca Purple, spicy pepper flavors with a hint of creativity

  • Mark Doherty

    Northern Lights – Hands Down

  • Deej Vaughn

    White Rhino just runs over me!! It would be great to get some freebies from a great company

  • william jones

    A little cross of blue berry and cheese.We dubbed it blue cheese.AMAZING !

  • Otis Thompson

    Love all strains but that skunk that fire cant smoke with it

  • Matthew Hogan

    White widow auto

  • Doug Frederick

    Super Lemon Haze buds are ridiculously huge, taste is awesome and so is the high

  • SkyPig Farm

    my first time growing autoflowers i was just completely impressed all around by Black Cream. it produced beautiful, sticky bud bats indoors under lights and was strong, compact, and super dense and sticky outdoors in the dry colorado climate. even in my short season we got two rounds and, indoors or out, it was a sweet-smelling, tasty, and easy-trim plant to work with. the icing on the cake is that it’s a stunning plant to look at- both in the ground and in the bag!

  • Steven Childers

    mephisto auto sour hound X2,,

  • Mistah_jamez

    Oh man, I still can’t forget the scent and high of the AK47 I was getting when I lived in Colorado 15 years ago!

  • Eric Johnson

    Sweet Zombie: After being tormented by an outbreak of mice in my rental property I patiently trapped and killed 27 mice and placed their corpses in peat moss. Then an invasion of rats in my back alley and yard, I hunted down 5 of them. Their corpses were also added to the soil where my Sweet Zombie strain flourished and by virtue of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, turned my anxiety into lbs. of stress relief.

  • Adam Peachey

    Without a doubt gorilla glue m8, av 4 per plant. The tricks looked of this planet! !!

  • Omar Liddell

    Gorilla glue#7 is the bomb!!! P.S. I never win….would be nice to experience it for once..if at all possible. Ijs!

  • Ste

    I Love white widow it’s short and very snow covered

  • shane drake

    Northern lights…. Always reliable..

  • Gypsy Contradiction

    I personally am a huge fan of the white strains like white berry but realistically my favorite would be a sour diesel mix.
    Would make a killer gift for my fiance if I won.

  • Vito Corleone

    Growing Ice and white widow and after harvest, I’ll let you know which is my favorite 😛

  • gary

    My favorite is Northern lights helps my spasms and spinal cord injury pain

  • Nico Fourie

    My favourite strain ever is Durban Poison from Dutch Passion seeds.

  • Hood Kang Records

    That white widow is greatness

  • Keri

    my favorite is Northern Lights it helps my mother with her nausea from chemo treatments

  • Dean Farnsworth

    Super silver haze has never let me down. Its gotta be my personal favorite strain.

  • diavolix88

    Amnesia haze, the best

  • Rogue Brewer

    My own hybrid , Route 666 , Ghost Train Haze x Dark Devil … lost my clones so will try to recreate it as close as possible.

  • Brandon Eller

    Th seeds S.A.G.E.

  • Blood guy

    Blueberry for life!

  • Kyle Kellogg

    Blueberry. Helps me sleep & get through depression.

  • Demetra Nakos

    Lemon haze!

  • Jason Federovich

    AutoNight Queen.

  • Bill

    BlueBerry! Top strain that I enjoy the most! Highly recommend that to anyone. Smells and looks great too!

  • ClickClick

    Northern Lights /

  • leon schommer

    white castle fem from nirvana

  • JR

    Night Nurse better then Ambien

  • John Connor

    For me it’s definitely Chemdawg, first time I tried it, I knew it was something special.

  • Milton Foster

    Northern Lights …

  • Chimezie Ihuoma

    Moonshine GhostTrain Haze !

  • Major Tom

    It changes, but right now I’m lovin’ the Northern Light Auto.

  • Jason Castonguay

    My favorite strain ever was Chocolate Thai.

  • Paul

    I LOVE Seedsman! My favorite is Northern Lights!

  • Ronald Jenney

    Critical Kush by Barney’s Farm

  • Anya Ciesienski

    My favorite strain EVER is NYC Diesel… first smoked it in Amsterdam 2001!

  • Siso

    Blueberry Forever!

  • Moody Massey

    my fav is pink candy kush …

  • Bran Becker

    Seedsman Auto White Widow is my current favorite

  • Dylan

    Thanks for being so gracious seedsman, my favorite strain is Desfran.

  • Sam Owen

    Shark attack!!!

  • Steven Olah

    Really digging Holy Grail at the moment.

  • Terry L Boyer

    I favor the skunk and afgan iam old school og kush and the haze strains are my next in line. 43 years of cultivation and a good strong cerebrel euphoric is what i look for and a piney sweet lemon taste with a hint if deisel are great

  • Kyle Eskelson
  • Dave


  • Drakkon DarkBlood

    Northern Lights

  • Bernard Heideman

    jack herer great for music

  • John

    My favorite strain holy grail kush

  • Dan Heacock

    Can’t get any better than the white widow. growing some right now!!!

  • Kurt Shanor

    I like seedmans c99 blueberry, easy to grow, easy to vape too.

  • John

    Holy grail kush

  • steve

    Phat Fruity, nice fat rich nuggs

  • Jefferey Burnside

    Blue Dream … Hands Down

  • Adrian

    Ak47 or Gods gift.
    I can’t pick one.

  • Renegade

    Favorite Strain: Watermelon Kush

  • Biggest Little Grower

    Gorilla Bomb so far! Check our YouTube to follow the grow!

  • NoodlesMarone

    Northern Light

  • Leo Morales

    Im torn between chocolate thai or afghani….so many others were great tho

  • Bry Collin
  • Ashley Rose

    Northern lights😊

  • Jason

    Favorite Strain: NYC Sour Diesel


  • jean-pierre
  • Steven Ranger

    White widow !

  • James Stafford
  • Allan Schiller

    Sour OG

  • threedogsgardening

    My fave strain so far is Northern Lights 🙂 Thanks for considering me as a prize winner and have a great day!

  • Kevin Allen

    My personal favorite strain of all time has to be Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush it’s amazing the smell the taste and purples always look nice

  • Oma Susi

    Favorite strain: northern lights

  • Aaqib Liaqat

    Super silver haze –

  • Digirhymes

    Blue Berry And Eva

  • Kyle Mack

    Gorilla Glue!!! Without a doubt!! Thanks for the chance to win!! You guys rock.

  • Jse959

    Pineapple Express I got in Christiania in Denmark. The Moroccan hash was amazing too. Chase that dragon

  • Sean Roberts

    Northern Pride. Or maybe laughing budda

  • Tyler Hewitt

    Nyc sour diesel

  • Nathan Melton

    Haven’t smoked a large variety, so far blue dream is probably my fav.

  • Brett Vance


  • Joe Maiorano

    My all-time favorite strain has to be dakini Kush

  • bordboy71

    Original Colorado Green Bud. The original ‘Biker’ diesel variant. Rare as hens teeth…^^

    or…Black Domina^^…

  • Jefferson Filipe

    Orange Hill Special Feminised – Dutch Passion.

  • Realitees

    Amnesia Haze probably if i have to name one…free weed is up there too 🙂

  • Sean Roberts

    Northern pride or maybe laughing Buddha

  • Michael Jones

    Acapulco Gold would be me

  • Felipe Fernandes

    Hands down to the iWish strain, iWish i could ever have tasted a strain, if you´re up to my country you know what´s up…


    My all time favorite: PURPLE URKLE

    My email:

  • Ms. Pearson

    Dream Queen is the most’est best’est!!!

  • mary hager
  • Tim Dobbs

    Pure Indica is my goto bud.

  • Jeff Blair

    I really enjoy CBD mass effect and Ice bomb, I will be ordering from your team forever 👌🏻

  • Alisha Grant

    Purple Kush is my new favorite

  • Bill Keeling

    Hindu Kush! Got my beans from Jeremy (the Savage boys) in so cal!

  • richard leclerc

    For my part skywalker !!

  • Katie Montgomery

    Jack Herer!

  • Corky Courtright

    My favorite strain is Industrial Plant Auto. Its easy to grow and very productive. I use it to make alcohol tinctures which I use for chronic back pain.

  • Katie Montgomery
  • Dan Gill

    Bubbalicious would be my mine.

  • Rick Lawrence

    Royal Critical is my favorite 👍

  • Rafael Andrioli Moreira

    My favorite is Mobydick

  • Alissa

    My favorite strain is gorilla glue, I love being so relaxed I can’t get off the couch

  • R. Benson

    Red Dragon from barneys seeds. The high was just amazing.. Can’t wait for it to come around again!

  • Heather

    This is like asking someone to pick their favorite kid. It changes all the time!

  • Tom Lavoie

    Favorite daytime strain is Blue Dream and nighttime strain is Purple Urkle.

  • Robert G von Giebel

    Golden Flower was welcomed by both my son & I ofc it was grown Organically:-)

  • William Davis

    Triangle kush

  • Ian Wilford
  • Jeromy Gahagan

    Right now Rhino Ryder

  • Esteban Crespo

    My favorite: Northern Lights!!

  • abagis

    CHRONIC THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beretta Bedenbaugh

    so far white widow is the fav around here..

  • Gatorbackbob

    Acapulco gold

  • Chris jack

    My Fav has to be ak47 !!!!!!!! And
    Now you know I’m old school

  • Brad

    White Widow is my fav!!!

  • Shane Welborn

    Gorilla Glue

  • Shon McGee

    Cali Mist is one of my favorite that I can’t find 😑😕😠

  • Mark Harris

    Blueberry my first love.🌱🌴🌳😎

  • Matthew O’Steen

    It’s actually White Widow, and I got the seeds from seedsman!!

  • Roberto

    My favourite strain, is power plant, bcuzz i smoked it once, on a party, and i had the best time ever … .

  • Quintin Campbell
  • Phenomental

    Dinafem Amnesia Haze auto CBD. Perfect for my anxiety/panic attack disorder. 6% THC/12% CBD fruity smoke. Perfect for me.

  • Lovely Boys Microgreens

    Amnesia OG, grows like a mf tree

  • Richard Lock

    Best strain I’ve grown so far is critical kush!!! She’s a stinky bush and knockout high!!!!

  • Danny Vernot

    My favorite morning smoke is original sour diesel by calli connection


    Gorilla glue, Blue dream , original Loud , and white widow . Faves

  • Brittany Ashley

    I like King Tut!

  • knotenough

    My favorite strain is Hawaii Maui Waui … Nice long lasting and great for pain.

  • Lucas Mohammed

    Jack Herer was my favorite kid

  • Brendan Clark

    Night nurse from bcbuddepot

  • Tri-Hunter

    So far -Gorilla Glue. But thats my first. More to come!!

  • old911guy

    Jock Horror is great for a very relaxing grinning experience. Fun and easy to grow.

  • Lucas Mohammed

    Dutch passion s2

  • C Cr

    Master Kush

  • Mattep

    Blueberry – the Autoflowering Blueberry from Dutch Passion. It is so fruity in the taste, and it puts you such a nice smiley in your face. So great. I love it. And (until now) I havn’t seen anything similar..

  • Lucas Mohammed

    My old Bubble Gun

  • Cody Brown

    I just love old school Skunk number 1.

  • Glenn Appleton

    Mine has always been WAPPA from paradise seeds it’s fruity and a damn good high

  • Lucas Mohammed

    LSD strain really makes me feels Like i’m tripping

  • Rob Assessor

    Trans Siberian from Auto Seeds!

  • Kyle Foster

    White Widow is where its at!

  • Chris Young

    Not only my “favourite” but alot of fellow gardeners are now set on Dutch passion/Holland’s hope. But also you still can’t go past the good ol Durban poison!

  • Lucas Mohammed


  • Michelle Thompson

    So far my favorite of all time is Northern light auto, it grew easily and being a first timer this was crucial. Plus the reward was more than I had possibly hoped for.

  • Redwan Haris

    Girl Scout Cookies

  • Gary Woods

    Northern lights hands down. Easy to grow and a great high and taste every time.

  • Victor Pallares


  • yak55

    I enjoy charrette’s web it’s the best with CBD & small amount of THC. Grown only in year old cow manure !


    Lemon Cake by Heavyweight Seeds.. high yield, heavy potency, 60 day flowering. Perfect.

  • Glenn Appleton

    Mine has always been WAPPA it’s fruity and has a damn good high that you need to try.

  • Ahmad Mobasher

    Stacked Kush always is my number one

  • Tome Gunz

    Auto blueberry

  • nick brenner

    Tangerine Dream

  • Ron

    OG Skywalker

  • Lucas Mohammed

    “Cheese” s2

  • Ron

    But that mf Wembley the truth too

  • Les Frazer

    My all time favorite strain is Girl Scout Cookies

  • Gordon King

    Purple Monkey Balls

  • Yook Hunt.

    Got to be the Auto White Widow. To start with, it’s one of the easiest to grow. Indoor or outdoors she thrives. She always gives nice sized buds covered in lovely dusty crystals and smells wonderfully. Not too smelly until about a week from cropping.
    When you smoke this marvellous White Widow you’ll find she delivers a nice, smoothe slightly fruity flavour,with undertones of hashish. The high is more of a pick me up than a slump on the couch, but she will creep up on you and slow things right down if you overdo it.
    Personally, I find it great for helping in controlling my PTSD and the relaxing stages are perfect for filling chronic back and leg pain. If I was to only grow one plant, for the rest of my days, it would be the White Widow. Perfect for both beginners and established grows, delivering a medium yield of top quality smoke.
    If only we could get the Prime minister and her cabinet of cronies to give it a go. She’d sign the paperwork tomorrow.

  • John Andrew B

    lemon haze and Amnesia

  • Ricky Lambert

    My favorite all time strain is Blueberry

  • Reesha Robinson

    Northern light! It was my first grow ever and I was surprised at how well it grew considering I’d killed every other plant I had lol (mainly flowers).

  • Bill Z

    My favorite is Bianca

  • Joachim Hatlem

    My favorite Strain is dr grinspoon ☺️👍

  • Rudy Viggiano

    My favorite so far is Kryponite an Indica strain..

  • Blueberry (auto) is amazing! One of my favourite strains ever!
    (strawberry banana is VERY GOOD too!)

  • Trevor


  • Luke Staredsky

    Seems cool

  • Midwest Shiner

    Tough question, lots of favorites here. I’ll go with Afghan Kush, I love landrace strains and it packs a great indica punch

  • Cmando

    Extream Haze

  • J Roy

    Canalope kush

  • Anna

    White Widow 🙂

  • Brad Hayes

    White Widow – so good it kills me! 🙂

  • Amie Long

    Sin Tra Bajo… higher THC, lower CBD.

  • Gary Lewis

    Many yrs ago I had the privilege of tasting some Vietnamese that a veteran brought back I want to say it was called tiestick, good stuff !!!!

