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COMPETITION – Win €100 Voucher to Spend at Seedsman

While 4/20 may be over for another year, here at Seedsman, we are refusing to stop the competitions!

This week, TWO lucky winners will receive a €100 Voucher to spend on anything they want at Seedsman.

Whether you are looking for seeds, accessories or clothing, you will have the chance to give us your wishlist of goodies worth €100, if you are lucky enough to win.

You can Enter in one of TWO ways:

  1. SHARE the post on our Facebook Page
  2. COMMENT on this blog post telling us what you would buy with the €100

The TWO winners of this competition will be announced on Monday 8th May!

Good Luck!


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    • Melody Lorraynne La Mountain

      If I won I would buy a multi-pack of seeds an plant them in with my flowers to grow..I don’t get my company so they would have a good life.

  • Xirimiri Berdea

    Good Luck and thanks Seedsman

  • Jason Frederick

    I’d buy as many as I could get. Lol. I like it all.

  • Wouter Malan

    Awesome like always Seedsman

  • Ростислав Русев Роско

    good luck to all

  • John Embree

    I would try out some companies that I would not normally be able to afford.

  • Albert Toutafond

    very cool thanks you Good Luck

  • Amy Mary Jane

    If I won the voucher I would buy:

  • Ras Zahir

    If I won id get some of your excellent beans

  • Gopesh Dasa

    100 euros is not much, but would definitely get me and neighbour some high quality CBD, and most probably some few autos and some good Thc, that would make bunch of people happy..

  • Dizzy TheShark

    Seeds seeds seeds

  • Jeff Whitehurst

    Seeds of course !!!!

  • Charlie Main

    What would I buy with the €100? More seeds from Seedsman.

  • Dean Stevenson

    Would love to win this

  • Karl Nennig

    My experience is this product is of the highest quality. I’ve never been disappointed in the shipping of this product and once received was pleased with 100% of the product. I’ll be back for likely some auto products.

  • Ronald Frazier

    #Seedsman Absolutely The Best and most trusted Seed Dealer in the Business, Hands Down !! If I were to win I would Like to try some of Humboldts Blue Dream or Black Dog Strains. Good Luck Everyone 🌱🌱🍀

  • Rosita GF

    With a hundred euros I would buy cbd products like creams, oils, seeds, buy a shirt, some hat I think would be very diversified the choice of your products because I love them

  • tony brady

    @ seedsman i would spend it all on mephisto beans im low on cash right now too and the seed jar is low plus i really want to use your site i just found it and it looks great love the shipping options

  • Robert Connors

    Good luck everyone and count me in too.

  • rumennek

    I’d use it for seeds just incase war world 3 happens ,that way I can hold out for awhile.

  • Gus Ferguson

    I’d buy a variety of seeds. Looking through the strains, there is so much to choose from and your prices are great! Thanks for the chance!

  • flyindevil

    I would use the €100 to buy a pack or two of CBD Crew and Humboldt Seed Organization seeds. There’s no reason medicine can’t be enjoyable!

  • Anthony Ung

    Sign me up. Thank you.

  • Lulu Beans

    Canada + Seedsman = Super cool! Wow gonna have to browse the possibilities!

  • Caleb Bastuscheck

    seedsman is the best

  • Mr brunch

    Hi seedsman, another lovely competition here- would be honoured to win it!

  • Royal Haight

    I recommend seedman to all my friends. Thanks

  • Bud McResin

    Week 6 flower with Seedsman seeds ! 100% germination and a nice first grow. Thank you Seedsman.

  • Jonathan Newman

    Please pick me 😀 If i won i would get 10 White Widow CBD by Barneys Farm and probably some Northern Lights by 00 Seeds (if its in stock haha).

  • andrew cattell

    Some nice high CBD plants would be in my basket if I won 🙂

  • casey dudley

    Please pick me 😘 If i win i would get 10 White Widow CBD by Barneys Farm and probably some Northern Lights by 00 Seeds and I would donate all the weed grown the medical sponsor in my behalf to the cancer program in South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Justin Guimont

    I would love to win!! I would load up on some seeds for my first ever grow and probably that sexy seedsman truck hat you guys have

  • Harry Andrés

    Hi seedsman, pick me i spende the $100 in seedsman seed (c99xbb), nemesis and others, i’m from chile, latin america south. I’m not sure if I can participate XD, i’m impressed with the strains :O I’ll make an order anyway, regards.

  • D.G.V.

    comment : c’mon. 3 years i’ve be playing.

