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COMPETITION – Win a Seed, Clothing and Accessories Mega-Bundle!

Following the success of our last three competitions, this week we are offering one lucky customer the chance to win a HUGE bundle including 50 seeds, 8 T-Shirts and a host of accessories from

You can ENTER one of two ways:

  1. Head to our Facebook Page and SHARE the pinned post, or..
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post.

The lucky winner will receive ALL of this…


  • 12x Coleccionista #10 Seeds from Dinafem
  • 10x Auto Blue Seeds from Seedsman
  • 5x Pineapple Express #2 Seeds from G13 Labs
  • 4x Auto AK Seeds from Female Seeds
  • 3x White Dwarf from Buddha Seeds
  • 3x AK Auto Seeds from Blimburn
  • 3x Micron Auto from Top Tao Seeds
  • 2x Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds
  • 2x 2046 Seeds from Medical Seeds
  • 2x Somango Seeds from Seedsman
  • 1x Bubba’s Gift Seed from Humboldt
  • 1x Batgum Seed from Hero Seeds
  • 1x Auto Mazar Seeds from Dutch Passion
  • 1x CBD Bubba Kush from CBD Botanic


  • 1x Cannabiogen T-Shirt (Black)
  • 1x Hero Seeds T-Shirt (Black)
  • 1x Sensi Seeds T-Shirt (Green)
  • 2x Sweet Seeds T-Shirt (Black & Green)
  • 2x Female Seeds T-Shirt (Green & White)
  • 1x Royal Queen Seeds T-Shirt (Green)
  • 2x Dutch Passion Snapback Caps
  • 1x Barney’s Farm Cap


  • 3x packs of Flash Seeds Papers
  • 2x Green House Seeds Key Tags
  • 2x Barney’s Farm Grinders
  • 1x pack of Soma Seeds Papers
  • 1x Barney’s Farm Tote Bag
  • 1x Seedsman Tote Bag
  • 1x Paradise Seeds Satchel

The lucky winner will be announced on Monday February 27…Good Luck!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds or want to find out more about the prizes on offer in this competition, simply head to and discover a library of over 3000 strains to purchase.


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  • Bert Cannavelli

    Now this is a great bundle that would be awesome to win.

  • flyindevil

    I don’t usually grow autoflowering strains, but for free, it wouldn’t hurt to try!

  • Nicole Boyd

    How awesome of you guys!!!! This is an amazing bundle of joy!!!!!! Thank you for having this contest, just awesome, best of luck to all!!!

  • Kevin Gulley

    I would love to win this

  • Jacqueline

    awesome bundle, Mahalo Nui Loa for the chance to win

  • Predrag Novotni

    cya @ spannabis

  • Jason Sullivan

    Make me happy 🙂

  • Julian Hepburn

    : would love to win some Seeds! Yesterday medicinal Cannabis was legalized in South Africa.

    Sending love from sunny SA

  • Brian Littleton Sr.

    Sweet good luck guys

  • Bee Grant

    Wow would love to win this bundle thanks for the chance Seedsman 🍁🔥💨

  • Mike DeTello

    I’d love to win!

  • Royce Avery

    Nice bundle…. Thanks for another great opportunity…. Hoping to be a first time winner…. Good luck all and congrats to the lucky winner…. May your smoke be strong and your buzz last long…. Happy toking to all

  • Franco Tori Ciccia

    I’d love to win these awesome seeds in Australia we don’t have much like this, this would definitely help a tonne of us Aussies to grow some decent herb, thanks for the opportunity guys to win. Cheers Franco Ci

  • Christine Penaranda

    I would love to win as we need to expand our grow and this would be perfect!!!!

  • Pigg William

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • André Barros

    Yaaaayyy let’s wiinn

  • David

    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Good luck everyone 🌱😎✊

  • Joe Dancesintherain

    I’m a dedicated seedsman genetic lover.. would be great to win a bundle

  • crsn

    Already feel good for the winner 🙂

  • David Davidson

    For a free comp this is a great start to anyones collection or a bonus for someone else.