  • Sam’s House

    my favorite is Chocolate Thai – my brother in law got a brick of it in the early 90’s , seedy but full speed ahead on the Sativa highway , I was playing pinball after smoking one joint between 3 people behind Space Port arcade in a strip mall & had 3 balls going at once but got such a head rush I had to let em drain & hold on to the machine so I didn’t drop to the ground. talk about full strength OMG I needed air & something to eat pronto !

  • Wade Raps

    Strawberry Cough !!! 🍓

  • Mark Van Valkenburgh

    My favorite strain of all time is CRAFT cannabis Blueberry OG! It’s potent and scrumptious tasting! Thanks.

  • Katherine Rhine

    Jack the Ripper!!! 😉

  • Joseph Scott

    My favorite strain is White Widow. It’s a staple of so many cross strains. Provides a medium yield. Is very easy to grow for a first timer.

  • Annick Marin

    Blueberry… The best!

  • Ernest Herbert

    skunk is my favorite bc even before you harvest, you can smell it

  • Zale Carpenter

    Grapefruit Diesel NGSC (

  • RT

    I always look for Strawberry Cheesecake at the collective, and it will be in my next seed order.

    I love Amnesia and Seedsman’s Haze, and grab them the rare times it comes around.

    Right now I have a second go at AutoMazar and I am happy to see they look like indica phenos. No spaces and replace the “at” : rayukota AT

  • Biba Baba

    Auto-fem white widow

  • Tarique

    My Favorite strain is Afghan Kush Hits all the right sports

  • Dick Alves


  • Tarique

    That 9lb hammer smacks

  • David L. Nickols

    My favorite is Blue Cheese auto high THC

  • Suestg DPinscher


  • Suestg DPinscher

    Violator kush!!!

  • Thomas Parel

    Pink caddilac

  • Ryan Hawkims

    Green crack simply incredible

  • james harris

    Best I ever grew was the guerilla glue

  • BlueBerry is my favorite strain, But Bloody Skunk may be my new favorite! Just got some Bloody Skunk with my order from SeedsMan so ill know in a few months if I have a new favorite or not.! Thanks For Everything SEEDSMAN!! No matter what SeedsMan will always be my favorite seedbank and breeder ! my email is stevenic8888@gmail

    • Rachel Gordenier Kulesa

      Bloody skunk is a very nice smoke. Enjoy

      • Thanks, ill know in about 75 days im assuming.

      • i also got black cream, red poison, lsd 25 and quite a few others, ever tried any of these 3?

  • Valorie Snyder

    Aurora Indica–so powerful, yet smooth

  • Candelario Rodriguez

    Delicious Candy was a good one, also the Tha Shiznt Auto flower was good, that girl grew out of control fast!!!!

  • David

    Northern Lights

  • Julien Servais

    K2 definitely my favourite 👍

  • John Kourtesis

    Blue Cheese is like a breath of fresh air!

  • Chuck Sanders

    kali mist

  • Cory Anesi

    Blue Dream

  • Tom Haag

    Girl Scout Cookies…

  • fredao

    Pineapple Express

  • Andrew
  • Alex M

    My new favorite photoperiod is definitely Kalashnikova, and just tried auto WW recently it tastes promising, thanks to Seedsman I can now say I have my own garden of at least 7 different strains, will try one by one, little drops of heaven.

    Last request, a Spanish friend made me try a local Barcelona strain called Negra44 wonder why no seed bank providing it yet?

  • Darren Bentley

    Northen soul , (NL5) loved that strain , fat Fruit like baubles solid bunching frosty covered , smelt and tasted really nice

  • Cody Beck
  • Gamer 007

    yes Og Kush my strains fan

  • Ramesh

    My favourite strain is White Widow. But this time I ordered laughing buddha. Amazing discreet shipment. Got it in 10 days.

  • Nick

    Definitely Green dream. Love the mix.

  • Rachel Gordenier Kulesa

    Best strain I ever smoked is a strain a buddy of mine grew it was a cross of grape ape x chem dawg . He called it chia tea .
    The taste was amazing , the smell was even better and the colors … OMG AMAZING !

  • Spencer brown

    Narco purp autoflowering

  • Kamil G

    Dutch passion- Auto Durban Poison

  • Kristin Hollon

    Purple Erkle hands down

  • Frank Raya

    Best is Granddaddy purple then God bud

  • Peter Lewis

    NYC Diesel

  • Jimmy Shane Bates

    My favorite strain of all times are the Gg4 AutoFlower and the GSC AutoFlower

  • Gordon pasley

    Northern lights

  • Jerardo herrera

    Gsc is my favorite Strain and green crack And there’s a new strain called Forbiddin fruit that’s pretty good

  • Maurizio

    Greenhouse Pure Kush

  • Jeffrey Gilpatric II

    my favorite strain is granddaddy purple.

  • Josh Kimbrel

    Grateful Breath or Mendo Breath by Gage Green Group. Big fan of any of the OGKB hybrids.

  • Steven mitchem

    My two favorite strains of all time are Jack Herer and Durban Poison Jack Herer tends to be a shorter Bushier plant and requires a lot of pruning Durban Poison tends to be a taller plant that stretches a lot I recently found a strain called Power Africa that combines Jack Herer and Durban Poison my new favorite strain of all time is power Africa

  • Sean

    NYC Diesel. The smell is intoxicating!!!

  • Gerald D Pratt Jr

    Purple Haze has to be one of the best
    highs that I have had the pleasure of enjoying! The taste is phenomenal and the high is just a Happy dreamy high.

  • Eddie Mulreany

    Got to say Northern Lights

  • Victor Watson

    Dakini kush is my favorite strain. Nice heavy smoke, deep kush flavor, very heavy high and long lasting.

  • Matt Enmark

    Jack the Ripper

  • Mia Dawn Blood

    That’s a tough one…I would say Northern Lights but I also love OG Kush!!

  • Matthew Cook

    I’m thinking pineapple express and of course I love my chemdawg

  • Eddie E


  • Kevin

    Black triangle

  • Robert Blair

    Granddaddy Purple looks amazing, smells sublime and is great at soaking up pain. Jack Herer is great for pain but lacks the looks. White widow grows wonderfully, amazingly sticky but can’t top G.P. 😉

  • Truckie Ruddell

    Gran daddy purple,

  • Mr brunch

    Super silver haze, no question

  • Jason Wolf

    Man this is kinda of a tough call but I would say my all time favorite is Ghost Train Haze… It has all the assets im looking for when it comes down to quality bud… Thanks for the comp info ya’ll…..

  • Java Bean

    Amnesia Haze,

  • Tender Bud

    My favorite so far is Pennywise from TGA

  • Matiss Liepins

    Jack Herrer is just amazing 💚💛❤

  • Sean
  • Kevin Bower

    Jack Herrer by seedsman seeds

  • Jorge Fuentes

    Blue mystic, I have had back surgery and my wife has arthritis in the neck due to a tumor removal. While the high is mild ( which is great btw) blue mystic has great cbd levels and helps ease the pain away rather than resorting to pain pills. Email:

  • Cyberxwolf
    • Cyberxwolf BC Bud Depot – BC God Bud

      A BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup Winner for World’s Best Indica, the BC God Bud packs some of the most powerful aroma and flavor findable on Planet Earth. A popular plant among professional cash croppers, these very dense and heavy crystal-coated buds, flavor and accompanying high, make for outer-body experiences. A BC Bud Depot multiple award winner, this is the indica that brought the cup home to Canada.

      Seed Details:

      Flavour:Soothing powerful taste
      Genetics:75% Indica / 25% Sativa
      Specifics:God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk
      Flowering Time:Indoor: 8-9 weeks / Outdoor: Mid-October

  • Giovanna Jahnna Franco

    Laughing Buddha forever

  • Eric Hanes

    Agent Orange is my favorite strain ever! I wish I could capture the sweet aroma in a cologne!

  • Matt Lavallee

    GDP babayyy haha or super silver

  • Michael

    Sunset sherbet has great taste and a good long lasting high…

  • Jesse

    Reserva Privada’s Strawberry Banana is amazing!

  • Miles J. Hunsinger

    I like fruity pebbles strain.

  • Valeria666

    Blue lotus hog

  • Pati

    Lavender von Soma-seeds

  • nigel hermansen

    Jack Herrer

  • colin nichols

    My favorite strain by far is Lions Heads Kush unfortunately only one place carried it and a chain shop bought out the shop that carried it and I haven’t been able to find that strain again 🙁

  • Jacob Limm

    White widow XXL auto

  • tim lewis

    mephisto genetics, sour livers

  • J.G. D’Amico

    Northern Lights for

  • Oily Mark

    I crossed a Malawi Gold with a Durban poison…seeds from seedsman (2003 I think).We called it….
    Wounded when pigs busted the last known Mother in 2012..
    Keep up the good work Seedsman

  • Caroline Daniels

    White Widow is my favourite. But I grow the auto flowering varieties and they Have all been good so far.

  • Nuno Morais

    My favorite Strain is The old school white widow but The new generation of autos bring me The green crack and The sour hound, two great journeys of fresh flavours.

  • Colton Massie

    Girl Scout Cookies, hands down one of the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked…

  • Colton Massie

    Girls Scout Cookies.. hands down dopest dope I’ve ever smoked. 👌🏼

  • troy ellis

    Skywalker kush by reserve Pravda. Lemon lime just makes my mouth water

  • VIC
  • Tobias Walker

    Lambs bread theirs no taste like it🏍🏍. Eww la

  • Robet

    Right now, I gotta go with Girl Scout Cookies.

  • TUTMak3r

    Northern Light

  • Taylor Fink

    Blue Dream

  • Chris

    Skywalker Kush

    Not sure leaving the email address out like this is that safe at all but here we are lol

  • Xavier

    Gorilla glue #4

  • Da_one_King420

    Blue dream, all the way

  • Colton Lawson

    Sweet Seeds Red Poison

  • Gary Sizemore

    I’ve only tried the Blue Dream Feminized seeds, so that’s my favorite so far. I haven’t got to sample it yet since I’m just on week 6 of growing, but wow, it is a beautiful plant. I can hardly wait until it’s finished!

  • Patrick DeBurgh

    Bubba Kush cuz it is so dank.

  • brad

    Big Buddha Cheese for me!

  • Mel White

    White Widow. There’s a reason why it has been around for so long.

  • Ken Cher

    Super lemon haze auto by green house seed co.

  • ali biber

    low ryder #2 jack herer

  • Dave King

    Kandy Kush- flavor is excellent, easy grow, good for pain, spasms, depression.

  • Eyk

    Love Auto Northern Light. Gives me smoth and chilling mood. Thats what i need;-)

  • pothead pixie

    a mate grew a mexican sativa in a green house once; over a kilo of the tastiest high ever

  • Chris Glover

    The Incredible Bulk Feminised.

  • Ricardo Hernandez

    So AYAHUASCA! Yes this has to be by far the fastest phatest yield eva! Holly mother of God! Can i say im gonna CLONE f$@& out of it…Also did your LIBERTY HAZE, and SUGAR HAZE! Just as fast…keep up the good work!

  • Camille O’Hara

    Northern Lights but want to try lowrider.

  • Douglas Crimmins

    Green Crack has been my go too strain for sometime now. Just started the flower cycle on seedsman blueberry strain and it is showing some great potential to be a heavy yielder can’t wait to see.

  • Uk Dm

    Og kush x durban poison! Very very tastey! Good luck everyone!

  • Casey Dudley

    Northern light makes my mouth jizz

  • biggi4real

    Pineapple kush <3

  • cedrico

    OG KUSH, l’incontournable, gout, odeur, puissance, et rendement sont au rendez-vous….

  • Dylan Montileone

    Favorite strain is soon to be Girl Scout crack from seedsman!

  • jeremy katevas

    The one and only Mr.Jack Herrer, 71.3% true thc full melt shatter.🤤

  • Sean Callaway

    I love northern lights, just a gorgeous plant to cultivate, E:

  • Alan

    Blue Cheese

  • Dave Walker

    Trainwreck by Greenhouse Seed Co.,tried it 6 years back and it was awesome!

  • Alan

    Blue Cheese

  • Katrina Weber

    Gorilla glue #4

  • Mr Am4zin

    My favourite strain is Stardawg. Its the only strain ive found that manages my pain, yet allows me to continue my day.

  • Patricia Silverman

    rabid state no strain names but it was a good indica

  • Robert Curry

    I have had good luck with purple crush,an oldie, but it gives a grand high without being dead head after. Was easy to grow and quicker to flower than others

  • Avery Robinson

    My favourite strain would have to be Grand daddy purp. avr5360@gmail.con

  • Mick Axelrod

    Orange haze was my ish, back in the day. Nothing beats the smell of bud and citrus.

  • Mike Brown

    Years ago, I had this brand called Mindanao. It was amazing. It seemed like it was not very weighty, it got you high AF , it was hard to find, and you had to keep it in a mason jar. This is before like all of our modern everything about the marijuana was really on the board. This was in the mid 80s. I have never found anything like it and I have searched everywhere . The only place I even found the name is in the Philippine Islands and I keep wondering if I was getting it from there. So the crazy story about the whole thing is, a bunch of us are hanging out getting high, and drinking beer . The cop show up out of nowhere . Just to make sure that I have included everything, this is small-town USA, southwestern Pennsylvania. We think we are going to be in jail forever. As they stick us all in the car, of course no handcuffs . Remember where we are and when. I take the bag out of my pocket and stuff it back behind between the seats. We got no citations no tickets no hearing before the judge at all no fines no nothing . It was one of the craziest nights of our young lives.

  • John Doe

    Silver Haze

  • Thiago

    Manga Rosa, Brazilian Sativa’s

  • Avery Robinson

    My favorite strain would have to be granddaddy purp.

  • Charlie Smith

    My personal favorite is Pine O.G.. The nice energetic high with no “couch” feeling. Pure sativa baby!!

  • Arjay Kelevra

    My favorite would have to be white widow been a bit since I had some but it was awesome

  • Mal Southward
  • William Cyr

    Blueberry !

  • JetCityOrange

    If I’m ever stuck on a deserted island please make sure I have a large stash of sungrown Harlequin. With its 5:2 CBD:THC ratio I’ll get well as i get high. Not to mention the terps!

  • Justin Deming

    So many strains to love, but if I have to pick one it’s northern lights the most of all.

  • shalamabobbi

    To date my favorite strain is from Cannasol Farms. It is Cherry PEZ Livity. Seems to be found only in Washington State.

  • Luis Ortiz

    Headband by far. First time I smoked that strain, it literally felt like there was a headband on my forehead and it was the most amazing experience by far and would love to do it again.

  • Dale Martin

    Purple cookie dawg!

  • soapy titwank

    A good few years back my fav was skunk Ive just returned after an long absence to all these wonderful names and flavours so haven’t had a chance to sample many yet, only sour tangerine and white widow so far but I’ve got some barney’s blue cheese close to being ready it smells so good I can’t wait to try it.

  • Uk Dm

    West coast shorline for taste!

