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Free Cannabis Seeds from Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters sell the finest, most unique seeds from their extensive travels around the globe. And now Seedsman are giving away freebies with every pack of Strain Hunters you buy! Read more to find out what additions you can get when you purchase Strain Hunters’ seeds.

During their expeditions to the far reaches of the globe, the Strain Hunters; Arjan, Franco and Simon collated an extensive library of the most exotic, unusual cannabis genetics imaginable. From these genetics, Strain Hunters now have a collection of premium feminised Autoflower, Hybrids, Landraces and Regular cannabis seeds.

Arjan describes the reason as to why he and the other Strain Hunters are committed to the green cause;

When I was just 17 years old I met an old wise man. He looked me in the eyes and gave me a cannabis seed. He told me that the cannabis plant can be so powerful to overthrow governments, and to change the planet. ever since, my goal in life has been to legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, for everybody.

Taxes and regulation will create a safer world for our children, a world with less crime, better public health and a solid economy. I am humbled and proud to be helping this green revolution, because those who have history will shape the future.

While retailing their own strains, Strain Hunters also sell what they consider to be the finest cannabis seeds from around the world and here at Seedsman, you can now experience Strain Hunters seeds for yourself by taking part in our brand new promotion.

So what’s the deal?

You can now get 1 x Exodus Cheese Fem seed free with each pack of Strain Hunters you buy.

Exodus Cheese is the most popular clone-only cannabis strain in the UK and it is medicinally effective in pain therapy and preventing insomnia. Its buds are very dense and the end-product has a very earthy, mossy flavour with woodsy undertones. Its powerful couch-lock effect leaves the user feeling very stoned.

This amazing Strain Hunters offer is available for a limited time and is only applicable to online orders. So head to our website as soon as you can and take advantage of this fantastic promotion.


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