    • M Von Poulsen

      I have done all comps from seedsman and i have never won a single one. But i dont complain. I get some everytime i buy seeds. Lots of freebies. Thats also prizes. Learn to love the small things in life . Have a nice 2017.

  • Jason Brauze

    Good evening seedsman! There is so much I could buy

  • Steve A Bernhard

    I would purchase my first vape — Atmos Vicod 5G Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

  • Angelina Budina

    Dear in seedsMAN !….That Your’s…….Our’s….rich .Fountain of Seeds……thanks to Your’s Goodness can contribute in reviving of future “Garden of Holy Splendor Health and Cannabis Forest “…for well-being of every sentient being …and father,mother,child in Croatia !!!!!!!

  • M Von Poulsen

    Another super lovely comp. from seedsman again. Love it. And i would love to win to. Could be nice to get some benefit out of the seedsman friendship. That would be 2 prizes in one. Awesome.

  • Tiago Matos

    i’m finishing my first grow (made during winter, 1 fem and 1 auto) they are now in final stage after so many mistakes and learnings with them, soon i will taste for the first time my own production 🙂 meanwhile i was able to get 4 seeds for this summer (2 auto and 2 fem) and try to apply what i learn with the first ones, having a chance of having some seeds of my wishlist was just gold to do a proper summer grow 🙂 thank you Seedsman for having so many choices of quality seeds.

  • 池瑞浩


  • Carson Roberts

    high would love to win and be able to spoil myself at seedsman id be over the moon and buy myself a whole lot of your biggest bad ass bueans id love to try your power affica . somango, and maybe some of your blueberry fingers crossed thanks seedsman keep up the awesome work peace out PpP

  • Chuck D

    Enter me! Working on my first grow at the moment using Seedsman and I am already getting excited about ideas for my next crop! Gonna get a nice mix of strains and of course a few T-shirts hahaha

  • Johnp410

    Awesome competition I’d love to win. I’d like to buy cbd oil the one blended with mct oil. Also looking at cbd strains. Original Afghani #1 looks tempting, power Africa, and mama mia Thai. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Archangel9312

    Hey Seedsman, this would be so awesome! I would try some strains I’ve never had! Keep up the great work! 🤙🏼

  • Stoney Maloney

    Gotta love the girls at Seedsman

  • Thane Bird

    Hi seedsman would b unbelievable to win this have wanted to add early skunk fems to my collection for quite some time now woulkd b honoured to win this thank u

  • Johnp410

    Who won?

    • tony brady

      thats what iv been tryin to find out

  • Tom Campbell

    Love the chance to win a competition. Would let seedsman pick my seeds to help with my cancer treatments…

  • Ben Hudson

    Blueberry cheese to last me all year…Seedsman rocks!

  • Tim

    Another fantastic competition from Seedsman.
    If I won I’d get even more seeds to add to my new collection. Not like I’d need a voucher to buy more seeds however.

  • Canna Vegan

    I would love the chance to win the competition and of course it would be spent on your finest and strongest super seeds!
    I have loved all your stuff so far!!
    Can’t believe how fast n safe you deliver…keep it up!

  • Shantiva

    I would buy another vape as my last one got stolen and I’ll struggle to find a replacement the now. Gotta say the medical ganga helps ++ w my MS and depression tho, so it was to be done.

  • Gavin Whittock

    Great comp I’m already taking part in a comp on a certain hobby forum.
    Anyway what would I spend the voucher on?…. well that’s easy. I would spend it all on seeds of seedsmans strains. I’m becoming a big fan.

  • Tuna_fish420

    If I won I would have to pick up some Cinderella 99 from brothers Grimm I’ve been trying to get my hands on some seeds for a while now

  • vapes and seeds!

  • Kitty Lakeside

    I would put it towards two different strains for the purpose of breeding a high yielding anti fatigue, and I would breed with my pre existing strains to create a high yielding anti anxiety. Nature has and always will be the best medicine. P.S. “Thanks for having such great search options. Impossible to find what I need through other websites.”

  • Vinícius Carrasco

    Get some different seeds to try new strains at home.

  • Mr_Hemp

    Cool thing, again an exciting race!

  • ClickClick

    I would pick the Auto Amnesia

  • Don

    I just got the promo email now. I hope the competition is still open. I would get a vape pen and some seeds. I think I’m going to hopefully try my first Autoflower grow.

  • Bryan Wall

    I would love to win! I would spend the prize on all seed strains from Seedsman. There are many that I would love to have. I will be purchasing 1 Green Doctor from Medical Marijuana next month.