  • Toya Sanon

    I love the Afghani Ryder by world of seeds.

  • Allen Cornelison

    Cheesequake by TGA!

  • Rafael cabrim

    White Widow Best ever –

  • Rafael cabrim

    White Widow,Best ever

  • steveclotho

    Night Queen auto from Dutch Passion

  • Victoria Meston

    I love Critical Kush.. Its so easy to grow and never dissapoints

  • Dale Shipley

    Auto girl scout cookies is my fav. All 5 popped and came out great. Almost 3 oz per plant. Great seeds bought from seedsman.

  • Robert William Cowdrey Jr

    Blue Cheese

  • Mark Logsdon

    Glueberry og ….one of the finest strains ive come across in years very fruity tasting many of my phenos turned blue and purple at harvest and yield was pretty top notch as well have grown 10 and outta 10 the smallest yield was just under 3 ozs of dried canalope/berry smell and tasting nugs!! Excellent job guys!!

  • Jabari Peterson

    Orange Cookies is fucking fabulous.

  • Russell Rucker

    Auto mazar !

  • Zuni Hunter

    Northern Lights!!!

  • F U

    BlackBerry Kush 🙂
    The expansion of this beautiful hybrid is incredible.
    To die for Body High.

  • AnKvl

    Can’t go wrong with blueberry(;

  • Sky

    We have just started growing and so far King Kush wins out slightly over White Widow.

  • Scandahoovia

    Northern lights is my favorite.

  • Glenn Flynn

    Blueberry Haze : Yummy 🙂

  • Jhon Lennon

    Peace, brothers and sisters! My favorite strain – Moon walker kush (spliffseeds). Very nice stone effect.

  • davie l
  • Rich

    Blueberry gum😀😀😆😆

  • Al Ke

    auto mazar 🙂

  • Jhon Lennon

    Peace, brothers and sisters! My favorite strain – Moon walker kush (spliffseeds). Very nice stone effect. Suitable for evening use. Has a soothing relaxing effect. There are no side effects such as increased appetite, paranoia. Excellent strain for every evening.

  • Karissa Fix

    So far Pennywise is my goto for fibromyalgia pain.

  • Dale Martin

    Chemdawg. For its face melting propertys haha!

  • hddik

    when judging 1 year in Amsterdam picked sweet tooth-
    edge and industrial also rate[by dutch passion and dinafem]
    make my ears low and consistent effect

  • Vixen63

    I am a bit old fashioned I guess. Never have had anything better than Acapulco Gold. Knocked you into next week if you could get off the couch.

  • Javin

    Northern Light!!

  • Rob Thompson

    Blueberry x c99 is showing all the signs of being bumper.

  • Richard Allan Inman

    First would be some Maui Waui I got like 20 years ago, then a strain only called Golden flowers that came from Argentina again like 20 years ago. I think its actually the Destroyer. I got both your versions now. I hope something awesome and over the top comes out and clones like crazy…

  • Thomas White

    Hi my fave strain is tangerine Dream by Barnes luv the taste and everything about it a real pleasure to grow as well

  • General K-Oz

    Sweet Tooth Auto

  • Miguel Ramos

    Animal Cookies.

  • Jhon Lennon

    Peace, brothers and sisters! My favorite strain – Deep Cheese (Dinafem). Very nice stone effect. Super smell. Suitable for evening use. Has a soothing relaxing effect. There are no side effects such as increased appetite, paranoia. Excellent strain for every evening.

  • Joshua Quick

    Sour Diesel.

  • Mrpapaya Mann

    Wonder Woman great yields great smoke.

  • Peter Last

    Northern Lights work for me. I love the sativa as in Buddah sticks but they are so tall
    and too conspicuous to grow where I live.

  • Christopher Gibbons

    Gorilla Glue #4 it helps control my pain management.

    • Kris

      That’s good stuff!

    • Mrb53

      Of all I have grown, this is one of the most @!X%)*!! ever. No pill will cure my ills but GG4 sure does

  • Josh Erickson

    Liberty haze and true og

  • Rick Crisp

    Forbidden fruit vape oil is my all-time fav for taste/effect combined.

  • Man Uel

    mazaaaaaaar <3 <3 <3

  • KombeteMusic Diego

    Girls coutd cookies @jellatio it awosme flavor !!!

  • Nycros Felipe Silva

    the Best ever black Colombian 1974-1982,a pin J will put you out till next month

  • Randy William Vandenberg

    White Widow ! Old world Dutch classic, heel erg lekker !

  • Mark

    Northern Light without a doubt. It never disappoints.

  • chris_toe_pear

    Girl Scout Cookies are the best!!! It’s my birthday, make me a winner!!!

  • travis b

    Golden goat
    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ass …

  • Daconsul

    I prefer the sativa strains myself. A good indica will shove me into the couch and I just sit and drool until I go to sleep; whereas the sativa allows me to function and get on with my life (just at a much higher altitude). My all time favorite sativa strain is Transkei . It is an African landrace plant that gives an incredible high with a gentle come down.

  • spencer vongsombath
  • Matt Gray

    Moroccan hash plant very rare but is a very earthy and hard hitting plant ,haven’t seen it in over 5 years

  • Kenneth Hubbard

    Dark devil and thc bomb and glueberry

  • Andrew Brown

    I love the auto purple kush

  • stephen chambers
  • Jon Bloomfield

    Bio diesel for sure my favorite

  • Andrew Brown

    Auto purple kush

  • Guilherme
  • Terry Bush

    Sweet Tooth. Superb.

  • Chris Koehn

    Cherry thai. Incredibly smooth, mellow. Perfect smoke!

  • at the moment colorado cookies –

    by lucy marie maund – cyborcosis
    when one is alone then one is unsure when one is many then hope will endure.

    Ever have the feeling you’re on the wrong boat. it was the morning of the 8th of September 2017, a bright sunless day without motive, inside our backpacks we had our trusty kit ready for anything. our hearts rang out with uncertain joy as if we could see an outcome that had not yet occurred. holy together as one we surged forward, troops were waiting like shadows of fear ready to destroy a forest of light. somehow we knew we were not alone, there was an overwhelming emotion of being that we could no longer control hoping beyond hope that our choices would free them. we crashed into our enemies wildly, words drawn, the peace was over, there would be no more capitulation no more bowing to masters of cold steel, we would play their game our way. unified through thought intelligence and will we push into their ranks deeper and deeper, we freed them 1 by 1 until all of our enemies were cleansed. now it’s time for the demons we thought. something has taken us for an infernal ride into hell and it was time to get off that boat and make our own.

    suddenly out of nowhere a silence came drifting across a sea of fear, emotions became tangled as if claws were grasping at our minds, breathlessly we moved forward as one, unsure of our fate. it was the future, the consequence of all our actions, we had all made a place of will without emotion, somehow needless things had become our everyday. as if by magic we had put ourselves beyond the reach of light. the consummation of this was the ever forward motion seeded inside us. our presence of mind had left us bare to energy’s unbound. sealed inside the tombs of our own creations we seldom looked-for joy, unwilling to see a truth so naked it could melt a heart. somehow the track became clear, wordsmiths in time breaking no boundaries but our own, holding a fire so intense as to burn the sun. willing to see a future of endless truths in which our hearts could inspire a universe, there will be no more games no more silence.

    we will never stop again there will be no need to turn back and check if we have done the right thing. no guilt no pain no substance of fear to control the emotions of the mind. as one we will enter a humble existence knowing we are a river of eternal boundless joy and hope. seedlings of our own future without limits, stretching the hand of creation into the expanse of time and space, flowing as smoke and water. principles of darkness and light should become a circle ever changing, there can be no conflict only resolution as our dreams and our planet and universe become one.

  • Rosemary Cavanagh

    Northern lights

  • Karinne Providence

    Sky walker OG.

  • Arthur Asin

    Blue Dream –

  • Keyante

    Pineapple Express dopest dope you’ll ever smoke lol

  • Rick Lewis

    kona gold

  • TheProfessor

    Jamaican Pearl is my favorite strain, a great creative high with good energy and low anxiety. My favorite for day hikes.

    • Chris Hawkins

      I haven’t tried that yet, Its on my list.

      • TheProfessor

        I lucked out and ended up with a bunch. All my friends loved it. Couldn’t get enough if it.

  • Mike

    Purple kush. Just a good taste and buzz

  • Matty Whoa

    Malibu Pie. Smells and tastes amazing 🤙

  • Robin Ferri


  • Larry Speck

    White Widow so far…looking for the next best

  • Deandre Oliver

    Strawberry Jam

  • Sauce21

    white widow by seedsman is my favorite strain for sure. It’s my go to strain for sure

  • Enrique Molina Valencoso

    Moby Dick from dinafem…

  • Dustin

    These seeds are the best of just is my favo

  • mario poma

    Tangerine dream

  • Frank Mendes

    I would have to say I haven’t tried many yet but my favorite so far is blueberry any mix that has the blueberry in it ,is to die for

  • trey johnson

    Gorilla glue or more precisely the royal gorilla from royal queen seeds love that stuff alway will lmao

  • Luke Voigt

    Definitely Red Poison !,

    • Luke Voigt

      Someone with access to original ducksfoot should cross one with a red poison, it might be interesting Imo, and Ill be interested In some seeds once its stable … Idk just an idea.

  • Jessica Browne

    Personally i love the sweet high of a bubba kush, when grown organically and flushed well it has the sweetest aroma and the smoke makes my mouth water, helps me deal with mydepression and anxiety, i sleep and eat better

  • Dorothy Sullivan

    White Widow….it’s just so nice

  • Chase Putnam

    Girl Scout Cookies 👅

  • Dated Art

    My latest greatest is Mango. Rough day and a bowl puts me right where I need to be.

  • Robert Lee Hinojosa jr

    Jack Herer. Great High

  • Kokopeli

    La Nina from Mr. Nice! That or some really well grown Blueberry! I’d love to try those autos!

  • cT

    My favorite strain is Jack The Ripper – TGA! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity 🙂

  • smokey925

    blood diamond og or dream queen

  • Tim

    LSD and Critical Kush are 2 of my favorites from your store. Gorilla Glue is another all time favorite.

  • Aphaythea

    AC/DC is the best strain for me. I have acute anxiety and a little smoke goes a long way in helping that with this strain, while still allowing me to be alert and motivated throughout my day. 🙂 <3

  • Shirley Blansett Talabock

    Blueberry is my favorite strain so smooth!

  • Hampton09

    Ice cream by paradise seeds

  • Gabo Moli

    white widow by seedsman

  • Moses Cowart

    Vanilla kush is my favorite.

  • Dean

    OG or Afghan Kush any day of the week

  • Bob

    Durban Poison by Dutch Passion. great Sativa high not finicky to grow.

  • Michael Rand

    Blueberry Kush, really clear and energetic, very fruity

  • Jason

    Hippie Crack!!

  • Kelly Laakso

    Sour Disel is my favorite strain.

  • Jerry


  • Steve O’Donoghue

    blueberry trainwreck

  • Jeremy Iwanowski

    Blue dream. I have ADHD and it helps me focus instead of my mind wandering all over.

  • Dave_in_SC

    Green Crack is the flavor of the day, though my all time favorite is still Acapulco Gold, old school.

  • Bryan Wall

    My new favorite strain is Purple Orange CBD by Dinafem Genetics. This one can and will get HUGE!
    I really enjoy the medicinal properties of this strains. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression, and this works better for me than any pharmaceuticals that I’ve tried.

  • Pizza Paul (PizzaPaul69)

    Sour Diesel is SO yummy !!!

  • mikarooni

    Hard to pin it down to one…i guess Northern Lights…

  • Docteur Plaisir

    Favorite is my sweet Cannatonic. I love it with all my heart, mind and soul!

  • Mr. Azzlock

    Bay 11. Awesome little purple strain that hit’s me like a truck..

  • Henrik Rückmann

    Tropical Snow is my favourite strain purely because of the unique taste of it on my vaporizer – Whatever comes after the aromatic joy is just a bonus.

  • Bigger_Heart
  • Earl

    Motorbreath from pisces genetics!

  • pipebomb
  • Kelly Edward Hatfield

    Hard to choose just one from Seedsman, if I must then Seedsmans White Widow would be at the top.

  • Exalt

    Favorite strain gotta be og lemon kush or green crack

  • haehnchen1996

    Power Flower from Royal Queen Seeds 🙂

  • Boon

    Sour diesel great flavour and high

  • Constantin369

    Skywalker OG

  • ryan rice

    Just one thats not the spice of life!

    So indoor is gonna have to be Master kush done with good old school Gh 3 part in sunshie mix on a flood table under gavita 6s something about the heat and spectrum it just loves.

    Outdoor it dependes on region but hard to beat a good outdoor purp from NorCal either erkle or Gdp for size “grand daddy purps” grown with botaincare pro series…if you live where I do in Mendocino – fire,larry tahoe og and the cheesel a uk cheese and double diesel cross are hard to beat for flav,size ease to trim and what not.

    Light depervation greenhouse has to be” consperisy cookies” a nice
    G-13 x an original durban poison plant from my mom grown with botaincare heavy on the hydroplex! Or Doc Og, ak47 cherry pheno lots depends on mood.

    Hash would have to be the lemon haze old school bubble style looks like fine caviar shinny lityle balls of wonderlust, tiny little trics so you can really clean good with bigger micron bags “snow works great for you hill jacks wothout power or dry ice storage”

    Hope you folks with property on the east coast are safe from the hurrican Irma I remeber my parents losing their genetics in hurricane Hugo in 89 in Charleston, thank god for sweet ass seedbanks like Seedsman to help level heads after the devistation, puttin one in the air for you folks.

    Dont need the beans autos are not my thing I like to get high.

  • Dean

    OG and Afghan Kush.

  • Jae

    My favorite would have to be between Girl scout cookies and Big bud! 😛

  • Craig Cooper

    Cotton candy is dandy and hard to pass on

  • Mrz S A Conner

    I can honestly say, that i am in discovery mode as to which is the best, as i am trying to find the best one or two products to relieve me of the chronic fibromyalgia, nausea, and chronic low energy…
    Looking for the blend(s) that curtail thyroid and lymph/adrenal issues.
    I am in rough shape…
    And it definitely has put me in a depressive state…
    With that said…
    I am looking to share what growing can do for me as well as the next person who has the same existing conditions.

  • shlomi

    My favorite strain is white widow

  • Billy

    Blow dream is probably my favorite. Very nice buzz, it also helps with muscles cramps and sleep.

  • shlomi
  • Aida Nagy

    AK 47 was my all time favorite high! I still miss it!

  • Mitch Keller

    It would definitely be Super Silver HAZE. Very uplifting, helps with concentration & can smoke it all day without losing any effects. Plus a great yielder.

  • Rick Sizemore


  • Kevin Gadsden

    first timing smoker I guess og kush

  • Hot Koffee

    Master Kush is my all time. It was the 1st that took me to my limit.