  • Tony

    Seedsman sales grate seed genetics from seed-banks all over the world like Bomb Seeds with THC bomb and Gorilla bomb. Brilliant bundle giveaway Thanks for the Chance there will be one very happy winner at the end good luck everyone.

  • Dave Guile

    What a prize. Yes please please please

  • Lip Gallagher

    Thanks for the chance to win this big prize Seedman and good luck everyone 😉

  • David Brooks

    Would love a chance to win some of your incredible products!

  • Will Miller

    Seedsman is awesome! Great products and great people!

  • Douglas Tetreault

    That’s the best giveaway I’ve ever seen hope I win.. good luck to everyone

  • Steve Scott

    Beautiful assortment of GOODIES😎

  • James Chamberlain

    Great prizes👌Fail play👏Thanks for the chance👍Good luck all☝

  • Psy Mephisto

    wow great competition seedman rocks thanks for the chance

  • Tims Mccall

    Your all just a bunch of stoners that Dabs and tokes joints ands smoke your pipes and makes Hash and helps cancer victims and grows weed and donates Seeds .

    Yes your all just a bunch of Stoners and I am so lucky you are……….

    My Friends.


    I would love to win.


  • Kam Tembo

    Thanks, Seedsman.

  • Patrick van Mierlo

    Yes please 🙂

  • Aj

    Thanks for a chance to win some exciting stuff! Stoked on the G13 prizes

  • Adam10140

    Partager et vive seedsman

  • Pedro Mattos

    I look forward to germinating those seeds! I’m Brazilian and I have no contact with good things like that! If I win, my crop will improve 100% !!!

  • Ian Notyourlegalfictionanymore

    I’ll neve
    r win. I never do. Too good prizes not to try.

  • Bob DaBolina

    These contests from Seedsman always get me going. Still my favorite seed broker. Keep up the great work.

  • Russell Ford

    This would be so awesome to win !!!

  • Johnny Gielen

    good luck

  • Armando Leo Vasquez

    This is Legen wait for it….. Dary!

  • Joe Savoy

    Wicked! Suoer generous as always!

  • Pablito Skate

    Gracias seedman por el concurso. Saludos a todos.

  • MedMan

    What a super sweet giveaway YES

  • Derek Tolle

    really nice bundle of stuff, i’d love to win

  • Adam Chapman

    one love this prize is tops this would really make alot ov meds for my soulmate fighting cancer and id wear all ov it and be happy makeing meds and spreading the love stay safe all good luck

  • Lea

    Fairplay Seedsman, another nice bundle.

  • Anthony Morris

    Top class comp guys 😉

  • Arno Lbzh

    c est bientôt mon anniversaire , ca serait un beau cadeau ^^ <3

  • Tony Cargill

    Great bundle guys 🙂 fingers crossed 😁

  • Chuck Lasher

    Sounds good. I could use for pain management

  • Robert Connors

    Again, another super give away. Good luck to all.

  • kevrig

    Would really be great tae win this, as seedsman is the greatest of the suppliers you can get. .. K.. 🗿

  • Shawn Fears

    I love seedsman, great bundle. You guys really go all out.

  • Garry Dooley

    You guys are awesome! Great pkg.

  • Элла Лейн

    I’ve been a private caregiver in Maine. I really don’t care who knows it now. I love seedsman and so does my husband who is a caregiver of his own!

  • Brandon Hirsch

    Thanks for the great opportunity. Bless you guys for always sharing the love. Good luck everyone. This would set my family up for the year!

  • Leo Gomez

    Sweet thanks for a chance to win. Nice package there . Good luck all

  • Lisa

    Sweeeet guys would love to get these Ladies going 👌💖💗💘💨💨💨💋

  • Phil Clark

    Worth a shot!

