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The End of CBD – World Health Organisation may Schedule CBD as a Psychotropic

In some damaging news for the burgeoning hemp and CBD industries, the WHO (World Health Organisation) are set to meet in November to decide whether to schedule CBD as a psychotropic, which essentially means ‘harmful to a person’s mental states’.

If they were to schedule the cannabinoid as a psychotropic, it would seriously hinder or even end the legitimate hemp and CBD industries.

Upon hearing the news, many lobbyists stepped up across the globe. Once of these seasoned activists are the FAAAT, short for the Foundation for Alternative Approaches to Addiction.

In order to battle this potentially devastating news for the industry, FAAAT are seeking crowdfunding, wanting to raise around $18,000 to fund an awareness campaign.

Speaking to Hemp Today,a spokesperson for the FAAAT said;

“The next six months offer (an) unprecedented context in which CBD could eventually be scheduled in the international lists of psychotropic and narcotic drugs that apply to 187 countries. The inclusion of CBD in the schedules would block the development of research and the availability of cannabidiol for those who are in need, and deal a fatal blow to CBD use in all forms.”

If you want to donate to help ensure that CBD does not become a scheduled substance, you can visit FAAAT now. Any donation would be most welcomed.

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