  • Kraig

    Cheeseberry by 00 Seeds is one of my favorites to date. This indica dominant strain has such an amazing jar aroma and using it in my Pax provides tons of great flavors from cheese, pine and a bit of sweetness. After a long day a few hits is total relaxation. Beyond a great tasting potent strain it is amazing to grow.

  • 420 Gaming

    My favorite strain has got to be white grapefruit..i created a strain with a white grapefruit parent and it was amazing

  • Kyle Stasiak


  • Larry Holmes

    northern lights, girl scout cookie

  • Mark Gasparas

    Blueberry haze is by far the best

  • Uncle Mark

  • Paj

    Girl scout cookie super silver haze og kush ammo amnesia haze original

  • Tom

    My favorite strain has got to be the original skunk#1. Its a classic and just good all the way around.👍

  • sean a

    LSD-25 and Critical Kush are my favorites. The LSD-25 was awesome and looked awesome black with orange hairs

  • Jay Dossey


  • sean a

    LSD-25 and Critical Kush are my favorites. The LSD-25 was awesome and looked awesome black with orange hairs

  • Tracy

    My favorite is cherry bomb


    Purple bud is my favourite very nice high very relaxing helps me sleep but also able to get stuff done during the day that’s why I have ordered some from your good selves. …… this was my first one

  • Oliwia Waleczko

    My favourite strain is strawberry cough ! Taste delicious!

  • Daniel Wright

    zombie kush is mine at the moment, i love that kind of chilled buzz round the camp fire with my friends love to win this competition becouse iv just got my self a grow set up n this would be great to start on my new grow.

  • Lirpa Notlaw (Vivalalirpa)

    Blue Dream, Kandy Glue & Strawberry Diesel FTW!

  • Snarky Djs

    Blueberry. Will always love it. First and favorite. Snarkydjs at gmail

  • Chris Hawkins

    Northern Lights for me. It tastes so good and the effect is perfect.

  • otis tomney

    Blue cheese would have to my best I am New to seedmans and the green finger business had some bubble gum pro was really nice but would be a great starting if I would be the winner

    Thanks seedmans for the entry in to the comp fingers crossed and good luck to you all

  • P Devince

    Haze…any haze


    Purple Bud is my favourite very relaxing very smooth good for bed and during the day a great taste good for pain to ….. have just ordered some more from your good selves and can’t wait to get them …..this was my first PB

  • Stephen Crowe

    White Widow is my favorite, the feminized strain sold by Seedsman is top notch

  • Stig Dear

    Grapefruit and super silver haze r my favourite strains

  • Michelle Bledsoe

    Six shooter. Really helps with most everything that ales. Beautiful, potent, and relaxing. The trifecta.

  • hddik

    when I was growing up there was swag , then Viet thing happen, thaistick black gummy trip 3 days, yup

    • Mrb53

      I had this once back in the late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. Turned my mom on to this for her first time…Do you know anything similar that is around today?

  • David Lovell

    Bubble Crack.txt auto male x White Widow fem. Morning, noon, and night. My favorite to date.

  • Keith Jackson

    I’m in LOVE with GSC auto. Awesome product easy grow. Seedsman rocks!!!

  • Allison Brodsky

    Super OG Kush

  • Kieran Mcdonnell

    Train Wreck…. does what it says on the tin!

  • Scott h

    bubba kush is very tasty but master kush is my absolutely my fave

  • Yeti77

    Girl scout cookies for me! 😊

  • Harry Havens

    Sensi from Seattle since the early 70’s is still my favorite as it (does the job) first time every time over 40 years of pleasure.

  • Jerome Stonebridge

    White rhino

  • NorthernBoy

    Lemon Haze and Gorilla Glue are the favs!

  • Rk Johnson

    Auto Sour Diesel Haze is excellent, a true Seedsman treasure!

  • Ricky Barbour

    Auto mazar is my favorite! They get really big with little effort.

  • ritch87
  • Melissa McGinnis

    Purple Trainwreck is my favorite currently!

  • Raymond Romero

    My favorite strain is northern lights. I love it when my body numbs and talking with friends. this strain is awesome

  • ciaran byrne

    CBD Auto Compassion Lime

  • Jack Herer

    Satori from Mandala seeds-best of the best! Amazing high, delicous taste and good yeld-that’s all you need. But unfortunately this strain are not represented here. Not yet…

  • d. kraus

    White widow× bigbud no doubt the best

  • Gustavo Rivera

    White Widow! ❄ Easy to grow, good taste and proprieties!!!

  • Keith

    Auto Mazar from Dutch Passion is mine. So easy to grow.

  • Kevin

    Santa Maria était une souche magnifique pour le goût et un effet pas trop hard dommage qu’elle ai disparu de la liste des breedeur

  • Memphis

    Blue dream is my go to strain.

  • Marky1mark

    Green Crack does the business.

  • Harry Green

    ^^^^ white widow ^^^^ is my all time favourite strain 🙂

  • Cleo Anderson

    sour diesel is the absolute best.

  • Migringa

    Granddaddy purp for sure 😋

  • jgreen

    Strawberry Cough… yes please!

  • Ray Fenner

    Gotta go with Lemon Diesel

  • Migringa

    Grandaddy purp

    • Chris

      Can’t go wrong with GDP

  • Graham Harwood

    CBD Critical Cure by Barney’s Farm

  • Anonymous Me

    Bubblegum is delicious 😋

  • Kate Dani

    I would love to win 🙂 We just had father’s day. Here inOz yiu sow on father’s day and harvest on mother’s day:)
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Robert

    It would have to be Satori and Krystalica 😀 Absolutely amazing plants! They’re very creative, cerebral, introspective and relaxing… If you’re interested in using cannabis consciously, for your spiritual development, these two are the plants for you!

  • RDJ

    Without a doubt, Jack Herer via. Willy Jack Seeds .. “If you don’t know Willy you don’t know Jack”

    • Anni Miola

      They took Jack Herer and crossed it with WW and produced Jock Horror!! Guess where? lol and mmmnhmm!

  • Ростислав Русев Роско

    Orange Bud by Dutch Passion , the clasick ! one of best strain ever

  • JP Connelly

    Favorite strain ever has to be Skywalker Kush!!

  • Stanley “eNVy MYclosetGROW”

    Purple Kush is one of my favorites.


    I’ve come to enjoy growing the auto speed bud from female seeds. Perfect size and buds are of good quality. Always love those

  • Anni Miola

    For an amazing head high with a beautiful taste that doesn’t leave you ‘couched’, Durban Poison for me. I had the opportunity of trying some in the late 70’s, dreamed about it until 2010. Even after all that time and lots of new hybrids, for that cerebral, lovely, comfortable, head high, choose natures own, Durban Poison. You could honestly write a book in the company of Durban Poison, she helps your thinking become so clear. Bubblegum comes as a cheerie runner up.

  • Grossdoc

    Wild Thailand is my favorite. Reminiscent of Thai stick back in the 70’s. Pure land race sativa . Energy galore. Was surprisingly easy to grow and had great yield.

  • Nigel cunningham

    auto purple haze is a favourite of mine.

  • Ross

    I’ve come to enjoy growing the auto speed bud from female seeds. Good quality strain and size. Very happy one of my favourites!

  • Northern lights autoflower is my favorite

  • Snakeman

    I don’t know whether I have a favorite, but I am partial to Blueberry.

  • leslie bowland

    OG Kush…….POW! Sit down and enjoy!

  • Matthew Albright

    You can’t get much better that white widow. Definitely my all time go to bud.

  • Trell Stone

    Magnum by Buddha

  • Lone Star

    Love me some Kosher Kush!! My go to night time med. and IF I get lucky enough to win, 👍🏻 good luck everyone!

  • John Embree

    Sour Diesel I love the taste and the high.

  • Kaija Beatty-Stewart

    Blueberry would be the best I have tried so far. Very smooth.

  • Mervyn Clarkson

    Big bud is my favourite strain grows well in the southern hemespere very nice and as it says big bud with a good hit…

  • Earl Simms

    So hard to chose because I have so many! But one of my all time favorites is super silver haze!

  • Joseph Garcia

    White widow. &. Thai stick.

  • aaron

    ak thunderfck

  • Neir Lopes Jr.

    Green Thumb from humboldt seeds organization.

  • Neir Lopes Jr.

    Green Thumb from humboldt seeds organization.

  • Coop Exquisite

    I want the swag! The seeds are just a bonus!

  • Elbert Smith

    White widpw from seedsman really good strain

  • Kitty Tuttle

    My favourite strain would be Thunderstruck or CBD Critical. Growing for medicinal purposes

  • Sérgio Bruno Ferreira Gomes

    In my limited experiência, Super lemon haze by GH, definetly!

  • Brandon

    Lemon Skunk is my favorite all time strain.

  • Blaine Heiny

    Super silver haze 🙂

  • Merrill Dean

    Blue Dream, lots of trichomes and aroma. Tastes Fire

  • Kaloyan Chanev

    Northern ligts x Big bud =)

  • Jacob Treas
  • Brandyn B Kelso

    Favorite strain would have to be XXX OG. Haven’t had it in soooo long but it was great in terms of flavor, aroma, looks and feel. And the high was amazing!

  • Steven Campbell

    For sentimental reasons, I will always have fond memories of White Widow. I was looking after a fried’s house while he did time in the old Greybar Motel. He left a couple of nice flood and drain tables running for me. Included as a settling-in gift was a half pound of WW.
    Well I sat down in his big old recliner chair and had a smoke of this beautiful fresh crisp clean and amazingly potent cannabis. It changed the way I looked at growing. As a committed bush grower I suddenly understood all of the fuss about hydroponically grown weed .
    A couple of months later I had a great deal more and almost too soon he returned to resume the operation. I left with a hankering to go forth and grow my own indoors. One of the attractions is to see just how beautiful I can grow these new and improved strains when they are given premium treatment.

  • Brendan

    Blueberry is a really nice strain, has a pleasant high and very smooth, that I’d recommend to anyone.
    Skunk #1 is just as beautiful aswell.

  • vietnamvetwife

    This is so old school – but White Widow. I am a big fan of Key Lime, but never seem to be able to get it ordered before it’s out of stock!

  • Nora

    Deadhead all the way! Helps me focus, keeps me active and engaging. My all time favorite.

  • Knight

    Seedsman are a great supplier, used them a few times, free seeds are always good quality too. Dutch Passion are a great seed company, I have an Auto Lime at the moment, good size and looking healthy, highly recommend them.

  • Chris

    My favorite strain is The Freak OG. It was bred by Pheno from Massachusetts. It remains a clone only strain.
    The high comes on super fast and is intense to say the least. The body, the mind and the soul are effected like a kiss from an angel. Manna from heaven if ever there was…The scent alone is worthy of an award. Knocks you over with kushness, citrus and tilled soil. The flavor profile is a complete bouquet of classic citrusy dank and a sweet sweet taste of fresh clean earth.
    And talk about trichomes…It’s a hash lovers paradise. 60/40 indica/sativa hybrid…this one is worth finding if you’re from New England.

  • Rick Sizemore

    white widow is my all time favorite strain grate tasting and a wonderful

  • Randy

    My favorite strain would have to be blackberry a very nice plant to grow. It taste great and looks really nice after it’s cured.

  • Wyld Child Soper

    Id have to go old skool and say white widow. So much flavour


    Original amnesia by dinafem..I hope i win this ..pleaaase

  • Bud Flower

    Wonder Woman from Nirvana has a warm place in my heart.

  • Exalt

    Favs are lemon og kush and green crack


    my favorite strain is blueuberry
    of dutch passion.No therapeutic use, CBD is low but the terpene mix is special as its stoned cerebral.

  • Jamie Sibbald

    blueberry the best ,from australia .

  • mike mattison

    Favorite would be Acapulco Gold grown in Texas from the 70’s pure gold leaf that even sparkle’s at night

  • Yeppers

    Girl Scout Cookie Kush…..It handles tough temps, manipulating and twisting into Jumanji like vines with SCROG. One tough strain. Wow and what a good long lasting buzz that covers pain without fatigue. Plus a taste that’s just what the name sounds like. Tasty cookies.
    The kind…….

  • Dave LovesCannabis

    My favorite strain ever is from the 70’s “Red Columbian”.

  • Corey mossow

    One of my favorites is G 13 but I am starting to play around with the autos just finished a G 14 turned out great right now I have a cheese auto and a sour diesel Hayes I don’t going still have four weeks on the cheese and they look really good we’ll have to see how they are

  • Zoot

    Really hard to tell what my favorite strain is as I have only just completed my first growing cycle. ” Pre 99 Big Bud”. In the middle of the cure process right now. Have been “sampling” my harvest and can only say that this stuff is beyond expectation and hard to imagine anything getting better. So the question is weighted to the more experienced growers. Looking forward to trying more strains and I’ve got four more strains on hand for future grows.

  • Kerry chemelowski

    Cant wait they all sound mouth watering

  • Casey Howard

    Blueberry for me also. And with collected pollen I can cross it over with others for fun.

  • Joan Booth

    Northern lights!! So far!!

  • Tony Simoneli

    My favorite strain so far has been a sativa called Pot of Gold. Such a great happy, social effect.

  • Derek Yearwood


  • Kevin Tyree

    G G #4 That’s my favorite but I never win anything

  • Cream of the Crop’s Cropical Fruit – a citrus delight!

  • Nick Fink

    My favorite strain? Buzz Light Gear…Dr. Krippling Seeds. Love the creative flow to peace✌

  • Dave

    Sweet tooth is one of my old time favourites!

  • Eric Wilson

    Sour Diesel always

  • Henrique Souza

    Maybe I will win this competition and get more experience, so far my favorite is Euphoria form Dutch Passion.

  • Dizman Ogkush

    Mango saphire. It tasted like sweet candy. Was loaded with crystal and had nice bright red hairs with solid nugs.


    Money Maker has been the best so far with Aurora Indica a close second. Still so many left to sample…..

  • Ken B

    Maui wowwie……a one hit wonder

  • Dizazter

    Hi Guys.
    Sour Diesel I would say is one of the best strains you can experience because of its strong flavors and fuel driven hits, out weighs some of the more potent strains just cause of that experience you get from it.

  • Burgundy French

    blueberry is my favorite!

  • InfamousWiggles

    Green Crack. Terrible name, but such a great way to start the day.

  • CircadiaMicroGrow

    Ghost Train Haze by Rare Dankness. Have to love the Rocky Mountain High!

  • Amos Moses

    Purple urkle for last few grows , now mango. Kind of a flip flop .

  • Gary Williams

    Man, I thought Gorilla Glue was the bomb!

  • Justin Guimont

    Gorilla glue is deff prob at the top of my list

  • Pascal Hüser

    i really need to say, purple haze is my favourite!! its pretty intensive and got a nice high! love that strain pretty much.

    Aktually there are many strains which i never teated! hope i can win to get some new strains :p

  • robert koch

    Amnesia Lemon from Barney’s Farm.

