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Green Wednesday turning into an extremely green week

As Colorado becomes the first state to legalise cannabis, Seedsman looks at the success of the first week of legalisation and whether others can follow in the footsteps of the Rocky Mountain State. With many shops reporting enormous queues and stock selling out in minutes, can Colorado cope with the demands of the public?

New Information

Updated 17/10/2018 – It’s been five years since Colorado’s Amendment 64 was passed. Lift News made a great article about the effects of legalisation in Colorado and Washington.

On January 1, 2014, the first legal cannabis in  Colorado was sold. The State of Colorado is running a trial with full legalization of cannabis.

In Colorado, license holders are allowed to sell cannabis for recreational use. At least 24 coffee shops in eight cities opened their doors last Wednesday. Proponents of legalizing cannabis hope it is a good alternative to the expensive war on drugs, but opponents fear that the legalization will make young people use more drugs, although cannabis may only be sold to customers older than 21. Customers are allowed to buy approximately 28 grams of cannabis. Also drug tourism was taken into account. If you can’t identify yourself as a inhabitant of Colorado, you can only purchase a quarter of that amount.

Colorado had a good start. At every coffee shop there was a long lines of customers eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be among the first to purchase cannabis. Just last week, approximately 136 retailers received their licenses to sell recreational cannabis, but only about 30 stores were open for business on January 1 throughout the state. Given the small number active stores and the much wanted cannabis, “Green Wednesday” nearly turned into a Black Friday. Some customers were sent away and some shops have been forced to temporarily close while the stocks are replenished, but Green Wednesday was a big success. There were some rumours last week that the shops were starting to sell out of weed, but this is not true, because there are daily shipments of cannabis. The only thing that could be happening is that stores are limiting the amount that they sell per transaction.

If the legalization of cannabis will also be a success in this state, then other states will hopefully follow soon.  This would be very good news for (medical) cannabis consumers, cannabis seed sellers and pro-cannabis organizations worldwide.

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