  • reginald danforth

    I would buy some purple bud seeds

  • Rick Sizemore

    I would buy seeds i love your seed they are the best in the world i have ordered several orders and the all come up great.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  • Cuauhtemoc Olivo

    I would buy the Atmos Vicod 5G vape. I always wanted one. I hope I get it. Awesome seeds guysllll😁

  • jeff pavelka

    I would get cinderella 99 and would love to try that hash plant for my medical garden

  • Bud McResin

    If I post twice do I increase my chances? Probably not 😅 So I’ll roll another one and say:
    You can’t beat Seedsman!

  • Kyle Wheeler

    Would get some more seeds for my MS love the medical strains and mephisto is awesome. About to buy 18 pack anyway so perfect timing.

  • Chris

    I would get Skywalker Kush by Reserva privada or euphoria by Dutch passion or Auto great white shark by seedsďman

  • gatorbackbob :

    I would get the seedsman autoflowering collection, and auto med gom from cbd crew

  • santa cruz

    I would buy all the seeds for next year’s grow! Seedsman has everything I need. 🌱

  • Mathew “Masdi” Taraskiewicz

    I would most likely spend it on as many seeds as I humanly can, can open up the line for as many new genetics as possible.

  • K August

    So i missed the comp. But for the best selection and quality you cannot beat seedsman.
    I blew up a lemon skunk recipe for 5 years. Its time to do it again!!!
    ($ $) comon seedman help a brother out.

  • Ron Smith

    I would get some of their higher priced seeds check them out

  • bulamatare

    I would set myself up for my next grow. Seedsman got it all!

  • Omar Mercado

    Holy shit! 100€? Uff I will buy a bit of my favorites, the lovely white widow and spend everything in fancy-ass seeds that I wanna try like somango-widow and Ayahuasca- purple.
    A lot of luck to everyone!

  • Dennis Paulson

    Would try more medical strains of seeds. Relief from chronic back pain is badly needed and I would really welcome the opportunity to try to find just the right strain that will help me!

  • Michael Julian

    If I won, I would try some high CBD strains, and some fruity strains.

  • Billy

    Skywalker Kush and Cinderella 99

  • Bill Cartrwright

    With winning this, the sky’s the limit, in more ways than one. Getting my hands dirty, in a way that brings me closer to nature.

  • Andres Sandoval

    I would get some french cheese seeds by some sin tra bajo and also a few cheese seeds by big buddah seed Co plzzz I hope I win

  • Robert Litt

    The feminized CBD strains from Dinafem have me dreaming of little black tins arriving in a padded envelope from Europe. On the other hand, another packet of gems from Bodhi or a sampling of classics from Mr Nice would be hard to pass on! So many seeds, so little strength to resist them!

  • Jeff

    I have been growing a purple kush strain for over 20 years, this strain is very acclimatized to this area, a good strong plant- can take hard frost and even a few days of snow cover. I wouldn’t mind having a little more potency (which is fine as is) but would like most to make this strain a little more resistant to the “wet fall mold”.

    Seedman helped me out with a few genetics I added last year and I have around 80 of the new ones started which of course I will keep separate from my main batch till I see how the new ones do with the new genetics

    God bless and keep growing!

  • Tom Talbot

    Looks like I got this blog 3 days too late… But had I won, I would love to use 100 euros by someday coming to Spain & visiting. I have relatives in Valdecans I could stay with.

  • Clay Smurtheaite

    If i won this comp it would be mephisto genetics all the way.. Great genes!!!

  • J. W.

    Well, when I win, I’ll be picking up a few more items from Fast Buds and Nirvana. Maybe a few more Girl Scout Cookie Autos, Gorilla Glue Auto, and definitely some Aurora Indica! (That is if you ever get it back in stock! J/k!) I was wounded in Iraq while in the US Army and this stuff helped to get off the opiates for pain management.. that stuff is killing everyone where I’m at!

  • Tom Mc Bride

    Lets make it happen, bring that voucher my way!!

  • David Alberts

    What I would buy?! Grand Daddy Purple Feminized seeds baby!

  • Tom Chesnut

    If I won I would buy the verity packs.. definitely some heavy weight seeds too!

  • Damona S Rossi

    I missed the deadline, but keep me apprised of any others, you rock!

  • Ron Guerrero

    I’ve only been getting fem seeds; I’d like to try some auto strains. Also like to try gorilla glue & girl scout cookies!

  • Miles Takabayashi

    what would work for me would be any auto flowering strain high in cbd. cbd crew and dinafem have some good ones.