  • Pennywise420

    Purple Afghan Kush is my favorite strain

  • Dianne Yonan

    I really haven’t tried that many strains that I now what were, but I really like Big Bud.

  • Charly Gutierrez

    Well I tried many strains but my new favourite is C99 x Blue Berry. super fast and super delicious buds. Thanks Seedsman for this amazing strain!

  • Tony Harvey

    Amnesia OG makes you forget all your troubles and is very smooth, Blueberry is delicious as is Bubblegum Pro+

    • The Mercury Program

      I love all blue strains man

  • Don

    I love them all

  • Traugott Herschlich

    My alltimes favorite is Northern Lights and I had amazing days with it. What I wanna try is Gorilla Glue…

  • Shaun Mccoombes

    Pink kush! ❤️

  • Beach Club Andy

    Skunk No. 1 is my favourite strain ever. I also dig contemporary strains but Seedsman Skunk No. 1 is my bread and butter. Cheers

    • The Mercury Program

      I like also skunk #11 from dutchpassion it’s so smooth and tasty

  • Stanko Zivojinovic

    My favorite strain is laughing buddha!

  • Adam Chapman

    kali mist all time fav very strong small yeilds they did in prove abit in late 90s if you every get the chance have ago one love fr the herb

  • Mark Alvarez

    White widow fast feminized and somango are a couple favorites but all strains are awesome in there own way! Great potential in a tiny little package!

  • Wen Budro

    So far, Northern Light has been my favorite. I love the mellow couch lock.

  • Eduardo Vieira

    Definate favorite is Pineapple chunk

  • Julie Pilot

    Classic White Widow my fav feel good

  • Joe Kubiszewski

    Trainwreck is my favorite strain to smoke and grow, need and would love to try out some seeds from seedsman company and see if the quality will make me switch from my regular seed bank where the products arnt always the same quality but scared to switch because I’m worried about quality and I know my seed bank garentee germination and delivery, my email is thanks and I hope I get a chance to try your products​.

  • Andre Rochus

    Amnesia Autos sound awesome. I need this guys. I got burnt buying from AMS. That’s my season over before it starts in Australia. HELP ME GUYS !!!!

  • Alan

    SUPER SKUNK. “happy days”

  • George Joseph

    Been enjoying Northern Lights gooey buds for 30 years at least. Started in Co. then in Ak. Love the taste, buz, and smell.

  • Mark Alvarez

    White widow fast fenminzed is a favorite. So much potential in a tiny little package!

  • JC

    Auto Amnesia Ganja Haze Feminised Seeds fast & furious ! 2 outdoor crops a year here is California .

  • Gman

    Sour Diesel, AK47

  • Jon Blevins

    My favourite strain ever is Gainesville Green from Gainesville, Florida. Great pine/hash taste and awesome buzz!!

  • cory

    purple kush my favorite strain so far

  • stringer83x

    Strawberry stardawg very nivlce strain

  • Samantha Dearie

    Sour diesel is my favorite.

  • Krystal Tuhi

    Gods gift would have to be my all time favourite! I have energy levels that keep me going non stop with hardly any sleep, so it’s nice just to sit down and relax after toking on a joint and get some some zzzzz in. My mind even feels fresh and bubbly after smoking God’s gift the next day!

  • XayXanny

    White widow is my number 1 prize possession. Gelato is a close runner up though

  • reginald danforth

    I love the blueberry strain. One of my all favorites

  • Jay Holmes

    Mine would have to be white widow great smoke great high just a all around great strain……

  • Mermaid Marla

    Nebula II is my go to for pain relief at the moment, 1:1 CBD:THC! Waiting on my 1st grow, Med.Marijuana Genetics, Candida, Hiydrow to get bigger! Love watching them grow! Good luck everybuddy! 🙂

  • Ky Yeti

    I’m hooked on the White Widow I love to watch it grow and taste so good .

  • Oh, hard question! Probably Blueberry, but still a big fan of Exodus Cheese! Got a bunch of new ones from you that are growing so once they come to fruition may find I have a NEW favorite!

  • Blueberry Kush Auto, fantastic strain. Big buds, great high. Love the taste!

  • Jeff

    Blue dream it has a perfect bzzz

  • Louis Schmidt

    All time fav is probably green crack or super sour og. But I think the new girl scout crack is gonna be my new fav.

  • Reaper

    Probably Mazar by DutchPassion, been a while since I’ve had it

  • David Long Jr

    Jack herer!!

  • Shane Meacham

    Chem Dawg always does me good.

  • Mick Rose

    It would have to be blueberry for me ❤❤❤

  • Ben Cooper

    It would have to be Northern Light for me.

  • Douglas Bruno


  • Dave

    Yes please 👍

  • Constance Wellman Farer

    train wreck auto….for treating my copd

  • chris

    awaiting first delivery, don’t yet have a favourite, need to try them all perhaps !

  • SnickleFrits Pickle

    Definitely has to be Grand Daddy Purps for me. Incredible flavor. Mouth watering aroma. Can’t for get it’s eye catching, head turning appearance.

  • Woz

    I Love the blueberry I go like Homer from the Simpsons when he sees doughnuts my mouth starts to drawl

  • djbsmity

    My favorite strain is Northern Lights.

  • Seven Four Genectics

    Wedding Cake right now is my favorite strain. The taste is so unique and a real relaxing buzz.

  • FatJesus

    Ohhh man….
    Space cream is a new favorite
    M.O.B. or Buckeye Purple too!!!

  • Tom Mc Bride

    I’ve been itching to try more DP strains because their Colorado Cookies was tasty, potent and abundant. Loved it. Carry on!😎

  • Antwan Williams

    There are so many strains to choose from but ill have to go with Sugar Haze

  • Eggcoin

    og supreeeeeme! og all the way.

  • Assface McGee

    OG Kuuuuush!

  • Ken

    G13 haze noce high nice flavor smooth and uplifting

  • Josey Wales

    Barney’s Farm Critical Cure hands down!

  • gaetan

    La northern light est ma classique
    intemporelle. .

  • Pedro

    amnesia haze from soma seeds, 24k gold is also amazing

  • Dave Greene

    Havent had a lot of experiencxe growing but my favorite so far is Jock Horror Auto Fem. Great high and easy to grow.

  • Ahmed Salah

    White Rhino

  • Jason Motzkus

    Garila glue # 4 is my all time fav it’s a nice head high then relaxing

  • Richard Desautels

    I think the Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Feminised from Dinafem Seeds is a great choice. Big plant, excellent yield, high THC, nice aroma and flavor and has the blueberry strain in it that is Awesome too!

  • Josh Tripp

    Jack 47 has been vary good to me.

  • void null

    Ooooh thats a hard one, gotta be one of 2 i’m afraid!
    Either pure-power-plant or C99 !!
    i could never choose between the 2, in-fact i’d probably alternate between both!

  • Michael Thompson

    Northern Lights Regular, as it is most likely the oldest best possible strain that is hardy to grow in Australia in all climates that it has to offer. Gives you the get up and go then getting you bombed out like a couch potatoe. Also treat my chronic back pain and other things great.

  • Bird Brain

    White widow, but I am growing blueberry now and think it will be a new fave.

  • Lawrence Mansfield

    Blue cheese is my favorite strain. The smell and taste is great.

  • Ron Porter

    Bubblegum auto grew exactly as described, the end result was sweet smelling and a great smoke. Highly recommend.

  • Rodney Mac Donald

    Bubble Gum just keeps me so happy

  • Kevan Aiken

    Dark devil or amnesia

  • Andrea Ollenberger

    Bubba kush ❤

  • Mr. Sunny G (ya mum’s m8)

    Ak-47 mate, had a sesh with a few mates one night (me and one friend ran away from home for a night lol) anyway i had 3 cones off this stuff that looked like gray tobacco but noooooo, i sat on that chair and just laughed and tripped (like a mild mushy trip not visual but, ya new it was? Hard to explain) after the laugh fit i finally looked straight and saw one of mates roundhouse kicking a Christmas beetle, so that just set me off again in another laughing fit lol, after that i looked on my left to see my other mate (the one i ran away with) just staring, not at anything, he was just staring like a real spacy stare and he just snapped out of it and said ” lets go get some chips mate” hahah so 2km walk later and wiggin on this bud, we got to a pub and he went inside, told them we were homeless (lol) and got two large chips n 2 bottles of 1.25lt coke, best night ever only 13 that time haha anyway that’s Ak-47 haven’t had it since so… when ya ready seedsman lol nah cheers guys my e-mail is

  • David Pitter

    I now have 8th generation Auto Blue Berry Passion and it is by far my favorite because of its smoothness and it is potent,you don’t need much to ne satisfied.

  • Ropata Turner

    Buddha, was my best strain.

  • Fran Lehman

    I’ve got to go with the old-time skunk that is such as nice smooth smoke such a nice powerful laid-back Buzz

  • Robert buckler

    my favorite strain is dark devil it has a high thc content a extreme high all my friens cant get any of my stash but i do get them high. see them a lot more than i used to.cant go wrong with dark devil

  • Fran Lehman

    Og kush is my go to smoke when im in the mood to just chill out & wathch a movie

  • Robert buckler

    love the white widow to would like to try train wreck and blueberry kush

  • Cori Stevens

    I don’t have a favorite yet I’m still looking maybe one of these will be my favorite. I guess I will find out it I win.

  • Djoh Qui

    purple haize ,, I tasted It long time ago but I am pretty sure, this classic is very well known.

  • Kelly K
  • Ray L

    shark shock is my favorite/ at 12.9 cbd and 11.2 thc best of both worlds

  • Donald Stout

    My favorite is back from the 80’s the old Humboldt skunk. I think it matches up with Budzilla. I lived in Humboldt ca back in the 80’s and I tell you nothing matches up. Just bought some budzilla which resembles it so lets hope. Good luck everyone.

  • Miriama

    I grew the Blueberry freebies I had received with my first order from Seedsman. Beautiful to watch grow, and such fantastic smoke too! It’s everyone’s favorite here.

  • High_growers_of_eden

    Bcbuddepot godbud for sure

  • Stephanie Buker

    Aurora!!! Nothing else needs to be said.

  • mike spriggs

    Colorado cookies so far….

  • Jdb420

    2002 suoer skunk is my all time favorite. Super skunky taste and smell with a hint of fruit ! Stink up the whole house and your front porch too it was so loud ! Imiss that strain

  • Ad

    That’s not easy, there are so many great ones out there. I was pleasantly surprised by federation seed’s island sweet skunk. Also, I enjoy Hawaiian snow by greenhouse seeds.

  • Don

    King Tut would be mine….. So far

  • Scott Whipple

    Good old ditch weed, did not know any better but was all fun

  • Kim Ryan

    Blueberry Kush…or anything fruity

  • Damian Johnson

    Favorite strain hands down is Pineapple Express. Nicest joint weed ever!

  • valahan

    I love my Sweet Purple hybrid strain.

  • JustGrower


  • CJ

    I just love Northern Light.

  • Radostin Tasev

    White widow is my favorite strain,for naw

  • John Jackson

    White Widow is the best.

  • Nebulas Michael

    Northern lights every time.

  • Franky


  • George Joseph

    I love them all! Jack Herrer is the best.

  • Jeffrey McCleese

    9 lb hammer. OMG. That shit is gas

  • Castro Troy

    Og reek_n and Shoreline, straight8 🔥🔥🔥💯👌

  • Titus Neeley

    Ringo’s Gift!

  • Michael Ray Oakes

    Aloha, my favorite strain is “Original Blueberry Feminised”

  • Daniel Moimoi
  • Andrew Narvaez

    Gotta love my gorilla glue 🙂

  • randy mcvey

    I think my favorite is a new strain I tried this summer called misti kush

  • triper kstantin

    my favorite strain is Mendocino purple Kush )))) the taste of this strain is awesome

  • John E Redmond Jr.

    Swiss cheese and northern lights short rider are just a few I like and the buds had plenty resins smoke was unbelievable

  • Tylan Quiggins

    White Widow Is my favorite strain!

  • Edward evans

    Blue dream is my favorite. And I really liked the daquiri line I ordered from you guys, but had bad luck with it this year. Had trouble with mold. Could really really use this seed prize. Thanks in advance.

  • Eric Nans

    My garden is filled with tall beautiful healthy female plants thanks to the guys at Seedsman! Much love, my favorite one you sent me so far is Jack Herrer!

  • Eric Nans

    My garden is filled with tall beautiful healthy female plants thanks to
    the guys at Seedsman! Much love, my favorite one you sent me so far is
    Jack Herrer!

  • Mary Jo Ahkna

    My all time favorite strain is Chem Dog. I grow it myself outdoors. It gets really tall and is a super producer. I have wanted grow some autoflowering strains too,

  • Azaleya

    Blue Dream!

  • terry green

    El Alquimista

  • Craig Gonzalez

    Headband hands down the best high I ever had

  • Santa Fe

    Laughing Buddha, Tangie and Jack the Ripper are among my go to strains. I like to try new strains, so I would have to say my absolute favorite strain is the next strain I plant. Yummm

  • Jason Dewitt

    Tangie would have to be my favorite, does great indoors or out and has a great citrus smell.

  • Cut Ball

    I love them all they all have great highs hard to say I like just one

  • Hemperor Redman

    Jack Herer. Great strain

  • Cody Fontenot

    OG Kush is my favorite!!!!!!

  • Best

    Peacemaker is my favorite strain. Please have in your store!

  • Jonathan Langenfeld

    Chimera Seeds grapefruit x blueberry (sweet tooth)

  • Andrea Shiel

    OG kush – i love the taste, smell, its easy to manicure

  • Jesse Buske

    Super silver haze! Very interactive high with lots of laughs.

  • Curtis Fridley

    Gorilla Glue by far the best.

  • Pia Hansen

    white widow … shes’ a darling, easy grow, easy smoke.

  • Jeremy Lee

    Jack herer is my favourite. Jack has a super clean high and is great for being social and or going about your day in the garden. No stress or paranoia like most sativa. Really makes you feel great.

  • Made Mats

    I’m oldschool, Jack Herer.

  • Fastlane56

    Blueberry Kush & Northern Lights are the best!

  • Ron Guerrero

    My favorite strain so far has been Seedsman Candy Creme!! very tasty, heavy trichomes, cbds too!!!

  • Joshua Johnson

    Can’t go wrong with white widow

  • Nathaniel Baker

    Green Crack- it’s strong and keeps me moving throughout the day fully energized and in a motivated state.

  • Laurette Giardino

    White widow so far, want to try the blueberry

  • Alan Woodward

    Diesel is for me.. A head in front of White Widow!

  • Marek Jezierski

    I don’t know yet

  • craig bourke

    Big devil xl great auto flower
    Huge yeild nice strong taste
    And great high.
    Defently recommend

  • Wayne Spicer

    I love French Cookies! Gets me SO high!

