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Grandfather Jailed in Texas for Bringing Medical Cannabis to Dying Granddaughter

I’m a grandpa. I never intended to offend the state of Texas!

Phillip Blanton, a California native has been a medical marijuana user for the last ten years.

Upon hearing that his granddaughter Michaela was terminally ill, Phillip traveled to Texas armed with extra medication including marijuana-laced cookies.

I’m a grandpa, so I’m thinking like a grandpa“, Blanton told the press. “I’m thinking ‘I’m going to help my granddaughter.’ I’m gonna give her some of ‘Grandpa’s cookies’ and help her with her nausea and vomiting and the pain from the severe chemotherapy they had to give her,

Having driven across state lines and into Texas, the 67-year-old found himself in hot water when he was pulled over just outside of Dallas.

Police searched his car, found his medical cannabis and, in keeping with state law, arrested Blanton on the spot.

The grandfather spent the night in a prison cell before he was released on a $20,000 bond.

What Blanton was most surprised at during this tumultuous experience was the reaction of police to finding a gun in his car.

I’m thinking, ‘my God — the gun is far more deadlier than marijuana in a cookie!’ If you can respect my gun license why can’t you respect my medical license?

Despite spending nearly 24 hours behind bars, Blanton left his cell with best wishes from police. Blanton said that most of the force accepted that what he was trying to do for his grandaughter was perfectly admirable.

…when I left, they all clapped for me when I left the jail. They did! They all hugged me and said ‘you’re our hero because you’re doing this for your granddaughter,’

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