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Grandmother with Terminal Cancer Jailed for Prescribed Cannabis

A grandmother from Kansas spent 2 days in jail last week after being caught driving with traces of THC in her system.

Unbelievably however, Angela Kastner was not using cannabis recreationally. Instead, the THC found in her system had come from the prescribed Marinol she was taking to help treat the nausea from her chemotherapy.

Kastner has terminal colorectal cancer and has been using the FDA approved medical cannabis product for a number of years as a way to combat the pain from her illness.

It is not known why the grandmother had to spend 48 hours in jail. However, it is thought that he police had to confirm that her medication was prescribed before releasing her.

Speaking to the media regarding the incident, Kastner stated;

“I missed my chemo and I missed my doctors appointment. I feel sorry for the next cancer patient who has to go through anything I have had to go through. They shouldn’t have to do this at the end of their life.”


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  • Ben

    While we don’t know the facts of the case; such as if the grandma had gotten in an accident and voluntarily or involuntarily had samples taken from her, but if it had been some simple situation, the officer (for using a lack of common sense) should be personally liable.

  • Brendan Clark

    This sounds like another case of Kansas abusing cannabis users. I’m from missouri and live in Colorado. I have to drive across 6+ times a year. They really are this nasty

  • Dale Fitts

    This cancer patient should sue this police department for every cent possible AND sue the arresting officer for false arrest,as the lady had a prescription medication,by a medical doctor.
    The only way we can see positive change is to make their way too expensive to continue with,like the damnable drug war,were they lock up more people than any other nation in the world that is considered a modern and “civil society”!
    Shame on all those civil servants, who would cause such undue hardship,pain,suffering,and unnecessary cost of all this,upon a person at the end of life,facing the monster,we call CANCER!

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