  • Gregory Mitchell

    Cant wait to put up pictures of seedsman purple ryder auto. Needs a few more weeks though.

  • Tiago Michels Munhoz


  • Vedran Marjanovic

    WoWWWW. Bless to one and all! Gl all

  • Bob

    Wow that’s a lot of stuff!

  • Mohamed Elaissaoui

    Thank you very much, Seedman team for this chance to win this incredible present.. I like and need to win theses.. I cross my fingers. Good luck at all, hihihi…

  • Galio Ivanov

    Thanks for this giveaway GUYS

  • Jane Bradford

    Oh I wish, lovely prize again x

  • Nathaniel Lockwood

    Hook it up Seedsman.

  • Jason Lee

    Very nice prize. Bundle of joy it is.
    Good luck everyone.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    Excellent bundle. Autoflowers have come a long way. Hope I wins me some. Thanks

  • Joshua Allen Purple

    Awesome give away! This would make my year! Thanks for the chance….

  • Sandis Priede

    Great giveaway Seedsman. Keep up the goodies.

  • Steven Johannes Friedauer

    This is one awesome competition seedsman

  • Al Creighton

    If I won a massive Seedsman prize like this, I would be doing a lot of sharing myself.

  • Rob Hopkins

    Great prizes!

  • Gaz Pitchy

    Looking great!

  • Ray Fenner

    OMGoodness , Thank You so much for the chance

  • João Pedro

    Awesome giveaway 😀

  • Mick Rose

    Awesome bundle…good luck to all who enter 😊

  • Rosita GF

    I participate and I share. The draw is extraordinary.Thank you for the opportunity that does not dots to be able to follow seeds of your bank

  • Mathew Rafuse

    I just want the shirts. .. Lol

  • Bryan Fox

    Hope I can score this… great bundle thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tom Oxtoby

    That is one hell of a prize hope i win, cheers for the chance good luck everybody

  • Eddy Richardson

    Wife has Stage 4 Metastatic Cholangiocarcinoma and it’s not beatable! I could really use the help for my wife and I. Disabled and a Vet!

    • Ameri Canna

      I pray you win the cure to sadness .
      Peace out thanks for your service & give wife a peck of love from one sister to another .

    • GrowZillaZoo

      Thank you for your service!
      And I hope you find peace and happiness in your life.

  • Tamis Sarmias

    This is so awesome. You guys are so generous. Good luck everybody.

  • Peter Scott

    Great bundle, than you Seedsnan!

  • John Smith

    8 tshirts one for every day of the week plus a spare for getting dirty over the weekend…gardening lol good luck 420ers

  • Mr B

    I found you ! Love to get some beans and shwag !

  • Jody MacDonald

    Wow!! Now that is a prize package!!! Wow the things I could do with them seeds!!! I’d have a great selection of buds!!! Thanks for the chance!!✌😎

  • Kaide Skrip

    Very nice seedsman goodluck everyone ❤

  • voodoo child

    your bank is BANK

  • Gus Ferguson

    wow! Sweet giveaway! Thank u 4 the chance!

  • Titus Neeley

    Love that gear! Bring it on!

  • LaQuita Fox

    Wow this could really help me out. I’m disabled with a disease called MS…keep up the good work!!

  • Mitch Lamb

    Wow! Excellent prizes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • thatguy

    great looking givaway seedsman. keep it coming

  • Crystal Chaplin

    Seedsman, This is the best contest I ever saw in my life, the beans, the gear, the clothing, funtastic.!!! Ole Hippie Momma says Have A MaryJane Day. Thanks for a chance to win and Good Luck to everyone !

