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Growing Together: LA Peyote Kush

L.A. Peyote Kush was bred by crossing the clone-only L.A. Kush with Peyote Purple. LA Kush’s origins are a mystery, but as I had heard rumours that LA Peyote Kush is derived from OG Kush, I was interested to grow it out because OG Kush is one of the top dog strains of old in my opinion.

I was certainly not disappointed. These La Peyote Kush plants are all thick, strong, sturdy branched monsters. There is some height variation and very slight bud structure differences with one plant producing thick round tops, but most are pointed. The buds of each phenotype are rock hard, solid and glistening with a thick coating of resin. They would be monsters if grown outside under good sun.

This strain is definitely suitable for beginners or master growers alike: it’s super simple to grow and takes any kind of abuse. I defoliated it constantly and bent and tied the branches to improve structure and yield and it packed on heavy resin crusted buds at a steady pace without missing a beat.

The Indoor Grow

It took 114 days from seed to harvest. This was slightly extended because we had a heat wave here in Spain during vegetative stage which forced me to run with low lighting for a couple of weeks which slowed down development.  I also used a new LED fixture which I am sure needs more infrared and far red diodes as all the strains grown under them bloomed quite a bit later than expected. These could have been taken down at day 65 but i let them go an extra week because the strawberry banana grape and the cookies needed that week to fully ripen.

The plants were grown in a 2.4m x 1.2m grow tent using a run to waste system so the plants only ever received perfectly pH and EC balanced feeds throughout their life. They were grown in root prune pots under 2 x 640w full spectrum led fixtures that produce approx 1100 umols at canopy with little heat. They were fed with Terpmax feeds and biostimulants such as humic acid, fulvic acid and kelp to feed the beneficial bacteria and fungi the growing medium was inoculated with.  The plants were defoliated during vegetative stage and early bloom and all branches were spread apart and tied wide and topped multiple times to increase flowering tops.

This was easy to grow, with zero feeding issues and the plants were so thick and sturdy they were self supporting.


These were huge monster thick budded plants except for one phenotype which stayed short and didn’t stretch much at all resulting in huge buds on a small plant. The buds were thick and solid just like the other phenotypes but the yield suffered because of the small size of the plant.

The plants have a low leaf to calyx ratio which makes them look extra chunky and the buds are almost white with their thick resin coating.  The leaves were fat fingered but not overly large.

This strain has a very heavy resin profile. I am yet to make extracts with any of these peyote strains but i did smoke a little scissor hash which was super immediate and long lasting in effect. 


The average yield was 79 grams with the heaviest pheno weighing 92 grams. It was very easy to trim, not too leafy, with solid tidy buds that were fast to clean up.

Smell and Taste

LA Peyote Kush smells like coffee with almost minty tones and the smaller phenotype has a sweeter nose but with a gassy twang. None of mine were particularly loud when compared to the Peyote Wifi, Forum or Gorilla.

It has a nice savoury but tangy taste, which is subtle, but smooth with a thick coffee flavour that coats your mouth on the exhale. It is not as distinctive as OG Kush but it’s a pleasant taste. I love coffee so I quite like it, but compared to the Peyote Zkittlez, Gorilla and Wifi its quite a mellow tasting strain.

The Effects

The high is creative at first and relaxing, but smoking too much will leave you unfocused and not sure what you want to do. I found myself flitting about the house listening to music for half an hour and then i sat down to watch a series but found myself distracted! After 3 pure J’s I felt happy, except for the brain nag i get when i feel like i’m being lazy, but that’s because I always try to keep busy. I prefer strains that either knock me out or add to my creativity, but this could be because i took her a good 10 days past her prime which gave the high a different level of sedation i guess.


The bag appeal of the finished product is very good: the resin glands are large so they glisten like a bag of diamonds. I will rosin press some buds to evaluate resin yields and extract quality in the coming weeks. I will update this report with my findings, but overall, a very rewarding strain, super simple to grow and a decent yield.

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