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Four Tips for Metering, Conserving, and Preserving Your Cannabis

1. Preserving your cannabis. If you grow at home this is a set of skills for preserving your cannabis after curing. I have read online that cannabis should be kept “in an airtight container, away from light, at a standing humidity of roughly 62%” – after doing some trails at home, I have come to the conclusion that this is incredibly accurate. A humidor for your fine cigars should be in the mid seventies as far as humidity goes, but your cannabis smokes best at a slightly drier humidity. Some people say “don’t keep it in the refrigerator” others swear by it. I have done both and I can’t say that I notice a huge difference. My roommate just traveled for the past month and came home to his quarter ounce in our fridge last night – it was all there, perfect condition, and no mold. Make sure your container is air tight, and then from there you can either buy an online humidor moisture pack (online or at a tobacco store). Now that your container is airtight and at the right humidity you can fully obscure it from light (either in the back of your closet or refrigerator should do just fine).

2. The biggest tip I have for maintaining a regular use of cannabis is fairly cheap and it will dramatically help you meter your usage. My grandmother uses hers to remind her to take her medication each day of the week – I use my pill organizer to help me meter each day’s smoke. If I break a quarter ounce of cannabis up into seven grams, a gram for each day, then I know I’m not going to ‘oversmoke’ each day. This also gives me room to make small adjustments and take data. Maybe I want to reduce the amount I smoke so I give myself a “gram a day” limit and then at the end of each week I record the “remnants” after a week. Maybe it turns out I can really do just fine on five grams each week – by keeping a close eye on this, a smoker is able to be more frugal. One last benefit is knowing how you handle the week. I am most stressed on Wednesday’s (I just had to deal with Monday and Tuesday and its still two full days until Saturday) so I throw in a little more on Wednesday. Regardless of what you do, this cheap organizer will help you watch how much you smoke. Whatever you do, don’t spend more than $10 on one – a pill organizer should be well labeled, cheap, and each compartment should have a good seal. I recommend the weeklong version with big compartments – you don’t need to pack your weed for a month, and you might get bigger nugs that won’t fit in a small compartment.

3. Bulk purchases. That term will help you spend less money on the weed you need or enjoy. A good dealer, recreational store, or medical provider will offer price breaks as you buy more. The Lamborghini Dealer in Broomfield Colorado once did a “buy two Lamborghini’s get the third one FREE” – my point is, whether you’re buying a half ounce of kush, or three high end supercars, you should have a price break from if you were to have purchased just one car/gram. Buying in bulk saves money, period. Ask your “provider” that you normally get an eighth from “is there a break if I get an ounce?” – the answer should always be yes. If the answer is “no” I highly recommend shopping around for a provider that doesn’t have currency symbols in their eyes like a children’s cartoon. One last tip that I have for bulk purchases seems fairly elementary. If you buy an ounce, and you use my previously mentioned pillbox method, try to preserve your ounce in the increments that you consume each week. If you smoke an eighth a week, preserve eight jars, if you smoke a quarter a week, preserve four jars – this will really add to the shelf life of your bud when it comes time to refill your pillbox. By breaking your bud up into preserved “weeks” you don’t have to expose next week’s bud to air and light when you fill this week’s pillbox. Label everything and hide it from children or nosy people.

4. Kief collection is a huge way to reduce use and maximize efficiency. If you don’t want to go the extra mile like I have and purchase a pollen press, there are alternatives. If you don’t want to go the other extra mile and purchase a kief box (with a series of finer and finer silk screens) there are alternatives to that too. If you just have a grinder with a bottom kief catch or “third stage” you are in luck. If you’ve just now realized that that section of your grinder exists, you’re in luck! The sandy looking stuff in there is called “kief” this is a potent powder collected from grinding or shaking cured cannabis. This “dusty looking stuff” can be pressed into hash, smoked on top of bowls, or turned into edibles. For the purposes of preserving, I recommend you start a special collection jar just for kief. Maybe you use another mason jar – just really take care of this one as it will take the most time and energy to fill. Every time you open your kief catch and you say “that’s looking quite full” go track down your kief container and dump your grinder catch into it. A mason jar full of kief can easily hold an ounce or two of kief. Once you’re three quarters full or all the way full, we’ll use a tablespoon at a time to make “traditional Moroccan hash” or “kief coins” depending on which you prefer. Regardless, we don’t need the whole mason jar, a tablespoon will do because a small batch methodology prevents us from burning/ruining our entire stock in one go if something should go wrong.


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