  • Ger Gill

    Top class prize to keep ya blazin 4 a good while ✌🏼Who wouldn’t love it!😝🤣😂🤣

  • Jason Tolan

    Let’s see how this goes

  • Elliott Bodhisativa

    🤤 Please change my life ❤️🤣🍀💚🎄❄️

    • Elliott Bodhisativa


      • Elliott Bodhisativa


  • Mike Dlp

    Nice gift ! this competition is a dream…I hope… 🍀

  • Lauren Metcalfe

    Ooh I really hope I win

  • Bradac Velky

    good luck everyone 🙂

  • Adam Read

    Awesome prize guys really need some of those fantastic seeds

  • Bojan Koplje Jeremija Jovanovi

    Great seeds, clothing and accessories. Seedsmen rock 😉

  • Roberto Roos

    if i win this prize. i will get rid of all my coffeeshop bag seeds. and maybe make up some goodie bags to give to friends and family. because sharing is caring. good luck to all who enter.

  • Robbie Gough

    What a bundle would love this so hopefully I win. Cheers seedsman for this wicked prize

  • D.G.V.

    gimme gimme gimme , love after midnight . Just a stupid song that stuck’d in my ear -_-
    but i’m sure those pretty strains would take care of it in no time LoL

  • D.G.V.

    Not sure if it works. Have profile at seedsman web page/blog,and this discussion (that’s the same I believe ) but I think it connected me with my facebook profile. Dunno,hope I’m in. #confused via some seedsman somango :))))))

  • Igor Ember

    I would like to win something. But i never do :(((

  • Laurie McMahon

    Awesome thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize… Have a great day #StayLifted 🙂 <3

  • Christopher Larson

    Omg, I would love this bundle, been a customer for over a year now, what a great site, haven’t let me down yet!

  • Kevin Moore

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this Amazing giveaway. ..Would definitely put it to good use

  • KH3Z

    please let me win this time. And Good luck to everyone else!!

  • Melanie kordick

    What an awesome bundle of goodies!

  • David Leonard

    <3 it 🙂 Thank you

  • Dunja

    i’m kind of collecting T’s cannabis themed,especially seedbanks,breeders and medical cannabis activism shirts.And strains you are offering here are also interesting , i mean…it will be all used if i win hahhahaha..there’s no question about it hahhaha.

  • Dunja

    btw. i’v been buying from you and this is a chance to mention how good you are.never ever had any problem with seedsman orders ,and plus there is amazing blog you have. thumbs up for seedsman from me..

  • Amy Mary Jane

    Oh my Seedsman this would be an epic prize to win

  • Raywin Rose

    That’s an amazing prize. Give thanks for the chance. One Love and blessings to all. Good all.

  • Scott Buchanan

    Awesome Prize Package…I for one would be willing to DONATE EVERYTHING EXCEPT 1 t-Shirt and 1 cap to: my Friend Sara Beth from COMBAT Cannabis.

  • Lee Palmer

    Good luck to all. Nice package. Cancer patient here. Thanks for the chance to enter to win

  • Bhu Kukadia

    hoping to win this package and try my luck at growing still new at growing and willing to give it a try with some good coaching and products from seedsman, im keeping my fingers crossed

  • Sven Goran

    Hit Me !

  • John Coulthard

    Dam… this would be so so sweet to win. Thanks so much for the chance.

  • Tony Lamont Johnson Jr.

    Would love to win this I’d be set for a good while. Good luck to all

  • Enrique Molina Valencoso

    I Love Seedsman Tnx 4 the chance

  • Achie

    go for it=)))

  • Sam Pope [AuXDubz]

    An awesome bundle 😀

  • wvdavidleroy

    Now that’s a bundle !!!

  • Valerie Vander Wood

    I would love to win this! This is what I am missing to start my own garden. I cannot wait! These companies are so amazing! I have my fingers crossed to be a first time winner!!!!!

  • mpergket

    Good luck to everyone….its a big big prize

  • J-green

    You are the best seedsman! hope i win this time!

