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An East Coast Leaf: Sour Diesel

Sometimes called Sour D, Sour Diesel is a revitalizing Sativa hybrid marijuana strain. One of the most popular strains around, Sour Diesel’s lineage is quite murky and documented poorly. This Mexican Sativa crossed with an Afghani Indica is believed amongst avid users that the strain merely derived from a phenotype of a Chemdawg that was altered and left more potent on the Sativa end. Others believe that its phenotype is an unknown skunk strain. Most, though, believe that true Sour Diesel, derives from the original Diesel, but there is always speculation as to how the strain was originally spawned.

Being that its genetics is mostly Sativa, Sour Diesel is a dreamy, cerebral high working quickly and delivering a euphoric and energizing feeling that gives it its legendary reputation. It hits the eyes and head first, filling them with pressure and energy which can be a bit alarming for novice users who can experience a loss of concentration as the slightest thing can seize their attention making it difficult to focus on things such as holding a conversation.

Thanks to the energy it emits, Sour Diesel is typically recommended for morning use to assist in getting the day started. While the average THC content of Sour Diesel is 17%, it is not rare to see strains as high as 21%. Like most Sativa plants, Sour Diesel grows tall and thin with light green buds that pack an abundance of orange hairs. The trichome produces buds that are veiled in a frosty white coat of THC. Sour Diesel’s flowering time can range anywhere between fifty-five days to seventy days. It can be grown indoors, but best results can be displayed when Sour Diesel is grown outside.

Though its climatic high can often leave one feeling sluggish after a powerful Sativa kickoff, it can also help as a sleeping aid during the “crash” portion of its effects. Its medicating qualities influence one almost immediately, kicking in between ten to fifteen minutes, and eliminating anxiety, depression, nausea, and lack of appetite.

As for the name Sour Diesel, it is no coincident as its aroma and taste go hand-in-hand: It discharges an extremely pungent blend of fuel, skunk and citrus making it difficult to stash this strain away discretely. Its sharp smell only gets stronger after being broken up. Its taste is one that is a classic and sought after by many growers. The funky, fuel flavor can easily be detected in any line-up.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid should be intoxicating in every sense. It is one of the most captivating strains on the marijuana market. It is a mood-enhancer, an uplifter, and a stimulant of the creative muses within; Sour Diesel is definitely a favourite amongst recreational and medical users alike

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