  • Robert McDonald

    The best strain in the world is ak47 the power of that beauty creates unique strains with power

  • soma 13

    love the taste of bad azz kush and it lets you know the taste is powerful potent yet a small hint of this leads less haste:) more waste:)

  • Kaz Beaver

    Chronic widow

  • The177Hunter

    Love me the Thai and afghani landrace. Besides that, I love JillyBean

  • Florian

    Blueberry is my favorite strain, its so fruity

  • Michael Obschonka

    Hi guys, what a great day we have in sunny Perth.iv ordered from various outlets but would have to say Seedman be no1 for reliability and EOS product.Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Feminised Seeds was the latest and nearly in finishing stages.very impressed with quality.
    Thank u .

  • Richard Shoemaker

    Blue Dream is my favorite, hands down.

  • Bearbonez

    Auto Lennon, tho it’s gonna be a while before I can try it, it’s exceeding all expectations 😉

  • Leonotis

    Namaste all !! let say my favorite strain would be Portela from R-kiem for the spicy taste and the electric high. The Grapefruit of female seed has a strong nice fruit taste and odour… a delicatessen..

  • Justin Kibbe

    Road kill skunk, but since it, in its true form is so hard to come by I’d say Jack Herer

  • Gary Hall

    Purple mazar easy to grow not bad yields and a beautiful taste

  • OrionNeb

    I have only tried a few, so far it would have to be white widow. Thanks guys.

  • Jock Horror is vying for first place. More ‘testing’ needed.

  • Tony

    As I live in the UK it’s hard to chose just on strain. The weed I have smoked and liked I have no what strain but I was told blue cheese but iv’e had nice blue cheese and bad blue cheese so to be honest I don’t have a clue to what my favorite strain is. I’m currently studying my masters at The CTU and they give a thanks to Seedsman for help them. there are so meany grate strains ones hi in CBD for medicine or hi in THC for medicine and recreational and this powerful plant can do so much more maybe even save the planet as so meany thins can be made out of hemp like oil, paper, rope, clothes and much more BIG THANKS to Seedsman for the competition and jack Herer, Ed Rosenthal, and all the other that have help me understand this plant more.

  • shaun

    super lemon haze is my favourite! hope i win lol 🙂

  • Milan Sjekloća

    Low rider 1, think different, jock horror,

  • whazza

    Barney’s Farm (Pineapple Express Auto Flowering Feminised). It is delicious, mouth watering with intense pineapple flavours. THC content is medium “BONUS”. Slow as you go with body relaxant effects.
    Doesn’t blow your mind but rather allows the body to relax by creating stress reducing calmness, which is perfect after a busy day when all you want to do is chill. Enjoy!!

  • tea lad

    gorilla glue one of the best smokes ever!

  • david duhovni

    my favorite strain is og kush louthing budda, afghan purple kush critical kush . good luck to everybody

  • Johnp410

    La cheese is my favorite strain. Great for sleep, aches, and pains. Amnesia haze for day time smoke.

  • LD14814

    Budda Tahoe big hard nugs that produce incredable flavor and a great all around high

  • Michael Veitch

    Gorilla glue I find the best.

  • theuglytree

    I’ve got an Auto Fruit Punch Feminised growing at the moment, I hope in a few months it will be ready to harvest. Peppermint chunk was nice….I have only recently started growing….

  • Mack Digidydogg

    tangie seems to be some good stuff

  • DonS

    White Widow is mine, but checking out your list of strains makes me tingly inside to try something new!

  • Paulo Snel

    Jack Herer in first place rsrs /

  • Martin Wilson

    My fave strain is Black DOG, but I like most to be honest!

  • Craig


  • John

    Auto Mazar, The best for me! Great taste, fast growing, Very thick BUDS

  • Dion Jones

    Sunset Sherbet is my favorite

  • john

    hey …

    my favourite strajn is northern lights x big bud, great for insomnia

  • Robert Hurst

    Dutch Passion Glueberry OG. Beautiful plant all around.

  • forest

    The Little Sniper Tiger – that is what I call Auto Speed Buds by Female Seeds. This strain flowers out before you know it. Decent yield and super fun to grow!!

  • Vedran Rafael Janic

    Northern Light, my all-day favorite!

  • jeff mcclure

    Tha shiznit is my favorite. Great strain very enjoyable

  • Chipdella

    Chicken and strawberry x banana kush those two are my favourite by far

  • Alphonso Hernandez

    Classic Northern Lights

  • David Hunter

    Autoultimate! Vaped is best!

  • Alphonso Hernandez

    Northern Lights taught me hydroponics and the nature of Cannabis …. A great Teacher!

  • Alphonso Hernandez

    Black Domina …. Spicy !

  • TheCfrazier

    I love sugar haze!!!!!

  • shane thomas

    girl scout cookies

  • Favourite strain…..very hard question, I’d have to say pre98 bubba

    Sweeeet competition man, count me in :-).

  • TheCfrazier

    Also SnowCap

  • Oerjan Brodina

    Cream Caramel from Sweet Seeds very good medicinal plant or Candy Cream from our friends here at seedsman a bit less expensive but the same thing it does a kind of magic for my arthritis love it.

  • Johnny Awesome


  • Nancy Puleo Pierce


  • Susie Q

    My favorite is CBD auto critical. Wonderful aroma.Beautiful plant.Just the right size.

  • PJ Thompson

    William’s Wonder – neutralizes all physical functions…INCREDIBLY potent!!

  • Vinícius Carrasco

    Tangerine Dream!

  • ABaker

    Night Queen is my top choice of strains. Followed by Northern Lights and Willie Nelson (a strain, I can never manage to find ANYWHERE).

  • Candie Foxx
  • Travis Hewitt

    Fruity pebbles …yum yum

  • Sergio

    Colombian gold and purple haze

  • David Oliver

    E, all the above. With what you have Seedsman, there all GREAT, and Thank you for what you do. 😉

  • C.R.

    Girl Scout Cookie is my favorite strain!

  • Mauricio Machado

    nossas sativas cabrobró e manga rosa ganharam o mundo, mas nenhuma strain até hoje bateu o bagulho da lata no verão de 1987…

  • Mike Forbes

    I would have to stick with northern lights always a nice high ,sticky buds ,wonderful aroma ,everything a high quality plant should deliver this strain always does the trick.

  • Victorio Mladenov

    I have 2 favourite strains. White Widow Auto by Seedsman & Kush Auto by Seedsman. I’m extremely grateful that your bank has offered them to me as bonuses so I can appreciate your advantage over the other banks I’ve been working with.

  • Charlie Crowe

    My all time fav has to be Acapulco gold, great crops every time + a good high that keeps giving. If you haven’t tried this bud – u gota !!

    • Juan

      another fine choice!

    • Mrb53

      Just got some feminized from Seedsman and am going to try for my next crop. I have never grown it before but if it is anything like it was back in the late 60’s, it should be point on. Any recommendations for growing?

      • Charlie Crowe

        Keep humidity low during the last 3weeks and they luv Buddha’s tree pk from week 2 on and nitrozyme to hold back the yellowing at the end. 8+ oz every time. Happy grow !! Mrb53

  • Sy

    Jamaican Pearl is my favorite strain, it’s a great creative high with lots of good energy!

  • Sy

    I am disabled with chronic pain, I’d love to win this promotion because I could grow my own plants to help my issues. I LOVE Jamaican Pearl and Sour Diesel.

  • Tracey Bennett

    Lemon Haze is my fav at the mo…smooth smoke which smells and tastes lovely.

  • andy

    Toxic from ripper

  • Juan

    From this old farts view, World of Seeds Colombian Gold. It’s like sitting back in your favorite chair at the end of a hard day and smoking a fine cigar only with a wicked kick.

  • Sassoon Sumpter

    Sour Diesel is the one for me….. It’s uplifting nuances makes for a amazing day!

  • Splifswiftns

    Favourite strain ever has to be Big Bhuddas’ Blue Cheese. Tasty right to the last toke, and gets you there quickly and easily.

  • scott

    My favorite strain so far is Fruit spirit. The flavor and aroma combined are just somethin else 🙂

  • Keith

    Colorado Cookies by Dutch Pasion

  • scott

    Fruit Spirit is by far my favorite strain so far, the aroma mixed with the flavor is really somethin else 🙂

  • Matty B Down

    I love all the seedman strains!!! They are bonifide winners.

  • Matty B Down

    Great and trusted company that I will always be a customer to..

  • Conner

    Any strain of Cheese always puts my ass straight to sleep, love them all 🙂

  • Santiago Cardenas

    Blue Cheese, the best strain for me and mi palate ! Really tasty, full of resin and productive = )

  • DabWiz

    My 2 go to strains Are blue widow by dinafem and Frisian Dew by Dutch passion, but I 💕 Every strain. 😊

  • matt lubbers

    not Sure yet i just received many selections i have Dr green thumb, Ghost train , and Skunk #1 going as of now! I’m Going to say they are all my favorite varieties.

  • Robert Warner

    Any indica strain. White widow, white rhino, ice, etc. love the pain mellowing effect it gives.

  • Jack Flynn

    Blue Critical Auto by Dinafem. Smooth, with a great berry flavor. This month anyway.

  • Roni Tattari

    Blueberry Kush 👌🏼

  • James Laird

    white widow,great all rounder,nice relaxing smoke.

  • Sean D Roper

    Northern light

  • Patrick Connor

    Blue berry or big bud. Gotta love em.

  • novemberalpha332

    Cookies kush barneys farm

  • Lars Hollerbach

    Northern Lights for me always takes me to the moon and back😎

  • Leandro Pedroso

    White widow, the perfection of nature.

  • Vixen63

    Acapulco Gold is the top, but Panama Red definitely was a close second. I believe there was a good one called Elephant Ear or something similar.

  • harry

    Northern Lights Hands down Easy and beautiful grow, smoke always clean,

  • William Huneycutt

    Granddaddy is my favorite of all time best look and taste

  • Joshua pierce

    Gorilla glue#4 good luck everyone!!!!!

  • Craig Hartsough

    My favorite strain right now is a Jack Herer Autoflower strain. It’s a very energetic creative high. I live in a cool wet climate so autoflowers are essencial for outdoor cultivation. I’m so happy that autoflowers exist!!! Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  • John Furda

    I have to go with Jock Horror, some cool phenos still surprise me.

  • RubyFarms

    The Jilly Bean has always been a favorite. Cannot beat Tangerine terps.

  • John Mora


  • Big Mike

    Big Mike
    Holy Grail Kush is my strain of choice, in the couch material

  • Barbara Stetson

    Gotta love anything blueberry!

  • Out of all of the flowers my lungs have absorbed, my lungs love Strawberry Sour Diesel for terpene taste, and smoothness, but my ALL TIME #FavoriteStrain has to be Fruity Pebbles a.k.a. Fruity Pebbles OG by Alien Genetics, Indica Dominant Hybrid, 55% Indica and 45% Sativa makes it a great medical strain but the Genetics are impossible to find. Someday maybe Seedsman can find us some. 😎👽🤘👍 Cheers!

  • -T-

    Girl Scout Cookies is my favorite strain!! My email is:

  • Dean Gess

    Blueberry by far tucking in now so smooth so relaxing especially after long day at work and kids tucked up in bed take it easy.

  • Ninja420

    I LOVE Blue Dream!!! My email is,

  • Brian Baruch Sands

    White Widow by Seedsman. I am about two weeks in and I am amazed at the quality of the strain. This is growing better than anything I have done yet. I can tell it will be the best WW I have ever had. I am also excited as I am going to breed it with feminized pollen from a female Fire OG plant. 🙂

  • Boogahdiggah

    Blueberry Dream does for me. After a long day in the kitchen, and you need something to help make your evening even more perfect.

  • Chip Weinert

    That’s a tough question. My favorite strain from a grower’s perspective is Killer Kush – easy to grow, relatively disease resistant, super-fast flowering, and very potent. However from a consumer’s point of view I’m gonna go with Green Crack – a little bit and it’s so energizing, but smoke a joint of it and you’re in another world for a couple hours. Very versatile.

  • Andy Dietrich

    Snowcap von Grand Daddy Purple…..ich Liebe es!!!!

  • Cyndi Rose


  • Sebastian Muniz

    My favorite strain is blue magoo, super strong and you feel it in th eyes with just one hit. Thank you!

  • Charles Pikcunas

    Friesen Duck by Dutch Passion because it allows a strong but stealthy grow along with balanced THC and flavor. Excellent choice with nosey neighbors.

  • Patrick John O’Doherty

    _…,;'”*DURBAN POISON*”‘,…_

  • disqus_YWpV8MPofm

    My favourite autoflowering strain ever is Supersonic Crystal Storm Automatic. This girl is a cross between a Lowryder and a Black Domina. She’s about 90% Indica, 10% Sativa, has a THC content of about 20% and will realistically finish in about 9-10 weeks when grown organically.

    Autoflowers, being hybrids, often have the appearance of a Sativa and the effects of an Indica, or vice versa, but rarely do they have the correct balance of both. With this girl, the balance is just right. This is no doubt due to the genetics and a good cross breeding programme which selected very compatible parents.

    She grows quite stout and compact, produces lots of nugget clusters and is absolutely covered from top to bottom with beautiful crystal trichomes. Her overall yield is not very high, but what she lacks in quantity, she more than makes up for in quality.

    Like a true Indica, she is very robust and does not need as much care as a sensitive Sativa. She is quite tolerant to over/under-fertilization, is not vulnerable to fungal diseases or susceptible to mould and is very tolerant of temperature fluctuations.These characteristics make her a good choice for beginners, but I would also recommend her to experienced growers too, as she is a sight to behold, a pleasure to grow and an absolute delight to consume – particularly for anyone who has medicinal needs.

    About 20-30mins after consumption, the Sativa genetics begin to take effect, followed quickly by the Indica effects, which are very powerful, producing a full
    body-stone effect which warms and relaxes simultaneously, as the natural anti-inflammatory properties stimulate every nerve ending in the body. These effects offer great pain relief to anyone who suffers from MS, Arthritis or any other kind of physically uncomfortable debilitating condition. She is also great for chilling out recreationally at the end of the day and for assisting anyone who has difficulty sleeping.

    She has quite a unique, pungent (when smoked), sweet old-wooded fragrance and her effects can last for hours on end – depending on how much you consume of course; a true gem of the autoflowering world.

  • Adrian Guerra

    Strawberry cake is my favorite. Beautiful looking buds, high yield and great potency!

  • AL Maricle

    Blueberry Cheese!!! Hands down is my favorite strain. The pheno I got my hands on smelled and tasted like real blueberries. What a plant.

  • Matthew cawston

    Black haze auto such a smooth fruity taste. Grew some this year from@seedsman. Un

  • Terry Hall

    Ghost train haze
    Love this strain…
    Just made some real nice brownies with it and they smash you lol
    Did put half oz in though 😁😁😁

  • Nutz Ejuice

    Chocolate Mint OG by Humbolt

    unbelievable my fingers are still stuck togather Help!!!