  • Depaq Xaini

    Top notch genetics as always from seedsman. 👌👊


  • Joel Green

    Hey seedsman… its just pot luck if i win 🙂

  • 池瑞浩


  • Amanda Darling

    Would love to win and be able to share this with my youtube subscribers

  • Dani Dee

    This is awesome & amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  • John Waldron

    Awesome thanks for the chance

  • Jeff Sproule

    awesome giveaway guys thanks for the opportunity to upgrade the garden,

  • jean bon

    awesome,lovely win

  • GomaGB

    Good services good customers support good seeds
    Thanks Seedsman

  • Jason Tolan

    Very nice bundle. Ideal for the collector

  • David lopez

    Thanks for the chance! Liked and shared

  • Alessandro Di Mare

    Nice bundle. Hope to win and share it with my friends in Italy. Thank’s for the chance

  • Jarkko Salo

    gimme <3

  • Matt Creswell

    fingers crossed

  • Levi

    Hope i win would be amazing 🤞🏻
    Get them bushs growing love growing autos

  • Jedidiah Watters

    Pretty good bundle, cant wait to see who wins. Just for Mango Haze it is awesome.

  • Mr brunch

    Hey seedsman, great competition- that really is a mega bundle. Would be excited to win that package!
    Currently growing seedsman ww fem, looking good.

  • Colin Macdonald

    Massive respect for all that awsome swag.all my seed bank tshirts are small and dont fit as medium noo after my op to remove my tail of pancreus n would love to win and add your seeds to my collection.and wear they tshirts with pride n get the uk to make it legal to use plants for the medicinal I use cbd everyday as great as no immune system and a high thc strain for pain relief.or pop fast n slow release morphine 4 times a day n aw the love and all also post on fb and love like care and share with many love for what u do for us .peace out n uk wake up n smell the medicinal weed instead of a pill popping love to all at seedsman.n huge respect for what u do and the amazing info pix n it.would love to see my m8s drool over these awsome wicked strains 🙂

  • Crystal Chaplin

    Thank you Seedsman, for having another Big contest with loads of great donations from Great Companies. With Spring coming, it would be heavenly to have the start with these genetics. Ole Hippie Momma is back in the game after 40 years, because of cancer. Everything is new to me. Fascinating doing the research, so much to learn. Cancer isn’t funny, but it is fun to get rid of ! Good Luck Everyone and God Bless

  • John Smith

    look how many ppl entered, we’ve got two chances slim and none

  • Jeremy Stawkowski

    Best company out there hands down, love the giveaways and maybe I will get lucky one time to win but ill keep trying. Thanks again for the opportunity

  • Kelly Wampler 4 week old special queen, would love to win. All that I germinated from SEEDSMAN has been less than 24 hours I did 2 Blueberry and 2 Original Skunk, and the Special Queen, doing great in the state of Maine, USA

  • Chadd Mckend


  • Arno Lbzh

    bonne chances a tous !!

  • James Webb

    Awesome comp Thanks for the opportunity to win !

  • Cody Howe

    We love the chance to win, over here at Howe Farms. Thanks Seedsman

  • Ameri Canna

    Whoot Whoot the
    Shows never over when we grow in love .
    I love the grand style giveaway .
    I’d be so pleased to wear the T-shirt.
    I’d share everything else , but 1 .
    See y’all in twitter hit me up PpP that what’s left , don’t worry be happy ..

  • MoFo

    I love my MoJo. Thanks for all the useful information on your website Seedsman. Makes buying easy.

  • Christine Miller

    Hope this contest is still open, just got the Seedsman email with this link. Thank you!

  • jim meadows

    Hope to win! I’m off Methadone and Norco completely now thanks to medical cannabis.

  • James B.

    I guess missed this one, damn
    Good luck to the lucky one that wins this bundle. You guys are awesome. JMB from TENNESSEE

  • Andrew Clements

    That’s a great deal somebody is going to be lucky

  • Jonathan Newman

    enter me

  • Russell

    Excellent delivery,best strains,best promos,so put me in and good luck to all.

  • Sylvester

    Good luck

  • Billy

    Nice bundle. Pick me please

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