  • Jeff Elmes

    Hi! If I won I would buy some seeds with strains that will help with my migraines I have been doing a lot of research into the best ones and I will be doing a outdoor grow in the forest near me. Much love the the seedsman team!

  • Ginganinja30

    If I won the competition I would use it to purchase as many different strains, profiles etc of plants to see which ones helped me the most with my ongoing issues from a brain injury.
    I have been studying as much as I can about terpenes and various profiles of cannabinoids and there possible effects and winning this competition would help in the experiment and learning process.

  • Mark Topolewski

    I won80. Seeds n5. T-shirt on Facebook contest thanks again seedsman you could win too. I like to grow marijuana I care for world wide peace n love I care for world wide growth

    • Mark Topolewski

      I would like to grow auto flowering sea of green

  • psymansr

    I would keep trying to find a medical strain which will help me with severe chronic back pain. So far no success, but I would really welcome the opportunity to try additional strains. Thanks for your consideration.

  • bob the sponge

    i would just like to say that if i won 100 quid i would give it to posty so he would deliver my seedsman auto’s even quicker. Long wait down here down under.

  • Kevin Gulley

    Some autoflower’s i haven’t tried yet is what i would buy

  • The1Spirit

    Seedsman jack herrer would be a great way to spend 100.

  • odamaybrownsugar

    I love the way your blogs are written.Contest for Free stuff? GROW BABY GROW,I’M IN😉

  • Shelley Welsh

    More seeds!

  • Ed Mixon

    If I won i would get an assortment of autoflower for my wife who is sick

  • Lawrence Arruda

    I would spend all the money on some of the best seeds you guys have.I will share with my friends of course.

  • Zuni Hunter

    If I won I would buy as many many different strains as possible to see which one I like the best. My friends would enjoy it too.

  • Bazzlin

    I would buy cbd seeds!

  • Gauner

    I will purchase some wonderful Seedsman seeds!

  • Moe Abe

    I would love to be able to get my hands on many of seeds available but specifically I want to get my hands on Cuvee and or Cheese quake. I would then try crossing it with the Cocoa OG from grand daddy purps that I ordered from seedsman with hopes of creating something that smells like chocolate cheesecake. Just a theory but am definitely in pursuit!

  • Steve lea

    I would spend it all on quality genetics, so will need some time to investigate the site.

  • Dianne Yonan

    I would def buy some of your wonderful seeds. Nothing more fun than watching a beautiful plant emerge from a tiny seed.

  • Bateman

    I love your products, so I would probably finally try some vaping products…

  • Kimberly Santor

    I would use my winnings to try new strains.

  • Dabrowski maxime

    A lot of feminized indica seeds with cough lock effect ! I love Kush, blue and Cheese or fruity flavor

  • Mistah_jamez

    I would totally try any of the classic “heritage” strains from the original breeders! I’d love to grow the tasty AK47 I’ve been dreaming about since I tried it in CO in the early 2000’s…

  • Leo Ziday

    Though I think the competition is closed, I would like to add that this is another great competition from Seedsman! For years I’ve been wanting an original Afghani and who could go passed the Seedsman brand name.

  • Jedidiah Watters

    I would love to try some wonderful fast blueberry and some amnesia if I won.

  • Michael Scott Peterson

    Hope I win these would definitely be an excellent addition and asset for me

  • Kenneth Coulter

    Hey if I win I would add to my collection and store some of your prime seeds in my seed bank.for rainy day.i love your site it’s the best not kissing @ss just saying.good luck all

  • Achie

    cheers to all….peace=)

  • Reuben

    I would love to win this create a new garden of Eden for me my eve

  • sergi1976

    The best CBD seeds for my imsomnia..

  • psymansr

    I would keep trying to find a medical strain which will help me with severe chronic back pain. So far no success, but I would really welcome the opportunity to try additional strains. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Tom Haag

    I would get a collection of medical seeds. Thanks

  • Steve Whitman

    Have they even announced the winners?!?!

  • Mr brunch

    Who won?

  • Aidan Acosta

    I’d buy all autos and some gear than share some the seeds with friends and tell them about Seedsman. Peace uk

  • Reuben

    I would love a field of blueberry
    If won


    If I win I’d buy some white widow and cheese or og for sure!

  • Federico

    I love Seedsman!

  • Paul

    Hi seedsman you guys are the best keep up all the hard work that have made us all so happy seedsman was recommended to me I will recommend to others

  • ashwin

    northern light auto

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