  • Nikki

    White widow and blueberry are my favorite. ✌

  • Blue Bud

    G13 and bubblegum my 2 favorite. Love the taste and Is a from bubblegum. And the G13 is just great!

  • Anthony Centrilla

    The real Sour Diesel

  • Dennis LACEY

    Tangerine dream of baby

  • Tom Fairhall

    Jack Herer from 94 in Bubbhas Cafe in Amsterdam, oh my god never been as ruined as that day 😃🍄😀

  • Jason WJ Marcoux

    Sweet Strawberry Skunk

  • Karen Bornson Harrington

    My favorite is Harlequin. It takes away my aches and pains and let’s me get on with my day. I love to garden while enjoying Harlequin, it makes everything wonderful. Love to paint with it, too.

  • Truckie Ruddell

    Grandaddy Purple, truckieruddell@yahoo

  • Mr d

    For me you just can’t beat white diesel haze autoflower lovely taste beautiful smell to it and I can’t get enough of it

  • Jennifer osborne

    Jack herer

  • Billy Moore

    One that I like at the moment is Barneys (Critical Kush)!

  • Billy Moore

    Barneys Critical Kush

  • Country Boy

    OG Kush and sour desiel are at the top

  • tcpdb2

    Count me in, would love to try out some autos. favorite is Green Crack

  • Christopher Welch

    Northern Lights X Skunk. Fire buds. Great strong couch buzz. Enjoy the high very much. All should try.

  • Kathy Nehring

    So far, I’m still a White Widow fan. But there are a lot of strains I haven’t tried yet

  • brien

    favorite of all time is early pearl, or silver pearl

  • TXGreenThumb89

    24k Gold!

  • JimmyT

    Now that I am older Tangerine Dream and Blueberry. When I was younger it was Acapulco Gold and Panama Red.

  • Jeff Hixson

    Purple Urkle.. too bad you cannot get it in seed form

  • Tamas Gyori

    Malawi cob

  • Melissa Smith

    unfortunately I have not yet found my favorite. I am still searching for the ONE.

  • Wayne Spicer

    OGKush. Gets me nice & high. & was easy to grow too

  • Lisa Porter Cordovana

    I love Jack Herer – I have ZERO pain with this strain! I also absolutely love Li’l Sebastian (had it in Vegas twice) and I would buy a boatload of those seeds at whatever price if they are ever available!!

    Good luck all! Thanks for the contest, Seedsman!

  • Nomo Redrama

    Weird phenotype of gorilla glue auto from seedsman grown in supersoil. FIREcracker with a short fuse, seed to explosive in 6weeks. Oh to be able to clone an auto):

  • Adrian Small

    I would have to say Critical mass.

  • Richard Guy

    Jock horror auto, put aside in my shed one winter due to lack of space in my tent, forgot about it, 7 months later still alive and the most powerful high I’ve enjoyed during my twenty five year love affair with the weed. Euphoric, joint after joint!!!! A single skinner was all that was ever required!
    Also it was a freebie!!!!!!

  • Deadboy216

    I like the Sex Dwarf, small thick and fast.

  • Jamie

    Super lemon haze 😤

  • Joe Baladez

    Favorite all time was a Mexican landrace back in the 80’s. It had a smell and taste I have not seen or had yet to again to this day!

  • Bret Cordero

    Special kush was a great strain. Gave me a joyous feeling.

  • Brandon Bryant

    My favorite strain is Burmese Kush by far!!! 💣

  • Jonathan DaSilva


  • Brandon Bryant

    My favorite strain is Bermese Kush by far!💣

  • Christopher Swain

    golden lemon is smooth

  • Aidan Acosta

    Le silver royal when grown correctly. Shout out to ismoke. Add me bra and shout out to all you British

  • Andrew

    I would probably have to say sour diesel, and good luck to all 🙂

  • CBD Tommy
  • DeAnna Martin

    It’s really tough to choose…many faves here. I’ll go with” Grand Daddy Purple ” strain.
    When I’m in pain it helps me feel better, when I need sleep it works great, and it feels like a nice hug. Relaxing and euphoric…like being in love.

  • Chad Chervin

    I’d have to say Chocolate Mint OG by humbolt, an emerald og kush X grand daddy purple. Euphoric, intense high from a dense dark purple nug.Just a beautiful invention!!

  • Tom

    Auto sunk#1 has always been my fav. You just cant beat the smell and flavor. Love to keep it old school..👍
    Peace and thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jesse

    NEW YORK DIESEL for sure!!! I can just stare at the beauty of the plant itself, not to mention the aroma is so captivating that it should be bottled and sold as a cologne! The taste is delicious and the effects… acquire a seed and see for yourself.. no disappointments with this lovely, no nonsense top shelf delight!! A must for any serious smoker for sure. Does very well hydro.

  • Boston grower

    My favorite hmm I like do shorts blueberry and dutch passion mazar strains

  • John

    I would say the good old Panama red or Acapulco gold

  • Fredrick

    Shiva Shanti has a unknown kush in its DNA. This spicy land race strain was created buy the ancient silk road, that transported seeds from China to India and the Middle East. A true gem.

  • The Neck

    Critical kush for me

  • John

    Mine has to be grape ape best flavor but so smooth

  • Theo

    I love the shaman, great taste! Beautifull sativa bud and smell. Am growing some right now.
    Thanks for those seeds 😁

  • Tiffany Dawn

    Bubble gum kush is my favorite. It is a bit of an upper so I can smoke it through the day 4:20~24/7!) then some o.g. kush as a night cap. Both have a sweet taste and I enjoy the high from them the most (I mean pot is all amazing natural smokable herb.. When I come to pass away, My final request for my family is to put half of my cremated ashes into a marijuana plant from a seedling,grow her& smoke her in remberence of me.

  • Jacqueline Dodd

    It might sound lame, but Pineapple Express. It was one of my first strains I ever tried and was the first to hit me even slightly. Amazing strain.

  • Kanewilton

    White Widow! First strain I ever grew and it will always be my favourite! Easy to grow, high yields, and nice potently. Love the frosty look and the high!! It’s just an amazing all rounder!

  • Ali Mirza

    Gorilla glue is my favorite. Hope I get a share of this at least hahah Good luck all.

  • Leonard Johnson

    Pink Amnesia ×sour Diesel and Grand daddy purple.710 & ACE Gentics

  • Domenic cee

    Favorite strain is devil cream Or dark devil. Beautiful colour and nice smoke. Pick me too win the bundle. I’m ready too go j is harvested 2 weeks ago. Empty tent. Waiting for cool strains too plant 🙂 have a good day. Thanks. 777

  • Tom G

    DP Blueberry my favorite!

  • GreenGrass

    CBD Somango is my absolute favourite-smooth,relaxing and very fruity smelling. Makes my beard smell like a fruit salad. Also takes cuttings easily!

  • clayton czadzeck

    Shit has to be pineapple express good work weed loving it.9 week flower good taste and burn

  • Richard Biddle
  • Fall Oz

    Walliser queen is the best we ever had 😉 strain from Valchanvre!! Find it!!

  • Ryan


  • Jimmy Lagan

    always pure white widow cant beat it..

  • Radim

    Jack Herer….🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Justin Quick

    Nitro express is my all time favorite, i love that haze taste.

  • Cera Rickerby

    Strawberry Sour Diesel x Stardog x Sour Tangie by Frosted Dank Genetics

    • Spencer Ross

      Mmmmm 🙏🏻🙌🏼👀

  • Spencer Ross

    Headstash from karma genetics! Never know what you’re going to get with a packet of regs, just pure fire

  • John Baldari

    I am so enamored with Dedoverde Haze and its sativa driven, exceptional effects. Wonderful head and good body. A versatile stain, she responds to her LST sessions with welcome flexibility. And her auto grow plan makes life as easy as possible.
    John Balzate

  • Luke Gosselin

    gorilla glue #4. Love the taste, smell, high, etc

  • Danny Rodrigue

    My favourite strain of all time has to be seedsman seeds of course I love the OG Kush❤️

  • eddie ellis

    got to say i like um all.

  • Огнян Петров

    Orange Skunk for all time.

  • Adam Foster

    My favorite would be blue dream.

  • Rick

    My favorite has to be Blueberry from DJ Short. Just a fantastic plant and smoke

  • Porfidia Moon Caputto

    Hello all. Porfidia moon Caputo here, my favorite strain ever is OG. I AM 100% OG GIRL! Currently cultivating Chronic tangerine kush skywalker OG headband and Strawberry (Cindy) Cinderella , I would probably have a heart attack if I actually won anything but I figure it all worth a try. I could use some fresh strains to clone up here on this mountain in Cali.

    • Mrb53

      Just finished with the Skywalker. First time I had to be careful how much I smoked. Blew me away and I been tokin since the 60’s

  • Silo Orozco

    My all time favorite has to be white widow. It is always a good smoke with a awesome high.

  • Petro Thorn

    My favorite still to this day is Nepal x Lemon Thai called Purple Nepal. It’s great to watch grow after that would be Diesel. Good Luck to everyone.

  • Joe Fish

    Acapulco Gold/Barney’s … Sativa all the way!

  • Don’t be Fooled

    I’ve only had homegrown skunk… but alas my seed is gone. That is my favorite right now but that might change once I get what I just ordered! Looking forward to trying something new!

  • Jack Mclarty

    Old school white widow. Thanks seedman, love you guys! Xo

  • Ryan Jones

    Durban Poison is my fave strain. I like Dutch Passion’s seed stock for this strain.

  • Tiff Rodriguez

    Northern lights!!!

  • Goliath Creating

    Must be g13 bit craving gsc gdp and pinapple exspresse

  • Dylangerr Rogers

    my favorite strain to grow is gorilla glue but my favorite to smoke is blackberry kush or hawiian snow cap for the day and some grape ape for the night..

  • Stephen Watkins

    Blue cheese

  • Kris

    My favorite strain to date is Gorilla Glue! But my favorite strain within the seeds which can be won it would have to go to the Northern Lights x Big Bud!

  • Sohaib Wazir

    TXO MANGO is my personal favourite amongst many other but It has the most amazing aroma and flavour, leaves an amazing taste in the mouth.

  • Lisa

    Northern Lights is my favorite

  • santb

    Chocolate Mint OG by HSO… Get the right pheno, and it’s perfect. The taste and smell are incredible, real choc-mint biscuit; and it is STRONG.

  • Kyung Naver Chung

    Old school granddaddy purple!

  • Mike E.

    I bought some “Tye-Bud on a Stick” back in the 80’s that was Super Incredible. The bud was wrapped around a shish-kabob skewer and tied with a thin string. Tight, Compact and Sweet Smelling. (Loving this Contest!!!)

    • Mrb53

      I wish Thai stick was still around. Was the CHRONIC of its day back in the 60/70 and early 80’s. There is a Black Thai but every time i look there are none available…just gotta watch

  • gurubabe

    white widow for me!

  • Goliath Creating

    And 1 i tried inn burma

  • Jemal Williams

    My favorite strain has to be “God’s Gift!” It helps to crush my insomnia and promote peaceful, restorative sleep. Thank you guys at seedsman for being a great team of individuals!

  • Michael Collins

    White widow is my favorite. It is simply beautiful to behold

  • John Coulthard

    Jordans Chemo has been my fav. Maybe a new one soon 🙂

  • Bob DaBolina

    Indica Blitz aka The Blitz.

  • dc

    G13 great for anxiety

  • Ricky Bryans

    100% cheese 😊

  • Sadie Kennedy

    My all-time favorite strain is amnesia haze. Amnesia and I are soulmates;)

  • Wayne Spicer

    French Cookies. So tasty!

  • Jono Dakkie

    mighty mite

  • Clint Waltz

    Mango Kush, hands down. I gave a pre-roll a go at a dispensary in Colorado and immediately wished I had bought more! So far of all the strains it has been the only one who has taken away the pain from my amputated leg, PTSD, lack of appetite, and insomnia all at once. Would love to have this on-hand at all times…

  • Jeff Downes

    I’m a fan of Big Bang or Blueberry Kush. Good luck all.

  • Michael Collins

    White widow is my favorite. It is simply beautiful to behold.

  • Ognqn Canov

    favorite varieties many but favorites are Critical Kush and Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised my abv:

  • James Inage

    Green Crack, Love to get stuff down with Sativa’s! Amazing Giveaway Seedsman!

  • TKP

    Girl scout cookie dough rocks!

  • Canna Logs

    Auto amnesia you can never go wrong with this strain. Excellent producer and trichome production

  • Michael Collins

    I’m also a big fan of lemon haze. Really want to try skunk no1 one day.

  • SnakeEyez

    Purple train wreck by reserve pravada. Big blue Sweet potent buds nothing else like it

  • kage

    The FLOW

  • Glenn

    I have so many favourites its hard to decide i love all of them but as for outside i like my this as its a vert hardly plant that usually gives me around 3 pound a plant i also like moby dick its never let me down and produces abit more around 4 pound a plant outside that js both some excellent.I’ve tried L..S.D,critical,white rhino,ak47,northern lights,skunk one,and the list goes on as i said before they are all excellent and i will keep growing new strains be great to grow some of these litte beauties in the give away cheers everyone

    • Glenn

      That last text should of said
      I like my original Thai its a very hardy plant

  • robert6993

    Sonic Screwdriver has become my favorite go too now. Love the citrus notes and just all around great bud

  • Abrahem Elrozz

    Royal highness sweet aromatic and the medical benefits make it an amazing strain.

  • Duncan Kimber

    Orange bud was my favourite, the mixture of the citrus fruit smell mixed with the wonderful aroma of cannabis, when the wind hit the plant it was amazing, but like I find a great many things, the taste did not live upto the smell, perhaps a stronger strain would have made a difference, there is a great many to choose from though, not great at choosing the best.

  • MoFo

    Always love my plain old bush weed. But when I go connoisseur style “Super Cheese by Positronics. Yum!.

  • Jaco le Grange

    Auto Blackberry Kush (Dutch Passion) 🙂
    Jaco le Grange

  • James

    California red hair sensomilla, was great ,not seen in many decades

    • Mrb53

      Was originally Panamanian Red, Was around the same time as Acapulco Gold. Very similar so since AG is still available (as is Lemon) I would go with either of them

  • James

    I wish I could win the bundle!

  • Mrb53

    That is like trying to pick a favorite color or food. It changes based on time of day, attitude, what is happening, pain, anxiety, etc. On a whole, GG#4 is a favorite along with Jamaican Pearl but Acapulco Gold is what I grew up on. There are times is cookie, OG, WonderWoman. I like them all, I guess I am a pothead so I would LOVE to win this

  • Badshah Dada

    6 ball auto Chitral kush & LSD
    Email :

  • Sharon S.

    Northern Lights would be my favorite. Smooth high, but still able to function (as some strains make this nearly impossible). And very consistently easy to grow. I’ve had some difficulty with growing some strains. Definitely find it difficult to be consistent with the freebies. So, I generally purchase NL with whatever other types I decide to try. I just get the best return from NL. I highly recommend it for beginner growers. I love your site and the ease of acquisitions. Thank you!

  • Mo

    Definitely Jack Horror!! <3 <3

  • Antoine O’Quin

    my favorite strain ever is white widow

  • Anton Ious

    Love Autoflowering for Germany perfekt .

  • Ronald Mosely

    Favorite all time strain is White Widow – Easy to grow and quality smoke.

  • Rebecca Deselle

    I loved Cinderella 99, and good luck to all!

  • Dans Gould

    Tangerine Dream is by far my favorite strain to grow and smoke. The tricomes at wk 3 are amazing and just get better after 6 more. It’s also dual purpose. Couple hits for daytime, full bowl to stick to couch. Love it though and through.

  • Michael Scott Peterson

    At the current moment my favorite strain is Durban Poison. Floral and smooth on the inhale sweet and savory on the exhale. Almost like eating salt water taffy.

    Shoulder lowering and Uber relaxing. By far one of the best strains I’ve ever had.

    Pretty too after drying and curing

  • Mrb53

    Not sure if I can enter more than once! I love them ALL and Seedsman gives us the opportunity to try them out for a great price with discreet QUICK shipping and best of all, THEY STAND BEHIND it unlike some other seed sites. I do not think there has ever been a strain I did not like, as long as it was properly tended to. The insights provided by their web site make it easy for anyone to grow and as it becomes legal in more places, this makes it easier for us

  • Jimmy Shane Bates

    I couldn’t find my entrie so I’m going to comment again so my favorite autos are Gg auto GSC auto Blackberry OG auto & sour diesel

  • David Quinn

    Northern Lights autos. For indoors, the low odor and short height works best for me.

  • Jimmy Shane Bates
  • Michael Collins

    I love white widow.

  • José Santos

    Amnésia com seu ótimo efeito cerebral já esta na minha lista, mas uma Northern Light esta nos meus planos de Cepas a degustar!

  • Donald Dziczek

    White Widow Auto Flower,I didn’t think they had White Widow Auto,so that was a great surprise.

  • Casper Mcfadden

    Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry for sure. Super aromatic, savourable flavor with fruit tones. Dense, top-shelf nugs with high bag appeal and a strong, relaxing high. Has a permanent spot in my grow room, going 5+ years strong now.

  • Miserable Bitch

    Northern Lights 💚 🤞🤞

  • Jessica Downs

    My favorite strain is Aphrodite. How can I trim off one of those branches? It’s like one giant bud! It was a freebie seed from seeds man but it grew like a champ! Big and beautiful.

  • Kxng Wiseman Quese


  • Stee Lo

    I love the cookie strains. very relaxing effects and great taste

  • Nathan Miles

    White Widow, a classic and it was the first strain I ever grew 😁

  • jim meadows

    Northern Lights

  • Jack Herrer

    Its definitely Gorilla Glue Auto-Fem though required some care and took 9 weeks to produce appr. 34 g but damn that super lemony fruity scent and the magical happily relaxing feel. Loved it to the core 😋

  • gimble pimble

    Greenhouseseeds Damesia Auto flowering is probably my favorite. It slowly creeps up on you then gives a nice pleasant happy stoned. It doesn’t mess with your head too much so it’s great for socializing with people especially those who aren’t high. I’ve been curing some for almost 2 years now and it’s still one of my favorites. Taste is smooth and sweet. Definitely recommend this strain. I can’t find these seeds anymore though. Hopefully they come back!!

  • Rune Nielsen

    If I had to choose, I would say that Amnesia Gold. It’s great how I feel compelled to read, write and learn things when on that.

  • Josh Strandgard


  • Alex

    Lemon haze

  • Bhalraj Singh Punia

    Super silver haze

  • Pierre Peens

    Thanks for the competition notification 🙂
    My favourite is hands down the Blackberry Kush (AUTO) (FEM).
    Insane yield and omg THE AROMA IS TRULY POETIC!! <3
    Can't wait for my next harvest and really looking forward to trying out some new strains.
    Happy growing!

    Pierre Peens

  • Ian

    Love the blueberry

  • 0u88

    blueberry is by far my favourite it was almost exactly like dj short’s but a little bit more afghan influence very nice. Email

  • Guy Horesh

    Girl scout cookies with no doubt!!

  • Joshua Mikesell

    Sunshine #3 – Bodhi seeds
    Words can not do justice to describe the beauty smell and taste , did I mention tests above 34%

    Thanks seedsman 🙏, always love the promo emails and info. Much gratitude

  • Matty

    I would have to say that (PPP)—PURE POWER PLANT is my favourite strain ever.
    It’s Awesome ,uplifting,motivating and happy smiley buzz does it for me.i love sativa.

  • Paul Proudman

    Northern lights is the best so far.

  • AMM

    Sweetoth has to be my best tasting experience.

  • Henrikas Riškus

    Blueberry – simple the best

  • Melanie Holla

    I love Blueberry! Mholland2878@gmail

  • Alessandro Ferreira


  • RT

    I am growing out AutoMazar for the second time 🙂 I also love Amnesia, Durban, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

  • zaidoon

    Blue dream

  • Stacey Premoshis

    Love all the lemon strains.

  • cevat emre

    gorılla glue #4 my favorites genetic

  • Laner

    Peppermint kush , good stuff

  • elcamino_mullet

    White widow all the way.

  • Mikenite69

    My favorite strain of all time would be pre2k Blueberry the original one that actually tasted like you were smoking blueberries and it reeked of blueberries when you smelled it.

  • Rick

    Grape ape is amazing but there is so many that are great

  • Tejay Morrell

    Acapulco gold, I had it once and haven’t come across it again but it was nice and sweet. By far the best.

  • The Fish Family

    I gotta say It’s gonna be Hindu Kush and Amnesia Haze-Perfect for Anyones BAck-Pain! The Seedsman Is the Place! Thanks Seedsman!

  • The Fish Family

    For My back Pain, it’s gotta be Hindu Kush and Amnesia Haze! The Seedsman is the Place for me!! And it should be for you Too! Thanks Seedsman!

  • Simpleton

    Private ‘honey og’ aka ‘sweet pea’. Guavachem/ regulator og/grand fire og/blueberry/white widow hybrid wonderfulness. Heavy indica, incredible flavor, mature plants smell like ripe fruit. Simply incredible.

  • Nutz Ejuice

    cookies kush barneys farm
    consistently 1lb 2 plants 600 hps deep water culture
    easy vigorous clones time after time
    flavor 9 of 10
    strength 7 of 10
    medicinal 5 of 10
    long legs 4hrs 10 of 10
    31 of 40
    head 40% body 60%

  • Бојан Копље Јеремија Јовановић

    good seeds, happy thoughts.

  • Raywin Rose

    Hindu Kush is my all time favorite. Give thanks to seedsman for the amazing chance

  • Dean Parker

    My favourite strain has to be your auto sour diesel, great flavour and great high 😎

  • T 47

    It’s Jack Herer for me too, and I see Seedsman now have a FAST strain – oh boy!

  • Reza

    Very good

  • Paulo Vilela
  • Ron

    White widow extreme. Makes the BEST salve ever. Patients using this call it a miracle salve.

  • Josh Strandgard


  • Domenico Cerasuolo

    ^^Pinkmans GOO ^^ mmmhh You guys are also amazing Dom Cerasuolo.

  • Rosie Mckerlie

    mmm Bubba’s Gift is new fav, pops quick then gets right into growing in both soil and hydro. takes edge of pain but still allows me to function quite well in a calming mode

    • Congratulations Rosie, you are our winner. Look out for an email from Seedsman coming soon!

  • Scott Scottyp Parker

    candy kush express you can smoke it all day everyday and still feel the high everytime (y)

  • Rosita GF

    my favorite strain is Blueberry from Dutch Passion like and share

  • Blue Slim Rizla

    Lemon Haze

    Love the fresh citrus

  • roberto

    there are many strains that I like the ones you have in the draw I like amnesia.

    I love the draw is fantastic guys.Like and share .Good luck to all and happy week to all. My email is

  • ramsmob

    Bubba’s Gift, easiest to grow i have tried in soil and dwc, takes edge of pain and allows you to still operate normally stress/ fairly pain free

  • Ernest Watson

    My favorite happen to be mother of all berries by TH Seeds. Dense tight bud structure, the berry aroma and taste.

  • Darko Audijevic

    Super lemon haze !

  • Jhonatan Ribeiro

    as in some places this divine herb is criminalized it is very difficult to get good seeds I like Blueberry very much because it is Otima against many pains and diseases I would like to receive these seeds in Brazil Thank you. /email :

  • Kristel Lee

    Blue Dream is my favorite.

  • Robert Connors

    Would love the Mazar, but would need a win first. Good Luck All.

  • obiiiqeb

    Probably Erdpurt but I’ve had very little named strains

  • josh.

    yo dog.. i heard u like chemdawg so we put chemdawg in every strain taht has 20% thc


  • He Done

    Definitely Durban Poison, the lightest I have ever felt in my life <3

  • Jason Howard

    My favorite is Barney’s Farms Amnesia Lemon . They were so easy to grow and just a beautiful day time medicine that works on my nerve and back pain, as well as easing PTSD symptoms. I have a pic of the beautiful plant and the buds are bright yellow. The aroma is of citrus and tastes of lemon.
    Seedsman Blueberry is a close second, had the plants shown a bit more blue, that’d be my top choice.
    Thank you Seedsman.
    Jason H

  • cevat emre

    my best genetic gorılla glue #4

  • Ronnie Hoffman

    I have always been partial to Exodus Cheese.

  • Marta Putz

    I just love white widow. Guess it was my first passion 🙂

  • Allie

    My favorite would be white widow! It’s a beauty when growing, so many crystals! Super tasty!

  • Samuel Campbell

    It’s a 3 way tie between Dutch Passion’s Ultimate, Sannies Seeds Jack H. #6, and The Heavy Duty Fruity by THSeeds (I think).

  • White Widow auto – Reliable – tasty – sold

  • Tiago

    unfortunately i don’t know the name of it, was give to me by a guy living in Holland and i keep the genetic alive by cloning, is a haze is short, a lot of leaves in veg, lemon taste great production and cruise mind…. leave here a picture of one of the clones i got this summ.


  • Jason van der Poll

    Hey guys,
    I’m Jason and I’m from South Africa..
    We have a different variety of marijuana to choose from
    but my utmost favorite would be ORIGINAL SKUNK.. it has a nice hard kick.. smooth taste of high THC level on the chest and the best part is
    that it leaves you with a dry mouth after about 10 minutes after the first joint.

  • Peter Barnes

    Black jesus OG

  • Stephen Risner

    Blueberry widow for sure

  • jai


  • Micke

    Maybe at last, I can get rid of my ADHD

  • Phan Boi

    Loving the LSD and the Utopia Haze and look forward to lemon diesel and maybe you auto Amnesia

  • Phan Boi

    But where can you get Godfather OG?

  • Justin Gray

    Blueberry Kush & Sour Diesel are in a tie for my favorite strain.

  • ramsmob

    Thankyou so much, will do reviews on all of them 🙂

  • Chino Viera

    Pineapple chuck was my best strain

  • who won?

  • Alessandro Ferreira

    eai quem ganhou a competição. ?

  • Leo Morales

    Did i win?

  • Thomas Borgersen

    My best strain is pakitstan Ryen and the northenligth..;-)))

  • Terri Sammons

    I absolutely love Freedom Seeds – Midnight Express, gives me a high I can enjoy during the day and will knock me out for sleep even with my insomnia 👌👌👌👌

  • Rens Self

    Night Queen Auto! There was nothing about this strain that I did not like!!!

  • Eric Swearingen

    I once was offered a strain called Puna Gold and it was a relaxing yet uplifting at the same time.

  • Snakeman

    I have two, Auto Industrial Plant for my High CBD Med strain and Blueberry for just plain enjoyment.

  • Kevin Gadsden

    i want win

  • Keith

    Colorado cookies

  • Rick

    Lemon diesel.

  • Antwan Williams

    I’ll have to go with Bruce Banner for its Potency and the Yield is amazing

  • Mr_Hemp

    Royal Dwarf is fine, not too strong not too weak (

  • Jhon Lennon

    Chem Bubble auto (seedsman) super smell!

  • Casey

    Sweet Tooth, Thank you Seedsman! I hope to hear back from you with good news!

  • Joseph Munroe

    I like the Blueberry but there are so many now.

  • Keri

    AK47 is so easy to grow with large plants and lots of buds

  • Eric Reynolds

    Early Bubba kush – love the flavor and the fast finish for the great NW

  • Kevin Flynn

    Golden goat

  • bigearlxxx

    Blueberry autoflower.

  • Jack Hamilton

    Hey, I’ve tried many, but the one

    that got me was AFGAN KUSH, can you feel the HEAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly Coes

    Bubba’s Gift is by far the best all around. Smooth, tasty smoke with an uplifing effect that also helps pain.

  • Joanna Shinn

    Platinum OG. I havent been able to find a clone or anything in years.

  • Mike S

    wow, how do you narrow it down to one? lol i love red poison, any kush, heavens gate. but #1 would have to be blueberry for me. smoke on friends 🙂

  • Reuben

    Would love to run through fields of amnesia then scrape me a big hash ball

  • Mehmet Özbay

    Lemon Haze

  • Mrgrow Forya

    strawberry cough

  • Frank

    Star killer has been an awesome strain but now I’m trying some “Therapy ” from CBD Crew.

  • Vasileios Vasileiadis


  • Trainwreck 🙂

  • Arty Zan

    Double Grape from Mephisto

  • Lisa Bourke


  • Vasileios Vasileiadis


  • Vasileios Vasileiadis

    i like sativa strains

  • Tyler Stiasny

    Afghani so far! I’ve stuck with the same two strains the few years I’ve been growing (Afghani and Blueberry). Only had 1 blueberry and could have found a better pheno if i stated more seeds. I’ve been cloning of the same afghani and Blueberry mothers for awhile now. They dont have the vigour they did so ive been studying up to see what else is out there! Best of luck!

  • Bowhunter

    KGB are the dankest nugs I’ve smoked!

  • Dorothy

    Just saw an Acapulco Gold Auto, that would be a trip back through time.

  • Sam Weaver

    BIG BUD!!

  • samantha morrison

    lemon haze

  • Darryl Kuntz

    Almost anything from the original 90’s DJ Short collection, but Blue Heaven and Flo if you get the right pheno, are particularly special in their uplifting, motivational and euphoric highs. Real day brighteners. Dutch Passion still has the original Flo genetics in their deep freeze and may release them regular and feminized) at some point in the future according to a dm I received from their customer support team, fingers crossed. Blue Heaven seem so to have disappeared, at least commercially, but their Blue Velvet is worth exploring.

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